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Osimhen’s Rant On Finidi Unacceptable –Peterside

Osimhen’s Rant On Finidi Unacceptable  –Peterside

Former Nigerian international Peterside Idah has faulted Super Eagles striker Victor Osimhen’s rant on Finidi George.

Recall that on Saturday, the Napoli striker attacked Finidi a few hours after he tendered his resignation as Super Eagles head coach.

The former Ajax star has had a difficult time managing the senior national team after drawing South Africa in Uyo and losing 2-1 to Benin in the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.


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However, Osimhen, who was absent in the two games, stated via his Instagram live video rant that Finidi has lost his respect due to his failure to allow him to stay with the team in camp prior to the qualifiers.

But then, Peterside has described Osimhen’s rant as an act of irresponsibility.

“He (Osimhen) needs to come outside and apologize for the things he said to Finidi, Peterside said on social media.

“Finidi George is a legend, You don’t just widen your mouth and say things that are unpalatable. If you have issues with the man, pick up your phone and call him. That’s what responsible people do.

“Osimhen has just shown a bit of irresponsibility, and that’s unexpected. I think the NFF should call Osimhen’s and ask him to apologize. He has to apologize for saying things.”

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  • MONKEY POST 1 month ago


    I WATCHED the VIDEO I was like na wa o under one AFRICAN BEST PLAYER AWARD wey him WIN and NO 8 in the WORLD na him don turn like this…if him come WIN am MULTIPLE times like their SAMUEL ETO’O and come NO 3 in the WORLD nko?…

    • I was really disappointed. That is totally unacceptable

      • Elderstatesman 1 month ago

        Nigerian coaches and their lack of charisma..Yes it all boils down to charisma, I do no think that we do not have good coaches in Naija ,however most of them do not know how to be diplomatic in their responses.Osimhen might be wrong with the way he went about things but why would a coach say that he would never beg anybody, this is something you might have as an opinion but never meant to be said out loud…

    • Yoruba adage says’Eebu alo ni tahun, abo ni tanan he’ Osimhen should have just expressed himself in a civilized way and let Nigerian know what happened. The whole world know how committed Osimhen is when it comes to his role both at club and at national call.
      Osimhen should have allowed Nigerian to fight for him. Not ranting like agbero in the garage.

  • Uhunmwangho Erharuyi 1 month ago

    Cowardy!!!. That showed his Level of exposure. How dare he calls out an elder thst way. I wonder what’s going into these guys head these days. I thought Osimhen was the humble type, but this. outburst and lack of respect for his elders showed otherwise. I am so so disappointed in him. The NFF should call him to order and suspend him from 3 matches involving the Super Eagles .

    • TALK UR OWN 1 month ago


    • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

      Poverty humble and when they get to the top they turn into a beast that can not be tamed. Finidi that is old enough to be the idiot father is actually calling him by name out like that. These boy is disgusting and full of himself, na you first see money???!!!

  • osaretin 1 month ago

    well i think Osihmen was wrong to insult or join words with finidi. however, i think Finidi should not have personalized the whole issue. Oshimen said he could not play, he had is reason whether good or bad reason. But to ascribe your loss to a clicque of players indiscipline. i do not think that is a good way to go about it, Why not accept the blame like what all good coaches do. Osihmen reaction though over necessary was in his words a defence of his commitment to the Nigerian team. but to think of it what will anyone do if your coach says something like that to you

    • How and where did FINIDI ascribe the lost to osimhen ? I’m
      Sure it’s one of this interviewer that asked him why osimhen wasn’t in the team and that’s what prompt his respond which wasn’t even in anyway insultive, all he said was the truth that he won’t beg him but yes he would have rather said he won’t beg any player instead of mentioning name.
      It’s obvious osimhen know what he was doing from the unset which was the reason he documented everything, his action was like, let me have a back up respond for when anybody would accuse me of not been there, and he is ready to lash out and that’s exactly what he did, abi how do you bring Gun into a fist fight now?

      • Dr Banks 1 month ago

        Finidi stated that “Osimhen faked the injury, he could’ve still played with such a minor injury if he wants to, that it seems he like to choose which matches to play for Nigeria”

        According to a transcript published by Channel STV, Osimhen said: “Everybody knows I play my heart out whether it is [for my] club side or national team. I won’t allow anybody to disrespect me. I won’t allow that nonsense. I won’t allow anyone to stain my name. I don’t care if what Finidi said is true or false. But I’ll share the video, picture, and screenshot of my conversation with Finidi on my [Instagram] story because some of you believe I would allow disrespect because I play football.

        “I’ve lost respect for that man now. I spoke with him [Finidi] requesting that I join the Super Eagles camp to be with my teammates. But he told me not to bother and that I should stay with my family — I have a video of the conversation

        So guys, what is so overboard in Osimhen’s response here? Forget about the gutter languages he used in his live video, we all know that Victor grew up in the slum and no one can take the gutter out of a slum-bred guy

        • Tartan lulu 1 month ago

          Oshimen has done nothing wrong do not take sides on matters like this instead ask questions from both side and make sure you work with proper evidence 

        • Omaskels 1 month ago

          I tire oo..I never see anything wrong in Osimhen’s response oo..I think Finidi didn’t handle it properly.. Maybe he doesn’t know how to manage big players..besides, this was his biggest job so he is still learning..Abeg make una leave Osimhnen alone, d guy always show full commitment wen playing for Nigeria..

        • Elderstatesman 1 month ago

          A coach that has Bo iFace on the bench and starts Onuachu is not fit to be the eagles coach..Once I saw that starting eleven against SA I knew this guy no sabi wetin him dey do

    • TALK UR OWN 1 month ago

      ** SIASIA FOR DROPPING MIKEL OUT OLYMPIC SQUAD IN 2008 FOR NOT HONOURING INVITATION FOR OLYMPIC QUALIFIERS(Despite that Mikel is the only Nigeria Playing in BIG club as of then).
      ** Also praise OLISEH FOR SACKING ENYEAMA of super eagle team FOR INTERRUPTING HIM IN HOTEL.
      Nobody should blame all these coaches for doing that.

      • Dr Banks 1 month ago

        Well done guy for praising these coaches for their recipe for failures. If what they did was right, it will not end in utter failure (Exception to Keshi who succeeded with the right decision)

        You Nigerians are sometimes accustomed to failures such that you celebrate the proponents of failure

        • Greenturf 1 month ago

          The same way some of us celebrated someone who stole a mandate,today we have failed because of that!Nigerians indeed are accustomed to failure!Agreed!

          • Mahmud Shuaib 1 month ago

            Did that SOMEONE steal your father’s manhood? 6 months and you stupeed myrmidons and your sleeping and snoring SANs couldn’t produce parallel Polling Units results sheets different from INEC’s

            Una too MUMU

            You think PETER OBI the gbajue can win an election where he performed woefully in North East and North West??

            Get out of the bed and smell the coffee

          • Greenturf 1 month ago

            @Mahmud Shuaib,don’t know it hurt so much.So sorry!
            However,what I wrote was true.
            You can carry on with abusing me,it won’t change anything.
            Until we are united as a country to uphold merit and abolish tribalism,we will never grow.
            I’m a supporter of merit regardless where its found.
            Election must be free and fair,coaches should be appointed on merit,players too.
            Merit should always be the basis,that’s how a nation forge ahead gain ground push ahead push on!!

          • Dr Bank 1 month ago

            If indeed you stand for meritocracy, then you must learn not to dwell on hearsay and false speculations. Merit thrives on verifiable evidence with proofs

            The most tribal guys are the ones quick to call others tribalist

    • There is no excuse for the puerile outburst from Osimhen. No matter what the coach said about him, he should have respectfully expressed his own side of the story.

  • Oshimen has forgotten he has just some few years to hang his boots. He would also become an ex international soon.

    Not according ex internationals their respect will end up costing him.

    I think he needs help in this area. He should understand that you don’t have to put up a comment like he did especially to some one who was already drowning..

    Even if you ll talk you should know what to say. You don’t talk like a garage boy as an APOTY.

    Nff need to call him to order.

    Mitchell obi on channel tv today was really angry with him.

    • Dr Banks 1 month ago

      Do you see any of these our ex international contributing meaningfully to the development of soccer in Nigeria? All they care about is to share in the cake without any good input. Especially these yeye ’94 set, each of them that have ever handled our dear SE team only succeeded in pulling us down (except Keshi), all they ever offer is failures from Amokachi, Siasia, Eguaveon / Amunike to Finidi.

      Those amongst them who are in NFF Technical dept were instrumental in frustrating and subsequent sacking of G Rohr on the eve of AFCON 2021, despite meeting his targets. The result of that action is a R16 AFCON elimination and a no show in QATAR WC 2022 (against a weak Ghana team).

      Yobo without any coaching qualification was drafted in to assist Rohr and destabilised the team cohesion and discipline

      Fast forward to 2024, Peissero achieved Silver at AFCON 2024 only to frustrate him out immediately after. Then these ’94 guys in Technical committee gave us their friend in Finidi without an interview or any enviable track record to take us back 40 years again just like Cerezo did earlier.

      I think their problem is lack of Education and the greed for cake sharing

  • Dr Banks 1 month ago

    Apology koo, apologies nii…………..When Elders behave like a small boy he will take wotowoto.

    How can Finidi say such words against Osimhen when indeed the guy called and intimated him of what he is going through, even offered to come to camp for moral support but Finidi rejected, then talk such rubbish that Osimhen deliberately lied to stay away from playing.

    Remember he did same to Ekong who claimed that he is now as fit as a fiddle to play but Finidi shut him out of the matches only to give us Taminu and Sodiq while playing a RB at LB

    Finidi no just sati yarn, na opt dey always full him mouth. He said to the media, leave us let us do our job but he didn’t realise that he never included a single LB player in his invitations until same media pointed this out to him

    • Respect is reciprocal 1 month ago

      Mr banks would you be happy if someone you are old enough to be his father comes out to insult you like Osimhen did ? What is bad is bad . By the way apart from newspaper source , did you hear any audio evidence of what Finidi is being accused of by Osimhen. Osimhen is arrogant and pompous just because he is a billionaire doesn’t give him the audacity to humiliate a national team coach. 
      Collin Udor a seasoned journalist has come out to debunk all what Finidi was accused of. 
      I believe if Osimhen’s parents were alive , he wouldn’t have gone this far.

      • Respect is reciprocal would you be happy if someone you idolize and is old enough to be your father assainate your character and rubbish your hard earned reputation with lie and unfounded stories because he has failed and is sinking?

        • Respect is reciprocal 1 month ago

          Cuteprince would you be happy if someone you are old enough to be his father came out to the public to humiliate you on what he claimed you said without ample proof that you really said except what he got on social media fake news reported by useless journalist 

    • BlackLegendCulture 1 month ago

      Finidi had a right not to invite Ekong if he felt he has not really regained match fitness!!! It is his call to make and we did not lose the match because of Ekong!!!! Before his showing at AFCON, we have lost with him too!!!! The SE is just overrated

      • yabaoh M 4 weeks ago

        blackfacedonkey and selfmend – we ghanaians are so full of shit and jealous and wickedness!
        you kwasia mugus is definitely a black hole asshole dumbass jealousy lousy ghanaian – it is this animals that put 3 xclamsions on everyting theu wrote like this!!!! – notice how close together is xclamsions is, that means is also using same keyboard like i was used in kumasi before i moove to nigreia
        blacklegendcondom abi wetin yu calling yuself know that I am de only ghanaian allowable here nau, from now on this pipo they had my protection so yu and that bastard dog selfmend need to space this csn here you here me? fullish okramans! kwasias!

  • Selfmade KING 1 month ago

    When I told u Nigerians that, OSIMEHN is an IDIOT after Ghana drew with Nigeria in Kumasi, people insulted me here!

    The guy is a complete ASSHOLE!!

    I quite remember, he said KUMASI FANS  nearly beat them in their bus and that was a big lie and could resulted in something big in the returned leg!!

    Y’all insulted and  there’s its

    • Will you keep quiet Ghana boy. Wetin concern you with our internal affairs? Banku don full your brain you can’t reason well again

    • This thing has come back. Get out of here enemy of super eagles

  • What Osimhen did is totally unacceptable. He reacted very badly. No matter what the coach said or did, his reaction was quite bad.
    This incidence reminds me of what happened in 2022 against Ghana during the World Cup qualifiers playoff. Osimhen had three good chances to score and secure our qualification to the World Cup but he decided to use those chances score bicycle kick goals instead of chesting the ball and shooting which would have guaranteed a goal. That was a very bad decision in a match Nigeria needed just one goal badly. While the match was still on, I criticized him for the silly decision and sheer waste of scoring chances. After the match, Victor Ikpeba also criticized him for the silly bicycle kick decisions instead of taking the most guaranteed path to goals. He insulted Victor Ikpeba. Till today, I have not forgiven him for that. Now, he has insulted Finidi. In as much as Finidi is a failure as a coach and was 100% nothing but an experiment by the NFF, Osimhen should have refrained from insulting him.
    Osimhen gives his all when playing for Nigeria. But that doesn’t give him the platform to insult our heroes past in football, no matter the circumstances

    NB – The only coach who can qualify Nigeria for the World Cup despite the bad situation we have found ourselves, is Rohr. Rohr knows our players inside out plus he is a master of qualifications. Any other coach apart from Rohr, hired by the NFF, whether foreign or local is nothing but another experiment. I say this with all certainty and assurance

  • OSIMHEM used a word people don’t like. Osimhem does not respect elderly ones, Osimhem would have calm down and let go of the alligations. Osimhem that, osimhem this.

    Nigerians are difficult to satisfy. Nigerians don’t have one voice. Nigerians are tribalistically plague with nepotism. Nigerians are divided in patriotic matters concernibg positive change. Hypocrite is our watch word.
    We forgot what Finidi said about Osimhemm. No one is looking at such accusations.

    In a Court of Law is called character assassination or defamation of character. That actions of Finidi towards Osimhem was to paint his career built over years black. He was to rubbish the young man reputation and the respect he has earned for being loyal to his country and club abroad.

    The leaders we have today, especially the ones occuping positions are arrogant and autocratic in nature. They want to be seen as demi gods.
    There is a wide generation gap in work related issue.

    Go back to the friendly matches, Finidi had problems with players in that camp.
    If you keep quiet, the law will assumed you to be a culprit. You must defend yourself with every reactive armoury equal to the source injury. Some one called you a thief and you smile over it for peace to reign. Nigerians hate truth, they hate development. I tire for una!

    Osimhem should be banned for reacting with explanation to an accusations leveled by an elder who failed to realize his weaknesses and ineptitude mentality of the round leather game.
    This is exactly what is going on in Nigeria as a state. They blame others for their failure. They shift attention from reality to fictions.

    Let’s judge constructively with wisdom.
    Ex players are now coming out to blast Osimhem for his unguided utterances. Ole! position seekers, hypocrite.
    God bless Nigeria.

    • Dr Banks 1 month ago

      Thank you my brother, you said it all

    • Greenturf 1 month ago

      Ogbeni Dav,thanks for your submission.
      However,I disagree with you on the conduct of Osimhen.I will never support anyone whether young or old to be so disrespectful and abusive to the point he was abusing everyone wow!Did you even see the video?Would you raise your kids to be so ill-mannered and unruly?
      He’s such an irritable bad-tempered young lad.
      He should understand he’s a role model and a lot of young kids are looking up to him,behaviours like that,coming from a superstar is very appalling.
      There are better ways to deal with issues,whether you’re a superstar or just a regular man.
      Sometimes we should learn to be patient.Most people who are quick to react do later regret their actions.
      Let say Finidi said those things,there are ways Osimhen should have dealt with the matter without the public knowledge.

      • Only very funny and strange people will applaud what Oshimen did. Well, he just lost me as a fan. You don’t curse the fans who always wish you well and think you will not reap it.

        Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

        This is not even about finidi. Finidi was bad as a coach but how can APOTY do that video. I still can’t believe it.

        Yet some people are applauding him!!! Very strange indeed.

        For the record, Oshimen should be reminded

        1. He has only one afcon goal
        2. He has not won afcon
        3. Has not played one single minute of world cup football
        4. Has not won anything with super eagles
        5. Had a not too good second season with Napoli after he won the league. Some people are already calling him a one season wonder
        6. Does not really score against big clubs in Italy and Europe
        7. Has not won the champions league and may not win it.

        Finidi is a bad coach but he is a legend.

        Have you people not noticed that Oshimen hardly show public respect to Nigerian ex players.

        Finidi is your baba. You still have not scratch his records in Europe.

        He needs to read all these to keep his head low.You will never abuse or curse the Nigerian fans again. Never.

    • Sammy 1 month ago

      @Dav God bless you for saying it as it is. How l wish all those people calling for Osimhen’s head will read this piece of yours. We are in a country where TRUTH is a taboo, unacceptable and trampled under the feet, hence they ignore the CAUSE and focus on the REACTION.We are in a state where an ELDERLY PERSON never go WRONG but ALWAYS RIGHT even when he encroached into the rights of the younger ones; gives a severe beating to younger one and ask him bo ti cry. What an irony. Please go ahead to ban him or even banish him because he cried when he was beaten unjustly by an elderly.

  • @Dr Bank stop supporting nonsense that attitude is becoming of him. You don’t abuse an elder in that way on top of what. That interview shows why Finidi failed as a coach his inesperience made the pressman to force him to say what he ought not to say but regardless of what Oshimen ought not to react like that. Don’t let us support him because he is our world best player as some of you tagged him that is disrespectful and arrogant. If it were him that was bullied like Iwobi was he would have killed everybody. Did you see him make any video instead the guy go off social media and decided not to reply anybody that is a well culture, respectful and well trained boy. I pity people siding Oshimen.

    • Dr Banks 1 month ago

      I said it on another stream that Osimhen is right to respond but the slum in him got the better of him. They say………. “you can take a man away from the gutter but you can’t take the gutter away from the man.

      However, that Finidi statement ignited the anger in Osimhen, guys were really trolling him and even went ahead condemning him for attending a club on the night of the match in Uyo. Will he stop his life because he missed a SE match?

      • Yes, we’ve seen many occasion in Europe where a player got punished for clubbing while his team has match, we’ve seen injured players been asked to pay fine for throwing party while his team loose a match and this is a planned party before the match ooo, I.e the team expect you to cancel ur party bcos ur team lost on that day.
        I expect Dr to know better but unfortunately both Dr we have on this forum supported his outburst, u guys shd continue okay.
        You shouting and calling someone old enough to father you by his first name, yet u guys see nothing wrong in that, like seriously? To think the dude was at a point directing his rant an anger towards the entire soccer loving Nigerian who criticized him self. 
        He shd thank his star I wasn’t one of those who make the rules, I will suspend him for minimum 3yrs from anything with the SE, he shd face his club soccer, Sebi arsenal now have asked Napoli to dropped there asking price from just 120m, Chelsea and Man U have completely drop there intention of buying him, he shd continue with his agbero behavior now. Na here we go Dey.

  • His reaction was too extreme, even if what he said was what truly happened. There was no basis for that kind of reaction. He was unprofessional and lacked class. What is this hot-headedness all about?

  • Respect is reciprocal 1 month ago

    Whoever supports Osi in this altercation  is an exponent of indiscipline. For Osi to insult the country and the brand Suoer Eagles says it all that he is not intelligent. Why would he say no be by force make him play for Eagles . If Amuneke didn’t select in in Golden Eaglet team  and Nigeria refused to elevate him to Super Eagles standard, he won’t be where he is today. Anyway I don’t blame him , he has all the top officials of NFF in his payroll.

  • I don’t understand what is happening here! Everybody is crucifying Osimhen because of his outburst (yes, his outburst was extreme). But has Osimhen no right in this matter? Nobody is talking about the false narrative that Finidi painted about Osimhen. Who is going to tell Finidi that he should not have peddled a false narrative about his conversation with Osimhen. In a plain man’s language, to paint a false narrative about anything is to tell lies about that thing. So, invariably we can conclude that Finidi was Lying.

    Now the question is why would Finidi lie on Osimhen or attempt to put the blame of his own failures on Osimhen. So Osimhen should go an break his leg because he wants to play for Nigeria. If he breaks his legs, is it this same NFF that we all are crucifying, that will bear the cost of his treatment? I guess the answer is a resounding, “for where!”

    Respect is reciprocal. Why would Finidi not respect himself first before expecting respect from Osimhen. Osimhen’s boldness in all this matter stems from the fact that he has evidence of all his conversation with Finidi, including Finidi’s words. He has documentation of all of Finidi’s response to him. There is a saying that if a child is behaving like a child, an adult (elder) will behave like an adult. Osimhen was wrong on his excessive outburst. But Finidi didn’t do well at all. So we should aportion the blame equally between them.

    • Ignacious Abo 1 month ago

      Josh men. U are one of the few people who make me comment on Nigerian football these days.

  • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

    When we say the rant is bad others are saying it is justified…. Now Football Italia has the headline ” Napoli striker Osimhen’s furious rant results in change of Nigerian coach” this is bad publicity for him. The Italians who are racist and pretenders and look for any bad news to pounce on a black player. Even Napoli fans don’t appreciate all his efforts….he should know how to manage his anger, or his career can nosedive.

    • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

      Read the last paragragh of that story on football Italia it says and I quote

      “What this does means for Napoli fans is one more example of why Osimhen has not been able to attract any offers close to the 12o million euros release clause in his contract. He has a terrible injury record, mostly traumatic injuries rather than muscular ones, AND IS NOT NEW TO LASHING OUT AT HIS CLUB OR COUNTRY ON SOCIAL

      Some morons justified his behavior but will never take such from even their own children. We love Osimhen but we must tell him the truth and guide him accordingly. The racist Italians would like to see him sink. Why? IDk maybe cuz a black man did what Maradona last did.

      • Dr Bank 1 month ago

        @Footballfanatic I can see you skull is occupied with sawdust instead of grey and white matter in your brain.

        You are castigating Osimhen for speaking out against Finidi in a bad manner but you are calling some forumites here MORONS for supporting Osimhen……………see how much of a dumb-head you are

        • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

          Yes, morons for not telling him the right way to address a false accusation. How many professionals have an outburst like that. How can anyone justify shouting like a tout. He has the money and resources to hire a PR team. If his career nosedives none of you will be able to help him. there are ways to address certain issues when you are a professional. I’m not going to go back and forth with you with insults. You are one of the proponents of this disrespectful act by Osimhen hence the reason why you are pained….You see how the Italians have twisted it…I guess you are happy now.

          • Dr Bank 1 month ago

            Ronaldo spoke out against Almighty Man United and it’s coach and Heavens did not fall.

            Truth must be told when required, tell your yeye coach Finidi that a leader doesn’t throw his wards under the bus like that, especially when it was a big lie.

            Rohr defended and protected Akpeyi, Cerezo did same for Okoye against Tunisia and Uzoho against Ghana when these goalkeepers’ blunder resulted in a painful loss. Why will a coach then decide to concoct a lie discrediting an injured player who was not in the team when he lost against a minow like Benin? 

            Abeg talk and judge with some sense bro

          • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

            Brother you are getting it wrong. I am not a Finidi fan and I am not supporting his lie. All I am saying is that Osimhen should not have reacted like that. Finidi has nothing to lose but Osimhen has alot. The amount Napoli placed on him is already a set up. You think club would want to gamble 120 mill on a hot head and do not compare Ronaldo to Osimhen…Just stop that. That is a multiple ballon d’or winner just stop.

        • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

          Show me any professional who has laid curses on his fans for believing a false story……He should have totally left the fans out of it too but he continued to curse them that they will never succeed and so on but you are here trying to justify nonsense. I repeat in as much as Finidi is a dumb coach, as a player he remains a legend

          * Champions league winner
          * Uefa cup winner
          * 2 World cup appearances
          *Olympic gold medal

          Osimhen in his own right will be a legend some day but needs to calm down.

          *Under 17 world champion
          *Serie A top scorer
          *Serie A winner

          He is about to eclipse Yekini’s record but the attitude is a big contrast. This can go a long way in determining alot. Ask Balotelli

          • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

            Finid also won Afcon in 1994* these were times when football was really tough and remuneration for African players was poor. Not this cry baby generation. The man should have never taken a job bigger than him. The NFF set him up. Nobody is saying anything about Gusau or Eguavoen the real criminals.

          • Dr Bank 1 month ago

            Finidi was never in the Olympic team, stop your lies right here

            Finidi @ 25 years never achieved as much success as Osimhen at this moment, so no room for comparison here

          • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

            Sorry, that was a mistake. You’re right he wasn’t in the Olympic team.

          • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

            You are judged by your career……Some never achieved at 25 but at the later stages of their career so all that achievement before 25 is just by the way. If his career nosedives after 25 with all this bad advice y’all give him….You will be the same to talk shit about him. Humans are evil and vile

          • Dr Bank 1 month ago

            Being an APOTY and single-handedly winning U17 WC and Series A at his current age is far more significant than all those accolades attributed to Finidi, he was just part of a winning team while Osimhen made the teams champions

  • Truly,osi has proven Italians right, coconut, no brain, only strengths coconut

  • Dr Bank 1 month ago

    Peace my brother @Footballfanatics but please don’t call anyone MORONS again for not agreeing with you. 

    Sorry if I did go overboard too

    • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

      Its all good bro….At the end of the day we all want the best for our national team and players.

      • Femi Ajimuda 1 month ago

        Thanks @ Dr Banks and football fanatics. I know all you wrote was from your hearts and not personal. That’s tspirit and keep it up please.
        Please let add the following-
        1. A TEAM IS MADE UP OF PEOPLE HAVING SAME GOALS AND ASPIRATIONS FOR WHAT THEY DO. THE MOMENT YOU START HEARING OF ‘I’, ‘I’, THEN NO THERE’S A PROBLEM. Yes you have Leaders in Teams, on the field and outside. On the playing tuff, we’ve heard of situations that playe, led by the on-field leaders, changes the pattern already agreed by coach because of what the opponents adopted. And the coach accepts seeing its workability. Have you forgotten one time when Amokachi substituted himself on the field of play because he read the game well and knew what needs to be done while the coach was thinking of bringing someone else I..
        Do we have a team as far as Nigerian football is concerned? Those who ascribe failures elsewhere and success to themselves are no TEAM PLAYERS, PERIOD!
        Though Osimhen’s rant was inexcusable, THERE WAS SMOKE BEFORE THE FIRE NA! Who started it? Finidi denies mentioning names and corroborated by NFF! Who caused this misinformation and lies to the print media? That hasn’t been addressed or spoken off. What does the journalist want to achieve by this? Is it to discredit Finidi so that his candidate can have a shot at the position? PROBABLY
        NFF, FINIDI & OSIMHEN NEEDS TO APOLOGISE TO EACH OTHER. Remember, the Bible asks the children not to disrespect the elders. So also it continued that fathers shouldn’t annoy, disrespect, abuse etc your children a la Pastor Peterside. Have you thrown away/disowned your children because they refuse to conform to your instructions? I don’t think so.
        Find a leverage within what has happened to advise APPROPRIATELY.

        Thank you and God bless

    • Dr Bank but it is more annoying when you justify actions that would derail Oshimen career. You see some of us have supported this guy and so much love him. And we still want him to win world best. But we were roundly disappointed with his videos. Have you seen part 2 of the video?

      So I believe our reactions can be hurt against him because he really fell out hands.

      But Dr. Bank it’s funny that you and some people are applauding such erratic acts from this boy Napoli called coconut head.

      We love him and we live our legends too. Findi is a legend. Ikpeba is a legend. Okocha is a legend. Kanu is a legend. Oshimen should respect them or else we will not respect him.

  • Dr Banks 1 month ago

    Peterside Idah, is there any wisdom in that trash you just vomited here? Being a Pastor should’ve given you some small sense.
    You advocate a ban on a player giving his all to his country while you and your cronies are feeding fat on their sweat but destroying our football ⚽️

    • Respect is reciproca 1 month ago

      Mr Dr Banks what’s all that Osihmen giving to Nigeria to warrant him lashing out at his coach. If Osihmen is being praised for what he has done for Nigeria that made him to get paid close to 250 million each week what should we say of soldiers defending you and me from external enemies. Hypocrite of the highest order

  • Golden Child 1 month ago

    Reading the comments here aptly depicts where we are morally as a nation. So if one’s father rebukes him based on how he perceived the situation at the time, it gives the son all the right to toungue lash him? Or if one’s Boss makes a statement that ” I will not beg anyone to work” , the employee concerned should go on a tirade?

    Osimhen is one of my favourite players in the national team and to be Frank, he is a passionate player that gives his all for both club and Country but that does not excuse his behaviour. A lot of us supporting VO will not tolerate such behaviour in our work place but we are here supporting him. Hypocrites all of you and you are enemies of the boy because pride never exalts, it always bring low. Let us even leave the Finidi saga , how about the way he addressed football fans , that is also acceptable? A footballer complaining of criticism is like a boxer complaining of a black eye. They go hand in hand as a professional footballer. This silly boy wants to go to the epl, joker. The famous English press is waiting for you there and the die hard English fans . They will rip him to shreds. Their famous son beckam at the world Cup was sent off at the world Cup for lashing out , go and ask what he went through. He could have defended himself in a way and manner that shows compartment but instead he responded in a way an unscrupulous miscreant will respond. If you can not handle criticism, better join another profession.

  • Golden Child 1 month ago

    Most of these football fans that are excusing and supporting vo bad behaviour probably started supporting him when he made his move to Napoli. Some of us have been supporting even when he was trying to break in to the wolfburg team and later with his stint at Charleroi in Belgium. However, what is bad is bad.

    You see with Victor Osimhen, success has gone into his head and pride has grasped his heart. Those who are close to him need to help him otherwise his career will spiral into oblivion. There are many examples to follow, Barlotelli , emmanuel Dennis is another. Even Emmanuel Dennis has not stooped this low. He should follow examples like sadio manner who came close to winning the balon d’or but never lambasted his national team coach.

  • Isn’t hypocrisy knocking on some of your doors? If Pinnick and other politicians are fair game for your insult and curses , why is Finid any different if we are supposed to respect an elderly for respect sake. If you want respect, speak like a leader or carry yourself well well

    Some strong words but Victor needed to respond because a bad reputation sticks and stinks.

    The appointment of Mr George was an impending doom and the CT-scan don clear Na. Society wey no de meritocratic don dig us holes again and stoke divisions

  • Mr Hush 1 month ago

    This is just causality.

    With the very act that lead to all these tantrums been the NFF’s appointment of an undeserving George Finidi.
    By that act, any form of respect for the FA and the coaching team was basically on shoddy ground. As much as we hoped for the best, precedence had shown,it was never going to end.

    That been said, no matter what Finidi might have allegedly stated; Osimhen should have reacted better. But we all know Victor is an emotional character. He is that sensitive. I believe his emotions got the best of him. Not everyone has the discipline to control their emotions. And we all react differently based on our level of understanding and sensitivity.

    Well, the damage is done but can easily be remedied.

    Just a private conversation between Osimhen and Finidi to clarify things and settle things. And if were Osimhen, apologise to his fans and the nation that held him in regard,not for him speaking his mind or getting vexed by the misinformation on his name but for how his feelings were expressed I.e. the strong language and vitriol he used for expressing his mind. It will do him well in terms of how his personality is perceived going forward. He should remember,there is always tomorrow.

    I wish him well and hope to see him score more goals for himself and the Eagles. We definitely need his passion, pray, a disciplined one.

  • Nothing wrong with Osimhen ranting.
    What pissed me off was the words used.
    I expect someone that has traveled out to developed countries to be more civilized.

  • Good day everyone.please i have one question for Mr peterside why haven’t you call Victor on phone and tell him all this than to do that video too.we nigerians always ask people to respect us while we can’t respect ourselves.you have to call Victor too and apologise too.

  • Ndubest 1 month ago

    Am a bit disappointed with Victors choice of words i felt he would have been calmer but Osimhen is a human being afterall. He desire to be at the world cup and seeing George committing blunders that might lead to him not playing world cup or playing @30 maybe so frustrating and to add salt to an injury he was blamed for Georges failures. Many including myself used uncultured words to express our anger. Why us his own case different. George should apologize to him for wrong accusation. Osimhen should put his emotions in checked to avoid this kind of situation in future and also apologize to George and football fans. NFf should apologize for employing incompetent coach. Peterside should concentrate in his church he is not adding any value to our football.

  • Finidi got it wrong in all facets.

    He benched Victor Boniface because he wanted
    to play Paul Onuachu.

    He didn’t invite our rock solid defender William
    Troost-Ekong because he must play Taminu
    Benjamin of Singida Black Stars of Tanzania.

    How many people are watching Tanzanian

    He was fighting Victor Osimhen

    He was battling Nathan Tella

    To be frank to ourselves.

    All these things weren’t there during Peserio and

    Finidi only used four matches to erect walls,
    then building of bridges in Super Eagles.

    You’re blaming Victor Oshimen.

    When it was obvious that he was lying against

    Finidi annoyance against Victor Osimhen is

    Had it been that Oshimen played

    Maybe his job would have been safe.

    During AFCON, some people were busy
    attacking him for not scoring goals.

    The four World Cup qualifiers he didn’t play

    We only gathered 3 points

    From three draws and one loss

    The records are there

    And it is clear that Finidi was vindictive.

    He stood against any player that he thought
    was against his appointment.

    Most Super Eagles players backed Peserio to
    continue and after Peserio resigned, the decided
    to support Emmanuel Amunike.

    All the players who supported Amunike were the
    ones Finidi was victimizing.

    Is better he resigned his appointment because
    he has already done collateral damage to the

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