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Why Does E-Sports Keep Growing In Popularity?

Why Does E-Sports Keep Growing In Popularity?

It’s fair to say e-sports has been on the rise for a while. Of course, you could suggest it’s been around for a decade or longer, but things have accelerated massively in the e-sports world over the last five or six years, with it becoming a household name. But why does e-sports keep growing in popularity?

One of the first things to note is that a couple of significant hardware releases in the console world have coincided with the acceleration of growth where e-sports is concerned. First, both Sony and Microsoft have dropped the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, respectively. Second, and more recently, the PS5 and Xbox Series X have hit the shelves. Better tech, which the latest consoles are all about, leads to better performance and responsiveness, which benefits anyone playing video games competitively.

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It’s not just hardware that is having a direct impact on the popularity of e-sports, either. It’s software too. We’re now seeing game developers releasing content but designing some, if not all, of a game with competitive play in mind. So, for example, EA Sports, the creators of the hit FIFA series, introduced FUT Champions with e-sports in mind.

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Therefore, there are now many more e-sport ready titles across a range of platforms, including PC and consoles such as Playstation and Xbox. And with more games having to be compatible with competitive play, it means there are more competitions in the form of tournaments, events and leagues.

It’s a global thing too, because, in most instances, e-sports happens over the Internet, especially with the way of the world at present. But, again, this only adds to the popularity of the e-sports scene, as it’s more accessible than ever.

Another element of e-sports, and arguably one of the significant factors behind its rapid rise to the fore, is that if a player possesses a fair amount of talent, they can potentially turn it into a career. Or at least make a living from it. It’s a way of putting your skills to the test and making them work for you, which can apply to people of all ages.

If you’re below the age of 18, for example, you are somewhat restricted in what you can and can’t do in life, with the use of online gambling sites a prime example. However, where e-sports is concerned, you’re not dealing with the restrictions that these types of platforms will naturally impose.

And, while some video games out there are again going to limit players because of the age restrictions they impose. Many e-sport titles don’t. The likes of Fortnite and FIFA are accessible to everyone, and the word accessible is arguably the takeaway point for e-sports and its growing popularity.  E-sports is for people of all ages and backgrounds, and it’s this inclusivity combined with improvements in tech, which means the scene is showing no signs of slowing down.