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PSL: Akpeyi Injured In Kaizer Chiefs’ Loss To Bidvest Wits

PSL:  Akpeyi Injured In Kaizer Chiefs’ Loss To  Bidvest Wits

Nigeria goalkeeper Daniel Akpeyi could be set for a spell on the sidelines after suffering a nasty injury in Kaizer Chiefs’ 1-0 away defeat against Bidvest Wits at the FNB Stadium, Johannesburg on Sunday, reports Completesports.com.

Akpeyi collided with Bidvest Wits’ Mxolisi Macuphu while attempting to punch the ball away in the 43rd minute.

The 34-year-old received medical attention on the pitch before he was strechered off later.

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Akpeyi was replaced by Bruce Bvuma late in the first half.


He has made 25 league appearances for Kaizer Chiefs this season.

Substitute Bienvenu Evanga netted the winning goal for Bidvest Wits deep into stoppage time.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Quick recovery bro!

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    Quick recovery nwanne…..

  • ANIETIE 2 years ago

    That’s a good news for SE

    • Ugwudede 2 years ago

      May you receive what you wish your fellow man quick quick.

  • Emmanuel 2 years ago

    Did you just say good news,!!! Good news that a human being had a horrendous injury!!.That is the most senseless,clueless and bizzared thing I have heard in decades @Anietie.May every evil you wish this man be your portion.

  • Collins id 2 years ago

    May God forgive you Anietie. akpeyi may not be our fans favourite. but i dont agree that he is the cos of our lost against algeria if that is why you are hating on him, that guy saved morethan he conceded in his games with the eagles. all our great goal keeper have always succumed to good freekicks. infact our most celebrated eyeama(though a great goal keeper) made more mistakes than akpeyi. lists of enyeama mistakes. the freekick goal against angola in kaduna, 2 messi freekick in brazil, 3,france first goal that knocked us out,4 korea ship free kick in southafrica 2010, 5 ethiopia cross that he put inside the net 2014 wcup qualifier 6 kenya freekick in calabar 7 tunisia equaliser in abuja 2010 wcup qualifier, 8 brazil second goal in abuja 9 brazil 3rd goal in abuja 10 egypt secobd and third goal 2010 nations cup. i am not trying to reduce our legendary enyeama! i just want to say no goal keeper nomatter how good is above mistakes. akpeyi mistskes is the list of all(even comparing him to recent uefa champions league goalkeeping errors) exept we want to hate him for other reasons. quick recovery to you akpeyi.

    • Sean Akinyemi 2 years ago

      Alhaji Coliins…it was Aiyenugba that kept against Angola in kaduna not Enyeama. Enyeama had issues with the coach back then

  • Jensen Josh 2 years ago

    Goal keepers make mistakes accepted, but akpeyi’s mistake is another thing entirely.. keepers should rise to occasions at crucial stages even when the pressure is too much.
    You will set a war and stay at the back of the war, who does that?
    I’m sure he can’t get that jersey back by the time he is fit, khune will step into his shoes back, thank God he’s linked to European clubs..
    If you have watched him countless time you will know that he’s not good, a keeper is meant to stretch his arm while keeping akpeyi will not, look at bentaleb shot in 2018 WC qualifiers against Algeria, look at zungu header at 2019 AFCON, look at the friendly against Argentina that we won 4-2 he picked the ball outside the box what was he thinking even an NNL Goal keeper in Nigeria won’t make such an error, he is not confident, I don’t hate him but the truth must be told,he’s only trying

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      “…a keeper is meant to stretch his arm while keeping akpeyi will not…”


      scroll to 2.21, what was he doing there, folding his arms or putting them in his pockets…?

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago


      “…You will set a wall and stay at the back of the wall, who does that?..”

      Scroll to 4.38, does it look like he was standing behind his wall….do you think he is that stupid…??

      Just tell us you want to call a dog a bad name to kill it.

      Akpeyi might not be a fan favorite, he might have had his own fair share of mistakes (something that is typical with goalkeepers in their first 10-15 international caps), but it is not a coincidence that he is displacing 3 national team goalkeepers at his club. We have seen worse mistakes from even the best goalkeepers…[email protected] colinId has shared some from one of our greatest goalkeeper of all time up there.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago


      Scroll to 1:10 mins….that’s supposed to be one of the best goalkeepers in the world conceding a freeckick from a similar position and set-up to the one Akpeyi conceded against Algeria….but that has not made him a bad goalkeeper…..and its not like we have not seen Mahrez a thousand times hitting the back of the net from similar positions in the EPL.

  • Emmanuel 2 years ago

    @Josh,go back and watch Akpeyi again and again,and u will see that your accessement of him is very myopic.To show that you do not even watch him at his club you did not know that after that injury it was not Khune that was brought in,it was the actual second choice. In other words,Khune is not even the second choice to Daniel.You people’s hate also blind you and prevents you from seeing things clearly.

    Like Collins said Eyeama and Rufai made more blunders than Akpei,De gea of Man United has made more mistakes that Akpeyi to say the least.If you see clearly and fairly you will know that if Akpeyi is not good as you all claim he will not keep the South African first choice goal keeper on the bench as a foreigner.Do you now see that is either you are not seeing clearly or you lack the tactical mind to know a good goal keeper? Akpeyi has won man of the match on good occasions and stand to win the best goal keeper in the PSL at the end of the season.

    Akpeyi makes mistakes yes, as does other goal keepers,but it is not enough to hate on him this much,what has he ever done to you people.Like I said,if he’s not good enough he will not be getting suitors from Europe as confirmed by you.I still ask aside from the Goal against Agentina what other blunder can you attribute to him.Why don’t you people recollect the several saves he made at Afcon, and make so much noice about only one presumed mistake.You people should better live this man alone in the name of God.

    • Jensen Josh 2 years ago

      I said earlier every goal keeper makes mistakes..
      But akpeyi’s own is another thing entirely .
      He displaces three goal keepers because there were no better options,
      If Uzoho was 100 percent fit will he displaces him..
      Why didn’t he displaces Uzoho at the world cup?

      Someone isn’t good enough accept you’re here defending him.
      Have you seen other keepers like oyango, williams and the likes that Plies trade at PSL league?
      They step up when they are needed..

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        In one minute, you said Akpeyi “…displaces 3 (National team) keepers because there were no better options…”, In the next minute you list “…other keepers like oyango, williams and the likes that Plies trade at PSL league…” Sorry, were these keepers not other options…? Where they not there when Kaizer Chiefs went to snatch Akpeyi from his former club (where he was also 1st choice for many seasons) or you know football more than Kazier Chiefs management…?

        These same “…other keepers like onyango, williams and the likes that Plies trade at PSL league…” are there, yet Akpeyi is the one that is/was in the running for the goalkeeper of the year in the same PSL…….These same “…other keepers like onyango, williams and the likes that Plies trade at PSL league…” are there, yet Akpeyi was his club’s player of the month 3 times this season and the entire league’s player of the month once in the same PSL, where none of these others have won such award this season…. In the same league that has the national team goalkeepers of Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe (3), Namibia (2), Guinea Bissau, South Africa (6), Mozambique and goalkeepers from countries like Finland, Belgium, New Zealand and Cameroon, Akpeyi is holding his own as a goalkeeper of the season contender but he isnt good enough…..pls where is the logic in your argument…??

        Akpeyi “…displaces three goal (National team) keepers because there were no better options…” so Khune, Bvuma and Pietersen SA’s no 1,2 and 3rd choice goalies are the “no better options. Please tell us a better lie.

        As @deo asked, where are Akpeyi’s contemporaries who started together with him….? Where is Vanzekin…? Where is Kola Ige…..? Where is Emmanuel Daniel…? Where are they today…compared to this Akpeyi that is so bad, yet still playing for a top club in SA like KC?

        “…other keepers like oyango, williams and the likes that Plies trade at PSL league…They step up when they are needed….”…the last time I checked, PSL records show that Akpeyi has single-handedly won 12 points for KC this season…more than any other goal keeper…..Oga, that is stepping up when needed. Akpeyi is one of the reasons KC are even standing a chance to win the league this season after so many trophyless years.

        Pls can you even list all the so-called mistakes Akpeyi has made that you claim are on another level, let us look at them again and compare them with those made by other goalkeepers. You claimed he didnt stretch hand….the video above showed him at full arm-stretch. You claimed he stood behind his wall, the 2nd video proved that your allegation was false. So pls list all his so-called mistakes and lets review them. And I will show you videos of Onyango, Williams and other PSL keepers plus almight DeGea and Courtois conceding silly goals too.

        Once again just call a dog a bad name because you want to kill it..!

  • For the average football fan, football is all about the experience. Whether you are watching on telly, listening to radio commentary, streaming via the Internet or watching live at the stadium, you want value for your time, money and patronage.

    It is not entirely dissimilar to watching a movie : an actor’s charm, charisma and class can bring a rather mundane role to life. After all, haven’t you heard: ‘I went to watch that movie largely because Will Smith is playing the lead role’.

    The role of a goalkeeper isn’t the most glamorous in the field of play, let’s face it. They don’t weave past defenses seamlessly ; they don’t score breath-taking goals from a distance and they don’t intercept with ruthless efficiency.

    Yet, their role is critical and can be beautiful to the eye as well, when you see a goalkeeper go about thier role with an air of compunction, confident and craft.

    Unfortunately, Daniel Akpeyi doesn’t always emit those attributes. His propensity for comical moments; his blank face and shakey demeanour have already ruined the viewing experience of many fans even before any ball is kicked.

    From that sort of mental starting point and poisonous preconception, nothing he does, no saves he makes – however jaw dropping, however decisive – will ever be good enough.

    But coaches aren’t fans. They know what they want from a goalkeeper and Akpeyi has these in abundance. Reflexes , timing, shot-stopping, low dive, parrying technique and decent distribution : Akpeyi exhibits these regularly which is why he has stayed relevant for club and country for well over 15 long years (and counting).

    Vansekin, Agbim, Emmanuel Daniel and a host of others, where are they today? In the eyes of many, some of Akpeyi’s contemporaries since 2005 are way better than him. Yet, Vansekin, Daniel and many others have fallen by the way side.

    Akpeyi’s skills, attributes, qualities, work ethics and character ensure that today, he is arguably one of Africa’s more decent goalkeepers.

    You don’t last this long for club and country as a goalkeeper if – at the very least – you are not competent.

    But all these are scant consolidation for fans. If Akpeyi had a starring role in a football movie, 90% of fans would boycott such. Not that he is not a good actor, they just don’t like his ‘style’. He would be seen as lacking charisma and charm – magnets for movie goers. Not all skilled craftsman have charm.

    But again do you blame them? Watching competitive football itself is a stressful experience at times. I know, I hardly watched Nigeria’s encounter against Argentina at the last World Cup. I was so tensed, I had to watch it in patches even after we drew level.

    The last thing you want in that sort of situation is a goalkeeper who doesn’t fill you with confidence.

    But Akpeyi fills me with confidence. For all his foibles and comical tendencies, the 32 year old is consummate professional. I had hoped to see him see out the season and lift the league trophy with Kaizer Chiefs – something he thoroughly deserves.

    God knows best!

    This is wishing Akpeyi a speedy recovery.

  • Emmanuel 2 years ago

    @ Dr.Drey, love is all I feel for you right now for all your efforts at giving insightful Info.Thanks a million at Collins and Deos. Need I say more? No.I think with the above I will rest my case.