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Rohr: Osimhen Ready To Face Sierra Leone

Rohr: Osimhen Ready To Face Sierra Leone

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr has confirmed that Victor Osimhen is available for the side’s 2022 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying double-header against Sierra Leone, reports Completesports.com.

There were fears Osimhen will not be released by his Serie A club Napoli for the games but Rohr hinted the striker will join his teammates at their Etherno Hotel base on Wednesday.

“Osimhen all things being equal should arrive Lagos on Wednesday morning and we expect him in Benin later in the day,”Rohr told reporters after the team’s training session at the Samuel Ogbemudia, Benin City on Tuesday evening.

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“Most of the players have difficulties in getting flights down here because of the travel restrictions . Some of them travelled via Addis Ababa in Ethiopia which was difficult.

”The team Secretary (Dayo Enebi) is really doing a good job and is in contact with the players. We hope to have more players in camp by tomorrow.

Osimhen was excused from Super Eagles last two games against African champions Algeria and the Carthage Eagles of Tunisia amidst coronavirus uncertainty in Napoli.

By Adeboye Amosu, in Benin City

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  • Edoman 9 months ago

    It is really difficult to get flights from USA into Nigeria at this time of pandemic. A lot of my friends are complaining seriously.

  • 9ja na scam how can u invite a player who have not played an competitive game since match?ikechulwu ezenwa even if akpeyi is not available d other two goalkeepers is enough,soe section of d media said he is there to support his teammates this is a national team no need for jamboree

    • and what of your Captain Ahmed Musa Nko??, Guy abeg stop with the double standards Biko!!!

      • Goal ⚽️ 9 months ago

        My guy what issues do you have with musa that you can’t get over it?
        At least Musa played some games before quitting his club the same cannot be said about ezenwa.

        Please we don’t need tribalism in the super Eagles.

        • Take it ot leave it Musa is taking up space but, whether I have issues or not Musa is still there. So the same with Ikechukwu so let it be. If you think I am tribalistic dat one na ur own concern as for me what’s good for the goose is good for the Ganda. I don talk ma own finish Ikechukwu Ezenwa carry go

          • Ike only came around to cheer his fellow compatriots. Hope you understand now? Musa is available for selection

        • The other day you were told to switch off your TV set because you voiced your own, I came to your aid because you couldn’t speak for yourself, today you are twisting my words. Dats Nigeria for you?. And why this country is in the mess it is. Have a good day @Goal.

  • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

    Hahahaha….the voice of the voiceless is busy pitting Ezenwa who has not played since march with Musa who still played till the end of October before cancelling his contract for a move back to Europe…..Lolz.

    Onyekuru assists a goal in his club, “Musa nor fit give that kind assist”, But musa assists a goal and earns a penalty vs Tunisia, “It was Iwobi’s cross that earned the penalty”….LMAO

    Anything just to discredit Ahmed Musa……..LMAO

    Let musa continue to occupy space…..we like it like that. So far he continues to impact on games when the younger ones become clueless and lost for ideas, he should continue occupying the space. Anybody that wants to drink rat poison on top the matter should go ahead.

    • @Dr Drey if you have a brain you will ask yourself why Musa so it fit to cancel his contract in Saudi Arabia and hope in faith that a European team comes calling anyway I don’t expect a lunatic that will speak Bad of Nwankwo Kanu to comprehend but if there is one brain cell left in your brain. I will expect you to sit quietly in your room and comprehend that while your Fufu is being prepared for you by your mistress.

      As for me I know the reason and any capable individual with brains also knows that, it is because he finally realised that he cannot keep up with players playing in better leagues. either that or Coach Rohr gave him stern warning that he either shapes up or ship out.

      Just to show how Clueless and Brain dead you are, The same Osimhen that you spoke ill off during Afcon and I backed whole heartedly is the same player you are calling poster boy of Nigeria today, where as your Odion Ighalo can’t even make Manchester United Matchday squad.

      @Goal either way @Dr Fraud know’s that when I have his time it’s either he keeps quite or I will dish him pounded yam with Gabonese pepper so that when he loads it it is my face he will see as it burns his yeye mouth.

      • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

        Hahahaha… Look at this mad dog…..see who is talking about brains. You that has been confirmed on this forum as the most senseless. Stupid Goat…! When u don’t understand English properly and are always high on sharp sand, how wont you say the truth about the fact that at some point in Kanu’s career he was training with the academy boys (and even captained them in a carling cup match which the team lost) and was still getting regular invites to the SE as talking bad. You that has been running naked about Ahmed Musa have you been talking “good”…? Imbecile.

        Your madness has not started ehn…..it will still get to the point where you will be using straw to suck from a pit latrine….LMAO

        Bloody tribal bigot…!!!

      • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

        Fool, your lies have found you out, so now your tone has changed from “musa was declared surplus to requirements” to “musa canceled his contract”. LMAO. As you were born stupid you can never know that a professional couldn’t have canceled his contract if he didn’t have options elsewhere. The fact that Musa could choose to quit a place where he is earning close to $200k and is entitled to a private jet tells a lot about his value and what he’s still got in him. Low life ignoramus like you has not heard he is already in talks with Galatasaray and another unnamed club in Russia where he is still adored and is only waiting for the highest bidder.

        Voice of the voiceless with stupidity written all over you. Cant you see how everyone is disowning you like the wretched leper that you are….LMAO

        Musa didnt earn a penalty…it was iwobi’s cross that won the penalty….hahahahaha…..LMAO. Stupidity in flesh an blood. Onyekuru fit give assit, Ahmed musa nor fit…..LMAO

        Tribalism fuelled hatred can really make people have incurable madness.

        • My friend call it what you want call it what you will Musa this Musa that. Your mouth to dey yab. Shurit up dere olodo!!.

          You think I have your time again. Onye iberibe.. nonsense non entity. He cancelled it or not as it stands on record it was of mutual consent which is still a shame. I am being dis owned abi?. I remember someone telling your low life self that, “you are miserable” and “the only joy you get is coming on this forum and talking rubbish”. Continue to talk rubbish. As you were shamed by Eze the other day and Osimhen now being the poster boy, only time will find you out on Musa too. Dr Fraud. I have said my own. Good day asshole

          • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

            Hahahahaha….my rubbish(es) has never earned 35 dislikes on this forum….LMAO. My mouth to dey yab but I am not a mad dog like you that is being diswoned by everyone, running stupidly around advocating for Musa’s expulsion without anybody to back up your senselessness. Osimhen can never shut me up because I have always been a fan of the lad and always looked out and rooted for him since his U17…..you that your mouth is as wide as a shithole, you didnt even give him a chance to succeed all these while…your tribalistic rants and hypes pre 2019 afcon has always been about your ex-factor onyekuru…LMAO. Now that its not working you want to quickly switch to Osimhen and Ndidi…..LMAO. Eze shut me up with 8 goals contributions that Iwobi already has this season right…? LMAO. Tell your England U21 bench warmer to play and score in the finals of European competition if he wants to shut me up. He is only 1 year Iwobi’s junior but his highest footballing achievement so far is scoring a freekick for crystal palace…..LMAO…and that to a senseless he-goat like you is what makes him better than an Iwobi that already has several medals hanging on his wall both at club and international level. Look outside your window, there’s somebody hawking sense passing by. Help yourself so that it wont be written on your tombstone that you lived and died senseless.

            Pls continue ranting about Musa ehn…never stop ranting. The chain we will use and tie you last last is still been forged at Delta Steel company, you hear…..LMAO

            Bloody stray dog tribalist.

          • Bloody fool! if you like I will pull up Old stories from Afcon And disgrace you with proof that I backed Osimhen, Chukwueze and Onyekuru. But to save you further embarrassment the kind handed down to you by Eberechi Eze immediately after your vendetta against him and Osimhen Success Story before and after you spoke trash about him at Afcon (Lack of proper upbringing).

            My friend as I said you are a non entity the kind of a beggar who has not whipped his nyash for days. Now you call me Mad dog (I see I teach you new words too Lol). Its okay Keep learning from your master. Anumanu.

            Like I said Have a good day @Dr Fraud ASSHOLE!!!

          • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

            Hahahaha…pls go and pull off the pre-AFCON stories….! Go and pull off where I spoke bad about osimhen and chukwueze b4 AFCON….LMAO. You think CSN is a silly fat lair like you that will say I talk bad about someone when i didnt…? Pls make sure you remember to pull of the stories where you were ranting that heavens will fall if that ‘bastard’ coach does not list Onyekuru for afcon. Your ex-factor player that has been dumped out of both club and national team….LMAO
            Your days as a mad dog spans CSN….since the days of KON. So stop overrating yourself. There’s nothing to learn from someone whose stupidity followed him from KON to CSN to come and earn 35 dislikes…LMAO. Your U21 benchwarmer should pls win medals to shut me up and prove he is better than Iwobi. One freekick goal vs Leeds (of all clubs) is not equal to Iwobis’8 goal contributions for everton this season already and is in no way close to what iwobi has done in football despite being only a year older than your tin-god.
            Like I also said help yourself by stealing some sense if you cant afford to buy, so that it wont be written on your tombstone that you lived and died senseless. Bastard…!
            Shameless tribalist…!

  • Goal ⚽️ 9 months ago

    Musa issue should be treated with care, in fact it’s a sensitive issue.

    This man has served the country well and the passion together with his qualities are not to be questioned.

    He deserves respect from us in my opinion and shouldn’t be discarded just like that.

    I remember in AFCON 2013 when Yobo the then captain sat on the bench for Omeruo and oboabona, after the tournament he was still in the team in fact he made it to the World Cup in 2014, he was allowed to get his 100 Capp and then retired, all I’m saying is that we need to be cautious in this issue.

    And as for you replying Drey’s rants on me the other day, please don’t take my silent as weakness even Drey knows I was saying the truth, in fact I have engaged him Bomber to Bomber in this forums more than any other person has especially during the lock down when I have enough time for such debates.
    I can confidently tell you that Drey knows what I’m capable of.

    Have a good day bro!

  • Empire 9 months ago

    Honestly ezenwa has no business there? A coach that knows work, will not allow him to train with his wards, he shouldn’t force himself into the team. He knows it’s against the ethics of game. He should get out of that camp with immediate effect or else other players will start emulating him. If it were to be Sunday Olise
    as a coach will he try that shit? I think he is trying to take advantage of Rohr’s permissive character! 

  • Osi Bobo Has Landed.. Let’s Go SUPER EAGLES!!! CARRY GO!!!

  • Kingston 9 months ago

    ezenwa is funny… some may call it determination others would say lack of ethics. whichever one, the guy is funny

  • Empire 9 months ago

    I’m yet to see a funny like that guy called ezenwa, he knows that this is the last time he will get a standby call up in any match in super eagles. With Okoye, Uzoho , Osigwe , Alanpasu and Matthew, obviously super eagles doesn’t need ezenwa…but for Nigeria being so corrupt  that’s why u can hear that a keeper who has been football rusty 8 months could get a standby call up.. I thought he said he came to show his support, why still in the camp causing distractions?

  • Larry 9 months ago

    @Empire, great observation. It just shows the level of professionalism in SE management. He is not on the list of invited players, he came into the team to visit and now he is causing distraction. Ezenwa is not even the best GK in the local league. The GK dept of SE needs proper scrutiny, this is a dept that left the best performing SE GK out of a team…
    Alloy Agu needs to sit-up or get shipped out..Good riddance..