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Okereke Scores 5th Serie A Goal As Winless Cremonese Lose At Home To Inter

Okereke Scores 5th Serie A Goal As Winless Cremonese Lose At Home To Inter

David Okereke was on target but it was not enough as Cremonese lost 2-1 to visiting Inter Milan in the Serie A on Saturday, Completesports.com reports.

Okereke has now scored five goals in the Italian elite division while Cyriel Dessers came on in the 60th minute.

It was Cremonese’s 12th league defeat (eight draws) without a single victory after 20 league games played this season.

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Cremonese remain bottom with eight points while Inter Milan climb up to second spot on 40 points, 10 points behind leaders Napoli.

Cremonese took the lead on 11 minutes with their first foray forward, an extraordinary Okereke strike from distance that looped and dipped right into the far top corner.

In the 21st minute Inter equalised is though Lautaro Martinez before grabbing his brace on 65 minutes to seal the win.

By James Agberebi

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  • Ignatius Abo 1 year ago

    Okereke the King. You are going to be the highest goals scorer in Italy if you continue scoring more. You are needed in the Super Eagles to replace Odion Ighalo. You will score goals aplenty for Nigeria.

    • Odion Ighalo can never score a goal like that in the SeriaA…..He could not even make the grades at Udinese when he was younger…… That Okereke goal is absolute world class and Onana stood no chance of reaching it…… The continuous Exclusion of Okereke from SE is criminal and it should be studied as a course in criminology……Naija

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        So Okereke was ready making the grades in the serie A at the age of 20 right….???

        Tell him to go and score 16 EPL goals like Odion at his age then we’ll know he’s half as good.

        The kid couldn’t even find is way in the belgian league as an under 23 player.

        Go and insert his non invitation to the SE into school curriculla na, since a football team is supposed to be made up of only forwards. LMAOoo.

        Every Tom and Harry forward that scores a goal in Europe over the weekend gets asked why he’s not in the national team…LMAOoo

        • Okereke’s future is still ahead of him and it is unwise to assume he won’t exceed ighalo’s EPL adventures…..The past is already written but the future is wide open…lolz……Okereke is in his early twenties and he is a proven goal scorer in the SeriaA which can not be said about ighalo….. Ighalo did not even make any reasonable headlines in Laliga when he was on loan there….. Okereke yes I agree was not given playing time in Belgium but his deadly finishing was clear for all to see when ever he was given the chance…..There are words going around now that Napoli are already looking at him and that tells you alot about how is future might look like….. please my dear friend the future is more interesting than the past because of its uncertainty….. Don’t write off your future because of your love for your past…. Ighalo is in the past and your prayer should be for our future to be better than our past…… Okereke’s future is not settled yet because he is on his way up……he might exceed ighalo and he might not exceed ighalo that is for only God to decide not you my dear friend…..As for me am excited about the present generation of strikers We have and I just want to see us make maximum use of them to devastating effect…..Btw my criminology analysis was just a soft banter to lighten the mood…….I hope we really use this generation of forward players to the fullest because it has been a very long time since SE has been this rich upfront.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Neither is it your job to also decide or establish that Okereke is or will be of better value to us than Ighalo was.

            You have been turning logic on it’s head just to justify your fallacy.

            I asked you an elementary question, was okereke making waves in the serie A at the age of 20….did he make any waves in the belgian league…..but you went about delivering a sermon no one requested of you.

            Your comparisons have been baseless to say the least. And there is no indication in Okereke’s career sọ far that drops the smallest bit of hint that we will ever surpass what ighalo has achieved for himself both in club and international football.

            Your desperation to make okereke look better even pushed you to claiming he is in his early 20s…..last time I checked, his next birth day will be his 26th birthday. For an African that is supposed to be his peak. He has just scored his 5th serie A goal and all of a suddenly he is better than everybody else and will be the one to fire Nigeria to global dominance. This is a guy who hasn’t even done enough to get an invitation to the national team yet compared to his competitors for a place in national team

            The last time I checked, ighalo was also a proven goalscorer in England and everywhere else he has set his foot since he hit his peak as a centre forward, a tag which earned him several top scorer awards, several links with clubs like Barcelona, Inter Milan and Tottenham and eventually landed him in one of the greatest clubs in the world Man Utd where he proved his mettle as a goalscorer with the little playtime he got there.

            So what has your okereke done in his career that Noone else as done before that is making you drool all over the place, rubbishing the good works and sacrifices of those who have come and gone before him. He hasn’t even hit double digits in league goals in a tip division yet.

            You also don’t write off the past just because a glimmer of the future. A river that forgets its source will one day dry up.

  • Stan 1 year ago

    I saw the goal it was fantastic this guy is better than Denis genistret by hyprogeogeal dimyzer and tyhafility for prohertize pesciro should invite this guy for super eagles next game we need xacicality and fasqaugal players in the national team

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago






    • The way I was brought up we don’t abuse others and we avoid things that will make others abuse us hence my friendly words….lolz

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago


    OGA says he doesnt ABUSE people..


    HE has all of SUDDEN FORGOTTEN when HE usually calls anyone that doesn’t share his VIEWS SICK, SATANIC and DEMONIC…



    • Although I don’t use such word on people directly it is possible I was so passionate at that very moment but all in all Am sorry if my words have offended you in the past please forgive me and let it go out of your mind…… Football is the reason we are here and we should all unite for the progress of our great Super Eagles of Nigeria……We shall rule the world soon.

  • @ Dr drey your love for the past has made you to underate the future……Okereke is just one of the numerous in form strikers we have now and in football all that matters is NOW……. Nobody cares about what you have done in the past in football it’s what you can do at the moment that matters…….That is the point am making……I am an advocate of Top level Football and everyone here knows that…….I don’t care whatever you have done in the past I only care about how we can make our present situation work out for our good……No matter what I say it won’t make you see reasons with me but rather you will pick my words,paint them black and throw it back at me so there is no need arguing……In all works of life we strive to make the future better……We as parents strive to make our children better than us……Coaches strive to make their players better that they where during their playing days…..Teachers strive to make their students better that they where……The only way to success is forward looking not backward looking no matter how beautiful the back was…….It’s a universal norm and I don’t need to argue to prove it…… Thank God we have many top level strikers and wingers now more than any African team and if we still go back to search in the past to get solutions then something is fundamentally wrong with our national team.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      You are concerned about now, but it’s same you started by comparing a 25yr old striker’s form to that of someone else in the past. To do justice to your bias, you didn’t even compare their forms when they were of same age, you compared when one was 5 years younger just in your typical nature to try to rubbish the past.

      You even went all the way to when Ighalo played in the Laliga and ignored okereke’s supper flop in the belgian league which isn’t even in the class of the Spanish Segunda division.

      If you do not know, there can’t be any present without a past. What we did in the past influences our present, and What we do today is what go on long way in influencing what will happen in future.

      Our players of the past who pioneered the exodus to Europe weren’t averaging double digits every season, but their performances opened up the gates for generations after them. To think Ikpeba won AFoTY for scoring 14 goals in Ligue 1 and Moffi who equalled that at the first time of asking isn’t even a guaranteed starter in the national team yet speaks volumes.

      A 20 year old Ighalo may not have scored 5 serie A goals like a 25 year old Okereke has done now, but he did leave a big impression to make the Pozzo family keep him in the ranks of their teams Udinese, Granada and Watford and he delivered for them till they sold him for a princely sum of almost 30m when a Chinese club came calling. Accept it or not he remains one of the forerunners of those doing their thing in the same clubs and leagues today.

      Temper your hype of these so-called “young” ones with some modesty. There is nothing in Okereke’s career performances so far that points to the fact that his name will ever be mentioned In Nigeria’s football folklore like that of ighalo.

      That was how y’all touted Dennis as the next god of Nigerian football, for whom everybody in the national team should be retired. Thank God we never listened to yall.

      There is a reason why the snout of a mother pig is longer than that of its piglets.

      Think of now all you want, but the influence of yesterday can never be erased.

      If it were even to be some of our top prospects like Moffi, Awoniyi or Umar we are talking about, it would have even been better…..We even talking of a guy that doesn’t even have hope of getting called up to the SE this year yet.

      Learn to Show some respect…!

      • Now you are seeing reasons with me……I was reaction to the first person who commented and he was the one who brought up Ighalo issue…… Okereke is still down the pecking order I know that but at least we should give him a chance even if it’s friendly instead of going back to Ighalo that’s my point……I know we must seek councel from the past but the past must not participate in the present is my point….. Because you passed your medical exams with flying colors during your time does not give you the right to go and sit in the hall to write medical exams for your son who is finding it hard to pass his…….You can teach your son,mentor him, motivate him but not sitting for the exam for him……you get my point?…….

        Present pecking order of strikers in my opinion
        Osimhen (Napoli)
        Sodiq (Sociadad) injured
        Awoniyi (N-forest) injured
        Okereke (Cremonese)
        Dessers (Cremonese)
        Success (Udinese)
        Present pecking order of wingers
        Lookman( Atalanta)
        Chukwueze (Villarreal)
        Ejuke (Hertha Berlin)
        Sor (Genk)
        Godwin (Casa pie)

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