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Villarreal Celebrate Chukwueze’s ‘Decisive Goal’ Against Bayern Munich

Villarreal Celebrate Chukwueze’s ‘Decisive Goal’ Against Bayern Munich

Villarreal have celebrated Samuel Chukwueze’s goal in Tuesday’s UEFA Champions League quarter-final second leg clash against Bayern Munich, reports Completesports.com.

Chukwueze scored a late equaliser as the Yellow Submarine held their hosts to a 1-1 draw.

Unai Emery’s men progressed to the semi-final 2-1 on aggregate where they will face either Liverpool or Atletico Madrid.

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Bayern Munich took the lead on 52nd minutes through Robert Lewandowski following an error in the Villarreal’s defence.

Chukwueze, who replaced Arnaut Danjuma in 84th minute finished off a fantastic counter-attack by Dani Parejo, driven by Gio Lo Celso and Gerrard Moreno four minutes later.

The LaLiga club took to the social media to celebrate the decisive strike after the game.


@chukwueze_8,”the club tweeted.

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  • Prinxetk 2 years ago

    Being epic is an attitude. Some would have asked Bayern coach to disengage or Munich FA be fired for the 1 all draw. Chukwueze is a reminder Nigeria is a great country. Congrats lad!!!

    • Kunle 2 years ago

      White people don’t have such backward mentality. They usually give allowance to errors knowing that it’s not an impossibility and that is why Roberto Mancini is still the coach of the Azzuri of Italy despite losing out of the World cup.

  • Ebhohimen 2 years ago

    The moment I saw Chukwueze introduced, my gut feelings told me he was going to score and before I ordered for a bottle of spirit (I had a company), 2nd touch was a goal. We merried.

  • Danny 2 years ago

    Ge is now an occasional player, I don’t want to use the word fluke. We saw how he couldn’t gel in his last few games. In all, Chukwueze is doing alright and Eguavoen needs to be reconsidered for the upcoming friendlies before the appointment of a foreign coach if there’s still need for that.

    • John-I 2 years ago

      Wrong, he’s not an occasional player. He’s a good player. Villareal’s approach against Bayern Munich was to sit deep and catch them on the break. Chukwueze is not a preferred player for low-block, the main reason why he didn’t start the two games. When the time was right for a possible counterattack, Unai Emry introduced him and the rest is history. That was a tactical masterclass, not what the daft-Eguaveon did. A coach who doesn’t know how to use his players is a daft coach!

      Eguaveon needed just one goal (in Abuja) to qualify Nigeria for World Cup, yet he left likely goalscorers on the bench for entire 90 munites and played the headless-chicken players which laptop-coaches forced on him. Definition of cluelessness!

      • John-1 tell them that the good fact, I love you sir, you know football

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    We go soon dey FLUSH all these PEOPLE wey go dey PERFORM WONDERS 4 OYIBO MAN LAND but when e come to their PAPA LAND we go dey look 4 dem 4 match…

    We need people with the HEARTS of their MIKEL, AHMED MUSA, IGHALO, OSIMHE, VICTOR MOSES, etc…

    Those GUYS whether HOME or ABROAD dem dey give 100 PERCENT..

  • Congrats Chukwueze! The only SE player standing in the champions league 2022. Wishing you more wins and more trophies in Jesus name, Amen.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Shameless people who are still desperately blaming everyone else but celebrating and exhaulting the failure of Egua-dullard and his 9 fellow apprentice cobblers should go watch Man City 2-2 Liverpool, Bayern 1-1 Villareal, Madrid 2-3 Chelsea to see how football matches get decided from the bench in 2022.

    Olodo coach said he cannot change his tactics in the middle of a match abi na tournament…..LMAOoooo. Black brained coaches will make 5 subs before the 75th minute, yet the team’s play will be deteriorating with each sub….And he calls himself the Technical Director of Nigerian football…..LMAOOo.

    Honestly, whoever cursed us with these retrogressives, agents of backwardness and failures who got us to this point deserves to be appeased for forgiveness. We have now become the dummies and mannequins other teams are going to use/using to play friendlies in preparation for the world cup.

    • Bomboy 2 years ago

      @Dr Drey, I agree with you 100%.

      I am embarrassed that some people are still begging for Eguavoen to come back!

      Wetin dey do us sef?

      The man failed woefully! He underperformed at the AFCON, but I was more than willing to forgive him for many reasons. But losing that game against Ghana is unforgivable.

      God will not be pleased with me if I was bold to speak out against Coach Rohr and yet embrace Eguavoen after seeing what he has to offer.

      I say this without any form of bias or hard feelings: Eguavoen does not have what it takes to coach ANY national side. He was a good footballer but a very poor coach.

      • KENNETH 2 years ago

        Whats there to be embarrassed about, guess he has given you some of ass to lick. Abeg channel your anger to the players that let us down. I will keep repeating it here for those who want to here. Do you want the coach to pause the game to tell a player how to score or how low a goalkeeper should go before a shot is taken. You guys are the ones that are delusional. The man came out with all attack approach. With all the players you have all being begging to come play for Nigeria. What now happened, They were gutless. simple. So leave eguavoen alone. About time some talents in Nigeria needs to be looked in.

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Hahahaha…okponu ayirada…LMAOooo. Was Rohr pausing games to tell players how to score…when we were qualifying for tournaments with games to spare and finishing on the podium at AFCON?

          Within 3 months failures took over the team and got bundled out of both AFCON and the world cup and retard-destiny child is here praising them……LMAOOoo

          Imbecile does not know it is through intelligent tactics opposition defences are opened up and chances created in numbers for teams to score.

          Olodo servant of Olodo coaches. Coaches who did not know the opponents had changed tactics until their players went to tell them.

          All out attack approach indeed…..LMAooo. All out attack approach that could nt produce 1 goal in 3 consecutive games….LMAOOoo. All out attack approach that resulted in colossal failures we have not witnessed since 1982……LMAOOoo.

          Go and bring your family members in Nigeria to play for the SE please….LMAOooo…about time some talents in Nigeria needs to be looked into indeed…LMAOooo

          • KENNETH 2 years ago

            Parrot how far, Why Rorh never get job. It’s going to 5 months now. Since he doesn’t pause games. Abeg make we here word. Hope your cage for Zoo is very warm, because it seems you freezing right about now. Maybe they need to move ur cage to the basement, so your brains can warm up a bit. idiot keep mentioning failures took over the team, bros they only lost one game so far. Your Mr spare us games should have been on the list of many nations.

  • Samu,you are the best and thank you for introducing me to the yellow submarines since 2019 when you equalised Barcelona’s 4goals ,since then I have been following your works at Villa real..And last night I was asking my self why you were still on the bench while the game is at 80th minute..May God helps you and the entire Villa real team to smell from the region of higher concertration in the UEFA champions league ….#liverpool fan#

  • pompei 2 years ago

    “White people” hire the best coaches their money can buy. They don’t hire based on favoritism and nepotism.
    They don’t owe coaches salaries and players bonuses.
    They provide their players with good pitches to play on, and adequate healthcare.
    They don’t interfere with player selection. They are competent in carrying out their administrative duties. And so on.
    That is why when the “white people” fail after having DONE THEIR BEST TO SUCCEED, their people are willing to give them another try.
    Our own case is completely different!
    It is not BACKWARD MENTALITY to demand competence from our administrators. If they can’t do the job, as evidenced by nonperformance of work and awful results, it is not BACKWARD MENTALITY to expect them to be replaced.
    It is BACKWARD MENTALITY to continue to make the same mistakes over and over again without attempting to change for the better. That is the greatest BACWARD MENTALITY.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    Chukwueze is a fast, skillful player. His weaknesses are poor technique and inability to use his right foot.
    Looking at the goal he scored against Bayern, the way he kicked the ball was very poor technique. He was lucky the ball went in. He did not hit the ball with the usual control you expect to see at this level. He kicked the ball INTO THE GROUND, and the ball ricocheted into the Bayern net. Very little, if any control.
    Look at Chukwueze’s colleagues in world football. Lefty players who play the same wing with him like Salah, Mahrez, Pepe, Kulusevski, Di Maria, Mbeumo of Brentford, and so on. Most of these guys are not as fast and skillful as Chukwueze, but they are more technical in their interpretation of the game, and CAN USE THEIR RIGHT FOOT WHEN NECESSARY.
    At the end of the day, we can continue to deceive ourselves, comparing Chukwueze to Messi and CR7, or we can advice him to buckle up and add the necessary improvements and adjustments to his game.
    This is the same Chukwueze that terrorized Real Madrid and Barcelona not too long ago. Why is he not so visible nowadays?
    Defenders have figured him out. They can predict his next move, so if he can’t use his pace and gragra to get by, he is done. Finished.
    He must add to his game if he wants to be among the best in the business.
    He needs to keep working hard to make necessary improvements to his football.

  • Bomboy 2 years ago

    We sacked an average coach and replaced him with the worst coach we could find.

    I am utterly embarrassed.

    And to add insult to injury, some weird persons have shown up in this forum calling for the reinstatement of the worst coach (Eguavoen) that has ever coached our Super Eagles.

    God have mercy.

  • Shuma 2 years ago

    This is more on Emery being a tactician than Chukwueze. He is better coming of the bench than being a starter. He was a starter under Emery but his quality was going down when he just dribbled the ball and gave bad passes. The biggest mistake a coach can make is turn a bench player into a starter, unless the starter is injured so the bench player has to take the person place. Kelechi came of the bench and scored against man utd. He started in the conference league and he did nothing.

    • e dey pain you@Shuma; jealousy.

      Even if Chukwueze played for only 1minute and scored the winning goal, his name will still be written with gold in the anals of Champions league quarter finals goal scorers!

      Upon all what Atletico Madrid played to score just 1 goal vs Man City at same Champions league QF, they could not get it.

      It’s only a wicked and envious nincompoop that don’t appreciate and celebrate good things. Why are your so called “starters” not in the Champions league semis now???

      Samuel Chukwueze is making career advancement everyday. Can anyone mention a single player (even Messi and Ronaldo) that doesn’t have a weakness?

      Let’s celebrate Chukwueze first of all and encourage him to do more. Simple!!!

      Congratulations Samuel Chukwueze!!! Deal with that!

  • Congratulations Samuel CHUKWUEZE!!!

    Haters deal with that…. Nincompoops!

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