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Oliseh Laments As Relegation Threatened Ajax Suffer 4th Consecutive League Defeat

Oliseh Laments As Relegation Threatened Ajax Suffer 4th Consecutive League Defeat

Former Super Eagles midfielder Sunday Oliseh has expressed sadness following a run of poor results by his former club Ajax.

On Sunday, Ajax suffered their fourth straight defeat in the league after going down 4-3 away to Utrecht.

The defeat leaves Ajax 17th position on five points after seven games in the 18-team league table.

Reacting on his former team’s display in the first half, when they were 1-0 down, Oliseh described it as sad to watch.

The 1994 AFCON winner also stated that there is the possibility of the four-time Champions League winners getting relegated.

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“It’s been quite Sad watching an Extremely disappointing Ajax’s 1st half today,” he wrote on X.

“I have never seen my ex-club this poor! At this rate, Ajax just might get relegated as strange as it sounds. Lots of work needs to be done on all sections!!“

Oliseh played for Ajax from 1997 to 1999 and won the league in the 1997-98 and the Dutch Cup in 1998 and 1999.

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  • Glory 8 months ago

    I heard those cheap dutch legends saying Bassey made too many errors in today’s game hence they lost. Lolzz. Now we seeing an Ajax team that has defenders/players that only need 2 seconds to be turned inside out/360 degrees by a slight body swerve from an on rushing attackers. Lolzz. CHEAP AJAX DONT BELONG TO MODERN DAY ELITES.

    • Footballfanatic 8 months ago

      Sometimes and era comes to an end. This is Karma for the way they treated Bassey…..Now they have all the bad records broken in just their first 7 games of the season and sitting at the bottom of the table. I guess they gonna blame Bassy for today’loss lmao…..I just pity Chuba Akpom. Another scapegoat loafing…

  • pompei 8 months ago

    In fact ehn, Bassey is also to blame for the war currently going on in Gaza between Israel and Hamas.
    Bassey started that war. Hehehe, Bassey don hear weeen.

  • Justin 8 months ago

    Wish Bassey can go on their page and make fun of them. They think they smart. won oni yeye

  • Drogo 8 months ago

    I swear bassey suppose go to their home page and make fun of them. So shameful

  • Fetch 8 months ago

    They made some bad sales. They should have kept Kudus. Ajax nonetheless is a big club with big character. They will play well

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 8 months ago

    Now they’ve just sacked their brand new manager too lool! Yeye people, they should come and see how Bassey is shining under a manager, A manager who turned Ajax down as too low for him to manage both as a club and in their league teehehehe – And even in that backward league they are now in the relegation spots hahahaha – It was NEVER about Bassey at all, but their actions of unfairly picking on him was what made God expose them for what they really are – A mumu team! teehehehe!

    Even if Bassey does not go to their page and laugh at them, don’t worry I will on his behalf lol – Mugus! hahaha

  • pompei 8 months ago

    Hahaha, don’t mind them. I even heard that some of them are now blaming Bassey for their inability to impregnate their wives. When they can’t get it up, or are shooting blanks in the bedroom, it is Bassey’s fault.
    Let them continue to put the blame for all their life woes on Bassey. Bassey is to blame for everything.
    Nonsense and ingredients!

  • Bolaji 8 months ago

    Bassey is a shitty player. Guess you all saw how he gave tottenham the game. Same way he was breathing and looking heavy against ghana, and all of a sudden he is Super eagles center back. Obviously Ajax had a reason for selling him

    • You are the man, I’ve never been a fan of that dude, damn too heavy for my liken as a center back, we keep blaming Ajax when we sure know bassey is below average a player.

    • Glory 8 months ago

      If Bassey is the shitty player then Ajax is the pit toilet hahaha…. God bless King Bassey….. A coach that chose to play a left leg defender on the right leaving such player only one part of the field to play out quickly from the defence needs answers some questions.

  • pompei 8 months ago

    Yep, I agree he had a stinker today.
    His faulty passes out of defense led to Tottenham’s 2 goals. The advice we give Chuks is hereby extended to Bassey. Practise the use of your right foot. If he was comfortable with his right foot, he would have cleared the ball properly, and both goals could have been avoided.
    However, he shares the blame with the Fulham midfielders. They did not properly position themselves to receive the ball on both occasions. Kudos to Tottenham for rapidly closing all of them down, leaving no open player for Bassey to pass to on both occasions that goals were scored.
    The point however is, ANYONE can have a bad day. Bassey had a bad day today. Is he having a bad season? NO.
    Did he have a bad season at Ajax? NO.
    So why is he being scapegoated?
    I think he is far from being a “shitty” player. A “shitty” player will never get anywhere near where Bassey has gotten in his football career. What he needs is constructive criticism, not abuse or ridicule.

  • pompei 8 months ago

    If Bassey is a shitty player, we might as well call Aiyegbeni a shitty striker, because of that infamous world cup miss.
    The miss of the century, as that miss is called by many, brought great heartache to Naija fans. Some fans in anger gave Aiyegbeni the nickname MISSISSIPI.
    But does that one miss make him a shitty striker? Of course not!
    Aiyegbeni and many other players before and after him have made big mistakes in games. That does not make them shitty players. In Aiyegbeni’s case, whether you like it or not, he is a Nigeria legend, and he scored goals aplenty in England and beyond.
    Bassey is a young player. Still learning, still growing. Shitty? Definitely not.

    • Young player at what age again? Is he a regular starter at Fulham? NO, at Ajax ? Again NO. Is he super good with the SE? Another NO, know harm supporting our own, but we gat be sincere abt it, bassey need lots of improvement to his game.

      • Pompei 8 months ago

        Bassey is not super good.
        But he is good. Good enough.
        How many super good defenders do you know? So why do you expect and demand so much from Bassey? For instance, is Matip of Liverpool super good? Why are you not as critical of him?
        You don’t have to be super good, you just have to be good enough.

  • Pompei 8 months ago

    I remember Taribo West’s first international against Sweden. Many fans were not impressed. He was rough around the edges, and full of mistakes.
    West learned, grew, and became a world class defender.
    Let’s not be in a hurry to write players off. Criticize, but don’t condemn.
    As I always say, SE camp no be anybody papa compound. If the coach no longer needs Bassey, heaven will not fall. He is not indispensable. But he is also not a shitty player.

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