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Omeruo Targets Yobo, Enyeama’s Super Eagles Records

Omeruo Targets Yobo,  Enyeama’s Super Eagles Records

Kenneth Omeruo hopes to match the records set by Joseph Yobo and Vincent Enyeama during their time with the Super Eagles.

Yobo and Enyeama hold the record of the most capped Super Eagles players with 101 appearances.

Omeruo, who has been capped 52 times by Nigeria is looking forward to equalling their records.

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“It’s really a great achievement for a player to make 100 appearances for Nigeria because there are great talents in Nigeria,” Omeruo told Brila FM.

“I think it’s also difficult to play that amount of games for the national team, because we have different coaches coming in, changing the team and inviting other players.

“I would have made about 80 appearances if I play all the qualifiers and also considering the games that I was on the bench, but it’s about the manager and if the player is lucky with the injury.

“It will be a great achievement for me to reach that number, but like I said it’s not in the players’ hands.”

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  • You have the quality as a player to get there but the problem is the coach as he allways pick ekong ahead of you. Gr is not a good coach, he is the only problem we have in super eagles today. We have the players but we dont have a good coach. Nff should go for a good coach nigeria has the money to employ world class coaches.

    • edeyt 4 years ago

      @ Stan
      which coach do you think is the best for The Eagles I want to know,

      • Joel Chidi 4 years ago

        @stan anakogheri. Talking in the things that do not make sense. Come and hire a gun to shoot GR naaa so that your mediocre coach will take over. Because he hasn’t featured your omeruo, he is now a bad coach forgetting that the coach has 5 defenders to chose just two slots. Or are you suggesting he should play all central defenders across the backline? Before you type, ensure you avoid that sapele igbo that is always supplied by your neighbor. It is not helping you. Delusional write up

    • Shorex 4 years ago

      People like you always cause commotion and confusion..all because the coach sees better than you picking Ekong ahead of him.suddenly he becomes a bad coach.. my dear brother just keep shut if you will always let sentiment have his way in your judgment.. shorexbee 

  • Nnamdi 4 years ago

    Gr is doing a good job so far so good bt if the nff is sick nd tired of his style of football let them look inwardly in d dutsch second division they re some coaches pushing for first division football we have the money to engage any coach in d world

    • Nnamdi 4 years ago

      Below is the names (1) john van den brom fc utrecht (2) hans de koning ww venlo (3) dick lukkien fc emmen this just miniature scale of the main survey

  • Thank you @Nnamdi. Your sugestion is not bad.

  • Larry 4 years ago

    @Stan, I do understand your concern about the CD set up. Based on the suggestion of one of the best defenders of his time, Taribo West evaluation, the CD is rated in this order Balogun, Ajayi, Ekong, Omeruo, Awaziem. I have also maintained that present defensive set-up of SE is the best we have seen in years. Add Aina, Ehibueze, Ebuehi, Collins, Ndidi to this group and you will agree with me that with great competition in GK dept (hopefully Uzoho, Akpeyi, Alapamsu, Maduka, Osagie and the other keeper in Isreal get a chance) SE is covered in the defence. A good coach will develop the right balance and we will able to maintain or lead or advance in crucial stages.
    @Nnamdi, good suggestion but we already have a qualified Nigerian Coach that did exceptionally in that division and also played a role in current set up. Oliseh did pretty well in the Dutch league.
    The nff needs to settle the SE contract issue as soon as possible. Well, Covid19 is a good reason to keep everything on a hold since all matches have been postponed indefinitely.

    • Nnamdi 4 years ago

      Oliseh did well n d eredovisie second division bt nogeria is a complex nd complicated country tribal issues ethnic isues wil come into play which we hve all witnessed in d past we dont need it now collectively u nd i many others hve a role a construtive role to play watch out our current super eagles. Setup as of present u wil notice dat we re on d right track we need dutsch type of possessive. Inimitable style of football

    • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

      You maintained that present defensive set-up of SuperEagles is the best we have seen in years yet you always claim that the coach is an average coach who lacks technical capabilities. Ajayi and Awaziem got their SuperEagles debut under Rohr. Both Balogun and Ekong have been discarded by previous local coaches as been too soft for African football until GR revived them to the famed “Oyinbo Wall”. The others you mentioned Aina, Ebuehi, Collins, Ehizibue all got their debut call up under Rohr. Goalkeepers Francis Uzoho and Maduka Okoye made their SuperEagles debut under Rohr. I doubt a coach who lacks technical input or tactical combination will not be able to assemble such solid defensive unit that even now seems to be the SuperEagles strongest area at the moment. 

      There’s the cliche that attack win games defense wins championships. We now have various defensive options to chose from going forward while the midfield and the attacking department have been taking shape already. Any combination of Ndidi, Etebo, Arribo or Iwobi will be fascinating to watch with the likes of Azeez, Ejaria, providing more competition. The SuperEagles are already on right track. Add the plethora of options in attack and there you find a team that looks really balanced with a few tweaks here and there as there’ll be room for improvement obviously. The attacking trio of Osimhen, Dessers and Iheanacho have contributed 60 goals already this season and there’s also Chukwueze, Dennis, Simon and possibly Ejuke all doing well in Europe top 5 leagues. I can guarantee you that even a blind bartomew is glaringly seeing the SuperEagles gradually returning to the glory days under Rohr. So much so that we can easily name at least 9 quality players that will always make the present SuperEagles first 11. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE# 

      • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

        **Europe top leagues**

      • Chux
        GR is definitely going to have selection “good selection problem”.The reserve bench could be as good as the first eleven.In my opinion that is a good team.

        • Chux
          GR is definitely going to have “good selection problem”.The reserve bench could be as good as the first eleven.In my opinion that is a good team.

    • Aleks 4 years ago

      @Larry, how exactly did Taribo rate Ekong behind Balogun and Ajayi? I read the article too and your presentation here is quite misleading.

      For the records, Taribo in that article said the following about Balogun, Ekong and Ajayi:

      “Balogun is still very relevant. He can play from the back with ease. Reads and intercepts play smartly. Among the present guys, he is the only one who can move to the opponents box with the ball at his feet with confidence. That is no doubt a plus as it allows the offensive players to move deep into the opposition’s half”

      “Ekong has really grown in the past few years with the way he moved from Belgium to Italy in less than two years. There are still some grey areas in his game but in terms of consistency he is one of the guys who has been there for club and country.  So he is to me the leader in the defence“

      “Semi Ajayi is the man of the moment. Confident and very imposing. His aerial strength is the best in the team from what I have seen so far. He looks the best fit for Ekong in terms of what they both offer but Balogun has done well with the same Ekong in the past. It’s a nice headache to have as a coach”

      I’m yet to see how the above assessment place Ekong behind Balogun and Ajayi. If anything can be deduced from the above, it’s the fact that Taribo clearly said that Ekong “is the leader in the defence”, and the coach will have a headache deciding if Ajayi or Balogun should pair with Ekong. You can either agree or disagree with him, but not to misrepresent his statements as if the internet is not available to everyone.

      For me, each of those defenders have their strengths and weaknesses, and compliment one another in different ways. Nigeria is just blessed to have all these guys at the same time. As fans we should try our best to avoid creating unnecessary rancour that can destroy the team. The press has done enough damage already. Our hope should be that the players don’t give much attention to the press during this period that the press are facing paucity of sports news.

      You can read the full article here again at

      • Larry 4 years ago

        @ Aleks, Based on Taribo’s analysis, he laid emphasis on the uniqueness and relevance of Balogun.
        Taribo acknowledged the leadership skills of Ekong though there are Grey areas in Ekong’s game,
        On Ajayi, Taribo rated his aerial strength as the best while also declaring him as the man of the moment. Taribo gave a very technical assessment of current set-up. Most great teams have a combo of ball playing skills and aerial prowess. Getting the best in these two areas is key in central defense. Everyone knows that Ekong is the coach favorite and Taribo toed the same line by succumbing to GR’s insistence on starting Ekong and even conferring him with the captaibship band when it is obvious that there are some players ahead of him. The issue of Onazu, Mikel and Amusa comes to mind.
        Besides, current situation reminds me of WKKeshi’s leadership, Okechukwu aerial prowess and calmness, and Chidi Nwanu’s greatness in reading and interceptions.
        At some point, Westerhof has to bench Keshi for the rave of the moment Chidi Nwanu. Perhaps, Nwanu was one of the best SE players on parade at the world cup.

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        Hehehehehe….@Aleks….when I say these guys don’t comprehend simple English properly, it will be like an insult.

        A great stalwart like Taribo gave an assessment of 5 different people, but about one of them he said “….he is TO ME the leader in the defence….“ singling out Ekong as the leader of them all.

        He rounded HIS ASSESSMENT, BASED ON HIS OWN PERSONAL EXPERT OPINIONS AND EXPERIENCE with “…He (Ajayi) looks the best fit (defensive partner) for Ekong in terms of what they both offer but Balogun has done well (delivered) with the same Ekong (as his defence partner in the now famed Oyinbo-Wall) in the past…”

        Isnt it clear even to the blind that Taribo is simply saying it’s Ekong first, and any of Balogun/Ajayi for him in that defence….???

        He didn’t even mention captaincy nor who and who the coaches favourite(s) his/are nor their favoured Omeruo in the scheme of things, just a honest opinion from an accomplished outsider….ending it all by concluding its his own opinion, but it’s the coach’s headache to have, whomever he chooses.

        But the “Ndi Omeruo is FAR BETTER than Ekong” racists are looking for ways to twist things to suit their racist and nepotistic sentiments. So it is Rohr that also controls the thought processes of Taribo West…LMAO. Or maybe it is Rohr that has given Ekong 90mins in all 26 matches but one he has played in Udinese this season….LMAO

        • Aleks 4 years ago

          Thanks @Dr Drey. I believe we are all Nigerian Soccer fans trying to contribute our different quota in the hope that our national soccer teams and players achieve their full potentials. Understandably, opinions will differ, which is fine by me so far as it is devoid of insults and foul language. I wish I can contribute more, but time doesn’t permit me. Same reason I avoid going back to emphasise an issue when opinion differs as they are always going to be. I’m sure anyone looking at things dispassionately will always eventually identify the more objective opinion to align with, whether it was stated once or repeatedly. 
          But I sincerely appreciate guys like you, @Deo and several others who spend the time to try to guide fellow fans to see better perspectives through consistent quality submissions in this forum.
          My respects to you all!

  • Larry 4 years ago

    @Nnamdi, you are spot on. Great minds like you are well appreciated.

    • Seems you have just added another comrade to your group… Congratulations!

  • G Rohr is simply the best for SE at present. Apparently, distraction should be discouraged. Where were other coaches and Super Eagles rating before the arrival of Rohr. How many players in the present squad were in the former coaches’teams? Rohr is grooming  a formidable SE, so it’s high time for another coach to take over in order to dance to your whimpse and caprices, some Nigerians are wicked and callous. Your dreams will not see light of the day. 

  • Very funny, even balogun admits that oliseh laid the foundation for rohr to be able to pick them. But local coaches are bad


  • larry 4 years ago

    Oliseh has improved has enhanced his coaching CV and its only a matter of time before he gets back to the sideline.
    @Ade, Thanks for the rebuttal to that response from GR die hard fan who feels that every comment is a referendum on GR.
    I have pointed out GR areas where GR needs to work on several times. The decision on GR lies with the nff and based on current covid19 challenges, no serious organisation will sign a contract when the duration of current clamp down is unknown. Spending on such frivolity at this time makes no sense. It is most likely that current GR contract will run out.

    • KangA 4 years ago

      Gloating about the potential finance hardship for a well-trained professional? No wahala. Shey his CV is hefty. Don’t forget GR is an international entrepreneur. I’m still laughing! There’ll be no qualms. 

  • De Star 4 years ago

    @Ade, kudos for that corrective civilized admonition to the die hard fans of Rohr with self defeatist African inferiority complex of of nothing good can ever come from Nigerian; that you did this in our usual style without insult is a plus; Any thing from Nigerian coaches, to them it is zero, but anything good , bad or average from Rohr , including his ridiculous $95% salary increment , it is EXCELLENT 

    @Namidi , you are on point with your unbiased analysis but I will disagree with you on the choice of replacing Rohr with a Dutch  because of the perceived fear of failure; I will rather prefer Rohr to be the last we employed a foreign coach  . It is only a mad man that does same thing, same way but expect different results. The way forward is to kill corruption in NFF who have turned glass to a business ventures (as also recently exposed too by Erikkson ) . Many of the nations are looking inward , the last finalists of Afcon are local coaches in their countries with great support from their football federation, we cannot afford to lag behind.

    @Larry , you cannot just stop to impress me with the dexterity with which you  came up with a very strong convincing superior argument with @Aleks who is also a great mind . ( Nothing to add , you simply killed it ) 

    I am very sure, your brilliant analysis along with @Goal & every progressives positive minded in our group are getting necessary attention of the great minds in the Sports authority, to arrive at reasonable conclusion. 

    • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

      Enemies of progress have all gathered to dislike this fine comments of @Destar but that will not discourage us from standing for the truth.

      To some people coming to CS all the time to malign our legends and promote incompetence it’s an occupation for them.
      I’m not surprised because in today’s economic break down people are tend to do anything for survival.

      Let me use this opportunity to ask of my friend @Mr Hush.
      I hope everything is ok with you bro.
      We haven’t heard from you for a while now.

      I’m missing your brilliant masterpiece.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      You are very correct you know….even if it is for this one time. It’s only a mad man that does things the same way and expects a different result.

      That was why your NFF after using the SE coaching job as a charity case to feed incompetent exinternationals and missing 3 AFCONs…. ordinary AFCON…missing 3 AFCONs out of 4 AFCONs, sinking to a level where ONAZI our vice captain couldn’t sign for even a championship club in England because countries not in the top 60 in the world can’t have their players in England, hence the NFF decided to shelve nepotism for competence, experience and merit and has not regretted doing so as we have since progressed from struggling to be at ordinary AFCON to being the favourites along with Senegal to win the next AFCON…..what a massive leap in fortunes.

      The AFCON winning local coaches where not arrogant lazybones who were only flaunting 100 caps and 1 season coaching experience at their FAs before getting jobs. They had 8-10yrs coaching experience, coaching professional senior clubs in top divisions, winning league and cup titles, coaching other nations (as in the case of Belmadi) or starting from being Asst Coach at U23 level, and graduating through the ranks assisting experienced senior coaches for almost 6 years before being made full manager of the national team (as in the case of Cisse).

      Your own world class exinternational African Guadiolas are busy coaching on the Twitter and the pages of newspapers and waiting for the next opportunity NFF decide to pity them and make dem charity cases once more. They can’t dust their CVs and go apply for jobs in Cape Verde, Mozambique or Togo…..Ei…I’ve forgotten….their CVs are like that of a fresh graduate….Empty… LMAO. Outside NFF secretariat, nobody cares about 100 caps. Even the current Lesotho national team coach was the former coach of South Africa’s U20 team that humbled Aigbogun’s U20 men at the last U20 AFCON. Current Sierra Leone coach was former coach of Ghana’s U20….But our own exinternationals can’t get jobs unless NFF gives them job….LMAO.

      Make dem continue to dey dream…we go wake dem up after 2022 WC….LMAO

      • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

        I just hope you’re one of the so-called assistance being paid by oga Rohr, if so I understand why you keep repeating the same thing over and over again in order to defend him.

        I love Rohr but improvement of the Super Eagles supersedes my love for him,also i wouldn’t tolerate all the insults thrown to our legends who contributed their own quota to make the Eagles great.

        Respect is very important in life.

        • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

          Hahahaha….I might be repeating the same things.. but at least they are not lies. I’ll rather repeat the truth than not have the decency to be reharshing the same lies over and over and over like you and your pack have been doing for weeks now. I also hope yall are smiling to the bank as those commissioned to see to downfall of the man who has breathed new life into our national team.

          Clap for yourself for putting the improvement of the eagles first, but slandering the man who has consistently been improving the eagles from the crap out your legends dumped us…..what hypocrisy…LMAO. Keep your double mouthed support to yourself…we have been progressively climbing at least 10places per annum in global rankings…. we’ve been improving without you and we don’t even look like we have stalled yet. LMAO.

  • Goal ⚽️ 4 years ago

    Rohr Will deny you for saying that we the true progressive are not contributing to the success of the Eagles, if not for our lamentations and contributions he will still stuck with the same 4231 formation against Iceland and lost the match just as he had lost vs Croatia in the opening group game (then he will be sacked) even though the friendlies prior to the world cup prove that our midfield then wasn’t mobile enough and lacked creativity.

    He still listened to our advice in playing Iwobi in no 10 role ,he initially don’t want to do it, he only does to save his job which resulted in a 4-0 demolition of Libya after losing our first match against South Africa.

    So you can see that we are the ones who love oga Rohr and want him to succeed.

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      So it was your lamentations that taught him to use the 352 formation in friendlies abi….I’m sure he didn’t intend using it in the world cup…it was your lamentations that forced him to try it out in friendlies. It must have been your lamentations too that forced Mikel our SE no 10 for years to retire from football after the WC for Iwobi to step into the role.

      Keep on lamenting o….I nugo…?! LMAO

      • Joel Chidi 4 years ago

        Na @Dr Drey really fit una. Yeye dey smell. You keep hiding under “great minds” slogan to undermine someone that wants the best for SE by putting down his glaring good works. My happiness is that you guys have enough time to open the book of lamentations because this is just the beginning. I love seeing Dr Drey dish out those facts to your faces without mincing words. Haters, Una dey learn work.

        • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

          Lol! @Joel Chidi. Great minds indeeed! Great minds that undermine the genuine work of the gaffer. Always trying to teach the gaffer his job. I can’t believe that one of them actually agreed that the current SuperEagles defense is the best in a long time. Lmao!!  

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Great minds who have been telling fat lies we have busted over and over again in these past weeks….great minds that always shift arguement from pillar to post once they see they are about to be checkmated…..great minds who have NEVER shared 1….not even 1 link, not any meaningful stats to back up their racist driven claims….. hahahaha…..just one piece of factual research by @ DEO and they have all shut their damn mouths up on their usual rants of “…Rohr is always making late substitutions…. Rohr’s doesn’t know how to make substitutions….his substitutions are always ineffective…yen yen yen yen….” LMAO

            Great lieing minds these one are…..LMAO

        • Oakfield 4 years ago

          Great minds of shameless liars indeed. The must surprising thing is that, after facts upon facts have been presented to them to counter their lies, they still have the face to come out and talk. Ive never seen such a shameless bunch of idiots in my life.

  • Great minds???
    ….Waiting Adamu no go see for gate….

    Great mind my nyarsh.

    Group of hypocrytes, racist, blind haters, corrupt and deluded set of pple.
    Always finding fault to use and discredit a fellow human being like them.
    After u will be expecting things to go well with u in ur office or place of work.

    Just like what one of the “right thinking human” says in this forum that ” our players weren’t considered good enough” in the championship.

    Imagine OGENYI ONAZI of then(2013-2014) that SPURS wanted to signed being rejected and not given work permit to play in english championship bcos of where we were ranked then.
    A man comes out and takes us out from such a drop zone and now we are rubbing shoulders with the big boys once again.
    Yet u are still seeing him as a nobody…

  • He has done just well but he has not done better than our previous coaches.you guys should stop worshiping him. we will still support him If nff decide to renew his contract.but am afraid because he is an average coach.

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