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FG Suspends Nigeria From Int’l Basketball Competitions For Two Years

FG Suspends Nigeria From Int’l Basketball Competitions For Two Years

The federal government (FG) has approved the immediate withdrawal of Nigerian nationals teams from all international basketball competitions for a two years with immediate effect.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Sport, Ismaila Abubakar, states this on behalf of the Sports Minister Sunday Dare at his office on Thursday in Abuja.


The decision by the federal government
(FG) to suspend the country from participating in any international tournaments for two years was due to the unending leadership crises in the Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF).

Two parallel national federation board elections were held in 2017 (in Kano and Abuja) and 2022 (in Benin and Abuja), leading to the emergence of separate governing bodies.

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Nigeria women‘s team D’Tigress have already qualified for this year’s World Cup in Australia which will run from September to October this year.

While the 19th edition of the men’s FIBA Basketball World Cup will co-hosted by Indonesia, Japan and Philippines in 2023.

“Following the unending crisis which have plagued and nearly crippled the development of basketball in Nigeria, President Buhari has approved the withdrawal of Nigeria from all international basketball competitions for a period of two years. This is with immediate effect.

“This will also allow for the setting up of an Interim Management Committee (IMC) to oversee the management and development of the domestic basketball leagues in Nigeria,” he said.

“In issuing the order, the Federal Government reiterates its interest and commitment to the development of the sport of basketball in Nigeria as well as huge talents of our youth domestically in an atmosphere free of rancour and squabbles.

“Government therefore calls on players, officials, fans and other stakeholders of the sport to remain calm as it embarks on far-reaching initiatives to reposition, sustain and stabilise the game of basketball.

“This will aid in the growth and success of the sport in the long-term interest of the country.”

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  • TALK UR OWN 1 week ago


  • Femi 1 week ago

    Oh my God, what will now happen to D’s tigress with the stress they went through in qualifying for the world cup. Why can’t you guys think before making such huge call for heaven sake.

    • Olujimi Morgan 1 week ago

      Myopic decision.
      How do you get anyone to give up time, energy, resources, emotions, other options etc. to choose Nigeria?

  • Sean 1 week ago

    Lol! They are broke.

  • Glory 1 week ago

    What a country for crying out loud? Seems like the constant shedding of innocent blood from over the years till this moment is beginning to cry for justice hence such decisions like this and many others concerning our SE n the entire country. The future looks really bleak. My heart goes for those patriotic/amazing D Tigress and D Tiger player.God have mercy.

    • Olujimi Morgan 1 week ago

      Unbelievably inexplicable decision. Who’s more important- feuding officials or committed players?

      I can see many Nigerians decide to represent other countries with this shenanigan.

      Can it be reversed in the interest of the country?

  • They should do the same for supporters club in nigeria. Their more than one thousand and one

  • I wonder who are the people that make sports decisions in Nigeria. You cannot cut of your nose to spite your ears. At the base of all this confusion is corruption.

  • What kind of mumu decision is this? Do they know how those men and women risked their lives in the midst of the deadly covid 19, to play qualifiers in order to get a space in the men afrobasket and Fiba women world cup 2022? Why punishing the youths of our nation over politicians self serving and thieving ego?
    You see! They want to use their bad luck to block the only sport that gives Nigeria a little good image internationally.Why at this time, when people are looking forward to Nigeria good showing in the sport this year? Is the presidency just waking up from slumber for an issue that is over two years?
    Look! Let whoever is concerned talk to his/ her fellow destroyer politicians, but this decision must be reverted as a matter of urgency before Fiba starts to act on this malicious decision.
    If they do not resend it God forbid, they would have broken the hearts of those men, women, coaches and supporters of world basketball.And posterity will never forgive them.

  • okponku 1 week ago

    It shock youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu? How many Times could they tell you that Nigeria isn’t for you?

  • Ako AMADI 1 week ago

    Few sane and civilized countries have a “ministry of sports” which should be scrapped in Nigeria.

  • Mercy 1 week ago

    Having Dare as the minister of sport has been nothing but a catastrophe. From decision making, to interference in sporting matter, he has plunged our sport into a dungeon. He his the worst sport minister since Nigeria became an independent nation.

  • Dr. Drey 1 week ago

    This has Sunday Dare written all over it. It’s either his way or the highway.

    Im still struggling to remember when and where cutting off the head is ever a cure for headache.

    There is a board recognised by FIBA in place and that’s all that is supposed to matter. But because Dare’s cronies whom he wants to foist in the NBBF are not recognised by FIBA, our basketball has to suffer for it.

    How has this decision helped our basketball now…? Pray tell me how…?

    We will loose out on qualifications we struggled to achieve, at a time when our global basketball rankings are at its highest we are pulling out and would be set 20 years aback, and the funny thing is that after the 2 years, we wouldn’t still have found solutions to the maladministration bedeviling the sports ministry and it’s federations.

    Sunday Dare is a curse to Nigerian sports. Anything he touches ends in tears.

  • Chima E Samuels 1 week ago

    This is another act of madness witchcraft or cowardice. The only performing sports is where you can not resolve issues but ban them for two years. Basketball that we are leading in Africa then you ban them. If we were No1 in football will they disban the team because of greedy Factors fighting for power? SMH Dare has just broken my trust I’m done with trusting this Devil in form of human.

    • Olujimi Morgan 1 week ago

      I had confidence in Sunday Dare.
      He needs to redeem his reputation.
      Otherwise, he’s forever condemned.
      If he didn’t initiate it, he must play the politics to reverse the damage. The government of President Muhammadu Buhari will be associated with this decision -to damage basketball in Nigeria because some administrators are greedy and power drunk!


  • Sean 1 week ago

    Hmmm…when a country refused to play after qualification without good reason, ban follows.
    I pray it won’t be up to 4 years ( plus another ban from FIBA).
    From Olympic problems, to Sacking of coach without pay pay to Nation’s cup premature loss to World cup wahala now! Basket ball rikishi….haha?
    How many years remain for this man self? Only this man has successfully ruin anything call sport in Nigeria and if not, he’s 2nd name is Bad Luck.

  • KENNETH 1 week ago

    All you noise makers should leave the sports minister alone and tell those involved in destroying the NBBF to do the needful. When 2 factions is not ready to shield the sword what then do you want the government to do. they done everything humanly possible but still yet they not ready to step down. Kudos oga dare, when they have sense to do what right then the government will come out and help them. Nonsense