Paris 2024: Ajibade’s Strike Earns Falcons Slim First Leg Advantage Against South Africa

Paris 2024: Ajibade’s Strike Earns Falcons Slim First Leg Advantage Against South Africa

A late first half penalty converted by Rasheedat Ajibade earned Nigeria’s Super Falcons a 1-0 win against South Africa’ Banyana Banyana, in the first leg of the Paris 2024 Olympic games final qualifiers in Abuja on Friday.

It is the Falcons first win against South Africa since edging them on penalties in the final of the 2018 WAFCON.

Ajibade scored in the 43rd minute after Chiwendu Ihezuo was fouled inside the box.

The Falcons will hope to get at least a draw in the second leg in Pretoria, on Tuesday, 9 April, 2024.

The winner over the two legs will pick one of the two tickets to the Paris 2024 Olympic games.

After appearing at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, the Falcons failed to feature at the London 2012, Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 games.

The Falcons beat outing at the Olympics was at Athens 2004 when they reached the quarter-finals.

Meanwhile, the other qualifier is between Morocco and Zambia.

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  • Hmmmm! wahala Day oooo

  • Congratulations girls.

    Remain the second leg.

    NFF, make sure the girls fly out to South Africa if possible on Saturday night.

    Wish you best of luck.

    • Michael Olaleye 2 months ago

      Any victory against South Africa is welcome. As Desiree Ellis has been boasting how they will beat Super Falcons at Abuja. Our girls must remain focus and dedicated for the 2nd leg. Good luck to Nigeria.

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 2 months ago

    Falcon to arrive south Africa 6hours earlier than bayana banana.

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 2 months ago

    Falcon to arrive south Africa 6hours earlier before bayana banana.

    • Fatlee Okosun 2 months ago

      Wow! Congrats.

    • Ajasco 2 months ago

      What are you saying? This is a wrong information. Bayana Bayana left Nigeria on Saturday morning and the Falcons are to be in South Africa on Sunday 7th April. So what are you saying?

  • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

    Poor media coverage of this match and too many missed sitters leaves you wondering if you just witnessed a top tier match.

  • We should have secured more advantage from the first leg but I still believe we have better advantage for the second leg for the following reasons:

    1. Abuja stadium is a disadvantage for our teams as the home ground, considering the fact that most of them play on world class pitches in their clubs. NFF needs to do something about this. In my humble opinion Uyo is a better home ground. Going to SA, our players might have more advantage in terms of the quality of the pitch.

    2. I do not see our girls being intimidated in South Africa. More so, there are many Nigerians in South Africa.

    3. Falcons could hardly afford two days of training before this match. Jet lag could be a factor too. I do not think they were well rested considering that a number of them were air bound for about two days. Trust me, that is a big deal. If they can defeat SA with the bulk of SA team in camp for two weeks, I think a few more days of training will likely give Falcons more advantage than SA. As such, I believe Falcons have more potential for improvement than SA over the following few days before the second leg.

    The situation is not exactly like 1+1 = 2 so we can only hope for the best. But I still believe that if we take a look at every factor and complexities involved in, Falcons still have the upper hand. Banyana is definitely under more pressure than Falcons at this stage.

    I hope Waldrum will start Tuesday’s match with the players who ended today’s match.

    • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

      I quite agree with you 100% Debo.

      Moreover, the south Africans played all their main players – the Kgatlanas, Seoposenwes, Magaias and Mothlalos of this world – and still didn’t muster anything meaningful. I don’t see any other game-changers in their team who can hurt us. Maybe Salgado or Josephs, but they both are no Kgatlana. If we can keep preventing her from scoring or creating chances like we did today, our job is half done

      On a smoother pitch, cooler weather in Pretoria, more like what our players are used to, more days to train together and with jokers like Okronkwo, Onumonu and Oshoala (if she chooses to come to the party and play with her hearts) that we can still call upon, my gut feeling tells me the worst we will come out with should be a draw.

      Pretoria is like Abuja, their national teams barely manage to fill the stadium whenever they’ve played in Pretoria (actually they hardly play in Pretoria in the first place), and especially on a workday like Tuesday, I believe we may end up having more Nigerians in the stadium than the locals as was the case the last time the SE played Bafana in Johannesburg in 2019 or thereabout. I just watched Mamelodi Sundowns (based in preotia) beat Young Africans of Tanzania to reach the CAF CL Semis and the stadium wasn’t even half full.

      There is quite some room for optimism.

      I just hope the NFF was sensible enough to plan that the team should already be in Pretoria by tomorrow morning so they can go and continue their camping over there. It would be nice if the team can still have 3 full trainings before the 2nd leg

      • @Dr. Drey, that is my concern too. I hope they will arrive earlier. If Falcons arrive early in South Africa and settle in properly before the return leg, we have a lot more aces on our sleeves than the Bayanas.

        • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

          Honestly, that Abuja stadium is an “away” ground for our national teams.

          Terrible pitch, harsh weather, low turnout of fans, docile supporters, too much access and interference from politicians.

          I’ve never seen a venue that affects us as much as it affects our opponents like playing in Abuja.

          NFF should pls fly these girls directly to South Africa overnight so they can settle quickly and start training there by 8 pm Saturday in similar conditions to match conditions.

          And subsequently, Uyo should be our home ground. Enough of putting ourselves at a disadvantage while claiming we are playing at home.

          • Dr. Drey what about the high altitude issue. Or is it only in Johannesburg that we have high altitude.

            If there is high altitude issue. They will fly in , play the match and get away. What do you think

          • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

            Honestly, I do not see that as a threat either. It is not above playable range. Its not as bad as they have it in East Africa

            Much of south Africa is aerated by ocean currents from west, south and east coasts of the country

            None of our teams (club or national) has ever complained about altitude whenever they’ve played there.

            The cooler and less humid conditions make up for whatever an increased elevation may offer.

            The worst I see us coming back with is a draw. Away goals rule does not apply to these olympics qualifiers, and I don’t see us conceeding twice or more times without scoring.

            The defensive solidity and tactical organization waldrum has built into this team gives me hope. SA thrives on space and pace, and that’s something most teams have struggled to find against the SF in recent times.

            My fear is just that our forwards do not forget to travel with their scoring boots.

  • To me this is a good result.

    Number 1, we just broke the jinx if not beating then for some time.

    2. The falcons will either get a draw or beat them by the same one goal in the second leg.

    According to the way this team has played during the world cup and after, they have been very tight in the defense. Scoring them is always very difficult.

    Thirdly, most of these players are top players who are doing well in their clubs.

    Fourthly we have nnadozie in goal – our biggest joker.

    Fifth South Africa will come out a bit in south Africa looking for a goal, this is where oshoala and ajibade should come good. They should use their experience to punish their defense.

    I am confident we are qualifying for the Olympics.

    But complete sports you are doing too bad. Look at the way you report a game involving the national team. You did not even watch the match. You want to wait to copy it from other sport website

    So bad. This is not we used to see with complete sport and complete football many years ago. Too bad.

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 months ago

      Oshoala ke? lol..Some of you are just comedians lool!
      So according to you, you will play Oshoala against this busy serious opposition and in their own backyard?? Chaii! Na wa O! hehehe

      • Alex07 2 months ago

        So, the reigning African footballer of the year doesn’t deserve a start?Really?

        • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 months ago

          No she does not! Not in a MILLION years!

          I thought I made that absolutely clear in my post? Abi U need grammarly for translation ni? Please get an app if comprehension is a challenge.

      • Field Marshal what is the comedy here. Are you saying oshoala can’t come in and do something? You don’t rule what a six time African player of the year can do.

        Her goal at the world cup was world class. Sometimes we just condemn and nail these players and when they come up with something we begin to hail.

        Agreed she has not been doing really well for Nigeria but you can’t rule our what big can players can do sometimes.

        • Dr. Drey 2 months ago

          Hahahaha CNM, don’t you know that the match in which Oshoala came on from the bench to add the final nail to the busy, serious Australia’s coffin at the World Cup was played in Abuja…..LMAOo

          Oshoala can still cause some damage with her pace, especially when attacking from the wings if she comes on as a sub when the SAns defence’s energy levels have been run down a bit. Their left-back has been a suspect since the World Cup.

          Oshoala can still be a handful if she applies herself wholeheartedly, She is still one of the paciest forwards out there even at close to 30.

        • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 2 months ago

          Yes, I can and I do rule her out – I will be the first to tell you that in football, you never say never but in the case of Oshoala, that ship has long sailed – She can be a sub to come on in the dying embers of a game when we don’t need to put up a fight or when we can accommodate some complacency because any other time and it is a VERY dangerous game because she will be taking up the space that someone like that Chinwendu girl or Kanu or any of these new strong, mobile,hard working and hard tackling girls are bringing – so in case anyone is still in doubt, let me repeat, I completely rule Oshoala out patapata, and will only be happy if she can be used from the bench in games when we have already won or not in danger and needing to fight or tackle and put up a resistance because in such games she is a big liability.

    • Oseodion Inegbenebor 2 months ago

      Hi all! Good to be on the CSN again. Having said that, I can now type as the horse’s hand having been at the stadium.
      I saw the match but in all honesty, despite the fact that our girls played their hearts out, the result is not good enough going for an away match and mostly when it’s against a Kgatlana defense splitting side. The ios the girls, the girls are bringing in the return leg are what our striking side should be in the look out4.
      SF did started the stronger of the two teams but were unable to break through an organized B2 tight defence and this was basically in the opening exchanges. Chiwendi Ihezuo tried her luck from range but powered her shot well over the South Africa goal, I was fazed though clearly immaterial. The B2 struggled to keep up with their short passes that weren’t going to win anything when matters most, and in the defeat. However, Pretoria home game might b the joker in the pack. Regardless, should we have an Uchenna Kanu looking lively in Pretoria as she did in Abuja, and for Nigeria, the B2 goalkeeper, Kaylin Swart is certainly gonna be busy surfing her net and still searching for an elusive winner as in the final result. The result wasn’t gonna b any different with Deborah Abiodun, Ihezo though she committed some silly errors mostly when she came face to face with Kaylin and even displaced her to be left with an empty net but still fluff it. Kaylin Swart is surely gonna sweat more playing against some goal gethers in the return leg.

  • Paplus 2 months ago

    Poor play. Still struggling to play well. No tactics and skills. Casual and carefree. Lucky all the time. No consistency. Social media socialites espie, Alozie, Kalu, Oshoala, Gift. Play well as you do better social media posing.

  • Sunnyb 2 months ago

    Sentiment and incompetence will surely take this country down. Who are these players who selected them, some of them looks like village wrestlers. No balls sense no techniques, only two or three are exempt. 

  • Larry 2 months ago

    I don’t see anyone calling names this time around. This is part of the hypocrisy on this forum.
    Kanu missed an open net and other chances. Ihezuo also missed a couple of open chances..
    Echejini, Ihezuo, and Kanu are the main flops in today’s match. Falcons could have won by 4goals.

    • Sunny 2 months ago

      Exactly, but those biased vultures are pretending like nothing happened. Bunch of bigots.

      • Greenturf 2 months ago

        Kanu and Ihezuo where very energetic fast and skilful,even though they didn’t score you can’t write off their commitment, in fact Ihezuo’s impact resulted to the penalty awarded the falcons which apparently,decided the game in favour of Nigeria.Stop seeing things from the tribal side,its Igbo vs Yoruba most of the time I read your comment.
        Osimhen scored just one goal in 6 games at the Afcon but his performance won rave review because of his contribution to the teams success.
        So people may not be too hard on Kanu and Ihezuo because they brought speed and energy in the falcons attack which helped to slow the South Africans..

    • Lord AMO 2 months ago

      Haba Larry and Sunny…this attitude is not good na.  If you check the thread were majority of the comments about the game were made, you’d see that a lot of people (myself included) alluded to all of these misses with some specifically mentioning the names of the players that were the culprits.

      Stop this nonsense of trying to stoke flames of tribalism were non exists.  I’ve read enough of your summaries to know that you’re both more intelligent than that

  • Larry 2 months ago

    I’m not gonna back down from exposing bigotry and delusional attitudes. It makes me sick when certain people on this forum always look at matches from hatred perspectives.
    Why are the Gbajues not calling out Kanu, Echiejiene, and Ihezuo who performed extremely below par.

  • I watched the match life in Abuja and it was a tough battle between African number one ranked team and the African champion.So the match was tight.But it was a match we could have won by 4-0 at about the 66th minutes of our strikers have buried the premium chances that came our way.Maybe Oshoala would have buried one or two, But she came to camp only a day before and the coach rightly benched her.

    The south African played a 3-5-1 whilst we played a 4-3-3.Ucheibe a midfielder was drafted to central defence whilst Ayinde partnered Deborah in midfield. This worked very well in neutralizing the threat of Katlana in the match.The south Africans have their first sight of goal and shot on target in the 65th minutes when the ever reliable Nnadozie parried a shot from outside the area for a south African corner.

    The match ended like this because in all honesty our strikers were wasteful ,Echegini did not come to the party at all before she was removed for Payne in the 65th minutes.Alozie did not bring her A game in my view,

    In all honesty too, playing the match in Abuja and at 4pm/5pm convers no special advantages on the Falcons, the sun and heat affects both teams equally and that is why some players struggled.The match ought to start at 8pm when the weather is better and cooler for our players seeing where they all play.Even though the crowd
    was better today, but it was nothing compared to the crowd in uyo.

    iI saw the South Africans jubilations at the end of the match, more like they have won the match, Sometimes a result like this is difficult to overture plus the weather condition in south Africa will be favorable to our players. Thankfully, coach waldrum in his post match interview said he did not intend to go to south Africa to park the bus or defend all game

    The other thing is that Pretoria is on a high altitude and so the air will be very thin.Had we have luxury of time, the team should have camped in Jos for a week before the match but since we don’t have that, the best strategy is to land 24 hours before the match, play the match and leave.That way the body will not feel the impact of the thin air much.

    For those that are not happy with the result, Zambia lost 2-1 at home to Morocco.

    We will surely score a goal in South Africa,that I have seen

  • #Odion

    Wow! You did saw the match. That game would’ve been 4goals to nil in falcons favour. Iheozuo and kanu were wasteful and must up their games in the next game.

  • Glory 2 months ago

    Ha ha ha Odion said goal gethers. Meaning Super falcons are getting more goals in South Afrika.

    • Oseodion Inegbenebor 2 months ago

      Yes Glory and as a proud Nigerian, I will always support our team. SF are winning but it’s most likely a difficult match judging from the current form of the B2 baes.

  • Oseodion Inegbenebor 2 months ago

    Exactly what I told Glory. There will be goals in Pretoria but we can’t rule out a difficult game.

  • Lets save our football by petitioning fifa over The NFF’s mismanagement…
    the petition shouldn’t just be for poor telecast but for the overall mismanagement of our football, its funds, players and amenities….
    Letting them know that if they refused to do anything we’ll be forced to use the instruments of government interference…. and subsequently using this petition as evidence against any fifa ban at the CAS…

    Join me in this crusade on all social media platforms

    • Honestly, by now a responsible organization would have issued an apology for the world-class disgrace of a telecast yesterday. But as always, they don’t give a rat’s ass if we went blind trying to watch the match or about the embarrassing loads of complaints by South Africans who were flabbergasted about the incompetence. They’ve told us they’ll show us how to smoothly broadcast an international match on Tuesday.

      I’ve also been thinking of starting protest hashtags or tweets on X, tagging FIFA, CAF, Infantino, Fatma Samoura, and the useless NFF. If many Nigerians join, CNN, BBC, Arise, Channels, Punch, CSN etc would take note and escalate the protest by reporting it on their platforms. At that point, the concerned bodies in FIFA and CAF would no longer ignore and may even issue a statement.

      That would be epic embarrassment to Gusau and his board of jokers. Then Olajire ‘blabbermouth” would finally find his voice.

      But maybe all of these should be after the Falcons reverse fixture on Tuesday. We don’t want them to be distracted by anything for now until the ticket has been secured. Pending that time, we should stomach all the inconveniences and incompetence of the NFF.

  • As of today, it is a statement of fact that the super falcons remains the best team in Africa. The super falcons are even miles ahead of South Africa. Yesterday’s match is a testament to this fact. The super falcons will even perform better in South Africa than they did in Abuja, where they had to play on a rag tag pitch. This is also a fact.

    My major concern is Waldrum. The man will never change. I don’t understand why Waldrum would put her best striker Okoronkwo on the bench for Ihezuo, a player that has not been with the team for years. This is just not prudent of the coach at all. At the end of the day Ihezuo ended up putting up a very poor performance and wasting glorious chances, chances that Okoronkwo will neve have missed. Even Oshoala at her current age, would have buried at least one of those chances. Kanu was also a disappointment in this match. Both Kanu and Ihezuo are the reasons why super falcons did the defeat south Africa by 5 – 0 yester day. I also don’t understand why Waldrum keep putting Payne on the bench and when he decides to use her he players her out of position. Waldrum is doing more harm than good to the super falcons with his incorrigible attitude.

    • Greenturf 2 months ago

      Entirely your opinion not Waldrum’s who claimed Ihezuo was her player of the match,she worked tirelessly for the team.
      Unequivocally,the gaffer has a high opinion of her and was very pleased with her work ethics.
      This coming from a neutral,a American citizen.
      The reason a foreign coach is best for Nigeria.

      • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

        He is very right Chiwendu was just missing chances but Kanu’s missed chance was a close interference with the DF and GK. Okoronkwo and Kanu were a good combo when used by interim coach Magudu, so Waldrum should take note. Kanu will make chances and Okoronkwo buries them. Oshoala is not even in the mix because depending on her for goals will lead you astray.

        • Greenturf 2 months ago

          Please read my first comment above.I acknowledged they missed chances.

      • I raised salient points which you ignored. Why you did I would not know. Ihezuo missed sitters and Waldrum, according to you chose her has the best player. What does it says of a striker who misses 2 or more begging chances in a match. What does it also say of Waldrum who you claim is not a local coach.
        As of today Okoronkwo remains the best striker in the team. But Waldrum chose to put her on the bench. Ihezuo has not been in the super falcons for more than 2 years if I’m not mistaken and Waldrum put her straight into the starting 11. But you see noting wrong with that decision. You also think that decison as no counter effect on the synergy of the team? To cap it all up Ihezuo decided to go and miss begging chances. You also see nothing wrong with that.
        In what way is Waldrum different from Finidi who has the luxury of s=test running new players in 2 friendly matches but chose not to use them. In all the years that Waldrum has coached super falcons has he achieved greater results than our local coaches that you choose to malign? Rather than point out the errors in Waldrum’s decisions, you prefer to ignore them. If his bad decisions cost Nigeria this Olympic qualifier you will still come here to defend him because he has white skin. Well, I’m not surprised.

        • Akanlo Ede 2 months ago

          Josh men! You’re one of the people who make me come here to comment on Nigerian football. You are highly rated.

        • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

          Josh leave Greenturf I don’t understand why he would use that needless statement of foreign coach better than local coach, when the same Waldrum has always struggled with goals since he took charge of the team or maybe he has also forgotten that Waldrum placing 3rd at WAFCON was a disaster when compared to what our local coaches achieved with Falcons in the past WAFCONs. The only positive I see in his achievement was the park the bus he used to make KO at WC but that achievement is not new because Late Coach Mabo who’s local achieved this same feat plus a WAFCON trophy back in 1998 playing one of the best football Falcons played till date.

           Let us respect our female ex coaches because their achievement makes Nigeria unmatchable in the next 18years even if we don’t win anymore WAFCON as 11 times champions.

          • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

            Not even 3rd but 4th at WAFCON. Wonderful!!!

        • Greenturf 2 months ago

          @josh,you can’t know the players better than the coach who sees them from close range.Besides,Waldrum has followed Ihezuo’s progress in the Mexican league where she’s having a great season.
          I don’t think you have seen even 2 minutes highlights of our girls progress in their club engagements,yet you think you know better than a coach,a professional who’s job is to monitor the form of his wards,which apparently will decide who to invite and which ones should start ahead of the other,yet you think you know better than him?I am just amazed.
          Meanwhile,I know football very well,people may argue with me but my analyses are spot on most of the time,though i do not get the credit i deserve in this forum,but people who understands football always would appreciate my posts,though lately i don’t write much due to commitment.
          Back to Ihezuo,her boisterous and unending energetic performances endear her to many football fans,she was the female version of Osimhen.Okoronkwo does not have the industriousness of Ihezuo,i understand she has scored a couple of goals for the super falcons,but i am afraid,in international football to be the best you have to continue to improve your team.
          I have a high opinion of Waldrum,he’s a professional and i will respect his choices because that’s where he’s professional.

          • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

            Stop the inferiority complex I’m sure you’ve not worked with a white man before that is why you’re playing blind to what we’re pointing out. We wish the falcons well but the team struggles to score under Waldrum and you’re here talking nonsense that Chiwendu whom we all know from flamingos days as a better striker than Esther. I don’t know why I’m even educating your nonsense. Just pray that Caf doesn’t overturn the second leg by appointing that Moroccan female referee.

          • Greenturf 2 months ago

            I beg your pardon @Chima E Samuels,who do you think you’re talking to?Since you know the job more than Waldrum why haven’t you applied for it?So must we share similar opinion?
            This is why you get a lot of sticks here when you cross paths with the wrong people.
            You are well travelled and have mixed with a lot of white people yet you’re uncultured,impolite and unpleasant.
            I think you have to start learning your opinion is not a template others must follow otherwise you get furious,that’s what triggers the use of vulgar obscene words.
            You have to start learning to be humble and respectful,everyone deserves respect whether rich or poor.

          • Chima E Samuels 2 months ago

            You are not making any sense by expressing your inferiority complex here. Who has achieved more btw foreign and local coaches when it comes to Falcons. Stop your stupidity you just open your and talk without thinking and it’s very disgusting. Next time think before you talk!!!!

          • Greenturf 2 months ago

            Oga superiority complex and you think female football is the same in Africa during the era of local coaches and now?You think winning the Afcon the era Ghana did and later stages are the same?You ask yourself why haven’t they won it after 42 years?Or you think Nigeria in the era of local coaches will beat Australia at home and exit a world cup tournament without losing a game in 90 plus minutes and extra time,you think football is not evolving in Africa it’s the same when we thrashed teams 7nil 8nil,when the likes of Ethiopia,South Africa,Morocco,Cote d’ivoire,Zambia,Kenya arent keen on female football and most of this countries have no established female leagues?
            Apparently,now super falcons has it’s strength beyond Africa and can rub shoulders against the best there’s in female football around the globe,we are witnessing this in the era of Waldrum a foreigner,we were thinking had the lottery of penalty favoured us against England the eventual finalist a team we dominated,we may have won the cup.If we weren’t so good against some of the best the world have we wouldn’t have such optimism.

          • Greenturf 2 months ago

            Oops these countries!!

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 months ago

    I think our ladies are on their way to Paris. Beating SA with only one day of full training is a testament to our strength as a powerhouse of African female football. Though we missed some sitters but I put that down to nerves and maybe lack of composure under pressure. The second leg will not be easy because the SA team will come all out and that will probably be their downfall because they will be open at the back. 

    From my modest observations I think Waldrum’s team prioritizes defensive solidity. Even though we look very strong in attack I must commend our approach for keeping it tight in the back. I don’t see SA scoring against this team unless they get a penalty or a fluke goal. 

    We have the attack and midfield to create chances but I like our defensive solidity. I think we’ve only conceded one goal all through this qualifiers if I’m not mistaken. They’re heading to Paris. 

  • Dr. Drey gives more information than most of our journalist these days. Did you all read that reply on high altitude above. Simply world class. I was thinking about that but that reply stopped my fears.

    I also agree with the solidity waldrum has built in SF defence. That can come good in South Africa.

    In oshoala, field Marshal, I agree oshoala should come in the second half but close to the end of the match as you said.

    Her presence on the pitch is just like Oshimen on the field. It creates something. She can come in from the bench.

  • I really do not like to argue, especially when I know that I’m going to be arguing with someone who is not objective in his analysis.
    Your response to my post is full of contradictions and comes from the standpoint of someone who is not objective. Yes, I think you are not objective in your analysis of Ihezuo’s performance against South Africa in Abuja and more importantly her overall performance in the super falcons since she transitioned to the team from the youth teams of Nigeria.
    To conclude that I’ve not seen up to two minutes clips of super falcon players in their clubs is very laughable. BUt you claim that you know football very well and you’re not given the credit you deserve on this forum. That statement alone gives you away. Certainly, you can’t be considered to be giving an objective comparative analysis of Ihezuo’s and Okoronkwo’s performance for the super falcons. Ihezuo missed unpardonable sitters, I mean one on one chance with South African goalkeeper and you come on this forum to say, she is better than Okoronkwo (at least talking about current form). Now you want members of this forum to give you credit. That’s not going to happen because everybody can see that you’re appeasing something that is not the best in the super falcons. You can’t be praising a player who missed begging chances and the coach (mind you a white skin coach who could not win a cup that our own local coaches won at first try) who claims that the same player is better than Okoronkwo who is arguably the best striker in the team as of today.
    If I may ask, what is industry without result? So running up and down the pitch and throwing away unpardonable goal scoring chances is industry abi? You go try that with Elumelu, Mike Adenuga, Elon Musk and Warren Buffet of this world and see if they will not show you the exit door out of their companies. In a bid to justify your position on Okoronkwo, you claimed she has scored a couple of goals, “but in international football you have to continue to improve your team (this is another indication that you’re deliberately not being objective).” How else do you want Okoronkwo to improve the super falcon? Her goals are one of the reasons why super falcons is in the final round of the Olympic qualifiers. But those begging chances that Ihezuo missed could end up hurting the super falcons because if she had score one of those sitters she got in that match against South Africa and Kanu equally buried her own chances, the super falcons could have been talking of a 5 goals advantage. Yes, they could have defeated South Africa by 5 – 0 if not for the profligacy of Ihezuo and Kanu. Even if Okoronkowo has scored a couple of goals (this statement is even false by the way because she has scored more than 3 goals for super falcons), the goals she scored were even more difficult than the one – on – one that Ihezuo missed.
    You see, your type of argument was one of the reasons Waldrum was imposing Onumonu on the team, when it was clear that Onumonu was never the best striker for the team. Waldrum continued to give Onumonu chances upon chances and she could not deliver the goods. Now he appears to have moved on from Onumonu. It is now the turn of Ihezuo to be imposed on the team when it is clear that as of today she is not the best striker in the team. Now I ask again, what does these actions say of Waldrum as a coach?

    • Greenturf 2 months ago

      After reading your post,I have come to the conclusion it’s needless going further in this argument.
      Much respect.
      Have a nice day…

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