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Anichebe: Osimhen Wrong Over Finidi’s Public Outburst

Anichebe: Osimhen Wrong Over Finidi’s Public Outburst

Former Everton striker Victor Anichebe has reacted to Victor Osimhen’s public criticism of former Super Eagles head coach Finidi George.

Osimhen blasted Finidi on the social media on Saturday over comments the latter allegedly made on his fitness status.

The Napoli forward pulled out of Nigeria’s 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers against South Africa and Benin Republic due to injury.

Reacting to a video shared by former Super Eagles media officer, Colin Udoh, Anichebe criticised Osimhen for making the matter public.

“This is something we really lack in Nigeria. We just love negativity and drama. VO was wrong to come out publicly. I’m sure he understands this now, but in the heat of the moment, it’s difficult. This could’ve been done in private, even though I fully understand he doesn’t want anyone to tarnish his image and commitment that he has worked tirelessly to maintain,” the former Everton striker said.

Anichebe also blasted the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF, and call for the disbandment of the soccer house.

“That being said, the whole federation is a complete and utter mess, completely clueless, lacking foresight, no clue about football. What was their hiring process? Does anyone even know? Nepotism at its finest. How can results be achieved with a leaderless bunch at the helm? The whole organization needs to be disbanded and started again,” he added.

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  • SAMUEL ONYEIWU 1 month ago

    Tell them

  • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

    Very WRONG….

    He was even saying if na the video go make wey dem no go invite to the se then so be it! haba… Using curse and swear words on your elders…haba

    I watched the video I was like wow look at how they have turn our legends too..

    I no blame osimhen sha na GENERAL ROAR I blame…cos after the defeat the man coaching career just came crashing…

  • Omo9ja 1 month ago

    God bless you Anichebe. I was the first and only person to say this on this platform but people misunderstood me.

    With this current NFF in charge of anything, Kai, expect nothing but failure.

    The only thing the government can do is to disband the NFF board. Yes the entire NFF board have to go if we must do anything meaningful in sports.

    They have to resigned before new coach comes in.

    I hope those people can have a second thoughts now. NFF must go. That is the main problem of our sports. We needed those that has the knowledge of sports to handle NFF. President Tinubu must act fast on this issue.

    I am a patriotic Nigerian who loves his country but you Nigerians are the most hardest people on earth to satisfy.

    However, I have been saying God bless Nigeria for how many years now but NFF and the Nigeria government have bn blocking the prayers all this while but Nigerians did not take action.

    I added “Ire o” to my comments still Nigerians were angry with me why am I saying “ire o” at the end of every comment of mine.

    What else do you want me to say Nigerians? Let’s give patient a chance.
    Yes I’m in support of indigenous coach but not Finidi. Nobody can’t tell me NFF can not find a good Nigerian coach in the world to manage Super Eagles. It doesn’t sound well if they can’t get one.

    Our people are very addicted to foreign coaches but that have to changed if we must move forward.

    I’m not the one you people should face. NFF and the Nigeria government are the right people for you to face not me omo9ja kę.

    I’m working tirelessly because of you people but it is a pity that you people have not satisfied yet. I can’t hurt myself because I’m saying you all for free kę. Long story short, the entire NFF board must go. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Omo9ja 1 month ago

      Oshimen was overreacted. He has a right to voice out but no need to use bad words. He have to be smart when talking.

      He needs good advisers around him.

      Same thing have been happening on this forum for a long time too.

      You need to learn how to talk in public space.

      We are Africans. A word is enough for the wise. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

      Make una hear omo9ja o..he say he is working tirelessly…. hahahahahahahaha omo9ja you are working tirelessly to take the team 10 step backwards I guess…. hahahahahahahaha

      Wetin dey give you confidence wey you dey type sometimes self I dey wonder…what are you feeling like omo9ja

  • I saw most of the people I assumed to be adult here messages about what osimhen did and most of them applauded him and I was like seriously? Where is our moral ? Where is the respect? Osimhen did not only disrespect finidi that’s old enough to father him judging by his non age to us by calling him by his first name but a disrespect to the entire Nigeria soccer lover.
    I said it before now that even with ur injury, a dedicated and committed player would be there for his colleague, what is gonna cost him to even travel with them to Ivory Coast and support them been one of the leaders of the dressing room not to talk of at ordinary uyo.
    For me if he like make him apologize, the NFF most suspend him for minimum of 3yrs from the SE activities, with or without him the SE will remain just as he said himself. Nonsense.

    • Did you listen to his video? He said he requested to come and support the boys just like you mentioned but FINIDI rejected it. I am not in support of his mode of action but what he said is true then FINIDI too was being Petit and needlessly looking to paint the young man in bad light.

      • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

        Please help me ask Mr Senior Advocate of Morals and Morality o. I can bet he never listened to the video.

        The same Osimhen whose request to be with the team in Uyo to cheer the boys us was rebuffed by he coach, only for the coach to later single him out for the loss to Benin, should have followed the team to Cotedivoire.

        All of a sudden Osimhen is not a dedicated and committed player again….LMAOoo.

        No wonder his insults and curses are working them up. Becuase its people like these who want to challenge Osimhe’s commitment and stain his hard earned reputation the boy was referring to in that video.

        • How did FINIDI ascribed the loss to osimhen unavailable? I’m sure finish was asked why osimhen wasn’t there and he said he can’t beg him to play for his father land, yes he probably goof by mentioning his name directly, he shd have made it general.
          About been disrespectful, I stand by my word, you can continue clapping for him for all I care, you address someone old enough to father u by his first name and u applaud that? You can do better man, but I’m not bothered as we all know whom you are and what u stand for here.

          • How is he better than the osihmen. why won he support him. Are they not birds of a feather? Have you seen how he addresses issues too. A fool at forty. Very rude uncouth etc. Truly the rain that fell has allowed all kind of birds to mingle

        • Dr Drey. Are you supporting his actions? Use if terrible words as he did. What are we teaching the young ones? Cursing the fans. He plays for Nigeria and he is being paid with tax payers money. Nigeria made him.

          Dr Drey. Really I expect you to write about his outburst and his use of foul words. You know I always want to read your analysis here.

          • Kenneth 1 month ago

            Why are you surprised. Has he not be dishing it here on this platform.

        • Tristan 1 month ago

          The problem with Nigerians is that they behave like crabs in a basket. Always trying to pull each other down!
          This story was deliberately leaked to provoke and embarrass Osimhen. Certain Nigerians unhappy about the WCQ loss decided to take it out on Osimhen. These are people who supported Finidi.

          It is my contention that despite his denial it is highly likely that Finidi did cast blame on players – in particular Osimhen, in a closed-door NFF meeting. It fits with Finidi’s character that he explained his failings by blaming others.

          Every person with an ‘axe to grind’ is coming out of the woodwork to humiliate Osimhen. Rather than take the WCQ failure out on Finidi, they’re using all kinds of stupid moral-cultural arguments to humiliate Osimhen.

          In my view, Osimhen should not apologise. Finidi’s character suggests that he is capable of ‘rubbishing his players’ while getting older 1994-era ex-footballers to support him in the media. I’m only surprised that Odegbami didn’t also weigh in with his views.
          Only if they provide the transcript of the meeting would I accept the narrative or story being told by this journalist. After all, his counter-evidence to support Finidi is also just hearsay!

          • Kenneth 1 month ago

            What a shame. Let Oshimen bring out the proof that Finidi did say such. When I said here that Finidi is being framed by the NFF and they using the players, is this not proof now. So na Colins Udoh you dey doubt his story. No wahala make NF chairman come out and talk, and Oshimen must bring out his source too

  • Finidi did not behave like a professional. No coach singles out a particular player for his teams failure even if there is one. Finidi would have just said he can’t beg some players to play for Nigeria without mentioning names. The message still would have been passed. Both Finidi and VO disappointed themselves. Nigeria got a long way to go. NFF too..I have nothing to say about the present leadership other than they lack organisation, are unprofessional and have no foresight. They are selfish.

  • OSIMHEM used a word people don’t like. Osimhem does not respect elderly ones, Osimhem would have calm down and let go of the alligations. Osimhem that, osimhem this.
    Nigerians are difficult to satisfy. Nigerians don’t have one voice. Nigerians are tribalistically plague with nepotism. Nigerians are divided in patriotic matters concernibg positive change. Hypocrite is our watch word.
    We forgot what Finidi said about Osimhemm. In a Court of Law is called character assassination or defamation of character. That actions of Finidi towards Osimhem was to taint his career built over years. The respect earned for loyalty both country and abroad.
    The leaders we have today, especially the ones occuping positions now are arrogant and autocratic in nature.
    There is a wide generation gap in work related issue.
    Go back to the friendly matches, Finidi had problems with players in that camp.
    If you keep quiet, the law will assumed you are a culprit. You must defend yourself with every reactive armoury equal to the source.
    Osimhem should be banned for reacting with explanation to an accusations leveled by an elder who failed to realize his weaknesses and ineptitude mentality of the round leather game.
    This is exactly what is going on in Nigeria as a state. They blame others for their failure. They shift attention from reality to fictions.
    Let’s us judgement constructively with wisdom analysis.
    Ex players are now coming out to blast Osimhem for is unguided utterances. Ole!11 position seekers, hypocrite.
    God bless Nigeria.

    • Daniel Raymond Tsegba 1 month ago

      Where did you hear Finidi say those things.Why didn’t Osimhen call him to confirm first if he said what was claimed before going public with his rant.The NFF officials at the meeting said Finidi never said such a thing about Osimhen,rather he said he will never beg any player,that is including the ones who Nigeria is thinking of inviting newly to play for the super eagles.Finidi too says he never said what was claimed.I like Osimhen but he took a wrong step.I hope this doesn’t affect him with clubs that would have bought him but whose coaches will view this as a bad sign.No matter how angry Osimhen was,he should have confirmed from his coach if was was said was true and even if it were,should have quietly and honourably cleared up issues with his coach who happens to be his elder too and someone who played football at the highest level long before he was born.

    • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 1 month ago

      Nna Dav, omo I tire o!

      I am tired of Nigeria – it is a failed state not because God created a failed state but because a generality of Nigerians are among some of the worst dregs of humanity walking the face of this earth! Wicked people! Many of them agents of darkness!

      I am not personally getting involved directly in the Osimhen/Finidi saga o, please understand me, I will not get involved and wade into such a personal dispute especially as I do not think it is worth my while or reflective of my personality or intelligence to find that a worthwhile thing to do, however I am agreeing with the underlying “tone” of your comment up there- Nigerians are the worst problem that Nigeria has!

      Truly only God can help us!

  • Nigerian government cannot ban NFF unless we are inviting a FIFA ban.
    NFF na FIFA property!

  • Finidi didn’t have the quality or temperament to coach the SE. He clearly underestimated the critical importance of quality and engaging leadership in any group. It showed in the rudderless play against Benin.

    He also showed it with his tactless blame game in that presser. The NFF thrusted him prematurely into a role for which he neither had the hard nor the soft skills to thrive.

    That said, VO needs a professional manager and anger management classes. Not his brothers or close friends. Someone who’s experienced in managing players like him and can advice his before he goes public with his views.

    The way he loses his cool in matches, the way he tweets when reacting to a negative comment, and the way he explodes with his emotions in live Instagram feeds without restraint are not good.

    I can imagine if it had been him and not Iwobi who was attached after the last Afcon. I hope this doesn’t rub off negatively on his teammates and the chemistry between them.

    Oliseh didn;t have man management skills, Siasia didn’t have. Now, Finidi too. The other time, it was Lookman who challenged him privately. Today, it is Osimhen publicly.

    But let’s address the elephant in the room: the NFF. They caused the big mess, with all the ripples and spillovers everywhere. Not that they were not warned several times before and after their very questionable decision.

    • Bomboy 1 month ago

      @Kel, thank you so much.

      The job was too big for Finidi’s managerial capacity.

      This may go down as one of the worst appointment the NFF ever made.

  • Alex07 1 month ago

    Victor Osimhen should not be invited to the Super Eagles again until he apologizes for saying Ogun kill fellow Nigerians.

    • Dnt let some people see this ur message ooo, OSIMHEN is brave to them for ranting out, they detest finidi so much that anything against him at the moment is right and cool, simply because he took up the role of SE coach.

      • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

        Finidi telling the world he lost to Benin republic because “…’Osimhen’ is not committed….” is also cool to you right, just because you cannot detach yourself from your allegiance to that incompetent failure.

        • Omo9ja 1 month ago

          Dr. Drey, I have a question for you today.

          As a parent, if Oshimen is your son, what would you say to him seeing his video trending on social media like that?

          I believe you have watched the video? If so, is that the right way to expressed himself?

          Please what are you thoughts on this as a parent?

          Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            Osimhen is above 18 years of age.

            I don’t meddle in the affairs of my 18 year old son.

            But I will feel proud of any son of mine who stands up for the name of his fore fathers and refuses to be bullied…not less by an incompetent coach who wants to use him as a fall couch for his failures.

            Tell us the players are not committed if they lose to Senegal in Dakar….not when they lose to Benin in Abidjan in a listless display where you as the coach could not get any of your tactics, your lineup and your substitutions right.

            Yoruba people say “Agba ti ko ba see bi agba, omode ma si’gba fun”

          • Omo9ja 1 month ago

            Oh wow. Now I understand you very well.

            Hmmm. Thanks for your response Dr. Drey. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Kenneth 1 month ago

            Na which kind question you dey ask. Even this platform should tell you the kind of parents he is. Will not be shocked if he is getting slaps in the house by his 18 year old, or better still asking him to face the wall. yeye dey smell

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            Hahhaha…Abirun Okponu omo.

            Does this platform not show the type of useless child you are and how much you lack home training, with your multiple lies and IDs you use to constitute nuisance here all the time….LMAOO.

            See this unruly imbecile too has something to say about Osimhen….LAMOO. Wonders will never end

  • Gbenga 1 month ago

    Going by the program Sports Ville on Channels TV this afternoon, there was no video or prove that Finidi spoke against Osimeh! The arrogant child of today should think of tomorrow. Hossam Hassan of Egypt was really abusive in his playing days. He is now the Egyptian national coach! He will soon see evil I did yesterday will start coming back to him. Some of the 94-set of players were better than Osimeh during their playing days! But it is now history. Most of them are now old. Osimeh should also know no condition is permanent. His rave of moment days too will be over soon!

  • I just watched the video on Facebook and what a shame on Oshimen. Cursing Nigerians. In fact he is cursed for this. Really cursed unless he apologizes.

    I have commented earlier because I read some text of the video but watching the video it shows Oshimen is a big animal in human skin.

    I believe Dr Drey and Deo did not watch the video. He should be exiled from the team unless he apologizes. Nonesense. He just lost it all.

  • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 1 month ago

    Mr man, you comment here under the name of “Christian Ministries” but your comment (above) one would never have guessed that you are indeed even a “baby Christian” – let alone a full grown Christian man who should definitely know better than to be getting involved in any form of “cursing”. How can you declare that another human is “cursed”, do you realise that you have basically just cursed him yourself?

    Ask yourself a question – what would Jesus himself have done in this scenario? Is He not the only sinless man who ever lived? Yet did he not cure the leper? Eat with the tax collector? and admonish those who wanted to stone the adulteress that whosoever among them has not sinned to cast the first stone?

    Do you think that Jesus would have reacted to Osimhen’s behaviour the way you just did in your last comment??

    I am not calling you out though and neither am I criticising or judging you, I am just trying to act as a voice of reason here for someone who is carrying the name of Yeshua Hamashiach.

    I myself have been guilty of similar behaviour on here but at least mine has been in direct retaliation to unreasonable and undesirable elements attacking me unfairly, which made me angry to the point where I would react angrily (I am not at all proud of any of it)- we know that a sin is a sin, and no sin is weightier than the next, so I am no better in that respect.

    I always ask for forgiveness and try to avoid temptation from such agents of darkness as much as I can, I love football and love my country- this is the only reason why I ever come on this site, I NEVER go on many other Nigerian sites to avoid temptation just because of the way Nigerians are.

    Bros, please consider your own conduct, especially as you are carrying the name of Christ in your moniker. Thank you

    • Gen John B. You did read my comment very well before you made you comment. I did not curse him. I said he is cursed for the curses he raised. Have you read the Bible. As long as the earth remains seed time and harvest shall not ceased. I mentioned that his actions has given him the harvest.

      I did not say I curse you. Sometimes, you people don’t read comments very well before you begin to abuse.

      Then I also added unless he apologizes. So I added a good solution at the end of my comment. Can you deny the fact that your actions and confession can put you under a curse.

      So am I still a baby christian. Common let us read comments very well.

      I believe everyone who loves Oshimen should be concerned with the video and his actions. And this is not the first time.

      You don’t curse people or fans who have not done anything wrong to you.

      I read Dr. Drey said he doesn’t correct his 18 year old boy. I am sorry that is bad parenting.

      Dr. Drey parenting is meant to evolve. Even when your child becomes thirty year old, you will still be involved but in a new way different from when he was 10 years old.

      If I am Oshimen parents I ll ask for a discussion with him. A parent son discussion is always useful at any level of the child.

      So Dr Drey you don’t have any influence over your child in the higher Institution. That’s wrong my friend.

      • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

        Weldone ehn…Good Parent.

        See who wants to teach me about parenting.

        Teach your own 30yr old children to come back to you crying like lost puppies when they are framed-up at work by a failure of a boss. A 31-yr old once ruled Nigeria for 9 years.

        When you have raised 2 scholars of 2 prestigious foundations in 2 top rated institutions, come back and lets have this parenting conversation again.

        Once again, I will be extremely proud of any son of mine who stands up for the name of his name and that of his fathers and refuses to be bullied by any one…not less an incompetent coach who wants to use him as a fall couch for his failures.

  • Sunnyb 1 month ago

    Osimhen Mr no ball sense, go and up ur game young man, everybody knows in this forum  that  I’m  against Finidi from day one, I don’t like him, because I know the ogogoro drinker to be very very  incompetent and lazy.but for u Mr inconsistent, u need to go and work ur technics, don’t allow finidi to take u down with him. 

    • Chris Ekwere 1 month ago

      When tempers rise only the mature can pick their words.Everyine of us on this forum lovess this nation and wants the best for our football.Coolheadedness they say is an asset.While it can be painful wen u feel lies are being peddled against u,being rude and insultive has never taken anyone any where.Victir has always given his best anytime he plays,but his utterances in that video is a bad display for African’s Footballer of the Year.The Ronaldo’s,messis and Jude .B of this world will never talk like that.This is not Abt our ex footballers,it’s Abt character and maturity.Money and fame can be damaging wen allowed to take the place of decorum….Respect to u all

  • Hmmmm….  Though, I was disappointed in what Osimhen said online but something within me says there’s more to it.
    * Why will Finidi ask him not to come around when we all know he’s free at the moment?
    * How are we so sure that one or two problems weren’t on ground before that post
    We all know that in Nigeria, we have bad fans and the good ones too. Like the bad ones that will go behind to be threatening innocent players online. They nearly end Okoye’s Career, Uzoho is struggling because of them as we speak, Ola Aina And Iwobi suffered from them after nations cup final etc I remembered Osimhen took it upon himself the last time Iwobi was attacked. Even Ighalo once faced it and who knows what stopped Victor Moses till tomorrow?
    * How are we so sure that some bad fans have not been threatening him already because Finidi said he selects matches he plays?
    * Why will Finidi himself wait till Osimhen reacted bad before coming out to debunk what we first heard he said about him?
    We need to really think about this matter deep.
    Osimhen has Anger issues that he needed to deal with, no doubt but some naija Fans that can threaten players and their Families deserve causes. 
    All me I want as a fan is for Finidi not to come back as a coach and I pray they should be able to turn the table around and qualify “Impossibility is nothing but name given to doubts and disbeliefs “

    • Kenneth 1 month ago

      You said you injured. Shouldn’t you be recuperating. The man didn’t ask him not to come and watch the match, but to stay away from the camp. That is no big deal. So don’t make a big deal out of the issue. Even an European coach would do the same. Just take it or leave it, this was pure set up.

  • Air Vice Marshal Arara Kumbie 1 month ago

    Osihmen must take it easy.

  • Lol. Osimhen said he fears no soul in this life.

    Small pikin. Immaturity at its peak. He’s obviously still a bachelor rolling with small boys. Even Biden, Tinubu won’t say such.

    That is how young money behaves. The class of Wizkid, Davido, and Burnaboy. But old money like Gates, Bezos, and Zuckerberg are more coolheaded.

    He should take lessons from Iwobi. That should be the one ranting after all he went through post-Afcon in January. But he didn’t say a word.

    • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

      He should take lessons from Iwobi and give y’all unrestricted freedom to trample over his sanity right…?

      Now I know where most of your are coming from.

      Y’all just feel these players should be a different human breed from how they’ve been bred and live/act/behave according to your own ‘standards’ all because are ‘public figures’.

      A football star who was raised in the waste dumps of Olusosun, selling pure water in lagos traffic should tolerate your unfounded insults and lay down his sanity for y’all to trample on like a cheese boy raised in London…..LMAOoo.

      Some of you are so so funny ey..!

      No wonder Umar Sadiq warned y’all never to ever contemplate trying your nonsense with him

      • Elders no dey Nigeria? How can I small boy VO talk to his coach and senior like that? I like VO a lot but no matter what FG said, he should not have gone on a rant using unprintable words on him. It’s unafrican and he should be advised to take a long breath before responding to some of these things. In Ghana Kudus was under fire for responding to fans who felt he was holding on to the ball for too long. One journalist blasted that he just plays for West ham so should tone down. We have seen better players in both ghana and Nigeria. In my opinion VO has not achieved anything yet to have that over bloated ego. He should learn to respect elders no matter what. He cannot talk to elders in his village like that, so why talk to Finidi like that? He should cool down and stop showing disrespect towards Nigerian legends and understand that one day he will be in the same position as Finidi and wouldn’t want to be disrespected. #respectyourelders

        • Another uncultured dog. You can never be a Ghanaian with this attitude. What did I say wrong to warrant such toxic language from you. If I say VO should respect his elders have I said something wrong for you to write all this nonsense about Ghanaians. I think you have a very small brain and do not deserve my attention.

        • @Yaw, don’t mind him. If you observe carefully, you’ll notice people typically ignore him cos he’s always abusing everybody.

          hardly any logic in his arguments, No one knows his stand on anything.

        • Thank you Yaw. By their fruits you will know them.

      • @Dr. Drey, I agree with you on most issues here cos you often stick with logic and facts in your arguments. Hardly any sentiments, but on this one, I think you’re viewing things from one angle.

        We all have different backgrounds and privileges or a lack of them, but should we allow those shape or influence our actions and reactions in career or life?

        No doubt it’s okay for Osimhen should express himself- a principle I agree with and even encourage – but it should be with emotional intelligence (How the other person would recieve or understand it). Someone else would say all Victor said and still not generate so much furore.

        Remember communication and how it is received or understood is not just about WHAT was said? But also HOW it was said. WHEN, WHERE,and WHY.

        The WHAT and WHY may of VO may be fine in this case. The issue people had were the HOW and WHEN. And background cannot be an excuse. Many public figures share similar backgrounds – just like Ronaldo too who had issues with Ten Hag. But he dared not do what VO did. He just left quietly.

  • Dr Banks 1 month ago

    Don’t mind them @Dr Drey.

    Dem no just understand. Naso we dey roll for Lagos o, if someone vex you too much, immediately you go tell am say …………….*abi o ya were ni, you think say I be butter guy? I be original Shitta boy o (or I be original Mushin tout o) before I miss road enter medical school, no dey whine me o otherwise maa se were fun e too much.*

    Na only we we go know bro, others no fit relate o as dem be original butter boys o ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️

    • 9ja 4real 1 month ago

      I agree with you Dr Banks. This people need to understand that no all of us follow the same road reach market. 🙂 We thank God for his mercies sha.

  • Enough of these shenanigans and inconsistent reqctions. Based on past actions and comments, it’s becoming obvious that most of y’all attacking Osi are doing so with selective judgement.
    Osimhen is no longer kid, he is the head of his own family. He has a right to defend his integrity. Infact, unlike Awaziem, Kelechi, and Onyeka who at one time lied about their injury at the expense of the team, Osi was honest about his injury. The delusional coach was expecting Osi to risk his career to cover up his obvious ineptitude.
    I hope its not true what i read somewhere about nff planning to sanction Osi. The nff is in for an endless conundrum

  • Larry 1 month ago

    the nff needs to focus on the main thing and not Osi.

  • Larry 1 month ago

    Osi has a right to defend himself. I’m not surprised to read unwarranted attacks and shenanigans from some known people with hatred and selective actions.

    • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

      Birds of same feather fly together. Agbero no need trademark we know una…. Continue languishing because I will only lavish for people wey know road.

      • Chima I am surprised too. But everyone has the right to their own opinion anyway. And the way we were brought up is different.

        But the end will justify the means. You can’t cover mediocrity. It’s ba seed it will bring up harvest soon. We wait and see.

        Even those who come on online forums to abuse and curse don’t know they are sowing and the harvest will come. We wait and see. I wish the boy comes back to his right senses soon.

      • Larry 1 month ago

        No matter the level of branding, imbecile and uncultured elements will remain third class citizen.
        Classless grown ass choose to ignore the impact of such attack on the career of Osi at this crucial time of his career. His timely intervention to share his own side of t
        the story will be on record.
        If Finidi is denying the unwarranted outburst, he knows the right thing to do.
        It’s not done by proxy!!

  • I got this latest. It should further show Oshimen foolishness. Copied

    Finidi George Reaches Out To Osimhen After Outburst In Viral Video

    Former Super Eagles coach Finidi George has addressed Victor Osimhen’s recent social media video, in which Osimhen denied allegations of simulating an injury to avoid participating in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

    Osimhen clarified on Instagram Live that the accusations of him fabricating an injury to evade national team responsibilities were unfounded.

    As per the Vanguard, following the ensuing controversy, sports journalist Colin Udoh contacted both the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) and Finidi George for clarification.

    Udoh confirmed with senior NFF officials that Finidi had not accused Osimhen of pretending to be injured.

    Further, Udoh communicated with Finidi, who denied ever making such a statement and expressed his expectation for Osimhen to have handled the situation differently.

    Udoh conveyed on Instagram that he had contacted Finidi directly to verify the claims, and Finidi confirmed that he had not made any such statements.

    Finidi asserted that he would not publicly or privately criticize any player, and would instead address any issues directly with the players involved.

    Upon being made aware of the video, Finidi reached out to Osimhen to clarify that he had not made the alleged comments and that Osimhen should have approached him first to confirm the accuracy of the accusations before making them public.

    What Udoh said on Instagram:

    “So I called a couple of people who were at that meeting between Finidi, the NFF, and the minister to find out if what is alleged to have been said was actually said.”

    “And so these people are usually very, very senior and reliable people, and I was told categorically that Finidi did not say the things he’s alleged to have said.”

    “And so, I also called Finidi himself to ask him if that was the case, and he also confirmed to me that he never said any of those things.”

    “In fact, he corroborated what the other gentleman had told me and that he would have no reason to call out any player, whether in public or in private, and that he would address issues with the players themselves if there were any issues.”

    “And then, as soon as the video was brought to his attention, he said he reached out to Osimhen and let him know that one, he never said those things.”

    “And two, even if he had, Osimhen should have reached out to him first to find out if he did say, what he was alleged to have said, rather than going, public with such disrespect.”

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    • Dr Banks 1 month ago

      The simple questions i will ask as follows:

      1. Why is nobody doing such investigative journalism since the news broke out about Finidi’s accusation of Osimhen?

      2. Why did Finidi not deny that report for 3 whole days before Osimhen’s rants?

      3. Why allow fans to start trolling Osimhen on social media for a whole 72 hrs without any retraction or clarifications from all these loud mouths?

      You all were not in Osimhen’s shoes, so keep your mouth away from this. If tables are turned, you all might react in a worse manner

      • Larry 1 month ago

        @Dr. banks, nice one!!
        you be real OG!!
        Read between the lines and you’ll understand that Udoh only referred to what was said at the meeting not after or at different space & time

      • Kenneth 1 month ago

        Let oshimen come out with his evidence now. Why asking needless question. Maybe you need to go back and watch Collins Udoh video. He clearly said Finidi called Oshimen to clear the air that he never said such. He will not beg any player to play for Nigeria could be all this European rejects that you all are asking to be a part of the national team.

    • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

      “…I will not beg anybody to play for the SE…”

      Please who is the “anybody”…?

      Like I said earlier on, when people have to make a recording of their conversations with you for record purposes….then you must be a terrible person.

      Osimhen is currently carrying 22 screws in his face, yet he played the AFCON as if his mother’s life depended on it, to the point he was tested twice in the same tournament by CAF for drugs.

      This is the guy they question his commitment to the SE and want to throw under the bus for their own failures.

      And guess what, they expect him to react to it like an International Relations Graduate of Yale….or an Oil and Gas Economics graduate of Strathclyde….LMAOo….and not the street kid whose only get away from extreme hardship, poverty and penury has been the game of football.

      Hypocrisy everywhere.

      • JimmyBall 1 month ago

        However you want to defend Osimhen… an irresponsible behaviour is an irresponsible behaviour. Osimhen failed his fans with that outburst… However anyone wants to defend Osimhen… Saying “he has lost all respect for Finidi” shows he has a serious character flaw as evidenced from his attack on Ikpeba calling the Prince of Monaco who did it all before him “Agbaya” and I don’t think anyone has forgotten how he treated his inlaw because of small money which the guy was duly entitled to as his agent at the time… He has to apologize to Finidi. As a player he can’t even make that Ajax squad on which Finidi played… Osimhen is a nobody and when Italians bully him he is as humble as chicken but in Nigeria he becomes an untamed lion insulting elders… Italians called him coconut head and he was as dumb as a moth.

        • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

          See who is calling someone else “irresponsible”……LMAOoo

          • JimmyBall 1 month ago

            @Dr.Drey… now that it has been established that Finid never said anything like that, so who wears the poker face now? Osimhen has a a serious character flaw which he must work on… everyone knows. Iwobi received direct vitriol and attack but behaved himself wonderfully well and now he is going about again with his business…

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            Hahahaha….Iwobi “behaved himself wonderfully well”

            Yea. I know that’s what you’all want.

            People who will give yall the pleasure and unrestricted freedom to trample on them, rain insults at them, threten them and their families, assassinate their characters and undermine their efforts, sacrifices and contributions to the national team, yet “behave wonderfully well”.

            Of course y’all have the sole rights to the irresponsibility of public bashing, attacks and even death threats. So ‘superstars’ like Osimhen do not.

            I love they way he gave it wotowoto to his ‘irresponsible’ online trolls and even put a cherry on their cake with ancestral curses…LMAOoo.

            No apologies, Osimhen is not Iwobi…and would not lie low to be an easy picking for anyone.

            Wakie Wakie….Hello….go get your facts right so you don’t be the one ending up with the poker face. Finidi (according to the full transcript of Colin Udoh’s media release) admitted questioning the commitment of the players at the meeting with the FA and Ministry officials (such as he has been subtly doing prior to this 2 WCQ games). He also admitted saying he wouldn’t beg anybody to play for Nigeria. He only claimed he did not mention any names.

            So the question is…who is the “anybody” he was referring to….?

            And why is it during his 47 day tenure as SE coach the idea of ‘begging anybody amongst the current crop of players to play for Nigeria’ forming any part of any discussion…private or public?

            Gernot Rohr never had to question his players commitment nor their zeal to play for Nigeria, publicly, privately or through image makers. Neither did Eguavoen nor Peseiro. Your infallible Finidi cannot defeat Benin republic on a neutral ground with AFCON vice-champions, all of a sudden, questions on commitment and zeal to play for Nigeria is popping up….LMAOo

            Like I continue to say, NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO TEACH OSIMHEN HOW TO GET ANGRY. Y’all should go make peace with that…! Period.

            If you all hold your leaders accountable and submissive to you like you want to hold Osimhne, that country would be far better that it is today.

          • JimmyBall 1 month ago

            Osimhen got it overboard… “I won’t beg any player to play for Nigeria”. The statement was clear… Osimhen’s name was never mentioned. Finidi is old enough to birth Osimhen and the youngman is yet to match Finidi’s playing exploits. Quit supporting bad attitude… Osimhen acted like he is still selling gala and chasing after cars in traffic at Ojota… I think Nigerians know he embarrassed himself for a figure of his social standing… he aired his frustration showing deep disrespect to a legend of the Nigerian game… even insulting the Nigerian fans who always rally around him when his paymasters are calling him coconut head… has he ever had the liver to lashout on any Italian journalist? Ewedu ganster move right there from Osimhen… Lol. I see why you support Osimhen… he is like you in several ways because you act that way on this forum too when folks disagree with your views and point you to superior argument… Lol. Goodnight…

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            FAT LIE….! Osimhen did not insult Nigerian fans.

            He only insulted people like you who feel they have the rights to crawl into his space (or that of anyone whom yall can never match) and hurl insults at him for no fault of his.

            People like you who feel certain people of certain “social standing” have no rights to be angry or defend themselves even when they are being led to the slughterslab of depression.

            I am so proud of him to giving it back to them hot-hot. No man is an island of madness. If they think they are mad, there is someone out there who will make their madness look like child’s play…LMAOo.

            They should all go and look for whom else they can run into depression. His background as one who grew up “selling gala and chasing after cars in traffic at Ojota” must have surely prepared him for such lowlifes who dare cross his path.

            Its a case of iron colliding with iron. Next time, they will be cautious of how close they play around a tiger.

            The last time I checked, those who called him coconut head in Italy lost their jobs at Osimhen ‘s command. And ever since no nitwit has dared touched Osimhen’s tail in Italy till date.

            Maybe you were in Jupiter too when he took Kvaraskelia’s media guys to the cleaners late last season, blasting them into dead silence when they dare say rubbish about him.

            The boy is a true son of Bini Kingdom…!!! He is a true warrior….not like some lily livered mummy’s boys who are scared of some irresponsible lowlifes.

            And as for that novice, Finidi…..advice him to go learn REAL COACHING AND MANAGEMENT and stop fooling around expecting players to bow before him.

            The last time I checked he was a ring leader of mafiosos in the SE camp during is time and part of the cult that ganged up not to pass to Yekini anymore at the world cup because of their jealousy. Some things just cant leave him and his blood.

            The fact that Osimhen had to be recording on video every interaction with him says a lot about who he is and what he is capable of.

            Asuming Victor did not have HARD EVIDENCE against that backstabber, I am sure he wouldn’t recant and put up the face saving measures he’s putting up now through Collin Udoh.

            Osimhen’s fore fathers must be proud of him looking down from the great beyond…..for not allowing riffraffs cast aspersions on a name he has braved all odds to build.

            And yes, Like Osimhen, anyone who dares cross my path or cast aspersions on my person on this forum, especially those irresponsible ones with low IQs desperately seeking for clout and validation, would be severely dealt with like Ive always been mercilessly dealing with them.

        • Dr Banks 1 month ago

          Abeegi make you go rest joo. Comot this your narrative that Finidi is old enough to be his father, the point is……Finidi is not, and can never be his Father and he contributed nothing to his progress in life. But when an old coach decide to ruin my reputation which he had no hand in building, he will get babanla wotowoto, get that into your head bro.

          When the newspaper aired it with the caption…. I won’t beg Osimhen to play for Nigeria, that it seems he choses the match he wants to play………..this coming after you know the details of his injury. Why did he not deny the story then? Why is he denying by proxy now? Why didn’t he slam a suit case on the journalist in question?

          You think everybody can be like the meek ajebotta Iwobi that you guys nearly send into depression? Or Okoye that was in depression for a whole year, thereby quitting SE and allowing his performance to nosedive in Watford until he sought treatment and rekindle his carrier elsewhere in Udinese, Italy?

          We know your type @JimmyBall, you were one of those that dragged Okoye then, now you wan shift to Osimhen………….You no go succeed you enemy of progress. 

          Your Pull Him Down (PhD) no go ever work on our poster boy Osimhen.

          Go on and continue supporting your failure, as you don talk am before say you will drown with your own, alai ni itiju ni e……..you no dey get shame

          • JimmyBall 1 month ago

            @Dr.Banks… we were on Okoye’s tail then because he was conceding goals shot from centre circle. He has improved granted but he was not doing a good job back then… Still on the matter. Osimhen becomes Ewedu gangster in Nigeria but in Naples he is a quacking duck… Lol. Street attitude is what he is known for. Even to this day can he twist Finidi’s arm if we say make fight start?

          • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

            Okoye has improved or Okoye stuffed humble pies in you guy’s throat…..LMAOoo.

            It was at his lowest ebb when yall claimed he is not national team material that the one time best gk in the eredivisie moved to Serie A and made the likes of Inter Milan and AS Roma fall in love with him…..LMAOoo

            The Gk who was only getting invite because of his light skin (according to jealous racists) is now one of the most sought after goalies in the Serie A.

            Now that you’ve found this low budget enyeama that does not conceed goals from the centre circle but needs 7 men in defence to keep clean sheets, Mr showman that needs media constant media PR advertisment like okrika wears in Yaba market to complete a transfer within south african league, how many clean sheets has he recorded with the leaky 4man defence that was giving opponents ammunition to luanch shots at goal from 80metres….6 goals shipped in in 4 games since we reverted to 4 man defence and 13 goals in 7 games playing behinda 4 man defence since first put on a SE shirt….LMAOoo

    • Kenneth 1 month ago

      God bless you for shedding more light to the matter. Let Oshimen just come out and tell us who told him what. Since he has spies all over the place.

  • My own version of comment is different, I’m surprised that people don’t privy of Osimhen situation which has gotten into his head negatively. The guy temperament is high and disturbing because of his club transfer saga. Had it been he had signed for Chelsea or Arsenal he would not have behaved like that or made that kind of outburst. Delay on his transfer from Napoli to EPL is affecting his emotional comportment. He needs to cool down and be focused on his playing career.

  • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

    A quick search of Osimhen’s name online will show you how a lot of western tabloids and blogs have twisted the story. This is what we have been saying. He has a right to defend himself but that was totally a wrong way, and this can affect a few things. I wish him well but in the future boy calm down and address issues professionally.

    *He once had a spat with spalleti

    *Zambo Anguisa training incident

    *Had issues with Napoli fans/tik tok handler but didn’t reply them aggressively rather he said he will respond through his manager.

    *Called Ikpeba analyst isonu and agbaya lol

    *Now issues with NFF and Finidi based on his tone and very bad rant.

    * Cursed Nigerian fans who might have believed that he picks certain games he wants to play during the rant on insta.

    *It is about time he tries to calm down…. You can’t have that type of hot temper with such a price tag.

    For those supporting this method of responding back to the accusation….Can you please show me any APOTY that has done such or gone on an unguarded rant towards any of their coaches. In not too long he will topple Yekini’s record…I think he should learn from the attitude of the great Yekini and how APOTY carry themselves.Yesterday it was football Italia and today it is football london talking about this story.

    All things being equal, I think Arsenal will submit a bid for him this week. They value him at 75 million euros. I hope he goes to Arsenal.

    • Dr Banks 1 month ago

      @Footbalfanatic, this is an age of Gen-Z with Social media at their fingertips 24/7.

      So you cannot compare other previous APOTYs, of which Kanu was the last one we had in 1999. These former players may have their reactions too but we never heard of it because there was no avenue to air their grievances easily except through newspapers or interview (by which time they would’ve calmed down).

      Yes, Nigerian football fans who believed that Osimhen was not a committed player in SE and Nigeria, needs their head examined and deserve all the curses Osimhen placed on them in his video. What else do you want the guy to do? 

      Spats with coaches and fellow players happens all the time my brother, it’s only that the clubs usually resolve it privately without public awareness, only the ones where fans were able to record and post on social media gets out for public consumption……so nothing new in Osimhen’s spat with Spalletti.
      After all he went ahead to make the same Spalletti proud by winning Seria A for Napoli and Spalletti at the end of that season. He was the reason Spalletti is now the Italian National team coach today.

      Tell me, was Ikpeba not truly an agbaiya and analyst isonu when he blamed him for going for a spectacular bicycle kick? If that worked that day, won’t Osimhen instantly become a hero for that feat? How sure are we that he will score if he chested that ball first and then control (with defenders all around him), will he be able to score?
      Go and watch that clip again and tell me if he could control first and still get chance to shoot at goal in that match. Ikpeba as a former striker should know better.

      Arsenal will be the loser if they failed to secure his service for next season, Osimhen is the exact type of striker they need at this moment for them to have a chance of winning the EPL and do better in Champion league. If they missed the chance our guy will go to PSG or stay behind in Napoli till he gets better suitor…………..After all Mbape today still got to his dream club despite all the antics of PSG, so what will be will be

      • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

        Go and read own goal’s story about how he wanted to fight Leon Balogun and Uzoho…A lot of fans will be quick to believe this cuz there is a pattern. Will he curse out fans again for this lol? All I am saying is that he needs to learn professional ways to reply to accusations and criticisms or else his career will be affected. Balotelli is a prime example. Not saying people like Ikpeba and Finidi are right but sometimes due to ur status, you shouldn’t respond to everything or use someone else to respond.

        • @Footballfanatic You are right all those Agreeing with Osimhen are wrong!.. It is this simple whether Right or Wrong Osimhen must apologise to Finid, No. 1 Our culture demands it, You do not direspect your elders.. Secondly Osimhen has condemned himself to apologise because he went public so he must issue a public apology, to try and save his image. Thirdly if he does not apologise this will set a bad president in the team and other playrs will feel it is okay to rant like that when they please.

          Osimhen must not forget Nigeria gave him his exposure through our youthset up he must not forget that. Then he went as far as insults Nigerian Super Eagles Fans???.. Who does he think he is. Fame is turning Osimhen into a bad person either that or his bad experience in Italy with rasicim either way he must not take it our on Nigeria because in all honesty we don’t really need him. To be honest, He only scored 1 goal in AFCON anyway!. Mtcheeew!

          No the boy fall my hand big time, I really took that rant personally like he was attacking Nigeria but in a condencsending manner, When did he grow such wings or become this person, Na scratch I day scratch my head so oo, because I no con understand the bobo again o.

          • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

            NFF has said he will have to apologize, let’s see how he responds. If he is smart, he will do it as he is in a complicated period in his career concerning his transfer. He let De Laurentis fool him and his agent to place a 120 million tag on him knowing it will be hard to sell him and he might have to remain for another season except they make profit on their 75mill they spent on him, and they still have to pay Lille a percentage of anything they make. Only PSG and Saudi clubs will pay that right now considering his last season wasn’t as good as the title winning season…. why didn’t De Laurentis place 120 mill on him right after winning the title or He could have walked away as a free agent and refuse the 1-year addition…They played him bad. Look at Mbappe who saw his contract off with PSG and got signed 128mill as a free agent. So, you think anyone will splash 120 mill on hot head…lol he needs to sit and calm down. People here don’t look deep into the intricacies of his transfer they just support him screaming like a tout. I like Osimhen a lot but highly disappointed we even share the same birthday…..Both Capricorns

        • Dr Banks 1 month ago

          Can you honestly swear that if you were in that SE team in that WC Qualifier against Ghana and you saw that goal conceded by Uzoho, you wouldn’t want to fight him? (especially when he never apologised for his mistake).

          Did you see Uzoho’s comment on Social media after several schoolboy errors in SE matches where he said …………”If e easy go do am, make Oyibo man sign you”. That’s a man who felt no iota of shame in his performance.

          Did you see the look Ndidi game him after parrying a harmless free kick into his net against Saudi in a friendly? Sure Ndidi would’ve given him a dirty slap if not that he is a gentle guy. Watch in the link below

          We all know that Balogun is another hot headed guy in the SE camp, so it’s not surprising why him and Osimhen will clash………….why do you think Balogun was never given the Vice Captain title ahead of Ekong?

          Abeg judge with sense and admonish your failed coach rather than trolling our guy Osimhen, stop your Pull Him Down syndrome that you Nigerians are known for, face front my guy

          • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

            This is why as a nation we are backward. Sentiments won’t make you guys admit that he was wrong and should have used a more professional outlet to address the accusations. You keep going back to irrelevant bs just to justify your egos…. How many Gen z players have ranted and cursed their fans on their live lol show me. The fight between him and Uzoh was at this last Afcon and not the WCQ against Ghana….Stop using diversionary activities. The man is an explosive individual who needs to calm down. Na Finidi cause his arguments with Balogun, Zambo anguisa, Ikpeba, Spaletti, e.t.c

          • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

            I thought you were reasonable but not really……If I was a professional player why will I fight my goalkeeper cuz he committed a blunder? and u want me to swear What wtf are u saying, what mouth will I have to speak when I have my own bad days as a footballer? I can only conclude that most of you supporting this act by Osimhen are hot heads like him and lack any reasonable solution to certain situations. This is the last I will speak of this issue and I’m done.

          • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

            And don’t blame me for a publication that owngoalnigeria wrote. Refer your anger and sentiments towards them. I’m only relaying what they wrote to point that there is a pattern with him being a hot head. You are a hypocrite. You did admit he is a hot head by saying Balogun is a hot head too…. So why not caution him to tread carefully when uttering certain things that can come back to bite him.

        • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

          Lmaooooo you must be a pothead….That is the first place your reasoning went, or you might be a psych patient typing from a psychiatric hospital in Ghana. Oloriburuku jat jati, I’m off from work today I get una time

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