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Sports Ministry Okays Peseiro For Super Eagles Top Job

Sports Ministry Okays Peseiro For Super Eagles Top Job

The Sports Ministry has approved the appointment of Jose Peseiro as the new head coach of the Super Eagles, reports Completesports.com.

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has reportedly picked Peseiro to replace Gernot Rohr as the substantive head coach of the Super Eagles ahead of three other candidates.


The Sports Ministry led by Sunday Dare, according to several reports, however queried the procedures used by the NFF in selecting the Portuguese.

Frenchman Laurent Blanc, former Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde and erstwhile Netherlands defender Philip Cocu are the three other contenders for the post.

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Completesports.com scooped that the sports ministry has now approved Peseiro’s appointment after talks with the NFF.

Details of Peseiro’s contract including paperworks are almost done and an announcement is expected be made soon.

The 62-year-old was first announced by the NFF to take over the Super Eagles after the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

Peseiro eventually did not take up the job after Augustine Eguavoen’s temporary appointment was extended to cover the ill-fated 2022 World Cup playoffs against the Black Stars of Ghana

The Portuguese last managed the Venezuelan national team. He has previously handled Egyptian club Al Ahly, his only managerial experience in Africa.

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It remain to be seen if Peseiro will take charge of the Super Eagles for their friendlies against Mexico and Ecuador.

First assistant coach Salisu Yusuf released a 30-man list for the friendlies on Tuesday. The friendlies will take place in the United States of America late May and early June.

The Super Eagles are also scheduled to take on Sierra Leone and Sao Tome and Principe in a 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier next month.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Chima E Samuels 1 week ago

    It is well. You ban our performing basketball and endorse this. The hammer of God will fall on all you soon. Mark my word Dare and Pinnick!

    • Sean T 1 week ago

      They’re both son of a Bitch. Who have chosen Mediocre over excellence. Imagine Valverde that manage Barcelona team full of stars for some years and won Laliga 2 to 3 times consecutively with some other trophy not good enough to coach SE. I know they will intentionally put stupid conditions ( like he has to leave in Nigeria ) into the contract to justify Peseiro appointment. Meanwhile all our best players are foreign based so why leaving in Nigeria must be compulsory ? It is not duty of any foreign Coach to develop your league. It’s in Nigeria you’ll see people shifting blame to others for their failure & incompetence.

      The truth must be said. No local player match the quality of our foreign based players yet they keep clamouring for their inclusion into the SE just for their selfish interest of marketing them so they can all share the proceed when the player get an offer from Abroad.

      Some fans will say the likes of Okocha, Kanu, Amunike, Finidi and the rest were all home-based before becoming pros. Have you ask yourself if NPFL of now can be compared to how it’s being run those days. Also ask yourself this question, out of the whole home based players imposed on SE coaches, which of them has taking his career to the next level the past 5 years ? Annoying part of it all is that they won’t select the best home based players to integrate into the team, rather they will go for the less talented ones who can be easily manipulated. I strongly believe NFF and the local coaches have percentage on match bonus of this said players anytime they represent SE and get themselves cool cash if those players are eventually signed by foreign clubs

      All we need is a Coach with a winning and champion mentality that can bring out the best from our players and not just some coach with no record. This Peseiro is no different from Rhor and sooner or later we will all see.

      Pinnick and your co-associate God is watching you as you’ve maneuvered your way into confusing the sport Minister and maybe una strike deal on how to share some percentage from the salary of the coach ni as the FG will be in charged of his salary cuz i don’t see reason why the sport ministry finally accept this shit.

      • Greenturf 1 week ago

        The truth’s they can’t pay valverde,too expensive,Nff don’t have the funds nor the sports ministry.Peseiro is the cheapest and he isn’t a bad choice neither.
        Sometimes the ones we put our hopes on could let us down,and the ones we think not good enough are actually what we need.
        Everything that happens in life has a good reason,so if it’s Peseiro he didn’t put himself there,so let’s support him and wish him well after all Clemence Westerhof and Bonfrere Joe were unknown but took our football to the world map against all expectations.

      • “”Pinnick and your co-associate God is watching you as you’ve maneuvered your way into confusing the sport Minister and maybe una strike deal on how to share some percentage from the salary of the coach ni as the FG will be in charged of his salary cuz i don’t see reason why the sport ministry finally accept this shit.””

        Exactly… that’s what I think they are doing….they sharing from Poseiro’s salary and that is what is about all these shenanigans and somersaults we are seeing.

  • Chima E Samuels 1 week ago

    Who cares about Nigeria football again? Now America basketball will poach out best players and continue to dominate world Basketball.

    • @Chima E Samuels bro they have now turned their attention to Basketball as Nigerian Officials cannot stand to see us performing well in sports internationally I mean we are the best Basketball team in Africa both females and male but it is still not good enough for Buhari..

      now they have successfully put in place structures for the football to fail they have now turned their self destruction operation to our basketball.

      I mean these Nigerian American’s will be the key to develope basketball in Nigeria however they want to banned basketball because most players play in NBA and Europe and most are american Born so that what will happen we start getting their local players in fro a non existent league. SAD!!!.. in the process deterring American Nigerians with expert Basketball knowledge from ever representing Nigeria.. I mean let us not forget it is an American sport but allas Buhari knows best LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aboki una nor go kill us o!

      • Chima E Samuels 1 week ago

        I tell you there’s no logic in what they’re doing. Why did they not do same to football when Giwa was tussling with Pinnick? Everything is strange.

      • Tristan 1 week ago

        Wait till they appoint Salisu Yusuf head coach of the basketball team, and Ahmed Musa insists that he must captain both the basketball and football teams while marrying his 4th wife from the female team.

  • Greenturf 1 week ago

    Wish you were our coach for the Afcon and against Ghana perhaps we could be smiling today,only wishes though…
    I would like Peseiro to take charge of our next friendlies to familiarise with the players before the Afcon qualifiers,it’s a wise thing to do.
    However,we wish the well traveled and experienced Peseiro good-luck he will need plenty of that.
    Those who criticised you prior to your appointment will eat the humble pie,and sing your praises not long.
    There’s a reason your name keeps popping up despite efforts here and there to stop you,it means you’re meant for this job it’s your job and no one can stop you not even the fans nor the government.
    Good bless the super eagles.
    You are welcome Mr.Peseiro and good-luck.

    • Helius 1 week ago

      Oga dem never give am d job ni wait fes b4 U start well wishing

  • Chima E Samuels 1 week ago

    Nigeria is Jinxed so nobody can tell this Idiots that Our Basketball is at its peak and any form of ban will take us backwards, remember how our football was disrupted and coming back messed the promising US94 ERA.

    • Ignatius Abo 1 week ago

      @Endurance, the thing is serious o. Only heaven can deliver the Super Eagles.

  • So the NFF are going to hire a cheap coach, because they aren’t willing to pay for a good coach that can bring results… sometimes I don’t know why I even dream of change in Nigerian football‍♂️‍♂️

  • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

    Hahahaha….Valverde and Blanc must be “not up to scratch”….LMAOoo… seeing now that it’s Peseiro that is getting the job eventually ahead of them.

    So why all the delay and power mongering previously, if eventually it’s still Peseiro Mr strong-headed-for-nothing clueless minister is approving for the job.

    What other evidence do we all need to see that this man is confused and only runs our sports by hearsays…?

    God help us as we start the afcon qualifiers. One coach will take charge of the friendlies, another coach will take over on the eve of the first game of the qualifiers…..later we will now start praying from Brazil to defeat Chicago bulls so the Roger Federer can best Floyd Mayweather for us to have a chance to qualify for 2023 AFCON….. LMAOOOoo

    This his where hatred, racism and so bunch of retrigressives and liars have brought us…. LMAOOO

  • Dennis 1 week ago

    So we had to sack a performing Rohr for this? In his 10 matches as coach of Venezuela, he only won 3 matches. The major reason NFF opted for him is because he’s cheap and owing him salaries won’t be a problem since he was owed months as coach of venezuela

    • Chima E Samuels 1 week ago

      Are you same as Ace? because you’re both saying the same thing.

    • Greenturf 1 week ago

      Venezuela are crap in football,it would be unfair or wrong to judge the poor coaches performances without analysing the strength of the teams he managed.
      Venezuela are not winning games after Peseiro,so he wasn’t the problem rather the opponents they have to come up with the likes of Brazil,Argentina,Colombia,Chile,Paraguay,Uruguay and the likes,they’re always going to come short regardless the manager.
      Claudio Ranieri,Roy Hodgson all failed with Watford,this are top class coaches,an unknown coach could come and change the fortune of the club.
      The point i’m making is names does not really guarantees success.

    • KENNETH 7 days ago

      What crap are you even saying. Does Venezuela have the caliber of players that are at the coaches disposal. Isn’t that how shitty Rorh came to be our coach.


    What the sport minister did to us was to watch pinnick beat us, stopped him from maltreating us, gave us a cold bottle of coke, let us rest, then told pinnick to continue with the beating

  • Ralph 1 week ago

    You don’t need a big coach to be successful, all you need is the coach that work with you. Because Guadiola work and win with big players at club level don’t mean he will be a successful coach at national level. Westerhof should teach us a vital lesson.
    The painful part of this is, they should have done this before now, this coach should have been with the team at AFCON, he should have been on the bench against Ghana, but NO.

    I never knw what these guys plan to achieve with Eguavoen as a coach , they cost Nigeria the WC ticket and sadly only the coaches pay for it.

  • The sad thing is that Nigeria is bane of Nigeria’s Existence the people in charge and running the country are as clueless as a gold fish pipping its mouth through the water waiting for it’s master to feed it not knowing the poising about to be thrown into the pond. some quarters of Nigeria fans are also to blame as we see it in this forum with some fans commending the shoddy appointments and decisions made by Goverment and officials in all faccets of society it is well GOD Know’s Best but I must say, coming from a pit like Nigeria is probably the most frustrating thing that can happen to anybody.

    I will say it again look at our biggest stars today playing abroad that were born in Nigeria not 1 I repeat not 1 came from the NPFL they all came through the academies and were snapped up after commendable performances at youth tournaments one such Prince kelechi is a prime example following in the footsteps as the likes of Osimhen, Kelechi Iheanacho, Samuel Chukwueze, Isaac Success, Emmanuel Dennis, Onyinye Ndidi to name but a few. Isaac Success who has now hit form in Italy has been forgotten purely because he plays in Europe but, this is a thorough Naija guy however because he plies his trade in Europe has now become surplus to requirements and deemed not Nigerian enough because some clueless Nigerian so called experts says they want to promote the league through SE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finished Nation indeed!.

    Also the best players in NPFL of the past 3 years all of whom have now moved abroad as is always the case, even if it is to Egypt Libya or Tunisia when they have a stand out season have also been deemed not Nigerian enough for moving abroad for a better life because, the same NPFL and NFF cronies want Players from the league that year, even though they are below the standards of the best that left last season and seasons past . i.e. Stephen Odey, Anayo Iwuala, Olisa Nda, Ajayi to name but a few. are now not good enough and lessor players than them who played in NPFL with them are in the SE before them how unfortunate.

    A pattern of uncomprehensible self mutilation has now been laid by clueless ex internationals what is the result… The door is closed on the best players who search for greener pastures abroad because of a poor league back home with lack of infrastructure and rife with corruption, The influx of average players in SE because they play back home, and the exclusion of top stars that the academies in Nigeria produce and ship out to top clubs in Europe before they are 18 ie. Osimhen, Iheanacho Chukwueze and co. So what does Nigeria SE have then a team captained by a finished captain Ahmed Musa and littered with below average players from the NPFL because no clubs in Europe is interested in signing them due to the best players already being snapped up by clubs in europe and abroad but because they choose even if It is Egypt League (better Structure and higher standard) they are forgotten by the fools. Very good Winning system been emplyed by NFF officials and clamouring clueless Nigerian fans LOOOOL!!!! nAWA o is all I can say LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!

    • Ignatius Abo 1 week ago

      Well said @Ugochukwu.

      • Thank you Bro @Igbekun Abo.. However this is a very sad time for Nigerian sports as our two major sports we do well internationally are now been dragged through the Mud By Nigerians

    • Tristan 1 week ago

      My brother the spirit of Nigeria is a vampire that feeds on high blood pressure by frustrating Nigerians. The only way to beat it is to laugh at its incompetence and cheer it on.
      If they want to appoint Salisu Yusuf, you clap for them and recommend that he be appointed lifetime coach. If they want to keep Ahmed Musa in the squad, you jump for joy and ask them to also make him captain and player for life.
      When the Nigeria spirit sees it can’t frustrate you, it begins to act differently.
      Honestly my brother try it. When you’re in a traffic jam don’t get frustrated and give yourself blood pressure, jump for joy and declare that you can use the opportunity to sleep as you’re tired, and trust me immediately the traffic would start moving.

  • TALK UR OWN 1 week ago

    *** BEST OF LUCK ***

  • Olujimi Morgan 1 week ago

    Terrible decision.
    This guy has a poor record as an international manager.
    He has little respect for Nigerian football, claiming that Nigeria outclassed Egypt because the Arabs-Africans had a bad day! Not that Nigeria played well. Little hope left for Nigeria with the current NFF.

    Change of government change, change of football officials.

    Enuf is enuf!!!

    • Greenturf 1 week ago

      He could be right if he actually said that,because a weaker Tunisian and Ghanaian sides proved him right.

  • Golden Child 1 week ago

    News making the rounds is that Salisu has been demoted to CHAN. It pays to be upright.

  • Codex 1 week ago

    An incredible decision by the NFF and sports ministry (bunch of hypocrites),if it works they’ll say “another masterstroke by the Pinnick led NFF”,if it fails one will hear a litany of excuses ranging from players not being good enough to coaches loosing the dressing room etc. Now that the so called peseiro is being shoved on every single football loving Nigerian,the NFF should also lay out the ground work and foundations for a successful SE team and other teams(falcons, flying eagles etc),what are their plans for the league,standard style of play,rules and regulations with regards to the above teams (coaching appointment procedures,salary and bonus disbursement for players and staff)etc and everything must be Crystal clear as well a time frame for the afromentioned plans and squad selection criteria (by form or by performance) then maybe disillusioned Nigerians will start believing again as for the basketball fiasco,hmmmm the sports ministry are digging their collective graves because that decision will come back to bite/haunt them(it’s a shame that basketball loving Nigerians will suffer because someone woke up one morning and deemed our tigers & tigressess as “not being Nigerian enough”)so you can encourage a structureless local content policy when your football coach is a foreigner…una well done jonsin men.

    • Helius 1 week ago

      Oga be calming down with dis Ur grammar no be Naija we dey but the jonsin part funny o

  • Sugar daddy 1 week ago

    The thunder wey wan fire all of them including segun odegbami still dey do press up for Argentina!!! I am in pain because of this forced errors because one old rickety footballer of the 70s say make Una sack who nor do Una anything…why Una nor employ segun odegbami as coach since he knows how to win the world cup that he never qualified to play in in his days….why poseiro? Well, like all of my respected brothers have said here, names sometimes don’t win the game. Let’s see what God has in stock for us as a footballing nation with Poseiro…I am ashamed with what is going on with our football and basketball teams… how did we get here for God sake… whaoooh!!!!

  • Omo9ja 1 week ago

    Sports minister and NFF are okay with
    Paseiro because they have been used to average achievements in Nigeria.

    How wouldn’t they be okay with Paseiro?

    Nigeria @62 if am not mistaken and those involved in our sports can’t produce a young talented coach both in Nigeria abroad? It is a shame if they don’t know.

    I heard that Amaju was trying to send Oga Rohr to a refresher course during the German tactician’s time with Eagles question is, why he can not make Finidi, Amunike and Egbo as Super Eagles coaches and send them to a refresher course? same decision he made during Oga Rohr’s era can’t be repeated anymore? Why Amaju is like this? Why the current NFF members can’t be removed all this while?

    Why do we value outsiders than our own? The system is very corrupt no doubt but if we have law and we abide by it then nobody, I repeat, nobody should above the law.

    What is Paseiro has that Amunike, Egbo and Finidi does not have?

    Based on Paseiro reviews, I will prefer Finidi, Amunike and Egbo as the new coaches of the Super Eagles.

    Besides, am not against Paseiro either but what am saying here is that we have to start investing on our products.

    The incoming NFF president/NFF members should come from our ex players. By doing so, new law have to be in place.

    Bribing is prohibited while the new law should have it that if you committed this offense, the person would pay #5000,000 with five years impressiment.

    By doing this, I know that everyone will sit tight.

    Amaju, Diko and Sheyi should be use for this example.

    This is the way Oga Rohr was brought to Nigeria without our knowledge and now, Paseiro under the same Amaju Pinnick administrator.

    It is normal, if Paseiro fails to perform, we will blame the sports minister and Amaju and if Paseiro delivers, we will celebrate with Amaju Pinnick and sports minister but it will be better to do this with our own.

    This is where let’s fail with our own comes in. If NFF can select the best indigenous coaches for all our national teams and treating like foriegn coach, I am so sure that they will do much better than Oga Rohr other foriegn coaches in the past.

    Am not really bothered if the next coach will be white or brown but the best to do at the moment is to put our own there to manage our national teams. Senegal is doing great local coach while Cameroon and Ghana also investing locally but why Nigeria?

    Does it sound logical to replace NFF members with foriegners? Can foriegners be giving a chance to run NFF? If the answer is no then no to foriegn coach. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Omo9ja 7 days ago

      My typos. So sorry. CSN, please give us edit button please please.

    • Chibuike 6 days ago

      just look at how black man reason and understanding. this NFF self. they are confuse FA. so una still dey wast time to announce a new coach friendly Match is few weeks time and una still delaying sacking of Sanusi and replace him with more tactical and expose finidi Geodge? that’s why Nigeria need to put people where they belong. NFF want pizza to handle the team for the friendly but una first release players list? no good plan, corruption everywhere in Nigeria, not only Government is curopt,even pepe salers are corupt too. tuffiakwa unu! I Don talk am many times, Sach those Politicians in NFF and replace them with people who play the game so that they can help Nigeria league as well. ask Pinik which football club him play for Nigeria and abroad before him retire? ask all those Dikko and Sanusi and abubaka in NFF which club they play before their retirement?

  • Abdulrazak 7 days ago

    I can’t wait to read agbaya Segun Odegbani’s long, boring, watery epistle on this matter. After all he and his co propagandists gave us a technically inept, tactically impotent and grossly incompetent Augustine Eguavon as coach. Now it’s Peseiro, which translates in Yoruba language as “someone who deals wholesomely in lies”. God help us!

  • KENNETH 7 days ago

    Na wa with all this noise about who the NFF and sports ministry picks has coach. Abeg leave them alone, abi se na from una pocket them dey come collect the money to pay them. Who ever coaches wish you all the best, Hope to see you at the friendlies.

  • Ako AMADI 7 days ago

    It does not matter who coaches Nigeria – Peseiro of Valverde! The real coaches are Pinnick and Dare with their little puppy called Eguavoen, and houseboy, Odegbami. There will be no improvement in Nigerian football, especially when they start eating the foreign coach’s money.

  • MuYiwa 7 days ago

    From the comments i have read above, i can see that many forumites who hated Rohr so badly are now doing everything to console themselves by dissociating themselves from the Super Eagles, some who have even tried to take solace in the performances of the Basketball teams are further disappointed with the FG’s decision to ban our basketball teams from int’l tourneys. Others would rather watch female football. LOL. And to these people what I can say is THAT SERVES YOU RIGHT. I DONT FEEL SORRY FOR YOU AT ALL. YOU DESERVED WHAT YOU ARE GETTING NOW FOR MALTREATING A GOOD MAN WHO SALVAGED OUR FOOTBALL FROM THE DUSTBIN FROM 2016. Still shocked why Odegbami is not talking here. Rohr was paid 45k from which he also paid abt 4 assistants, now this man will get 5k more. Let us see what Peseiro will achieve with the Eagles, if he is eventually appointed.