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Vandrezzer FC Make History With Launch Of Expanded Website

Vandrezzer FC Make History With Launch Of Expanded Website

Vandrezzer FC on Sunday evening became the first Nigerian club to unveil a website with seamless merchandising and ticketing options.

completesports understands that the decision was made by the management of the club to carter to the need of her teeming fans.

The website which is an interface between the club and fans has been redesigned to contain new features that will allow for seamless registration, merchandise and ticketing.

According to Media Director George Essien, “this expanded site will feature regular & VIP club membership, online purchase of tickets and merchandise. The fans community will feature chat rooms with different topics were engagements can occur. These weren’t available on the existing platform which has already been pulled down. The mobile app will be launched soon.”

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A browse through the expanded site shows that there is also the VFC TV, where fans can watch and download the Lions’ past matches, plus many other interesting features.

From any part of the globe, the club’s over 200,000 online followers will be able to access the website which is an all-in-one stop for merchandise and match tickets.

And as part of activities to celebrate the launch, the club has offered FREE DELIVERY of merchandise to any part of the country for items purchased worth over fifty thousand naira.

The Lions of Naija are currently on break following government’s restriction on movement due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Before the indefinite suspension of the Nigeria National League, the Akwa Ibom based club were 4th with 6 points – four points behind top placed Bendel Insurance – in Group B2, with two outstanding matches.

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  • Oakfield 4 years ago

    Misplaced priority. So, hosting of websites has now become news in NNL????

    • I know your not used to cheering or goodness ,celebrate with others for once so thou will also be celebrated. Don’t be an hater

      • Oakfield 4 years ago

        @ekpe, hosting a website that has new features should not be celebrated abeg. We should be celebrating things like improved welfare packages for players, building of privately owned stadia for respective club sides, good medical facilities, top notch security etc and not upgrading a website with new features. Is it bcos our league is so rotten and backward that we celebrate things as so common as this? Have our brains been programmed to celebrating mediocrity bcs of the rot in the system? Hosting a website that makes it easier for ticketing and other fan activities is useless if the league is unattractive and rotten. They should upgrade their facilities first before thinking of collecting money from fans. Fans can only come and watch when things are properly done.

        • Excellent submission @Oakfield, I however commend them because they seems organized and business minded, not because of their new website only, since they started, they have been doing one good thing or the other

          • Oakfield 4 years ago

            @ola, good if they are doing tremendously well in other areas. That’s the kinda thing we want to be celebrating not just upgrading a mere website.

        • Oakfield
          No one climbs a Ladder from the top and there is need for Joy at each progress made
          Vandrezzer has made a huge mark

          • Oakfield 4 years ago

            Of course @ Sam but going by the pedigree of Nigeria in world football, such news is not supposed to make headlines. We aren’t countries like Somalia and jibuti where such things should be celebrated. Nigerian club sides should be celebrating giant strides like “going to the moon” not upgrading a website that only costs less than 350 dollars to do.

        • Ogbonna 4 years ago

          Before we jump into the middle to criticize things we must first of all take a 360 degree look at the situation. Am most certain, you are not aware of what the club has done and is still doing in the NNL. You will say upgrading the playing surface in their home ground is not to be celebrated, or will you say investing in improved training facility and club house should neither be celebrated. Please do more research to know more about this innovative club side. How will football thrive in Nigeria when a club that is built around innovation and commercialization of the sport is not encourage by you. Bro focus on the positive side of life, it cost you nothing

  • One of the best most organized club in the country, keep it up, this is the way to go.

  • @oakfield that is how you guys has been celebrating an average coach. celebrating our position in the latest fifa ranking is nosense.

    • Oakfield 4 years ago

      No one is celebrating rohr, moron. All we’re asking and clamouring for is continuity and excellence devoid of corruption. Present us with an option way better than rohr and u won’t hear pim from us. I hope ur anticlockwise thinking brain is reset now.

      • Guy relax your just an hater. Na only a wicked man will jump to attack goodnews first before commending. Your simply a bitter person.

        • Oakfield 4 years ago

          Have u ever seen a German team , English team, Italian team or in Africa,a south African team, north African team celebrating the hosting of a website with improved features??? I guess, that’s the level your thinking and that’s the level u think u belong bcs u don’t know who u are and what u are worth. Yes, u are right, I am bitter. I am bitter bcs it’s a shame and disgrace that we seem to be celebrating such a thing. It’s very absurd to me bcs I believe I(we) don’t belong to that level. If they change the portal and colour of their website, u can advocate for the declaration of a public holiday.

  • I’m officially a Lion
    We move
    Good one from Vandrezzer
    We hope to see more and better things from the club

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