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Sports Minister Dare Celebrates Dangote At 65

Sports Minister Dare Celebrates Dangote At 65

The Honourable Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Chief Sunday Dare has congratulated billionaire business man Aliko Dangote on the occasion of his 65th birthday.

In a statement released to the media, the Minister said, “Today, I felicitate my brother and friend, Alhaji Aliko Dangote on the occasion of his birthday.


“This day reminds us to appreciate an icon, industrialist, a sports advocate and a passionate Nigerian.

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“We are lucky to have you as you have helped to grow, not just the economy, but the nation at large with your many laudable projects which have helped in human capital development across the nation and beyond.

“Your love for sports cannot be overemphasized as we have seen the good works you have done to put smiles on the faces of Nigerians.”

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Sports Minister Sunday Dare also prayed God to grant Alhaji Dangote more success, strength, wisdom and good health to keep navigating through life with greater achievements.

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  • MONKEY POST 8 months ago

    All these their DANGOTE and OTENDELA should quit with all these THEIR…


    They are part of the DISTRACTIONS..

    How many SENEGALESE or GHANIAN MILLIONAIRES come out to do such?? But yet they will still put up a GOOD SHOWING in COMPETITIONS…

    • MONKEY POST 8 months ago

      THEY can do that after the SE must have IMPRESSED…

      Just like SENEGAL HONORED MANI and the REST..

  • This man should resign already. He has not learnt anything. He is still making more mistakes on that seat.

    Improving the standard of our league to that of England, Spain etc is a very good one. But it will take this country a lot. Apart from the huge financial implications, it will take years, and many other factors and resources to get to that point. Mentality change or total overhaul of the country is also necessary to achieve such a lofty goal. This is because, the aspiration of every local player in Nigeria is to play in Spain, England etc. This aspiration is borne out of a number of reasons. One, there is great pride in playing outside the country. Two, players who ply their trade outside this country are more respected. Three, players who play outside this country earn more.
    Even if we decide to start paying local players the equivalence of what is paid in England, Spain etc, it won’t stop players from leaving Nigeria. This is because, apart from being a thing of pride and respect, life and living over there in England and Spain etc is a lot better; better coaching, training, facilities, infrastructure, technological advancements, etc. Unless we would also overhaul Nigeria to be like England and Spain too, not just our league……lol. If not, our players will still be leaving the country in drove and at the end of the day, the story will remain the same, “our best players will still be outside the shores of the country”.

    Essentially, the point I’m trying to make is that improving our league will have little or no effect on the SE. This is because, our best players will still be found outside the shores of Nigeria. Any player that is still in Nigeria then, it will either be that he is not good enough or it is just a matter of time before he leaves the country.

    League has little or nothing to do with performance.If national team performance is hinged on quality of league then, Egypt, South Africa, Tunisia etc don’t have any reason to be losing to other countries in Africa.

    What we need to focus on is not improving the league standard but on quality players of players being invited to SE. Where they are based should not be the focus. Rather, what they can offer the team. As long as they are the best we have, they should be invited.
    Apart from getting the best players, having a good coach is also of paramount importance. Of what use are good players when the manager is not good. That is purely a waste of time. Currently, we have the players who can achieve almost anything we want, with proper proper management by a good coach.
    No doubt, we have good players, but couldn’t qualify because the coach was bad. Then again, apart from having a good manager, the importance of good football administrators cannot be overemphasized. This is because, they are in charge of the whole football process. They make policies, provide funds, employ coaches, and a whole lot of other decision making and administrative nous. In sum, they are totally in charge. That is why if the administrators are not good, even if the coach and the players are very good, the team may not excel.
    So if football administrators select coaches based on sentiments instead of merit, impose players on coaches, don’t take the welfare of the players too seriously, usurp the authority of coaches, don’t allow coaches do their jobs etc, this could invariably affect the team.
    Mr. Dare, Mr. Pinnick, and all board members of the NFF should not waste our time any further but resign. Let’s start afresh