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2021 AFCON Draw: CAF Seeds Nigeria, Senegal, Cameroon, Algeria, Two Others

2021 AFCON Draw: CAF Seeds Nigeria, Senegal, Cameroon, Algeria, Two Others

The Confederations of Africa Football (CAF) have seeded the Super Eagles of Nigeria, host Cameroon, Algeria, Senegal, Tunisia, and Morocco ahead of Tuesday’s 2021 Africa Cup of Nations draw in Cairo.

Recall that Nigeria qualified from group L ahead of Benin, Lesotho, and Sierra Leone.

The 24 teams that have qualified, will be divided into six groups of four teams each.

The countries were allocated into four pots of six teams each, based on the latest FIFA World Rankings.

The Super Eagles finished in third place at the last AFCON played in Egypt.

The 2021 AFCON will be played from January 9 to February 6 in Cameroon.

The draw at the Palais du Congress will divide the entrants into six groups, from which all the winners and runners-up plus the best four third-placed teams will advance to the knockout phase.

Africa Cup of Nations draw seeding:

Pot 1: Cameroon, Algeria, Senegal, Tunisia, Morocco, Nigeria

Pot 2: Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea

Pot 3: Cape Verde, Gabon, Mauritania, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Guinea-Bissau

Pot 4: Malawi, Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, Comoros, Ethiopia, Gambia

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  • UBFE 1 year ago

    This means we will either face MALI, GHANA, CIV or EGYPT in the group stage….

    Interesting tournament….

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    Best case scenario: Nig, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Malawi
    Worst case scenario: Nig, Ghana, CapeVerde, Comoros
    …and every other thing in between.

    • Paul 1 year ago

      Dr Drey stop the click bait what you wrote is not different from the other Forumites.

    • Mike 1 year ago

      Doctor stop the click bait. You no fit earn money from liking your own comments dozen times or more on CS. I will advise you to open a YouTube channel and be posting fake matches you will get much likes and views that will pay you more than here my brother.

      One love the seeding is good but we are almost loosing future seeding if we continue drawing and loosing matches that we should be winning with our players scoring goals and bossing matches every now and then. Coach Rohr need to sit up and focus on football instead of joining corrupt leaders and neglecting decent players like Ejuke and Bassey that will add depths to the team.

      • JimmyBall 1 year ago

        @Mike… Be careful before someone calls you @JimmyBall clone… Lol. Zeus looms large on this forum… be guided! Hahaha…

        • Mike 1 year ago

          Serniorman I Laff tire when I see the trend of dozen like, I just say wait wetin this one write wey dey generate hype. LMAO this I must be CS Don King battle is now becoming Comic.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          You better be careful before “Mike” too will tell you you are stupid….LMAOOo…the way “1naija” also told you you are stupid….LMAOoooo. Continue fooling yourself ehn….LMAOOo

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hahahahahaha……as if they’ve not exposed themselves as the ones manufacturing likes and dislikes on this forum…..LMAOOo

      Sensible people come to CSN to talk issues, arrogant baboons come to manufacture and count likes and dislikes….LMAOooo…as if like and dislikes adds or remove the sense from whatever has been written in a comment….LMAOooo.

      Even people who have been proven to clone identities and manufacture multiple identities but cant mask their writting signatures too are wailing…..LMAOOOOoo…..Jimmylie, is this your own way of proving Ikpeba had just 2 caps going into USA 94 world up….? LMAOOoo….or that Ikpeba was an understudy to Amunike…..LMAOooo. I have never seen someone so dumb….LMAOooo. So dumb his own clone tells him straight to he eyes “YOU NO GET SENSE”…LMAOoo…So dumb that he himself confessed he is dumb….LMAOooo.

      Drowning men looking for ways to pull down Dr.Drey…..LMAOOO…please keep trying ehn…keep it up….LMAOooo. The God of the just never sleeps. Pikin wey say in mama nor go sleep no go see sleep insef…..LMAOOoo

      • JimmyBall 1 year ago

        @Dr.Drey… I wanted to greet this morning sir… to ask how far with the assignment?

        I decided to wait that Zeus must not be awaken in the morning… Lol. I will make an update, Ikpeba actually played against Ghana in 1994, a friendly, he also played Romania on 25th May, 1994, thats 3weeks before the USA 94 World Cup, I will not be arrogant to not note it when your assignment is adding flesh.

        However… I am not sure but I believe the games against Romania and Georgia were already part of the world cup tune up programme and were tailored to its objectives.

        So again, it can be argued that they were caps earned with a squad already assembled for a purpose… USA 94 World Cup and were caps earned with largely the world cup 22players… in essence, the USA 94 team was already assembled as at May 25, 1994.

        However… I Concede those to Ikpeba… Georgia, Romania and Ghana. We now have 5caps more to go. Please keep it coming, that’s why we yoked you to the task and expect you will deliver with Google and Wikipedia to run…

        We continue… Up @Dr.Drey… IKPEBAS CAPS ARE 5 NOW. But Sweden and Colombia no follow brother Drey. So… on those, you lied to us and yourself. But we understand… Lol

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Go hang yourself with your FAKE sites producing FAKE lineups like Jack Daniels, Johhny Walker and Hennesy as Super Eagles players….LMAOOO.

          Once again, you have never been worth it and will never be worth it.

          Keep sniffing your poop 3 times per hour till you can prove your lies that Ikpeba had just 2 caps till we played England….LMAOOooo.
          Simple assignment that was given to you just to name A SIMPLE 23 MAN SQUAD choke you till tomorrow…..LMAOOoo.

          A well brought up person by now should be apologizing to the CSN community and be hiding somewhere in shame…but for where. Or else would we know you were brought up in street gutters…?

          Get it in your empty brain Ikpeba has at least 9 caps (at least from personal records I as a lay person could lay my hands on) heading to the 94 world cup, so you dont make the same mistakes you made with this your lie in future…..LMAOOoo…Dr.Drey might just not be there to save you….LMAOOooo.

          Ex-footballer who played at the highest level and has been watching football since Abidjan 84 doesnt know the rules of football…..LMAOOOo….until Dr.Drey schooled him properly….LMAOOo

          You aint worth it at all. You just not worth it.

      • JimmyBall 1 year ago

        @Dr.Drey… It’s very wicked not to share details from this personal record of yours with members here o…

        Why are you hiding information. Please share it with us… I will like to correct you sir… It used to be just 22man squad to tournaments back then and USA 94 was 22man squad and not 23man squad sir.

        Godspeed to you as you continue in search for Victor Ikpeba’s remaing ten (10) caps before USA 94…

        Welldone… You are trying! Lol…

        • NA ME TALK AM 1 year ago

          @JimmyBall and Drey … below is the link to all your arguments . You guys can stop the banters now ( Ikepba profile before 94 )


        • NA ME TALK AM 1 year ago

          @ Jimmy .. Yes you are correct , Ikepba was not in the squad for Sweden & Drey was correct that he played against COLOMBIA .


          Now you guys can put an end to all the banters and arguments

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Na me talk am…dont get things twisted. Ikpeba came on in the 2nd half vs Sweden…..the first Karibe Ojigwe sub on was supposed to be Ikpeba on for Finidi. Ojigwe latter subbed on for Sunday Oliseh. That was an error from handlers of the site. Lolz.

            These were names conspicuously missing in the FAKE LINEUP with Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker and a goalkeeper subbing on for an outfield player to make it 2 goalkeeprs of the pitch, that that fool posted as evidence Ikpeba went to USA 94 with just 2 caps.

        • JimmyBall 1 year ago

          …let us not massage anyone’s ego here. Check…


          Link: https://www.11v11.com/matches/colombia-v-nigeria-17-april-1994-245012/

          Only 12players went and played… after AFCON victory.

        • JimmyBall 1 year ago

          @NA ME TALK AM… I feel no one is above mistake and we should own up when we make one… again I believe we should never massage anyone’s ego…. besides, our friend @Dr.Drey has been on a mission over a year with the help of other supportive forumites to try to tag me a liar on this forum…

          Here is a link the Colombia match where a squad of only 12players were hurriedly assembled to just honest the match as most triumphant squad members from directly from Tunisia 1994 conquest could not honour the game.



          View it and listen to the commentator… Why is @Dr.Drey feeling too big to accept information fallibility and accept you shot a scattered bullet on Victor Ikpeba caps from a situation he knows no better?

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago


  • No matter the opponent we can only win with the players having the right mentality…..A winning mentality….They must want it the most and be willing to do anything to get it…..I think we have the players to do it and they just need to be unleashed….. Physicality too is key because this is African football and we can’t afford to be bullied by other countries on the pitch….. with all this factors put in place we should be drinking Hero with that cup in Abuja by next year.

  • tayo 1 year ago

    You have the players to do it and they can do it with winning mentality but your administrator don’t want to pay the coaches and the players as at when dues but the fan want them to win every thing simply cos they have plethora of players with physicality that other countries don’t have as if the said players,coaches don’t eat, don’t have family to cater for but to come and kill themselves on the field just cos the fans want them to win the cup. Hmmmmm! Very funny people.

  • Damilola 1 year ago

    Mike if you are old on this forum you will not be complaining. Oga Dr Drey I throway salute to you sir. You no even look face self you dey give fellow progressive Forumites half a dozen dislikes your winning mentality for internet no get rival. You kill the almighty Jimmy and Chima with your venom and American allies. More power to your elbow Sir Dr Drey Omo9ja is on his way. Ire o……….

    • Mike 1 year ago

      “Half a dozen of dislikes” Omo this one got me most. Dr. Drey what is the address of your hospital before I choke Sir?

    • JimmyBall 1 year ago

      @Damilola… We live in perilous times on CSN. If you dare say something that does not sit well with the Saturn gods… You will have odin’s hammer land on you! Hahahaha… half a dozen dislikes to @Mike and over a dozen likes for Zeus…

      Now you will understand how some of us have been fighting for our lives under our oppressive dictators. We shall overcome! Lol…

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Hehehehe….is this your own way of proving Ikpeba went to USA 94 with 2 caps….LMAOOoo..? Or that Ikpeba was a winger and understudy to Amunike…..LMAOOOo…?
        Shameless fool. 5 whole days on CSN, human being pikin nor fit validate 1 statement from his gutter of a mouth all through. Idiot had 5 WHOLE DAYS to be stupid on CSN but he was busy on a weekend not to watch ANY matches or ANY Highlights….LMAOOo. Bloody Lair. You should be competing with Satan in the art of telling lies.
        Please keep sniffing your poop 3 times every hour TILL THE DAY YOU CAN PROVE Ikpeba went to USA 94 with 2 caps and was an understudy to Amunike…..LMAOOOo.
        Instead of working hard to repair his filthy image, he is working hard to pull down Dr.Drey….LMAOoo Pulling down Dr.Drey must be the only way dumb fool’s thinks his name will be cleared…..LMAOooo

        • Mike 1 year ago

          Dr Drey permit me to use this word “why do you always like to win arguments by force even then this fact says your are wrong sir?” You even insult me above just because I advised you as a younger bro. I know you are not older than 40 because older people will not use loose words like you always do here.

          • JimmyBall 1 year ago

            @Mike… The more you post the more trouble for me. Soon god of CSN will say I am the one posting under your alias… @Mike is another @JimmyBall clone… Wait and see. Lol…

          • Mike 1 year ago

            Hahahaha you make me Laff Sir, Dr Drey is a very contentious person. I use this term because when men are timid they start making excuses to put shame on their counterparts.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            So you that has been watching matches since Abdijan 84 but use loose words like “Anayo bang your woman” or telling people to “dip their fingers into their anus and sniff it”, you are a 10 year old right…? LMAOooo
            Bloody hypocrite…..LMAOooo.

            Bloody bastrad is being fed a pill of his own bitter medicine and is now in severe pains….LMAOOoo….if you think you are useless and have the sole right to be uncouth and irresponsible, the world will show you being uncouth and irresponsible has been in existence long before you were born.

            The more you try deceive yourself, the more you are exposing yourself…..because you can change your name 1000 times but like the smell of a he-goat, you stupidity and hypocrisy can be sensed from a thousand miles away.

            Idiot has switched from 1 naija/ one naija after beign caught red-handed….LMAOooo

            Keep it up ehn….LMAOoooo….Keep it up…..more grease to your damn elbows.

            Your mates have children who are already in high school…….idiot is here fooling around on a sports platfrom.

            Please keep it up…!

        • Big sam 1 year ago

          I pray for favorable draw

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    Any way, I can only wish Super Eagles good luck as a Nigerian because Eagles is the republications of Nigeria situation.

    Nigeria is a big nation without good life and hope but the dream is always there.

    We can’t blame God for this because he has done well for us but we can only blame that among ourselves.

    Hmmm, that is an example of Super Eagles. A team that have so many young talented players and goalies but incompetent NFF and the gaffer are not qualified to lead by example.

    For what I saw in the last Afcon and till today, we should limit our expectations but if you raise your hope and in the end you are wondering why Nigeria team is like this, you have yourself to blame.

    NFF and the coaches are not there because of us but they are there because of themselves.

    NFF that were asking Amunike to come and help the coaching crew because they knew that they were not good enough to delivered.

    The team that won 3rd place in Egypt were good enough to win that tournament but you can’t give what you don’t have.

    We can ask Messi, Mbape and Christian Ronaldo to join our Super Eagles team still, our coaches can’t build a team because of their inability to do so.

    Remember, a team that couldn’t beat Madagascar and Algeria team? We can only beat a Cameroonian team that wasn’t sound enough technically and tactically to beat any top teams in Africa.

    We should think about it before boasting of winning the tournament in Cameroon.

    Hmm. It’s far from settled.

    My point here is, we have the players to win the Afcon trophy but NFF and the coaches are not good enough to be in charge of a team like Super Eagles. It is well. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      “We should limit our expectations” at this afcon. That’s is the advice of the wise one @ mr omo9ja. Loool… Really??! This is exaclty waht you should’ve said before the last afcon that we missed out on 3 painful consecutive occasions. In fact, it was so bad that the nff gave mr rohr the target of just qualifying for afcon and world cup, (nothing more, nothing less) which he eventually did in grand styles. The mechanic coach eventually led the team to almost winning the cup after a long period of lanquishing in the wilderness. A feat that was not envisaged even by his employers. Fast foward to present day, the same mechanic coach has qualified us with games to spare yet again. Now we don’t worry about qualifying for tournies anymore as was the case before. With the aforementioned improvements in a very short period of time, it is very stupid, absurd and foolish for anyone to suggest that our expectations should be limited. This clearly shows the level of ur stupidity which has never been seen before in the history of mankind. You’re really a miserable sick psycho that has refused to be rehabilited.

      • Omo9ja 1 year ago

        Yes really. Oh yeah really!!!

        “With the aforementioned improvements in a very short period of time, it is very stupid, absurd and foolish for anyone to suggest that our expectations should be limited”

        No wonder Nigeria is in the real mess like this kę.

        No wonder we have bn brainwashed that this is how the country will be forever.

        The rich is richer while the poor is poorer each and every day and no solution to the problem. The youth like you is part of the Nigeria problem.

        Ah, bia. Five years is not enough to build a team if I may ask?

        What do you talking about here sir?

        Hmmm. Oga Oakfield, be careful because you are passing your boundary.

        Bn a good coach it’s more that qualifying a country to every competition.

        If coach Westerhof were able to manage Eagles to win Gold medal within the five years then no excuses for the current gaffer not to deliver the same gold medals in Egypt and up to date we still have so many young players than that of coach Westerhof and Jo Bonfrere.

        Am I making sense to you sir?

        To prove that to you once more, if to qualify to tournament without any achievement is what you and your company called a big achievement, Messi and C. Ronald wouldn’t injured themselves because of the continental trophies.

        Look my old friend Oakfield, deep down inside you, you understand that I am saying the truth but just because you have no choice, you don’t care about Nigeria, you are using inability of the NFF to pay our players their allowances owed to them as an excuse.

        What the did Eagles achievement before now under our most highly ranked coach over the past five years?

        I will try my possible best to educate you and your type that believes the coach still needed more time to put the team together to form a team after five years of his services with Super Eagles.

        Before I go, how many years did new Chelsea coach spent with the team before winning trophy?

        How many trophies he has won so far?

        So, who is fooling who?

        Think about and digest it wella until you understand. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • JimmyBall 1 year ago

    Breaking news… @Dr.Drey works for CSN and deletes comments that counters him and lay bare some of his incongruent and false positions on facts… he deleted my contacts listing credible links to stats and lineups as well substitutions made in two of Nigeria’s friendlies against Sweden and Colombia yesterday… It was a post I made after he continued falsely saying Victor Nosa Ikpeba played against Sweden and Colombia which remains an emphatic lie.

    I posted the comment and asked every one here to check themselves by my friend @Dr.Drey… deleted the comment after reading it to see how it exposed his position as lies and misleading on those games… being naturally egoistic, he did not want to be shamed into eating his own words.

    He has come today to make reference to that sane post which no longer exist in CSN archives under the headline of “Super Eagles Drops Positions in Recent Ranking”.

    He replied me last two days in our heated exchanges that he has discovered I clone people’s aliases that he has mapped and marked my MAC address as well as IP address… though I don’t do that but how can he make such a comment if he is not an insider with CSN?

    I posted my comment and read it as posted… and feeling it will be taken down by him, went back after about an hour to read same posted comment and found truly according to my hunches… it was not their anymore.

    We are under his dictates here… He is also the Saturn god… aka Zeus doing quick multiple thumbs up and down on comments here depending on how they appeal to his ego… Lol.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hahahaha…..Dr.Drey is not longer a teenager who is looking for admission in the university….. LMAOOO
      Dr. Drey is not longer a jobless graduate…. LMAOoo.
      Dr. Drey is no longer a 35year old playing draft in alimosho local government.
      Dr. Drey is no longer the 40year old who sells akara at Ajegunle…. LMAOOO.
      This is how the devil punishes people who want to compete with him in evil.
      As the saying goes…..he whom the gods want to punish, the first strike with madness.
      I don’t think it is out of place for you to drop your “white wife’s” personal info here o……so that we can call her and explain the local sacrifice she needs to go to your village and carry on your behalf in order to cure your impending madness.

      Dr. Drey is a staff of CSN….. LMAOOO.
      You that has been rigmaroling for 5 days, unable to substantiate ALL that’s has come out of your gutters, you are a staff of NSC ey….?! LMAOoo.

      Your lies have become too many that they are threatening to shut down CSN’s host domain.

      Go and work on repairing your filthy and damaged image rather than working hard to bring down Dr.Drey.

      Bloody fool.

  • JimmyBall 1 year ago

    … Hahahaha. I just tried to post twice and my comment was marked for moderation and removed. It’s a video to the game against Colombia in 1994. Drey is really working hard to limit my posts here… hahaha… Wow!


    Short clip to the game… Ikpeba no dey there. Hahahaha.

    • Mike 1 year ago

      @JimmyBall I have advised Dr Drey to open a YouTube channel and get more clickbaits because he will not earn shishi on complete Sports. Boy can lie for hell to break loose.

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      But jimmy ball, one can’t really decipher the players on the short video clip u just posted. U can’t present that as whatever evidence if you’re trying to prove a point. It’s just a short clip of about 60 secs and the pic is blurred. If he’s there or not, nobody can really say bcs what u posted want clear enough. So, why post such a “meaningless video”????

      • Mike 1 year ago

        Dr Drey admit that you are wrong stop using different i.d to defend yourself jare. Facts don’t lie @Na Me Talk Am self has done is own research. Clickbaits must be applied to filter your antics so that sport people can have a friendly atmosphere.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Its beacuse he is stupid. He himself openly admitted and confessed he is dumb. His own clown told him “YOU NO GET SENSE”. What other evidence does anyone need to see how stupid an idiot he is…? LMAOOo.

        His lying majesty wants to repair his own filthy image by pulling down Dr.Drey whose own battles is being fought by a God of the just….LMAOOoo

      • JimmyBall 1 year ago

        @Oakfield… Listen to the commentary if your phone’s volume is audible. The commentator, a whiteman said… a hurriedly assembled team of 12playera… 11 outfield players including goalkeeper and one substitute… Listen yourself and open the link I posted… it tallies.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Hahahahaha…..I guess your commentator also said victor ikpeba was not in the sqaud….LMAOOo.

          Keep on sniffing your shit 3 times every one hour….LMAOoo

          All of Ikpeba’s caps must reduce to 2 by force……LMAOOoo

        • Oakfield 1 year ago

          I am surprised u could post something like this. The commentator did not mention ‘specifically ‘ that ipkeba was not in the squad.. U shouldn’t post such a shallow and empty piece of evidence to prove a point in an argument. That he stated ‘ a hurriedly assembled squad” does not support ur argument in any way bcs he didn’t mention the subject matter.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Leave the idiot biko….. Ikpeba’s Caps must reduce to 2.
            The hurriedly assembled team we assembled to face Cameroon in the last friendlies must also be an indication Paul Onuachu or Iheanachor or any of the rest who played did not feature in the game….. LMAOOO.
            When someone has been sniffing his own poop for 2 straight days just to chalk off all Ikpeba’s caps b4 and after USA 94 to 2, you can expect such innuendos and Fake lineups from crocked sites… LMAOOO.

            Operation “IKPEBA’S CAPS MUST FALL” is in progress. Please do not disturb

          • JimmyBall 1 year ago

            @Oakfield are you still here egging your friend on to more embarrassment? The problem is that some of you who are @Dr.Drey’s fans dont actually help him with attitude like this… he is here asking: who is “Nwigwe?”… who is “Folorunso Okenla?” Go to jupiter and come back… Ikpeba never played in Nigeria vs sweden… and Nigeria vs Colombia… the commentator does not neeed to mention Ikpeba’s name because he did not attend the game… it was a game played exactly one week after Tunisia 1994 ended and all the stars from the main squad had been decamped… Folorunso Okenla and Tony Nwigwe used to be Super Eagles fringe players back then… league top scorer at one time,those were the sort of guys summoned by westerhoff for the trip to Colombia and that was why they could only raised twelve (12) players for the trip to colombia as most regulars went back to their clubs after the victory reception in Nigeria…

            @Dr.Drey… Tony Nwigwe used to play for Iwuanyanwu Nationale of Owerri… Folorunso Okenla on the other hand used to be Samuel Okwaraji’s room mate during camping right from around 1988. Trying to educate Zeus on anythings is pointless… it will be interesting to know this guy Drey in real life… what an obnoxious egoist!

            One love forumites…

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahahaha…the commentator did not mention Ikpeba’s name….so tell us the name of the players he mentioned played the game…..LMAOOoo.

            Your Fake links with Fake Lineups conjured names they could scamper around for, just to fill up space….LMAOooo…they even had to go and ressurrect long retired Foluso Okenla’s name to fill up the gaps. I am sure the Nwigwe, Apkele, obanor, orji do not have full names and positions…..LMAOOooo. What a perfect line-up

            The same site missed out Oliseh and Ojigwe’s names from their fake list for the Sweden match but included Emma Okocha who had long ended business with the Super Eagles since the early days of Westerhoff and a phantom Franck Daniels who was subbed off for Ike Shorunmun to make it 2 goalkeepers on the pitch at the same time….LMAOOooo

            And somebody says Wikipedia was not reliable just because they omitted records of OTHER PLAYERS AND NOT IKPEBA’s numbers……LMAOooo.

            His lying majesty is claiming Tunisia AFCON players were decamped but Uche Okafor and Nduka Ugbade’s names are conspicuously present in the Fake Lineup he wants to use to validate his lies…..LMAOOO. I guess those 2 werent Tunisia 94 players….they must have been Argentina 78 players……LMAOOOo.

            If your logic of “hurriedly assembled squad ” were to hold water, would it not be fringe players who were already part of the set up but weren’t getting game-time like the Ikpeba’s, Shorunmu’s, Ugbade’s, Babalade’s, Imengers etc that would been hurriedly shipped off to go play…? Instead of strange names who had ZERO, I mean ZERO association with the SE of the Westerhof era…..LMAOOooo. If Nwigwe was the league top scorer at that time, Akpele must be the league’s best Leftback or DM at that time and Obanor must be the leagues best attacking midfielder, the father or Erhun Obanor whom Keshi took to CHAN 2014…….LMAOOoooo. They even had to go and ressurect Folorunso Okenla’s name after years of retirement from the national team into their list in order to fill up space…..LMAOOOo. The promoters of your link do well o. Ressurecting retired players’ names to fill up squad lineups because they can lay hands on documented records……LMAOOooooo.

            Pls where is Prof. Offiali the greatest historian to come and tell us who Akpele, Orji, Obanor, Frank Daniels etc were in Nigerian football folklore circa 1994……LMAOOOoo

            But Wikipedia became automatically invalid simply because OTHER PLAYERS’ (not Ikpeba’s) where not fully captured…..LMAOOOooo

            “OPERATION IKPEBA’S CAPS MUST FALL TO 2 IN PROGRESS”……with fake lineups, cooked up stories and more lies….LMAOOoo.

            Somebody is really working hard, sniffing his won poop 3 times hourly to look for EVERY MEANS to delete all IKPEBA’s records for Nigeria so that his lies of 2 CAPs before and after USA 94 can stand.

            Bravo…..more grease to you nostrils, because e bet they must be peelings now after sniffing shit for 2 days….LMAOOoooo

            Once again, you aint worth it

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hohahahaha…greatest fool of all times…Ngwa list the 11 starters and 7 substitutes in your 40 seconds clip above na….LMOAOOOOo.

      I suppose Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker and John Jameson are the ones playing (according to your FAKE website with FAKE lineups).

      Stupid idiot is still sniffing his poop 3 times every hour trying to look for ways to chalk off all Ikepba’s caps to suit his lies that Ikpeba went to USA 94 with only 2 caps….LMAOOoo.

      I thought you claimed you have been watching football since Abidjan 84, have a strong memory and dont consult google…..LMAOOoo…talk his cheap.

      Pls keep sniffing your poop OK, keep sniffing it hard….LMAOOo

      • Mike 1 year ago

        Dr Drey can you go and search for the first eleven and bench? So that you can silence JimmyBall and win the trophy for best researcher.

      • JimmyBall 1 year ago

        @Dr.Drey… Nigeria just honored that Colombia game in 1994 for formality. The number of players were 12 in all including goal keeper… See the link here. No shame in accepting you were not informed on this one and made hasty assertion without proper checks or you were just deliberately lying to yourself still after you discovered you were wrong thinking I had no links to those games… help yourself and listen to the commentary of the clip… it’s a Whiteman talking and not me… Lol.


        I hope you will take it back that I have never supplied any FAKE websites delisting Victor Ikpeba caps here on CSN.

        @NA ME TALK AM… Now you see the problem with your friend @Dr.Drey… the dude will never accept he made a mistake. I don’t think it’s his nature to… which is very bad.

        One love… I don’t finish with Zeus… Lol.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Hahahahaha…please tell us who are the Akpeles, Nwigwes, Obanors, Orjis in your fake LINEUP….with folorunso okenla who had long retired from international football..LMAOOoo.
          Was that not the same site that omitted the likes of Sunday Oliseh, Victor Ikpeba and Karibe Ojigwe from the Sweden game only to list Jack Daniels, Johnny walker and sub off an onfield player for a goal keeper with another goalkeeper still playing…? LMAOooo.

          Pls keep on sniffing your shit ehn……LMAOooo….keep sniffing it and looking for fake lineups till you eventually succeed in chalking off Ikpeba’s caps to just 2….LMAOOo.

          First it was “exhibition/sendforth game”….then “hurriedly assembled team”….then it became “3weeks before the USA 94 World Cup and already part of the world cup tune up programme and were tailored to its objectives…”

          Ikpeba’s caps must reduce to 2 by fire by force ehn.

          Please keep on sniffing your poop 3 times every hour while thinking of more lies and innuendos to reduce Ikepba’s caps to 2….LMAOOO

          Incase you have forgotten you lie, here’s a re-cap

          “…he has only had two(2) documented caps for Super Eagles… his never kicked a ball at USA 94 and only made his 3rd cap again against England…” LMAOOOOooo.

          He only had 2 caps yen yen yen yen yen.

          Keep sniffing your poop ehn. Hopefully someday you will be able to reduce about 10 caps to 2….LMAOooo.

          It must be your spirit and that of all your clones that played in all those matches

        • Femi 1 year ago

          You and drey gat stop all this arguement here, is getting boring men, we keep reading same long epistle from you guys.

      • Femi 1 year ago

        Dr.drey you and jimmy need stop this arguement , is getting tiring with long epistle , you guys should argue and move to next topic pls.

        • JimmyBall 1 year ago

          @Femi… It’s not an argument. He made a mistake and won’t accept it… I am trying to help him. As you can see he is the one insulting and I am just responding to his questions as he refuses to stop… @Dr.Drey… The full names are:

          Julius Irabor Akpele… Former player of Stationary stores and later Iwuanyanwu Nationale… If you were already mature and following Nigeria football of the 90s, you will know anyone who plays for either Stores or Nationale has got bad ball skills… So it’s obvious Akpele must have been badass in those times.



          Folorunsho Okenla was still playing for Montreal impact when he earned that cap against Colombia, it’s documented he has five(5) in total starting aginst Algeria in Maroc 88.

          So… You are wrong @Dr.Drey sir… folorunsho Okenla was not yet retired at that time. You will sound more serious if you make statements of facts and not what you think… One love.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          “…You will sound more serious if you make statements of facts and not what you think…” The way you have sounded serious for 5 straight days without being able to substantiate ANY statement from your gutters right….????

          Retirement from international football now looks like, reads like, sounds like and mean retirement for football in your ears after receiving blows to your head for 5 straight days….LMAOOooo

          Hahahaha…..you still have the nerve to go and copy the same wiki links that you rejected because some players’ infos were not properly documented….? LMAOOO. Your wiki link that is now telling us Okenla, who had retired from international football by the early days of westerhof’s reign, started and Ended his national team career in 1994 and had only 1 cap…. LMAOOO…I guess that one cap must be the one Vs Colombia as mentioned by your commentator and documented by your fake site with cooked up names of Nigeria affiliated players just to fill up places because they couldn’t lay their hands on hard facts….. LMAOoo.
          Akpele is Julius Irabor Akpele….. LMAOOOO. I guess Orji must be the Augustine Chukwudifu Orji who played from Gabros and later moved to Enugu Rangers…..and Obanor must be David Omorodion Obanor who used to play for NNB in Benin and later moved to Bendel Insurance…… LMAOoo.

          See desperation of the highest order….. Complete Idiot quickly copied and pasted the link without even looking through it…. LMAOOOO

          Ikpeba’s caps MUST reduce to 2 by fire by thunder o…. hahahaha.

          The one Vs Georgia was chalked off because ignorant baboon didn’t know substitutions in friendlies weren’t limited until mid 2000s…. LMAOoo

          The ones Vs Colombia and Sweden also chalked off because his fake site with fake lineups refused to acknowledge the likes of Ikpebas, Olisehs, Ojigwes and others who featured then but Just filled up spaces with names with Nigerian connections…. LMAOOOO.

          Matches against Romania and Ghana were chalked off because they were “too close to the world cup”….. LMAOoo…how that invalidates the fact that Ikpeba had them all before and after USA 94 beats imagination….. LMAOoo.

          See desperation…. LMAOoo

          Now it is a link that shows Okenla started his international career in 1994 and ended it same 1994 with just 1 cap that decorated baboon wants to use chalk off Ikpeba’s caps.

          You go sniff your shit tire till you begin cough blood…. LMAOoo….you hear….???? LMAOoo

          Pls keep on sniffing your poop 3 times every one hour o….if you dare stop, thunder strike you dead…. LMAOoo

          Make sure you sniff it well well while you are still looking for more lies and innuendos to cook up to prove to the world that Ikpeba had just 2 caps going to the world cup in USA and after until he earned a 3rd cap against England.

          If you run out of poop, kindly meet @Igbekun Abo (shit full plate) to loan you some more…. LMAOoo

          I already foretold you will look for plenty of nonsense to rigmarole and summertumble your way into more and more disgrace and you didn’t disappoint one bit…. LMAOoo….abi nor be Jimmylie….??? LMAOoo.

          Keep on sniffing your poop at intervals until you can defend all of your lies that Ikpeba was a winger who was understudy to Amunike and went to USA 94 with only 2 caps….. LMAOoo

          Ex-footballer wey don dey watch ball since Abidjan 84 and has computer memory that he doesn’t consult internet….. LMAOoo he has been posting all sorts of links including from the same Wiki he rejected just to limit Ikpeba’s caps to 2…… LMAOOO.

          Yio ba awon babanla re lai..!

          I won’t take this your rigmaroling and summertumbling with you into a new week….. LMAOOOO….you’ve already spent 5 solid days on CSN without EVER concretely and decisively validating ANY of your claims.
          There are better human beings who need my time, energy, resources and kind attention.

          If you like tell us Ikpeba never even played for Nigeria….you will never hear PIM from me. It you like curse till another earthquake occurs in Germany, I will never respond on this or any related issues.

          Because like I said before, you ain’t just worth it, and you’ve not disappointed….you have really proven you aren’t….. LMAOoo.

          Imagine the desperation with lies, cooked up stories, false lineup and all sorts of innuendos…. LMAOOO.

          Go and fetch your Prof. Tamuno Offiali you come and support your with more historical lies ehn.

          Meanwhile, don’t stop sniffing your poop o. Keep sniffing it Maza masa, Kia Kia, oya oya…. LMAOoo…till you find every innuendo you can find to prove Ikpeba was Amunike’s understudy as a winger and went to USA 94 with just 2 “documented” caps….. LMAOOO.

          Please nobody should disturb o. “OPERATION IKPEBA’S CAPS MUST FALL TO 2” is in progress…. LMAOoo

          Good morning good people of CSN and have a blessed week ahead.

          The just shall live by faith.

          • JimmyBall 1 year ago

            You are still talking… Man you no get shame at all.

            People don know you finish…

            You who does not know who Tony Nwigwe is…

            Submit Victor Ikpebas missing caps… Lol.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Ikpeba has no missing caps…he had just 2 “documented” caps before and after USA 94 and only earned his 3rd cap against England….LMAOOooo.

            Oversabi don sniff shit sotay e begin vomit blood……LMAOOoo…sotey he no know when e go paste link wey say Okenla debuted for Nigeria in 1994….LMAOOoooo….person wey don retire from international football years before and ended his club career in 1993….LMAOooo. But he has been watching football since Abidjan 84 o….LMAOoooo

            The same wikipedia he was condemning was the one he resorted to in a futile and failed attempt to chalk off all Ikpeba’s caps….LMAOOOoooo

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            This is the professional profile of the Julius Irabor Akpele that your FAKE SITE listed in its FAKE LINE UP vs Colombia

            Julius Irabor Akpele

            Place of Birth : Lagos (Nigeria)
            Playing Position Defence/Stopper
            Nationality : Nigerian

            PLAYING CAREER
            2007-2008 JCT
            2006-2007 Salgaocar SC, Goa
            2004-2006 JCT
            2003 Viborg FC, Denmark 2003 (Six Months)
            1999-2002 W.K.P. Lech Poznan (Poland)
            1996-1998 Iwuayanwu Nationale FC Owerri (Nigeria)
            1992-1995 Stationery Stores FC (Nigeria)
            1991-1992 NPA FC (Nigeria)

            2006-2007 2nd Div. League Champion (Salgaocar SC Goa)
            1997 African Champions League Quarter finalist 1997
            1997 League Champion
            1994 African Champions League Semi-finalist 1994
            1993,1996 F.A. Cup Silver Medallist
            1993 League Champion

            INTERNATIONAL HONOURS – Nigeria Senior National Team (Super Eagles)
            Nigeria Vs. Congo
            Nigeria Vs. Sudan,
            Nigeria Vs. Ethiopia
            Nigeria Vs. Congo
            Invitation Tournaments in Bangkok (Thailand)

            But your site with FAKE LINEUPS hurriedly shoved names like his and others including a retired Okenla and a phantom Frank Daniels in lineups in order to fill up gaps at the detriment of the Ikpebas, Ojigwes, Olisehs and others who actually featured in those games…..LMAOOooo.

            Abeg make I relax watch match dis night o jare….instead of wasting my energy on people who arent worth it….LMAOOO

            “OPERATION IKPEBA’S CAPS MUST FALL TO 2” ……. LMAOoo…by fire by thunder

  • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

    After playing 6 very competitive WorldCup qualifiers and possibly a few friendlies, we should be able to have a very good idea of our opponents in Cameroon. The most important thing is to get our house back in order by taking care of outstanding emoluments.

    As for this SuperEagles I think they’re on their way to claim glory in Cameroon. That is my enthusiastic hope for now. I’m absolutely certain that the SuperEagles will rise to the occasion in Yaoundé.

    The road is going to be very challenging, but this team is growing with experience and reaching their peak at a very crucial time. Qualifying for the Mundial is non negotiable with our pedigree.

    All our hopefuls are doing well at their various club sides in Europe. The team that will knockout the SuperEagles in Cameroon must really earn it and must be an Ogbongẹ team. You can underestimate the SuoerEagles at your own peril. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE#

    • Omo9ja 1 year ago

      @Ayphillydegreat, you are too funny lolz. Well that is your own opinion and I have to respect that and I pray so. I can’t wait to see the trophy in Abuja by God’s grace.

      Hmmm. Who don’t like better thing? Nobody.

      I can’t stop laughing reading your comment this evening my lovely friend.

      “After playing 6 very competitive WorldCup qualifiers and possibly a few friendlies, we should be able to have a very good idea of our opponents in Cameroon. The most important thing is to get our house back in order by taking care of outstanding emoluments”.

      I hope you watched the match against Cameroon ba?

      Compare that to Siasia’s team that NFF didn’t pay a cobo at the Olympics still they played their lives on the pitch and in the end, they won Bronze medals.

      I am not in support of that NFF, nobody should work for free but you people are the one supporting them to behave like this.

      Imagine, at this stage, you are still in support of the gaffer to continue and when he reaches the competition he will fall our hands again.

      The new song that you people are singing every where now is the money owed to our players abi?

      Before the money owed to them nkó? Did they win anything meaningful?

      Well, as I said above, that is your view.

      How long shall we be lying to ourselves for?

      Deceiving ourselves to this point and we still deceiving ourselves, shall we continue this way my friend Ayphillydegreat?

      Fingers crossed. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

        “Imagine, at this stage, you are still in support of the gaffer to continue and when he reaches the competition he will fall our hands again”.

        Don’t worry when we reach the bridge we will cross it. At this stage I don’t know who else you expect me to support if at all you are reasonable at all. A coach that has met the targets set to him at the moment is who I will support my friend. The fact that most of our hopefuls are playing regularly in Europe is down to the gaffer wether you and your die hard regressives accept that or not. The Dennis all of you are celebrating just yesterday was given his SuperEagles debut while still playing in Belgium.

        At least before the money owed to them they qualify for a third straight major tournament under his watch so what are you talking about?? I’m sure at this important according to feelers from NFF the outstanding payments will be taken care of. If you like go and buy a Cameroon jersey to support them at the AFCON that’s your own problem. All I know is that Gernot Rohr has produced a very good SuperEagles team that will stand the test of time over the next decade.

        I’m absolutely optimistic that my SuperEagles is going for glory in Cameroon. Until we actually crash to a team genuinely better than us I will continue to be optimistic. Ire ooo. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE#

        • Omo9ja 1 year ago

          Ahahahahahaha. This is why I love this Ayphillydegreat. He always making himself happy lol.

          As I said earlier sir, I respect your opinion on this.

          I love our Super Eagles to win it but didn’t we have better team at the last Afcon why we didn’t win it?

          Why Algeria team were hard to be cracked in that tournament and up to this moment?

          The Algerian team is not better than our team but what the team have over our team is their coaches.

          They study their opponents really well and they play together as a team with a purpose.

          That makes the difference my old friend.

          You ask the gaffer why we were beaten twice when we played Algeria.

          Our coaches are not good enough to play against a discipline and organized team period.

          Limit your expectations and just watch the tournament in Cameroon with fun and peace of mind.

          I will be happy to see our Oga Rohr winning the tournament for sure as a Nigerian but the chances are very slim because of his inability to read game, wrong substitutions and later substitutions.

          I do not hate him but instead of wasting another ticket for nothing, let’s and NFF allow Amunike, Egbo and Marnu Gerba be the men to lead this current Super Eagles team to the next Afcon and world cup.

          No time to waste time my lovely friend. Do have good night
          and may God bless us all. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

            Don’t forget majority of the Algerian team have been together since 2013 under Vahid Halilhodžić. They reached their prime at the AFCON in Egypt in 2019. Don’t be surprised that Algeria may find it difficult in Cameroon. They may not even make it out of the group stage. Just watch out and see. Even if they remain a solid team they won’t beat the SuperEagles anytime we meet at the AFCON mark my words. You’re not making any sense with your Amunike and Egbo to come and take us to promise land. Stop living in fantasy. They’re not in any way better than Oliseh who ran away. Maybe Amunike can work with a foreign coach, but for him to take the sole responsibility is tantamount to retuning us to the days of missing 3 out of 4 AFCONS.

  • SAMUEL 1 year ago

    GROUP A :Cameron
    Cape Verde

    GROUP B : Algeria

    GROUP C : Senegal

    GROUP D : Tunisia
    Ivory coast
    Equatorial Guinea

    GROUP E.: Nigeria
    Guinea Bissau

    GROUP F : Morroco
    Burkina Faso
    Sierra Leone

    Guys these are the groups,just mark today it will be exactly like these.

  • pompei 1 year ago

    When our lads step into the pitch in the Nigeria jersey, what motivates them to give their best?
    Not the NFF or the Sports Ministry. Hehehehehe, that makes me laugh. If it was only these two that were the deciding factors, the players would stay away.
    The players play for 2 reasons:
    1) To advance their personal careers.
    2) For the fans, who love them so much.
    Our people say – BETTER SOUP, NA MONEY KILL AM.
    I’m flabbergasted when I read comments that we are making excuses for Rohr and the players when we keep harping on nonpayment of their entitlements. Are you kidding me?
    How many of you regressives will continue to work if you are owed just one month salary? Rohr and the players are being owed substantial amounts!
    And you regressives want them to go and win Afcon and world cup, no matter what?
    Yes, the players will try their very best to win these competitions, for themselves and for the fans. But if they fail, we must first apportion blame to our greedy, incompetent officials who are sitting on funds that should have been disbursed a long time ago to whom it is due. How can anyone expect the best from a worker who is not compensated for his work? How? To me, it is tantamount to an insult. These guys are professionals. They play football for a living. Not paying them implies that their time and effort is not valued. And nobody will appreciate it if they are treated like that. Nobody! How can we expect the best from the coach and the players in this situation?
    Rohr will not be Nigeria coach forever. He will go next year.
    I continue to observe to see which coach that is worth his salt that will be willing to come coach Nigeria WITHOUT STABLE, DEPENDABLE COMPENSATION TERMS. Of course, all the quality coaches will refuse to work in such circumstances. Our next move will be to turn to Nigerian coaches, or ex internationals. some of them are upright and will try to do things right, but most of them will take us back to the days of PAY AND PLAY and PLAYER AGENT, because MAN MUS WACK, AND NA WHERE MAN DEY WORK MAN GO FIND SOMETHING CHOP. That is how they will be surviving since their salaries will surely go unpaid. And the result will be that our football will once again end up in the toilet. Qualifying for tournaments will become agonizing, nail biting affairs once more. Calculator sales will skyrocket, as fans seek to calculate how Ghana must beat Benin by at least 2 goals, but not lose to Togo, before Nigeria can qualify for tournament!

  • If you believe Nigeria won’t leave the group stage, shout Hallelujah

  • pompei 1 year ago

    A quote often used by Ken Gaddafi on KON back in the day.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Yea…..the great old days of jolly great minds.
      Not nowadays when nicompoops come here to count and cry about likes and dislikes….LMAOooo