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Where To Sell Your Bitcoin For Naira: Koyn App

Where To Sell Your Bitcoin For Naira: Koyn App

Koyn is the number one app in Nigeria for converting bitcoin to naira automatically. It is currently the goto app for Nigerians since the ban of binance p2p in the country. It’s fast, reliable and very easy to use and as a first time user, you can sell your bitcoin and receive your funds without having to do any KYC.

Most people use Koyn because of how secure it is but I personally use the app because of the speed and how simple the interface is. Even a crypto newbie can use the app without any confusion.

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Here’s what people think of the Koyn App


Why Koyn is the best app for anything bitcoin to Naira

Security: Koyn uses the best encryption standards and advanced cryptographic techniques to secure user data and funds.

Good Rates: One thing that stands out about koyn is the fact that they offer the best rate  for your crypto in Nigeria. Be rest assured that the rate you will get on the app is the best rate possible.

Zero Fees: It’s as simple as that. You won’t be charged a dime for converting your bitcoin to cash on the koyn app. It’s totally free.

Customer support: Be rest assured that you will be attended to at any point in time if you ever face any challenge while using the koyn app.

How to sell bitcoin for cash on the Koyn app

  1. Sign Up: Download the KOYN app and register
  2. Connect Bank: Add your bank account details to your KOYN account for smooth transactions.
  3. Start Transaction: Send your cryptocurrency to the wallet address provided by KOYN.
  4. Automatic Conversion: Once confirmed, KOYN will convert your cryptocurrency to Naira at the best rate and transfer the Naira to your wallet for withdrawal.


Koyn remains the number one app for converting bitcoin to naira. It’s fast, reliable and super easy to use. Download it now and enjoy the best crypto experience in Nigeria.

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  • Chima E Samuels 3 weeks ago

    Will you people be doing these kind of adverts if the founder was alive? Advising people to do transaction with illegal entities. EFCC will clamp you people down very soon and as for those numerous dirty betting adverts flooding your pages that we struggle to read sports news on front page also tells the new values you share on CS.

  • Chima. Though some if the adverts are annoying but you need to look at how much it is costing them to remain online today.

    You need to try set up a simple blog and run it for two years not to talk if a huge website like this.

    I believe they should have checked for the legitimacy of the adverts before they run it.

    Our own way of supporting them and the vision the founder left behind us to tolerate these adverts.

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