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The 3rd Derby Challenge is a true Minho derby!

It might be unknown for some, but this local derby is full of tradition and it’s up next on the field.

Derby Challenge, the game mode of one hit wonder matches!

RealFevr has a third game mode for those of you who enjoy drawing benefits from one single event! You create a team for a specific game, with limited choices and 90 minutes of pure adrenaline.

Liga NOS Virtual brings you the 3rd Derby Challenge! FC Famalicão and Gil Vincent FC are the next teams to face each other in this head-to-head challenge. Build your team if you haven’t already at

The two are quite far from each other on the score board, Famalicão being in 8th place, ahead of Gil Vicente, that sits in 15th place. So what’s the reason behind these scores?

On one hand, Famalicão hasn’t exactly been proud of their performance lately, having only 1 victory in the last 7 games of Liga NOS. Their coach has even come on record this season saying that they are not the team they were last year. Commenters and loyal fans attribute this decay to the overselling of players, as the team “gave up” very good assets, such as Toni Martínez, Fábio Martins and Pedro Gonçalves, the latter currently being Liga NOS’s best scorer, with 10 goals. Nevertheless, they are still sitting in a Top-10 position.

On the other hand, Gil Vicente also has 1 victory in the last 7 games, being 5 of the defeats. In their defense, they have already faced 4 of the Top-5 clubs, so some of the losses were more or less expected and they now start a sequence of games that might help them distance from the relegation fight.

Considering their track record, there have been times where these clubs showed a fiery spirit like no other, and who’s to say it won’t happen on the 27th?

Who will score the most points in Liga NOS Virtual’s #3 Derby Challenge?

  • FC Famalicão or Gil Vicente FC?
  • Luiz Júnior or Denis Matos?
  • Srđan Babić or Rúben Fernandes?
  • Rúben Lameiras or Samuel Lino?
  • Leonardo Campana or Renan Oliveira?

All these questions will be answered this Sunday on December 27th, at Estádio Municipal de Famalicão, at 3pm GMT. Until then, create your team now at

Who is going to shine and secure a better place on the score board and who is going to crash and burn? Anything could happen! And the decision and team composition, is up to you!

If you haven’t heard about the Derby Challenge yet, follow this link like a moth to a room temperature flame (so it doesn’t burn), and learn all about this epic game mode:

Derby Challenge — the new game model by RealFevr

May the odds be ever in your favor (switching our good wishes up for the holidays),

The RealFevr team

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