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Pinnick : We Have Not Sacked Gernot Rohr

Pinnick : We Have Not Sacked Gernot Rohr

Nigeria’s football –governing body, the NFF says there is no truth to reports that it has sacked Super Eagles’ Head Coach, Gernot Rohr.

The name of the Franco-German has played widely in both local and international media in the course of Thursday, with most platforms stating authoritatively that the 68-year old has been given the heave-ho by the Nigeria Football Federation, his employers.

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However, President of the NFF, Mr Amaju Melvin Pinnick, said that no such decision has been taken.

“The Board of the NFF is studying the report of the Technical Committee, which it submitted after the match against Cape Verde in Lagos on Tuesday. There are a number of possibilities but we have not taken a decision to sack Gernot Rohr. I want to assure that whatever decision is eventually taken will be one that will please the generality of Nigerians,”Pinnick stated.

“Mr Rohr has a contract with the NFF and there is a procedure for disengagement. If we get to that bridge, both parties will look at the contract and see what has to be done both ways. The Super Eagles’ squad is a national asset and we are just fortunate to be in that space to take decisions. Any decision we take must be what will be acceptable to Nigerians from far and near.”

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  • Ishaku Davou 3 years ago

    No time to waste, the board should do the needful by sacking this coach…

    • They can’t because of the contract. It’s cheaper for the contract to expire or he fails to win nations cup and then he can be released.

      Unless you get 2 million dollars payoff to
      Borrow NFF hahaha

      Na Rohr fit una

      I am for the man to stay football is a results business

    • The question is who will take over.

      • Amuneike is capable of taken over the job

      • Edoman 3 years ago

        Whoever is in charge, should do three things. 1) Bring Amoo in. 2) relocate to Uyo. 3) Bring in the young Goal-keeper who is playing for an Israeli Club. Can never qualified if these three proposals are not meant. Don’t say l didn’t warn you.

    • It will not be good to sack him at this stage . There is no problem without a solution. But administrative solution is the answer . 1. Nff shud open a mini camp in Europe or morroco where the players can report to after league games in their various club Before December prior to the afcon . Tuesday to Thursday .for a month .No 2 . Play friendly with top clubs . Then the coach is given a target. This wil definitely improve the team . before the world cup play off .

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        Weak minded Nigerians… i shame for your likes. Do you want Nigerians to die in their numbers from heartattack? Do you know what Super Eagles means to Nigerians at this hard economic times? Cut the quack coach loose immediately… two weeks camping is fine once whoever that will take over know how Nigeria like to play and invite the right players not those bribing for callups…

        • Dennis 3 years ago

          Please out of curiosity, rorh was given specific targets when he signed as super eagles coach. Has he met those targets? If no, what were the targets? I’ll wait for your reply. Thanks

    • Abbey 3 years ago

      He must be sack ASAP

  • Adeniyi 3 years ago

    Una just Dey allow us jubilate since! Sack the man now abeg

  • Michel 3 years ago

    You guys should do the needful and sack rohr,we will get another local coach who is better than him and give time to build a team that can win the Afcon.a new coach now will make the boys sit up and play well ,

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      If we can not get any decent foreign coach in the frame of Wubetu Abate or Herve Renard then let us bring on and trust in our own Amunike who to me I think will bring fearless robust attacking philosophy of 94 to the eagles that can take on any Damn country in the world. Amunike will also discover and integrate real talents into the team. It is now or never Amaju Pinnick forward ever backwards never,and most importantly let the new coach have a free hand void of interference else we will be rounding circle. Alloy Agu should also be shown the back door their cup down full they have made enough money to fill their pocket 5 years no be Beans!!!

      • Coachie 3 years ago

        You must be joking right? Wubetu Abate? Ethiopian coach who never even coach outside of him country before not to talk of manage A-players.
        Na wa for how some of una dey throw names sha.

        • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

          Coachie your mind is weak. Talent stands tall over pedigree. Pitsone Mosimane of Al Alhy and Former Sundowns coach is an example of excellence. I don’t want to believe that you’ll use pedigree to handle talents. Wubetu Abate will conquer the world give him the array of talents we have my dear.

        • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

          This was how we lost Renard before he made Zambia champions and then he made Ivory coast champions before going to Morocco and finally to Saudi where he is playing beautiful attacking football and defying all odds topping a group that has Japan and Australia. Coachie change your username because you don’t understand how the game of football works!!!

    • ADEYEMI Temitope 3 years ago

      Siasia, Amuneke and Finidi give them $10,000 and give goalkeeper trainer $5,000. Call them for national calls and beg them to work together to achieve results. Employ Oliseh,Adepoju,Okocha,Uche Okechukwu and Celestine Babayaro give them $2,000 each they only advice the the three head coaches prior to match day and camping to encourage the players and motivation. Come and see result and quote me after world cup.

      • ADEYEMI Temitope 3 years ago

        Siasia, Amuneke and Finidi give them $10,000 and give goalkeeper trainer $5,000. Call them for national calls and beg them to work together to achieve results. Employ Oliseh,Adepoju,Okocha,Uche Okechukwu and Celestine Babayaro give them $2,000 each they only advice the the three head coaches prior to match day and camping to encourage the players and motivation. Come and see result and quote me after world cup.

        • Greenturf 3 years ago

          Disaster looming!

        • Greenturf 3 years ago

          Some of the names you mentioned have either unachieved or left their job controversially in the past at the helms of the affair with the super eagles.
          Rohr has been the best thing that happened to Nigerian football.Now we do win away from home wheras in the past away games are either lost or drawn with this coaches you have listed above.
          You guys have short memories.You want a new coach to come and we start trashing opponents with as many as five goals to nil right?With which players in the midfield?Iwobi warms the bench at Everton,Aribo plays in Scotland this are the midfielders you think would improve our team to the height of destroying opponents in Africa??You must be kidding.
          Rohr has done so well with the materials available to him the problem is we think we are the best side in Africa and should win convincingly all the time but we forgot other countries are growing and world cup playoffs is difficult not just in Africa it’s so hard because everyone wants to be at the world cup performances by every team involved is very high hence the struggle by most elite sides.
          Rohr must stay to see of his contract he has the backing of God his name is Emmanuel!!!

          • GLORY 3 years ago

            @ Greenturf, God cannot back corrupt act. How Rohr will allow someone caught taking bribe to be part of his coaching crew, beats my every imagination. Everytime, I ask myself, will Rohr ever do such thing if he was the coach of France or Germany. Again how will Rohr continue to invite players decending down their peak as against those rising to their peak. Let’s be honest with ourselves, ROHR HAS LET MOST US HIS FANS DOWN BY HIS RECENT HANDLING OF PLAYERS SELECTION. To be honest yeah, at some point, I started having this gut feeling, Rohr was intentionally picking the team to play badly so he can be sacked and get paid off handsomely. Reason being that no truly committed coach will allow Musa as he is today in his team, or ask for a bribe taker to return or worst still accept Noble’s invitation. The day Rohr asked that Salisu n Ighalo returns, was the day I gave up on him despite my deep human feeling for him regarding the fact, he did really well when he started n all together he has done well for Nigeria football. If you ask me, I will advise, they allow him to finish his contract but replace every of the other member of the coaching crew.

      • I hope none of the ex players mentioned here is a player agent otherwise it would just be an effort in futility. There would be rancor in SE

  • Oseodion Inegbenebor 3 years ago

    Thank you NFF for the clarification. Meanwhile all the news outlets that brought our country’s name to disrepute over the lie should be investigated and where they are found wanting, must be fined.

    Considering the foregoing, NFF in addition should go e tbe country a way forward. Importantly, Coach Rohr should be reminded of the terms of his contract with the football federation, that is, qualifying us for the World cup and also winning a medal At Afcon.
    Good luck Coach Rohr, God bless Nigeria.

    • Oseodion Inegbenebor 3 years ago

      Correction…Considering the foregoing, NFF in addition should give the country a way forward.

  • Ako AMADI 3 years ago

    The NFF does not hsve the money to how any cosch in the world who will accept Rohr’s salary, except of course they go for a local disaster.

  • You have not sacked him, but you want him to resign so you won’t have to pay the hefty compensation attached.

    You, Pinnick and your board, should first sack yourselves. You’re not a passionate football technocrat, just the average corrupt and calculating Nigerian politician.

    You got that post through kickbacks distributed with slush funds from Delta State oil money provided by your in-law and former Delta State governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan. That was why Chris Giwa fought you tooth and nail for years cos he had a strong case until you shut him up with million dollars bribery too. Now, he’s totally fem.

    You still want to go for another round. Meanwhile, all our national and club teams are comatose. We’ve lost our fear factor – from SE to Super Falcons to the age grade teams to clubsides in CAF competitions. Everyone wants beat us at home cos they see it’s no big deal.

    You’d rather continue to share FIFA’s money with your members, rather than use it hire coaches or develop our football. Now you want the man to resign himself and loose out on almost N500million. You think he’s a fool.

    You’d rather share that money with your corrupt board than give it to Rohr and the German knows your game plan, and won’t budge. It’s all about the Benjamin. Now, you’re hawking the NFF, looking for Glo, Dangote etc and other big corporates to bail you out!

  • technical crew should be frustrated out to resign or relegated and then get him sacked after Afcon because I am certitude, tea cup Oga Rohr cannot win

    deo 1 second ago
    Not entirely a vote of confidence. Implicit in Pinnick’s statement is the is plan to review the current situation around Rohr’s contract.

    The atmosphere around Rohr is too toxic and his position is currently untenable.

    A huge body of fans and stakeholders would like to NFF to give Rohr his marching orders. The German’s choice of players, tactics and pre/post match commentaries demonstrate to me that he is not in tune with the aspirations of fans.

    I worry about the timing. I remember engaging into a heated conversation with Ayphilly in 2019 immediately after the Afcon when I advocated for Rohr’s removal after thanking him for all his (good) contributions. Even then – despite winning bronze at the Afcon – I had an inner conviction that the German could not lift Nigeria to a higher level.

    I respect Rohr and I think he has done well with Nigeria. But with him in charge, the umbilical cord that emotionally connects majority of fans with the Super is tainted.

    Having said all that I worry that sacking a manager so close to a major tournament can potentially spell disaster. As I suspected in August 2019, the NFF will leave it too late before opening their eyes to reality.

    Whatever happens, I wish the team all the best.

    • The statement below was not made by me rather it was mistakenly copied on top of my message above when try to copy and paste to the article above.

      “” ” technical crew should be frustrated out to resign or relegated and then get him sacked after Afcon because I am certitude, tea cup Oga Rohr cannot win” “”


      • Liar, you only succeeded in exposing yourself. No one really cares, carry on.

        • Tayo don’t be stupid. It is idiotic to call someone a liar simply because you don’t subscribe to their views.

          I find you to be a very rude contributor and will be grateful if you stay away from my entries.


  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    Wubetu Abate will accept less than $50k and Herve Renard I think will be double that amount. But I can confidently say they will use the talents Nigeria has to conquer the world. Renard is my first choice but Saudi Arabia will never release him…. So we can go for Wubetu Abate or Amunike which I believe will resume work immediately and with free hands they’ll deliver. Make nobody panic Nigeria has the talents with smart manager even if it’s one months to a major tournament they’ll conquer!!! Egypt fired their ex coach after he drew their first match and they still made it to knockout play off with ease how much more Nigeria with the avalanche of talents.

    • onwajunior 3 years ago

      Renard should have been our 1st choice a long time ago. I wanted him since the day we played Zambia in the nations cup quarter finals, even b4 winning the Cup with Zambia.

  • Warri no dey carry last, Nigeria will never either. We dey here, Area!!!
    Egbon Pinnic, intimate your legal department to inform the online media that publish that nonsense to take it down immediately. It is not only evil but total disregard to the NFF who should be the body to make such announcement. By the time I return from Chief Thomas Adeboye HRH, together we shall make further comment.

  • De Star 3 years ago

    Now with Amaju Pinnick statement; there is no smoke without fire ; it means there is ongoing deliberation either to sack or not Vis-a-vis his huge fraudulent severance package ; but the final decision shall be communicated officially.

    That above statement is embarrassing enough that an average coach that have anything left with him ought to have honourably resigned; but PE coach and disgraced coach as Rohr who would rather clung unto his last jumbo job with backlog of unpaid salary, than doing the needful, after all ; FIFA would ensure all his backlog salary is paid and before then the likes of retiring Ighalo would be buying their way to solve his immediate financial mess that NFF put him into .

    If Rohr refuse to resign , please don’t sack him because of the $2m severance package; just demote him and let him work under the combo of Amunike-Finidi-Manu Garba , plus Peter Rufai/ or Ike Shorumi or Cal Ikpeme as goalkeeper trainer ( Corrupt Aloy Agu too has to be discarded from SE , he is a disgrace)

    • Hmmmmmmm! deliberation but not sacked as the copied and pasted sites stipulated.

  • Please NFF don’t rock the boat at this stage of the campaign……. Please leave Rhor to complete his campaign and let us see if he will qualify us for the WC…… Sacking him now will create turbulence in our SE and we will be dashing our playoff opponents a free passage to be at the WC……Rhor has nothing to lose but we have all to lose……Out of the 9 other teams that qualify for the playoff in CAF non will be foolish enough to sack their coach before the playoffs.

  • Biodun Awori 3 years ago

    This Oseodion self. So even with the noise polution, whatever you say comes to pass. A.K.A. talk and do. What shall we expect again? I think NFF must continue to maintain its stance irrespective whose ox is gored.

  • Respect is Reciprocal 3 years ago

    From the statement made by pickniic that the decision to be made will please the generality of the people shows something is about to happen because the public want this coach to be sacked . Picknic and his crew knew with the way things are going if Nigeria fails to qualify for the World Cup the masses will descend on him and hitherto forgotten issues might resurface by the EFCC.
    Then as regards the severance fees I think Nigeria NFF are smarter to really include that in the contract of Rohr I believe it’s a fees that will be shared by the NFF bigwigs.

  • Oseodion Inegbenebor 3 years ago

    @Biodun Awori, the NFF President Amaju Melvin Pinnick has spoken and should there be anything from the federation again, that would most likely come from it’s legal department.

    For Coach Rohr, he granted press conference during the week so I would not really expect him to give any press release now. But should he, then it is a bonus. He doesn’t even have time for online noise.

    The nation’s cup starts on the 9th of January, that would form better part of media discourse in days ahead. The opening match is between Cameroon vs Bukina faso, time: 6pm Nigeria time.

    • Biggy 3 years ago

      @Oseodion, that’s true o. So we have just a month 2weeks to AFCON. When is SE playing first match?

      • Oseodion Inegbenebor 3 years ago

        11th January, Nigeria vs Egypt, 6pm.

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          It does not matter… we just need a new manager who can properly and correctly instruct the team on solid, daring and positive tactics… the team has thus far being playing to Rohr’s tactics and ideas… it is static and before long, a serious team will humilate us 4goals to nil… We already have a team and at any rate, they have largely been together for the most part of 3years…

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Oseodion Inegbenebor… you comments reeks of one who is skilled as a saboteur… your comments the make me shame for you. Guy you suppose big
      pass the fufu level wey you the show yourself to be… I wont be surprised
      you are a Rohr Remora… you feed off his crumbs… find something wey go help your life bros…

      • Oseodion Inegbenebor 3 years ago

        @JimmyBall, try make an objective comment and stop being stupid.

  • @Osedion, are you sure Egypt will not defeat this set of super eagles? CAF is a big cheat, why grouping Nigeria with Egypt, I fear our first match.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    Weak minded Nigerians… i shame for your likes. Do you want Nigerians to die in their numbers from heartattack? Do you know what Super Eagles means to Nigerians at this hard economic times? Cut the quack coach loose immediately… two weeks camping is fine once whoever that will take over know how Nigeria like to play and invite the right players not those bribing for callups…

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    Weak minded Nigerians… I shame for your likes. Do you want Nigerians to die in their numbers from heartattack? Do you know what Super Eagles means to Nigerians at this hard economic times? Cut the quack coach loose immediately… two weeks camping is fine once whoever that will take over know how Nigeria like to play and invite the right players not those bribing for callups… throw the team open to deserving players and let merit be the leveller…

  • Oseodion Inegbenebor 3 years ago

    @Dafe, our last meeting was in 2019. Nigeria 1, Egypt 0. I remembered that game vividly, it was Paul Onuachu shooting with his right foot from the centre of the box to the top right corner and was assisted by John Ogu. SE would take Afcon games one step at a time. We only need to be patient.

  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    I’ve seen the news you can tell that this Man loves money like mad by his statement that he refuse and let his lawyer acts on agreements. This man loves money that is why even if they owe him he does not mind because of the underground business he has been making money from all along that fills his pocket more than the 45k salary. This man looks like Igbo man to me and not the German that he claims to be. He don Tay wey him don dey use our head dey play. Person wey no care about Nigeria football…. And one thing I know for sure is that only bad players are the ones who will want to pay their way to be invited except the talents in EPL or other major leagues firing who’s skills can not hide or be avoided. No wonder e bring back Ighalo to indirectly tackle Osigoal and other players who aren’t ready to settle!!! Naija make we no gree o!!!

  • James Onanefe 3 years ago

    What kind of decision are you going to take when you have only 7 weeks to a continental showpiece? Amaju, be careful o.

  • @JimmyBall you are the one that should find something to do rather than putting another person matter for head. Tell us the personal benefit you will get from Rohr sack other than saying you are a true SE fans. Nobody is heating from Rohr check my name am a Yoruba from Kwara but i hate injustice. This man hasn’t done badly from previous coaches we have had let the truth be told. So many things we used to hear happening in the team ever since this man took over we have never heard that. players and coaches are being own several months salaries and allowances you never hear anywhere the players boycotting matches neither you hear the coach talking about it. That alone is not even a concern to them but they want to hire Herve Renard, Guardiola, Lampard etc yeye people. Some of them didn’t use to think before they do things that is why they run into trouble. How many world class coach as super eagles gotten since even that Westerhof you used to shout around wasn’t even known then but they took gamble on him and after leaving Nigeria tell us where he ever coach again.. Will Herve Renard accept to pay his assistant from the meager £45k? Will he accept to be own salary? Would he accept his list of invited players to be vet by NFF bigwigs Sebi most of you are happy when NFF inserted the clause in his contract then. Those who supported the idea are the architects of our problem and the same people are the one shouting up and down now. Tell the ex convict to help pay Rohr clause from his looted money then sack him and let us rest abeg. But what I know is sacking him won’t make our football better you will thank me later.

    • Malvin 3 years ago

      I don’t believe you are from Kwara sir. Kwara no dey miss Road like the way you don dey jabo since. See how we dey sweat when we play against this small teams. You know how many heart attack dey ahead of us nii? Ighalo don comeback and him never still change your coach still dey say make we give Ighalo time to blend Omo Kwara I hail o.

    • @tayo you are very correct……If we sack Rhor now,it will be a disaster for us….. Confusion will engulf our national team cycles….. Corrupt officials will cash out…..By the time the dust settles nothing will have changed…… Things will even get worse.

    • Victor 3 years ago

      Funny enough this was how people were clamoring for the sack of Westerhof after Senegal 92. Because two Nation cups had gone without a win but CGS Aikhomu stuck with him and he eventually delivered. Some people talk about heart attack when has football been devoid of excitement? It’s important to always judge a coach by results so that we don’t lose focus of what is important and take a rash decision.

  • De Star 3 years ago

    @Tayo , please leave sentiment and tribal stuff that has not taken SE to anywhere but regressive. You may feel indifference to the shambolic performance from the clueless Rohr whose contract was fraud from the onset .

    Rohr does not have technical and mental capacity to handle good club side in our local league let alone SE ; tinny Niger , Gabon and Bukinafasso sacked him under a year and maximum of two years in his last job , while Oji Kaju a knowledgeable football administrator did not take a second look before discovering Rohr does not have technical sagacity and mentality to handle a club as Enyiba as his application was outrightly thrown into dustbin ; that Rohr a retiring almost 70 years with even A tea cup never credited to his CV speaks volume of how we advertised corruption in our nation to the outside world .

    Almost 6 years of never ending rebuilding of Mr Rohr is a complete waste , and to worsen his case, he added corruption to his players invitations of those that can pay their way as in the case of the flopped Igahalo that is enjoying his retirement money in the retiring league in Saudi , bringing him back to the SE at the detriment of a deserving quality younger players that are inform as Dessers and Awoniyi of this world .

    Over 5 years , no dependable goalkeeper, no creative midfielder and and to add insult to injury if Nigerian football, he has succeeded in setting unprecedented negative records where we were beaten by the tiniest team of all place at home , not to talk of tiny Sierra Leone that scored 4 goals to cancel the nonsense 4 goals we have scored here in our backyard.

    In a whole year , single match he never won ; and to capped it all ; an Algeria local coach never stopped to taunt our so called technical adviser, as Belmadi never stopped to tutor our Rohr rudiments of coaching skills , as he beat him 3 years ago , and also 3 years after all in a neutral super field .

    Till date , a retiring Oga Rohr never strive to update himself with refresher course as recommended by his business partner NFF who did not bother to ensure he embarked on the retraining, since they are getting corrupt money ; though would anyone blame Rohr , how could any sensible organization would have expected a retiring septuagenarian coach who has never won a tea cup in his entire football career have spirit to want to excel ?

    Given Rohr another decade , he has nothing to offer SE other than to destroy our football with the recall of the likes of retired players that can pay their way as Igahalo.

    Yes , I agree, Rohr should not be sacked , but should be humiliated until he voluntarily resign as Amaju Pinnick just came out with this press release, after he had refused to resign as advised . This press release alone , that Rohr is yet to be sacked but final decision would be announced, is enough embarrassment for a coach that have anything pride in his name to humbly resign , otherwise; SE and by extension Nigeria football would suffer it as NFF would not want to pay the fraudulent huge $2M clause in his severance package; but would frustrate him with unpaid backlog salary; at the end ; SE/ Nigerian football will suffer , because we will not see the end of the likes of the retired and unmerited players like Igahalo and John Noble of this world in our national team who will be ready to either compromised or pay their way .

    Anyone that believe Oga Rohr can win ordinary Afcon cup with all the glaring indices of his numerous deficiencies, coupled with his shameful past records of never won even tea cup in his entire coaching career, should have his head examined. Rohr cannot give what he does not have ; after next Afcon he will be sacked if he fails to resign now as advised by NFF, but before then ; I advise NFF to avoid $2m severance package but should be demoted to work under the guardian of the combo of our local coaches Amunike- Finidi-Garba plus Peter Rufai/Ike or Shorumi /or Cal Ikpeme as goalkeeper trainer; only then can we guaranteed of wining Afcon and performing great in WC

  • My prediction for the play off

    is that we will win our away match and at worst draw here.

    Nigerian never win away matches but Rohr record of away match win is a record.

    Until he leaves before he is appreciated like all the other coaches.

  • Dont mind them na too much premier league cause am.

    They are equating Chelsea to Super Eagles.

    Because clubs sack coach anyhow

    Super Eagles dont have 0.001 of chelsea financial might

  • It will be a self inflicted injury to sack Rohr now. The play offs are close. If we sack him, the new coach will give us same old song…’It takes time to gel..my team will be ready for 2026. If we qualify for the world cup, then let him take us there. Recall what happened each time we sacked coaches close to a major tournament; always disaster. Let Rohr finish what he started. He will do well at the nations cup and qualify us for the world cup. NFF should take responsibility and retain him.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Ogo… shut up and run out of here. You are a morphed individual on this forum… you have been one of days supporting a misfit who has occupied
      a strategic position in the national life of Nigerians for over six years
      in a capacity he isnt qualified for… a coach turned away from Enyimba
      smuggled back to our national life… blacks will always be slaves…..
      please have some pride and respect for yourself… where else in the world,
      can an individual like Gernot Rohr a 68year old man get a coaching job again
      in a top position like with Nigeria? Sissies are here already whinning sacking Rohr spells doom for us… yes let us be doomed instead of someone killing us
      with heartattack before the doom comes… we should not be allowing foreigners
      who cant find same level of job in their countries to coach in Africa… can
      Rohr coach a division 3 team today in any of the top 5 league nations in the world?

    • Dr Banks 3 years ago

      @ Ogo the time is right now to sack Rohr, let’s stop these excuses of “its too close to AFCON” bla….. bla…. bla.

      Egypt, Ghana sacked their coaches in the middle of the qualifier and see the result the new coach churned out to qualify for playoff. South Africa sacked their coach at the beginning and the erstwhile whipping boys Bafana Bafana has not lost a match until the controversial loss to Ghana.

      So let’s stop being scared of the future by not doing anything due to fear when it’s staring us in the face that this gaffer cannot take us to the promise land.

  • @Malvins get heart attack because you choose to. U think if u hire Guardiola he will win all the matches and as a result you will not get heart attack. This is a game for fun so if you gamble or play Naira bet there is no way you will not be disappointed.

  • @Malvins get heart attack because you choose to. U think if u hire Guardiola he will win all the matches and as a result you will not get heart attack? This is a game for fun so if you gamble or play Naira bet there is no way you will not be disappointed.

  • MONKEY POST 3 years ago

    @JimmyBall you don’t have to lie just for your voice to be heard. How has rohr who was appointed August 2016 stayed over 6 years??? And part of your last line there is making feel that you are a racist..

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Monkey post… whites taught us how to be racist so yes… I am racist because I want my race to have pride and love for themselves. If we must not be exact with
      the number of days and just count the year of onboarding to the job… Rohr has been running Super Eagles into his sixth year now, yes he started in August 2016, so 2016, 2017,2018,2019,2020,2021… I shd have said he is into his sixth year!

      Get the desert turtle ninja outta Nigeria… run him back out of Africa through
      the SAHEL…

  • De Star 3 years ago

    @Malvin Kwara man , you want to kill person with yabis .

    @Monkey post; your questions and response are as comic as your name.

    Oga Rohr 5 years achievement highlighted above are evidence of over 5 years waste of SE, late Keshi a local coach achieved greater and notable achievements that the clueless Rohr cannot achieve even if given another decade as he cannot give what he does not have , and also never have pedigree of having such record as he was summarily dismissed in his 3 last outings with 27% score card.

    Keshi was a reference point because of winning Afcon in less than a year with team that failed to qualify for the previous Afcon and also reached 2nd round in WC ; and it will be a waste of time if he were to be compared to Westerhof time that served equal 5 years as the clueless Rohr taken us to unprecedented 5th ranking position in the world ; that achievement Rohr cannot come nearer even if he were to reduce his age and given 2 decades .

    In almost 6 years ; it was total waste and regression ; No dependable goalkeeper for over 5 years ( please name our N0 1 keeper?)

    In almost 6 years longest ever serving coach , no creative players ;

    In almost 6 years of the dumb Rohr ; no players are in charge of free kick that can guarantee goals from his directionless pattern of play ;

    Almost 6 years of the clueless Rohr ; no pattern of play and technical improvement to the team ;

    Almost 6 years ; corrupt Rohr is nothing but full of excuse bringing a retired flopped Igahalo back to SE after 2 years of retirement; SE is now open for any players that can compromised or pay their way ( though NFF also have their blame for not paying Oga Rohr their by leaving him at the mercy of such corrupt solutions).

    In almost 6 years of Rohr SE is rather regressing rather than improving plus favouritism of unmerited players call up and his ineptitude and technical deficiencies.

    A coach that respect himself and still believe in himself should have resigned before being advised by NFF , as dignity is much better than money.

    Rohr aka Belmadi ( Algeria local coach) trainee , 5 years plus is charge of SE is complete waste as rightly declared by a football great administrator Oji Kalu , just as every right thinking Nigerians football fans and football technocrats have declared; as NIger , Bukinafaso and Gabon have equally declared by sacking him one year after in each of his engagement.

  • _ Will The Sacking of Rohr be Justified? _

    Despite the rebuttal by the NFF chairman Amaju Pinnick on stories circulating on Social media and internet platforms that the association has finally pulled the plug on the crisis-ridden tenure of beleaguered coach Gernot Rohr, my sense is that the German tactician remains a dead man walking.

    Storm clouds of discontent had been swirling long before the Super Eagles’ last match against Cape Verde in Lagos. Although the 1:1 outcome qualified Nigeria fot the last round of world cup qualifiers, the stress, tension, anxiety and uncertainty generated during the match only served to add another ring to the ever lengthening chain of dissatisfaction and disenchantment that many fans feel towards the German tactician.

    If a match against Cape Verde can raise blood pressure to such perilous levels, what will happen when heavyweights like Cameroon or Ghana come to town? Perhaps all Super Eagles fans will have to be prescribed antidepressant drugs afterwards.

    The truth is that the atmosphere around the German tactician at this time is truly noxious and it is impossible to see how he can survive this insufferable pressure. Already, reputable media outlets are reporting that Rohr has been asked to resign voluntarily by his employers: so far he is said to have refused. Rohr has lost the support of a vast majority of fans, and stakeholders, and now the NFF – despite Amaju’s statement – clearly see Rohr as a liability.

    But why is the flood of public discourse sweeping towards the sacking of Gernot Rohr, after all he has improved on last season hasn’t he?

    Immediately after leading Nigeria to 3rd place at the 2019 Afcon, many fans including myself, were vociferous in voicing for Rohr to be relieved of his duties upon the expiry of his initial deal. Massive improvements in the fortunes of the Super Eagles (in qualifying for the World Cup from an impossible group, moving up in the Fifa rankings and flying Nigeria’s flag at the Afcon after a 5 year absence) were sadly laced with an underwhelming brand of football and painful shortcomings at the World Cup and Afcon. At times, watching Nigeria play makes Beverly Hills look like Ajegunle.

    But the NFF elected to renew his contract and in May 2020, Rohr was handed a new 2 year deal with the hope of seeing improvements in Rohr’s tactics. However results in the 2020-21 season (the first year of his new deal) were woeful! Nigeria only achieved a 25% win ratio across all spectrum (2 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses between October 2020 and July 2021).

    No greater vindication (for me and others) need be sought that Rohr’s contract should never have been renewed. The red rag to the bull of many Super Eagles fans would be Rohr’s comments about his ‘young team’ and how the team ‘played well’ despite depressing results. To me, he never seems in tune with the pulse, yearnings and aspirations of Super Eagles fans. His questionable team selections and post match comments in friendly losses to Algeria and Cameroon last season further alienated him from a large swathe of Super Eagles fans and damaged morale even further. They served as a lethal stab to a decaying legacy. If he had been sacked last season, I would have had no issues.

    But this 2021/22 season, the German tactician has turned things around massively and the Super Eagles genuinely look like a team on the up. So far, Nigeria has a win ratio of 67% (a 168% improvement from last season!) and an overall positive results ratio of 83% with 4 wins, 1 draw and only 1 loss across 6 matches. This stats holds up admirably against any other national team in world football. Additionally, Nigeria qualified for the Afcon and is still on course for world cup qualification.

    So, why so much clamour for the sacking of a coach currently doing fantastically well for Nigeria – a coach who so far has lost just one game all season?

    Sadly, the brand of football under Rohr is clunky and stilted. It lacks any romance, fails to hit the right spot and definitely does not leave some of us fans yearning for more. Although the Super Eagles dominated possession in all matches this season, the chances created are largely dominated with wayward passes, overcooked crosses, misdirected shots, goalmouth scramble and predictable and languid build up play. The defence is error prone and our goal post potentially porous.

    In short the Super Eagles have been lacklustre even in victories. And any appreciation for Rohr’s impressive record this season (and a decent showing against Cape Verde in their last match in my opinion) is holed below the waterline due to the calibre of only opposition he lost to this season and the venue: Central Africa Republic, in Lagos.

    Having said all that, I still think it is way too risky to sack Rohr just weeks before the Afcon. Any new coach will have a ready-made excuse for failure at the Afcon if the Super Eagles fail to fly in Cameroon. The new coach will say : ‘I had (very) little time to qualify for the tournament’. And Nigeria has precedence in this sort of thing. Late coach Amodu was sacked (twice) in the eve of major tournaments and the Super Eagles suffered for this.

    It may not be such a bad idea to at least allow Rohr take the Super Eagles to the Afcon in January and then decide his fate based on the outcome of that tournament. I see a team potentially able to rise to the occasion despite an unattractive brand of football.

    My heart says ‘sack Rohr now’. My head says ‘it’s not the most prudent thing to do right now’. It’s a conundrum, one in which there are no easy options!

  • MONKEY POST 3 years ago

    @De Star all this your Lord lugard history and record will not help. You have to understand that football has evolved. Now smaller teams are coming real hard on the bigger teams. Bigger teams have no choice than to win games the hard way. And you appointment a man in the middle of a crises enveloped super eagles team and you want him to win the afcon the next year like keshi when Nigeria missed out in the qualification in the first place.. are you kidding me???

  • De Star 3 years ago

    @Monkey post ; I cannot stop laughing to your response to @JimmyBall ; If I may ask , what is the differences between 6 and half dozen ? What is differences between almost 6 years and more than 6 years of Oga Rohr as SA Coach ; does it take it away the fact that the clueless Rohr remains the longest serving coach with SE ?

    His 5th years on the job in last July , and already in his 6th years as SE coach, with scraps Team ; the little achievements which right thinking football technocrats and fans never celebrated, as no one ever celebrated Chief Onigbinde who took a disbanded team ( first 11 of the best SE then) due to breaking of camp rule , and built a new team in just few months to Afcon, with only Late Mudashiru Lawal the only one recalled; Chief Onigbinde never complained, as he got to the final and won sliver ; yet he was sack for not winning Afcon; till date the reference point among the local coach is late Keshi because of winning Afcon and reaching second round in WC just as the most successful foreign coach Nigeria ever had Westerhof ( yet Keshi achieved that with unpaid salary unlike Rohr in his first tenure ).

    Late Keshi just wanted to make bold statement that the record he set with the tiny Togo that has never qualified for WC ever since anyone born in Togo till date except Keshi , was a fluke or player’s effort but his technical and mental capacity; he came to Nigeria after been sacked in Togo and took a team that couldn’t qualified for the previous Afcon, dropped the regulars and brought in some hungrier local players to set another record the second ever former Capt that won Afcon as Capt and as Coach ; then qualified for WC and reached second round with unpaid salary

    The differences with Rohr after his sacked by his former tiny Niger, Gabon is ,if he is a good coach , he could have proved a point by equalling record of a mere local coach Keshi if he will not surpass Keshi record as foreign coach; but alas ; it was shameful bronze as he was bundled out by a local coach Belmadi that equally took over Algeria team that couldn’t qualified for the previous Afcon, and was less than a year on the job unlike the clueless Rohr that had spent 2 years with uninterrupted steady salary plus fraudulent match allowance. ( the players that achieved the average success for him then are Victor Mosses , the ageing Musa, ageing Igahalo and the midfield master Mikel ; when Victor Mosses and Mikel left , Rohr deficiencies were clearly as clear as 7up , as he now gives 200m Nigerian HBP just to qualify for a tournament; only his gullible fanatics would expect Rohr to perform miracle in the Afcon and WC )

    My dearest brother @ Monkey post ; the summary is; Oga Rohr almost 6 years with SE is a complete waste to SE

  • They did try to terminate his contract by asking him to resign and pay him 1 years of his remaining 2 years contract. A country that can’t pay off the coach contract agreement before laying off will have money to afford good coach. They said Bonfre Jo has applied not surprise though that man hmmmm! Peter Idah just said that they have contacted a coach but he is not authorise to disclose. It looks look like Rohr will go. Had it been i can get opportunity to speak to Rohr i had persuade him to save himself of all these noise and walk away from the job even if they didn’t pay him what is due to him. He should accept whatever they give him and goafterall, he has showned his undying love for the country by accepting to work without being paid his wages for months. I know there will be a lots of revelation after he leave. Watch and see Nigeria is a season film you can never watch it finish. Good night true SE fans…..

  • The reason I don’t take some people on this platform serious except few forward thinkers who are always objective in their criticism is because if we are to run a profile check on all of the awkward names on this platform am very certain we’ll have NFF officials, renowned journalists, ex footballer, agents and those who are affiliated with the SE in one way or another.

    That being said, the major problem of SE is not coming from Rohr rather it is from NFF and the players. Although Rohr has not been perfect in his team selection, game reading and substitution but that has not changed the fact that he has met all the targets set by his employer in an unfriendly working environment and his employer is owing him and the players salaries and match bonuses for months. If that is not witchcraft, I don’t know what else to call it.

    Keep on clamoring for the sack of the coach because you are having heart attacks watching him getting results but lying that is because of the team style of play lol. The heart attacks that did not kill you when SE are referred to Super Chickens and losing back to back, failing to qualify for major tournaments abi? lol. In Patience Jonathan’s voice….”continue”. lol

    NFF should please sack the man, bring in a coach that will play matches and lose or draw none playing the against either minor or super teams to satisfy the ingrates that feels their SE should not lose any game. I don’t even understand the entertainment football they are clamoring for, what is more entertaining than winning and progressing?

    Instead of persuading NFF to give the man all the necessary support, pay him and the players their bonuses and emulate them on the right path. You are persecution him as if the coach is not progressing against all odds.

    I sha hope that the messiah coming after Rohr will not take us back to Egypt?

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