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Lagos National Stadium To Host Super Eagles Matches From 2021

Lagos National Stadium To Host Super Eagles Matches From 2021

The Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare has assured that the National Stadium pitch in Surulere, Lagos could be ready to host Super Eagles and other International matches by May 2021.

The Minister made this assertion during an inspection tour of the Surulere National Stadium, Lagos which is under going rehabilitation.


“it’s high time we had a familiar ground for our national teams. The Moshood Abiola National stadium Abuja and the Surulere
National stadium, Lagos will be ready to host matches next year and it will be a major plus to our teams when they have a familiar ground,”Dare declared.

“This arrangement is under the adopt initiative which is a public-private model that we developed. We were able to pitch that to the private sector. we discussed with a philanthropist and lover of sports Sir Adebutu Keshington, who was convinced about the proposal. He is somebody that has the youth of this country at heart and has done so much to support youth and sports development.

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“As a form of CSR he is committed to providing fund at 100 percent and we have no doubt that it will be completed in May.

“The Stadium has a rich history with the likes of Christian Chukwu, Segun Odegbami and host of ex internationals who played in the memorable edifice that hosted so many international competitions. The Engineer working on the site has assured that the stadium will be ready for use by May next year.”

Dare also assured that a maintenance template is in place to ensure that the facility does not go back to its poor state.

“The Ministry has a department of facility which is building a template for maintenance of the stadium. We have facility manager from the private sector that will work with our department of facility. Maintaining this facility is critical and we are going to take it very serious.”

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  • Is that the pitch they want to use and play the match???

    Mr. Ibu don suffer…..

    The last time SE match was taken to a newly refurbbish stadium, our one and only OSIMHEN broke his shuldder and up till now he can’t recover from it….. The coaches and staffs of naples are worried…..

    After what happened the last time, our NFF are still adamant & headbent, they never learnt their lessons, they’re still playing politics with match venues….

    Now they are still taking our match to another newly refurbbished stadium…..

    I think this time either IWOBI or CHUKWUEZE or NDIDI or BALOGUN…but let me just stop there shar…..
    I pray nothing happens to our players again…..

    I see no reason the match is not played in a fifa standard stadiun(BIRD NEST STADIUM) in Uyo….

    This nonsense football politics would stop one day…..

    • KangA 2 years ago

      Don’t mind them. Our so-called leaders are steeped to the neck with nepotism, tribalism, greed, doublespeak and lack of foresight. Just imagine, the Oga himself has surrounded himself with yes-men from his tribe and you expect anything to work?

      Dare is taking notes, gradually transforming into a mini-tribalist. They want to take away the only source of joy and unifying factor left for the Nigerian masses. The storm is brewing.

      • Victor 2 years ago

        Rubbish talk.Where was the national stadium playing ground before.

    • Igbekun Abo 2 years ago

      On a good day, thay Uyo stadium is beautiful.

    • David 2 years ago

      You are very right.. Uyo stadium is the undisputed but pinnick an Co are tribalistic idiots

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    “it’s high time we had a familiar ground for our national teams. The Moshood Abiola National stadium Abuja and the Surulere”” so, u knew all this and never questioned the decision of the nff to allow our last afcon match to be played on an unfamiliar ground????? Your hopocrisy and foolishness know no bounds. Uyo was a familiar ground but you people always like to play politics with everything that gives us joy. When it back fires, u start looking for a scapegoat to hang. Stupid people.

  • Maintenance! Maintenance! Maintenance! Why is there no maintenance culture in Nigeria’s national infrastructures, especially national stadium, national theatre etc? Every year, top corrupt officials of the ministry of youths & sports, as well as the ministry of information & culture get the national assembly to approve multi million naira budget for maintenance of these infrastructures, but the loot is shared between the crooks and absolutely nothing is done!

    The national stadium, surulere has become a vast farm field with patches of dying yellow and grey grasses. Yet, sports ministry workers supposedly resume there Monday to Friday, doing practically nothing but collecting salaries. Sometimes, they rent it out to churches for crusades and share the loot. Sorry, money. Lol.

    Whenever I remember the legendary Wembley stadium and the sports & cultural history behind it, I shake my head in disbelief. Ours is a crying shame by contrast. I hope a very competent & reputable private organization is handed the facility management/maintenance job. The Nigerian civil service will do a ghost job, totally compromised people. They and the average corrupt Nigerian politicians are like 5 & 6.

    • QuestZone 2 years ago

      @Kel . I couldn’t agree more. Just like the saying goes. In the abundance of water.. The fool is thirsty. “RAT RACE” It’s hunting to think of, that HER Nation NIGERIA can not maintain the Green Grass for it’s most beloved game of soccer. Pity on FATHERLAND!

  • daniel 2 years ago

    Nigeria need to go back to national stadium sulurere lagos, thats our best stadium so far, weldon Minister

  • Isi bella 2 years ago

    Was it ogbe staduim that broke osimhen’s shoulder?
    Oga park well even in foreign staduimvit does happen.
    If you want it in akwaibom just say so with out spilling out gob of mucus

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    I’m very delighted to hear this great news today.

    This is what I have been saying all this while.

    Surulere Lagos is the home of the Super Eagles.

    1. We have huge fans in Lagos.
    2. Super Eagles will give more than 100% effort because the fans in Lagos love winning matches.

    3. Job opportunities.

    4. Stability

    5. The coaches of the Super Eagles will put more effort.

    These are the benefits awaiting Super Eagles in Lagos.

    All in all, kudos to you Mr. Dare. I appreciate your efforts sir.

    We patriotic Nigerians love you and we need more of you up there.

    I am also glad that you mentioned the name maintenance. Without that, we can’t maintain this stadium.

    For me, no rush. Let them do a good job in that stadium. We need a new face of that stadium because that stadium is an iconic one in Africa. So, it our pride.

    Is not something that they will rush to do. It will take time.

    Together, we will bring this country back to life.

    God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Gowetok 2 years ago

    Pls somebody help me. Which one be familiar ground and which one be unfamiliar ground.

  • Lagos is not familiar to the new athletes we have. May it’s familiar to the older ones.

    The stadium in Lagos needs to be demolished for a World Class 60-Seater

    Use world class pitches.. the one at the Enyimba Stadium comes to mind. Other than that we are just wasting our time.

  • Emecco 2 years ago

    Its good if the Surulere National Stadium and Abuja Stadium would all be completely renovated, When completed, The Super Eagles can play there again, I don’t see any reason why they, can’t, For those calling Uyo Stadium, Yes the pitch is good, but the fact remains, that its a state owned Stadium, and the Super Eagles can only play there, with the permission of Akwa Ibom State government.That s why A functional National Stadium is very necessary for SE, either Lagos or Abuja, Thank God they ,(sports ministry) are partnering with the the corporate bodies to ensure that facilities are highly maintained and optimally utilized.

    • Stop lying, so you are telling me if the NFF want to use the Uyo stadium they won’t be permitted?

  • Ako Amadi 2 years ago

    I doubt if the National Stadium in Surulere will be reopened anytime soon.It had been vandalized for over 25 yesrs while the Ministry of Sports looked on helplessly.I wonder if it would not hsve been more cost effective to build a new stadium than refurbish this monster edifice in Surulere.

    • Sugar Daddy 2 years ago

      I keep wondering why the Samuel ogbemudia stadium is being attacked for the super eagles abysmal performance against Sierra Leone in their last game. That stadium in my opinion is ranking amongst the best turf currently to play the game. It’s better than the Uyo stadium that some of you are hyping here. That was the turf the eagles scored 4 goals in less than 30 minutes. Are you attributing that feat to only the turf? The Sierra Leonian team did same on the same turf.

      That stadium has just been completed and the turf needs to be groomed to ease it’s relative hardness. It doesn’t happen with just a game. It will require some more test games to achieve a balance. Most international stadia went through that process.

      It’s quite annoying how our football fans discredit things they have little knowledge about.

      Please, NFF,Rhor and his team have a lot of answers to the poor performance of the team… don’t blame it all on the stadium. That stadium is super and coming to be one of the best pitch to play on as we speak today.

  • Emecco 2 years ago

    My dear, you are ignorant of the fact that state consent is very necessary before any match can be played on its owned stadium, Uyo Stadium is owned by Akwa Ibom State government, MFF can’t just take SE matches there, The Stadium owners ,must allow, Perhaps they refused, the game have to be taken elsewhere.

    • So you are ignorantly telling me that if NFF seek to play there, the state government won’t permit or has not been permitting them that is why the like playing a ball in all the sub standard stadiums abi