The Ups And Downs Of The AC Milan Team

The Ups And Downs Of The AC Milan Team

AC Milan is one of the most powerful clubs in Milan. The nickname of this club is the Rossoneri. Since its establishment in 1988, AC Milan has won 18 major titles, including four intercontinental cups, five European Super Cups, seven C1 Cups and two Super Cup winners. 

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History of AC Milan

AC Milan is known as an “epic” with a history of 120 years of its formation. Through many ups and downs, this team has made its own mark in the hearts of Tifosi fans. Here we will also go through their own signature stages.

The period from 1899 to 1907

In 1899, the AC Milan football team was established as the Milan FootBall and Cricket Club. The first players of the team were the British expelled including Herbert Kilbin and Alfred Edward. Although many documents shared about the history of AC Milan said that this team was formed on December 16, but many other evidence indicates that this team was founded on December 13.


In order to retain their own language culture, English players still use English spelling to read the name of the team’s headquarters city Milao instead of Milan as the Italians call it. AC Milan, after its foundation won three Italian championships in 1901, 1906 and 1907 before the club’s internal disagreement later split up in 1908.

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The period from 1908 to now

In 1908, AC Milan encountered many internal uncertainties. The signing of foreign players has caused mixed opinions leading to AC Milan’s split into FC Inermazionale Milano. And also after this event, the Milan team no longer won any championship title until 1950/51 in the Serie A.

In 1950 and 1960, the history of AC Milan has undergone many major changes. This team has had many new successes since the internal incident. In addition to winning the Scudetto title, AC Milan has also won 2 Champions Cup Championships, 1 Cup C2 and 1 Intercontinental Cup.

Only a year later, AC Milan went on to win the 10th Serie A championship. However, this team was caught in rumors of a Totonero match-fixing scandal in 1980, resulting in the team’s ranking. There was a serious decline while being relegated to Serie B in the 1982/83 season. After the effort to play, AC Milan won the Serie B and returned to the Serie A tournament with the image of the top Italian football team.

On 20 February 1986, Silvio Berlusconi bought the club and helped AC Milan get out of bankruptcy. The new era of the team began to return when coach Arrigo Sacchi became the leader of AC Milan’s pine squad to attend the Euro and the club championship. After Fabio Capello replaced Arrigo Sacchi, AC Milan went on to win the C1 Cup in 1993-1994.

AC Milan Team

They had their prime

In 2000, AC Milan went on to win the Serie A championship in 2003 – 2004 and won the Cup of C1 that year. This is the third time AC Milan won the championship, before that in 2003 and in 2007 after defeating Juventus and Liverpool.

However, at this time, AC Milan continued to be involved in the suspicion of Calciopoli that shocked all of Italy before attending the World Cup in 2006. This team was deducted 15 points before the season and was eliminated from the list of participating teams Cup C1. However, AC Milan successfully appealed. The team is deducted only 8 points and still have the right to play in the following season.

In 2010 – 2011, AC Milan won the Scudetto. However, in the following years, this team did not win any great glory. The serious mistake of Li Yonghong’s tenure is when he took over as chairman and was unable to settle the debt of up to 303 million euros. This team was sold on debt and lost the right to participate in the Europa League in 2018 – 2019 in accordance with the financial fairness law.

AC Milan’s opponent is Inter Milan, the team was separated from AC Milan earlier. The two teams have been facing each other for many years. But AC Milan’s strongest rival is Juventus. The football matches between AC Milan and Juventus are considered top-notch matches that attract the attention of many football fans around the world.  According to the scheduled football match, MC Milan and Juventus will once again meet at the Italian National Championship – Round 35. The match is scheduled to take place on May, 10 at 01:45. Don’t miss this dramatic, promising football match.

At the last point, we can see that the history of the team is so much that it is hard to forget. From a team made up of expelled players to the championship title. After that, it was split into 2 different teams. Rarely does a team have such unforgettable ups and downs in the development process.

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