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Benin Fans Cheer As Musa, Aribo, Iwobi, Osigwe, Others Storm Eagles’ Hotel

Benin Fans Cheer As Musa, Aribo, Iwobi, Osigwe, Others Storm Eagles’ Hotel

Ahmed Musa, William Troost-Ekong, Leon Balogun and Alex Iwobi have arrived Benin City for Friday’s 2021 AFCON qualifier against Sierra Leone, Completesports.com reports.

Also in Benin are Tyronne Ebuehi, Jamilu Collins, Joe Aribo and Sebastian Osigwe.

All seven players have checked into the Eagles’ Etherno Hotel in Benin and were cheered on by fans at the hotel.

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Aside from the players, goalkeeper trainer Alloy Agu, the team doctor and physiotherapist have also arrived the Edo State capital.

Ethernol Hotel, Benin City

Thirteen players are now in the Eagles’ hotel  as at 3:30pm on Tuesday.

The players are Musa, Troost-Ekong, Iwobi, Ola Aina, Aribo; Balogun, Osigwe and Kevin Akpoguma.

Others are Zaidu Sanusi, Ebuehi, Oghenekaro Etebo, Maduka Okoye and Ikechukwu Ezenwa.

Meanwhile, Ezenwa, who was not named in the squad for the game but included in the standby list, said he is in the team’s to demonstrate his support for them.

“I’m still part of the team, so I’m here to support my teammates ahead of the game against Sierra Leone,” the Heartland goalkeeper told Completesports.com.

“It’s an important game for us. We hope to beat them on Friday and in the second leg next week in Freetown.”

The Eagles top Group L on six points after winning their opening two games while Sierra Leone are bottom with one point.

The return leg between the Eagles and Sierra is billed for the Siaka Stevens stadium in Freetown.

By Adeboye Amosu, in Benin City 

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  • Lol!See as I dey look naija players as if I dey look Morrocan players.
    Funny looking Naija Team.
    Guys let go there and show them Europa/Afro style of play join together No time to check time.

    • Lol. It appears the only dark dudes in the team at the moment are Zaidu Sanusi, Musa, Osimhen, Collins, Aina, Kelechi and Akpeyi. I can’t even recognise the one closest to the camera. Who is that? I can see Ebuehi, Collins and Ekong though.

    • vince 9 months ago

      chaii, una dom come again. Our Oyibo players dey 6 now – Ebuehi, Okoye, Akpoguma, Osigwe, Balogun, Ekong

  • Empire 9 months ago

    Arrival of the Edo  boys …..

    • vince 9 months ago

      I hope Akpoguma and Ebuehi will go and see their Nigerian family in Edo

  • pompei 9 months ago

    Wow, I had no idea that a hotel like this can be found in Benin City. The front view looks somewhat similar to that of the Lotte New York Palace hotel in Manhattan, NY.
    Looks like the players will be very, very comfortable off the pitch.
    On the pitch nko? Hope the grass is in good condition!
    Osigwe, Akpoguma, please consult with Balogun and Ekong on the type of foods that you can handle. Make belle no run on match day 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Collins id 9 months ago

    Welcome to your ancient city, the credle of africa civilization, the only city in africa that have a owl nation named after her greatness (Benin republic) nor be mistake or coinsidents, only rome have such priviledge in europe with romania named after her.

    osihmeh, akpoguma, ebueyi, ehizibue will feel very well at home, and the rest of the players too. @pompei, shey benin na your mate? Wat where u xpecting from Benin? A two bedroom flat hotel? You looked down on the greatest Kingdom in the owl of west africa history? Will u say dat about rome? U want make i throw you eba for your head, guy stay clare if you are this disrespectfull. look let me tell u, that hotel you see there is not among benin top ten hotels. It was only choosing bcos of its vicinity to the stadium. The stadium you are trying to mock, is currently the third most presentable stadium in the entire country after abuja and uyo. Its the only stadium in west africa that have VAR update. Pls swallow that ur speet, u can easily say you admire the hotel without redicling the entire city.

    • pompei 9 months ago

      Collins id! Based on the info I gathered after googling the hotel, I was impressed that a hotel of such quality could be found in Benin city. Notice that I compared the hotel to one of the best hotels in New York.
      I would have made the same comment about any other Nigerian city, except maybe Lagos or Abuja.
      You foolishly concluded that I was insulting Benin city. That is definitely not the case!
      Stop being stupid! Next time, ask questions first. Ask me what I mean by my comment, instead of jumping to foolish conclusions, and I will explain. Don’t put words in my mouth!
      Come to think of it, is the ID in your name short for IDIOT? I used to respect you in the past, and enjoyed your comments most of the time. But today, you fell my hand completely with this pea-brained comment!

      • KangA 9 months ago

        @Collins id, @pompei

        You guys should take it easy, let’s celebrate everything: our boys, the ancient city, the stadium, the game and the fans. There was no word of insult in @pompei’s write-up, I wonder why @collins id read it off point. Anyway we can all have our bad days……Peace!

    • Eczelo 9 months ago

      Hehe Para for am jor. I like Benin and what it represents in Nigeria. But bro take am easy nah. By the time Nigerians travel around and see most states in the country, their doubts go clear for their eyes. Naija no dey carry last no be by mouth. I doff my hat for Obaseki. Benin is a home of football and I only hope Insurance rises again to start playing big Derbies against my Enugu Rangers

  • pompei 9 months ago

    To compare Benin to Rome is actually more of an insult to Benin, come to think of it.
    Benin Kingdom still exists, and has an Oba. The Roman empire no longer exists!
    Rome used to be a global power. Now, Rome is nonexistent, impotent. No more Emperor Ceasers, no more senate. The formidable Roman legions and all their military might have been crushed out of existence. Rome used to be invincible (ROMA INVICTA). However, Rome has been vanquished. So Rome is finished (ROMA FINITO).
    In the past, the territory of the Roman empire spanned most of the world as it was known then. Today, the only thing left is a shell of what it used to be, a regular sized city in Italy!
    Collins ID, how dare you insult Benin by comparing it to a dead and finished empire?
    How disrespectful and discourteous of you to compare an existing, functioning kingdom like Benin, that still has an Oba, to an empire that no longer exists!
    Ignoramus Maximus!

  • pompei 9 months ago

    The good book says – A LIVE DOG IS BETTER THAN A DEAD LION.
    Rome was a world power. Now, Rome is dead, finished. Benin Empire was never a world power, but the Kingdom still lives.
    Collins ID, you have compared a live dog to a dead lion. It is you who has insulted Benin!

  • Omo9ja 9 months ago

    Thank God for the journey mercies.

    However, I will advise the gaffer and his team not to take Lone star for granted.

    They should remember what Madagascar team did to them in Afcon.

    The only fear I’m having now is the tactics of the coach Rohr. Super Eagles struggles whenever they face a disciplined and a well organized team.

    Lesotho for instance but I thank God in the end that Eagles won the match.

    This is why they struggled against Madagascar.

    Sierra Leone team have so many things to prove to our team.

    One, they want to make names for themselves.
    Two, they are playing away from home
    Three, any African team will go extra mile to beat Nigeria in Nigeria.

    Not that we can’t win this match convincingly but its depends on how Oga Rohr approaches the match.

    What of if Lone star coach clips down our wingers, is there any other option?

    Oga Rohr should be very careful with this Lone star team.

    Small teams in Africa are very hard to crack down nowadays. No minor teams in Africa anymore.

    However, I am very excited that Oga Rohr is convincing so many young players to play for Nigeria.

    Furthermore, Oga Rohr man management is huge and I’m really impressed. Kudos to you baba Rohr.

    The other thing I want to say to the gaffer is this, when you invite a player please let the player have some minutes to show us what he can add to the team.

    You invited Alanpasun and Yakubu without given them 1 minute of play time and now you opted for Osagwe. Too bad.

    You can’t do that most especially what you are building a team.

    Last but not least, I want to watch an entertaining game against Lone stars.

    Oga Rohr should adopt the style of Mr. Manu Garba team that won the Under 17 trophy in UAE back in 2013 if I’m not mistaken.

    We used to free flow and entertaining style of play of our darling team, Super Eagles.

    Before I forget, I will like to congratulate we patriotic Nigerians for making our Super Eagles solid.

    Systematically, we have fixed the goalkeeping department problem. Kudos guys.

    The level of our patriotism is well appointed by Oga Rohr himself and NFF.

    For Oga Rohr followers, hmmm. This is quite interesting lolz. Please don’t see us as enemies or threats to Mr. Rohr and NFF.

    you people can see our achievements so far. We are all Nigerians and we want the best for our beloved country Nigeria.

    I love you all and I appreciate Oga Rohr efforts but that doesn’t mean if something is not going well with the team we should not talk.

    Let’s keep supporting our team. The pride of Africa.

    I am wishing Mr. Rohr and our lovely team a good outing. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • NA ME TALK AM 9 months ago

      @Omo9ja …. For the First time on this platform , I will have to commend your write-up . No Negativity or any hate speech . Just plain facts with the coach should give more playing time to the invited players and the SE shouldn’t underestimate the Lone stars .

      God bless Nigeria

  • Collins id 9 months ago

    @pompei, fuck you and ur stupid brain.foolish idiot like you, was your comment a figurative speech or what?you should know better that you are enjoying my comments bcos I think before I write. go and read your initial comment about the hotel in Benin, and it question about the pitch and tell your self the truth, does it sound like complement or a mockery, God punish that your stupid brain!
    put on a normal shoe and your friend come out foolishly and say wow I never expected this kind of shoes to be worn by pompei and continually said I hope his jeans will be ok. will you take that as a compliment or an insult? u think you are dealing with dums here, if you have wrongly placed your words, you should quickly correct your self and stop being continually foolish here, I didn’t even insult you in the firstplace but your ignorance made you feel insulted already and you expect that your foolish mockery of benin to be accepted here. and you are still saying you can say that to any city in Nigeria apart from abuja and lagos, that’s to complete your madness. so Lagos and Abuja is the only place you have seen this average kind of hotel, I am beginning to see how small you are. it seems you have not seen any where in your life rather than Lagos and Abuja on photos. The hotel you are wowing for is not as beautiful as many private houses in Benin and the rest part of Nigeria. village boy, the reason I didn’t puor insults on your dum Ass in my first response was bcos I too use to enjoy your comment here, that’s why i jokingly threatened you with a hit of Eba, if not na Ogun I for forward to u. mumu, Rome is not dead its her empire that fell and her loyalties got independents after the Vikings invation. The city is very much alive and still have a pope as head of the Vatican, she is the capital of Italy and remains the most respected city in Europe by the Europeans. Benin also lost her stretch after the British invation 1897 and the kingdom lost her independent to our present day Nigeria, though the Oba is widely respected by the Edo,s but he is presently a ceremonial leader and the custodian of the Edo tradition, so both city are still verymuch alive, dead kingdoms are kingdoms taking by the oceans or caused by God him self(Babylon and soldum and gomora) no city can be kill by man my friend., Rome and Benin will remain in existence even after the death of your 20th generation. morun dont be fooled by the European writeups! Rome was a European power and Benin was also an Africa power non of them where able to conquer 30 percent of world map, so there is no world power here. The only world power is the British empire and presentday America which is made up of the world.

    talking about Names my name is an abbreviation of an African name. your pompei was a name of a Roman failed emperor who stole the glory of a war he didn’t fought( the gladiators soldiers led by Spartacus) he ran after harmless slaves and killed them, to later run to Rome that he defeated Spartacus taking the Glory of ceasers himself, he was later beheaded in Egypt by a very young king, you see the name you are bearing? you are the most ignoramus African in this forum you should complete your name with Headless Pompei.

  • pompei 9 months ago

    Collins IDiot,
    You have now confirmed that you are a big fool! Your arguments are so disjointed and illogical, I now realize that arguing with you is like pouring water into a basket.
    See me see yawa! I made a comment, did I mention your name?
    How come out of everyone from Benin here, it is only you that sees an insult in my comment? So you have been shadowing me all this while, waiting for me to slip up verbally, so you can pounce, right? Hehehehehe! Your problem is that you pounced at the wrong time, which now makes you look foolish and stupid!
    The Pompei I’m bearing is not the Roman one. The spelling is even different. Ever heard of Portsmouth, Kanu’s former club? When they won the FA cup against all odds, I became very fond off them, hence the name. Portsmouth’s nickname is POMPEY, I just made mine a little different for a bit of originality.
    You see yourself now? Why don’t you just politely ask questions if you don’t know? Instead, you make wild assumptions, and jump to conclusions, making a big fool of yourself in the process!
    I can’t be the most ignoramus person in this forum. At most, I am second only to you! Lol! Ignorant fool! Look at you! You attacked me for no reason, like a rabid dog, and you hoped I would take it lying low, abi?
    If I say Osaze Odemwingie is one of the best forwards that ever played the game, and I compare him to CR7, a fool like you will come and say I’m insulting Benin! Osaze hails from there, so to properly respect Benin, I should have said that CR7-type talents are a dime a dozen in Benin city. You would prefer that, right? Hehehehe!
    Do you see the foolishness of your position? Most people will see the comment as a salute to Osaze, just as I was saluting Benin for having such a world class hotel, a hotel I even compared to one of the best hotels in Manhattan, NY! Of course, I was hyping the Benin hotel. Most people with common sense know that. So for you to now come out and feel I insulted Benin and her people shows just how disconnected from reality you really are. Your baseless ego is one of the main reasons we remain in turmoil in this country today. A mediocre like you who feels insulted when he has no reason!
    Ignoramus Maximus, go and sit down if you have nothing reasonable to say!

  • odoh oliver izuchukwu 9 months ago

    just hate insults