2022 WCQ: CAF Official Dies After Allegedly Attacked By Angry Abuja Fans

2022 WCQ: CAF Official Dies After Allegedly Attacked By Angry Abuja Fans

CAF doping officer Dr. Joseph Kabungo from Zambia, has lost his life after he was allegedly attacked by angry Abuja fans in Tuesday’s 2022 World Cup qualifying playoffs between Nigeria and Ghana, reports zambianfootball.co.zm.

The Black Stars sealed qualification to this year’s World Cup after holding the Eagles to a 1-1 draw. The first leg in Kumasi ended goalless on Friday.


Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey opened scoring in the 11th minute before William Troost-Ekong equalised from the penalty spot.

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After the referee blew the final whistle, angry fans invaded the pitch and destroyed stadium facilities.

It was reported that following the pitch invasion Dr. Kabungo was allegedly beaten and stepped on as fans tried to make their way out of the stadium.

According to a Ghanaian sports journalist Collins Atta Poku on Twitter:”They beat him, he fell and they throded on him. He lost consciousness was rushed to an ambulance closer to the Ghana dressing for CPR. 

“The entire Ghanaian contingent watched on as resuscitation attempts were made with oxygen mask. He was taken to hospital later and now this. Sad.”

However, according to some officials, they claimed that Dr. Kabungo died as a result of cardiac arrest.

This is the first time the Eagles will fail to qualify for the World Cup since missing out on the 2006 edition in Germany.

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  • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

    What is this na? Why waste this innocent man’s life ABUJA?

    I just told you who to direct your FRUSTRATIONS and AGGRESSION on!

    • Yaw opare 3 months ago

      Barbaric! Why do you kill someone’s husband and father because you lost a football match? Shame to those fans. Meanwhile Nigeria fans burnt the black star team bus in 1973 when they lost a game against the black star. This nonsense must stop.

      • Chima E Samuels 3 months ago

        Football is just a game but your social media utterances too is not helping matters, people like you and Selfmade your loose talks and unnecessary disrespectful comparisons makes one wonder. I condemn this violent act but every country has Animals like this who can’t control their tempers. Matches btw Kotoko and Accra is even worse. So don’t be quick to come diss a nation because your loose talks is another thing that triggers this confused situation dumbo.

  • pompei 3 months ago

    How sad that a man’s life is wasted over football.
    What kind of country is this?
    My deepest condolences to the man’s family and friends.
    It’s very likely that FIFA will enforce some punitive measures, probably including banning Nigeria from FIFA organized competitions. See how some people’s stupidity is about to affect the careers of the Super Falcons, the U-20 girls who just qualified for the India world cup, and so on?
    Why throw the baby out with the bathwater?

  • FIFA ban is looming.. that is what you get when you have a lawyer as sports minister.

  • Ololo 3 months ago

    They should ban Nigeria for some years so every body will rest..

    So even that pinnick and the sport minister that Likes to run football like his personal business will rest too…

    I feel sad they didn’t attack the right people.. I saw pinnick yesterday in the stadium and how fast we was walking. He thinks he is smart, he was quick to escape.. This is what you get when you allow corruption and personal interest than the right way thing should be done… Hope they are happy now

  • Abbey 3 months ago

    Its so sad to hear this, but how come is the Ghanian reporter that saw what happened? I doubt if the man was beaten by the Abuja fans,I believe the man loss his life as a result of a stampede. Ghanians are just looking for a way to put Nigeria in trouble, its unfair to hear a story like this coming from people we called our brothers. I pray Nigerians will learn from this and trust no one.

  • Ako AMADI 3 months ago

    Black Tuesday for Nigeria! Thr least thr Federal Government can do is to take responsibilty and dismiss the Minister of Sports now!May Dr. Kabungo Rest In Peace! Nobody knows the exact cause of death yet,but many of us warned over difficulties that could arise with crowd control and security. But nobody listens to the common man in Nigeria.

  • Yinkus 3 months ago

    Let them ban Nigeria it is good for us like. How I wish it was some of Nigerian official that was treated this way.

    I feel sorry for an innocent man

  • pompei 3 months ago

    It’s a new day. A new beginning for Nigerian football.
    Yesterday, we failed with our own. In spectacular fashion.
    It was not only Eguavoen that failed. All his coaches and assistants failed with him. And most important, the current NFF bears the lion share of the responsibility for this colossal failure.
    Today, we must begin to take the necessary steps in the right direction.
    First and foremost, the NFF elections need to be initiated albeit earlier than scheduled, and a new leadership needs to be voted in asap.
    The NFF elections should not be limited to in-house contestants, as usually done in the past. If only in-house contestants are allowed, the current leaders might be re-elected, or their associates. This would be tantamount to new wine in an old skin bottle. The status quo of corruption and incompetence will perpetuate in this scenario.
    To avert this, the current officials who serve as the “electorate”, those who have voting rights in NFF elections, need to be “refreshed’. Having the same corrupt guys in there won’t work. Lets flood the place with new, competent, dynamic people who are interested in moving our football forward.
    Also, vetted outsiders should be allowed to freely come in and contest. I don’t trust anyone connected to the current NFF to do the vetting. Let members of the new “electorate” do this, within FIFA regulations.
    The emerging NFF leadership will then get rid of the current NFF leadership and all their associates. Then new, fresh, better suited football people can be brought in.
    This should happen asap, by the end of May, at the latest.
    The new NFF can then proceed to fire all the current SE coaches and assistants, if they have not resigned of their own accord by then.
    The new NFF must then proceed to cast their nets far and wide for the best coach we can afford to handle the SE.
    Our football will remain in turmoil until we clean house first, starting from the Glass House.

    • Emevor 3 months ago

      The fish rots from the head. First, fire by whatever means, your President, Ministers and lawmakers , and then allow, as Sam Mbakwe once suggested, our former colonial masters Britain, provide us interim leaders to figure out how to make this contraption called Nigeria work efficiently, like say, Malaysia or South Korea who both were below our level of development at our independence in 1960.

  • I said this last year before now, I said Nigeria are know for bad decisions, since you people said Rohr was your problem, I said you guys are not ready to go to World Cup and are not ready to win any trophy, I’m saying that again stop manipulating success, you guys have the best players and committed players, the problems are NFF and you and your bad decisions, you just receive the consequences of your bad decision to fire good coach Rohr, I’m one of your fans

  • It finished…..

    Foolish Abuja fans….

    When we warned you guys you people refuse to listen. Now look at it.

    Killing somebody because of a mere football game.



    The prayers of innocent poor ROHR is at work.

    I laugh in Ijaw.

    See how deluded they’re… Attacking the innocent CAF representative when those squandering our resources are in glass house planing how to share the remaining balance on Thursday.

  • Anum Barnabas 3 months ago

    This is very twisted, why is the report coming from Ghana journalist?

    • Selfmade KINGG 3 months ago

      U stupid mothefucker!! There’s a video evidence! The Ghanaian journalist recorded everything!

      Bloody, tasteless and cruel motherfucker!

      The least thing is to think about the dead man and his family

      Stupid asshole

      • Chima E Samuels 3 months ago

        Selfmade you have a serious issue I know how you Ghanaians blame everything on Nigerians becareful I have warned several times to not use sports as yardstick to spill shit. You need to caution yourself before making utterances, I highlighted this earlier on this thread and you’re here insulting innocent Nigerians. You are a made person I believe you’re an imbecile and will get what you seek soon.

      • KENNETH 3 months ago

        Oya let your journalist bring out the video. It’s over 24 hours already and nothing to back u the story claimed by your Ghanaian journalist. He should be sued immediately

  • Fans should not have invaded. I tell you this Ghana and their journalist are too bad to report he was beaten. Let them bring forward any recorded evidence.

    • Selfmade kING 3 months ago

      U imbecile and retarded son of bitch

      U here shifting blames!!

      Are u animals even has a heart

      U shifting blames and u think the other people that resuscitate the man doesn have a video evidence!

      U pig!! U cldnt even say respect in peace to the man but here blaming Ghana

      Cruel, mean son of bitch

  • Dr. Drey 3 months ago

    Hehehehehe…..we are in soup. I repeat, we are in soup…both in footballing terms and in diplomatic terms.

    1st and foremost, who are the fools who threw the gates of a 60,000 capacity stadium open without proper crowd management protocols in place…?

    Secondly, who opened the gates of the perimeter fences around the pitch for the fans to gain access

    Thirdly who and who were supposed to create and protect the restricted areas and zones for officials and international delegates…?

    Once again we are in deep soup.

    Dare, Pinnick, Odegbami, ex-internationals and their slaves here on CSN – Omo9ja, Destar, jimmlie, Larry, Chima, Ugo etc….yall now have blood on your hands now. Congratulations to you all.

    If anyone still thinks this is not the wrath of God happening right in front of our eyes in 3D, then that person had better be cast into the sea.

    Fear the God of the Just….!!!

    RIP to the lost soul(s) as a result of this disaster. May their families find strength.

    • Dennis 3 months ago

      @dr drey we all saw this coming but those simpletons like jimmyball were blinded by greed. I remember how omo9ja said any coach can do well with these crop of players except rohr. I recall when he clamoured for the inclusion of Nwakali, sadiq umar, awoniyi, olayinka, amoo, Calvin bassey, Dennis etc. He said these players must be drafted into the squad for us to excel. He got his wish and we all know how things turned out, starting from the AFCON. After our failure at the AFCON, he said the coach didn’t have enough time on his hands. So I ask, when was the coach that just eliminated us appointed? Just few weeks back. Omo9ja said we must draft amunike into the coaching crew for us to get it right. Amunike was drafted in and we still failed yesterday
      Suddenly, that same silly omo9ja is saying olofinjana should be made head coach and Mr no nonsense should be sacked. So we didn’t get to see total football from Mr no nonsense. Our football has gone back to the dark ages and these clowns are just ashamed to say that they got it wrong

      • KENNETH 3 months ago

        Another asslicker coming here to receive brownie points, mr man abeg go back to bed, Was in not your parrot boss throwing the players you mentioned on this platform. Abeg get some brain biko, were you expecting eguavoen to be the goal keeper or what exactly is your point, what would rohr have done differently biko. This are his by product and they let us down simple. All this bring this one bring that one, you must be playing in the top 5 league, where did it get us now. Abeg spare eguavoen, your players didn’t come out to play. Even the Afcon was enjoyable to watch. Than the cra we saw yesterday

        • DANURCHMAN 3 months ago

          What did Rohr not do differently from the clueless gang, they called coaches, before evil minds like you sacked an innocent man, who met all targets given to him by NFF? Which target did Rohr not meet? Any man That meets all targets should be celebrated. Was he not supposed to be celebrated as hero? Where were you when the Rohr you call a devil revived your sunk national team? For the past 16 years, Nigeria has never failed to qualify for World Cup until now. You are asking what Rohr would have done differently. Where were you when the Rohr you called incompetent, worked hard to qualify Nigeria for the final play off with Ghana, which ungrateful and wicked people like you wasted with your bunch of of clueless and confused monkey Post couches, and smeared shame on Nigeria? If you dont know what to say, please hold your peace. Don’t come here again to vomit nonsense. Shame on you.You are celebrating woeful failure of Nigeria at Afcon, when a depleted and Covid-19-ridden Tunisian team sent Nigeria home and then the recent disgrace in Abuja. Go get sense abeg. Mr man call a spade a spade and stop lying to yourself. Eguavoen is not a coach. If it is Rohr that couldn’t qualify Nigeria for World Cup, you will come on this platform to crucify the poor innocent man. But now all of a sudden, it is now the entire team’s fault and not Eguavoen technical/tactical bankruptcy. Yeye.

  • Omo9ja come out from ur shell thunder ⛈ tear into 4 piece

  • Seflmade KING 3 months ago

    I said it and I ll repeat it here

    U ANIMALS in that wasteful space are really disgusting!! I said it here and I ll repeat it again


    The world ll continue to scorned on u animals!

    Because of football!! It sad how primitive Nigerians are! Smfh

    • Honestly 3 months ago

      This guy it’s about time you left this forum. What is your problem? Good for you Ghana have qualified and you’re still here ranting blindly on every subject you barely no nothing about. Enough of your vulga remarks and unnecessary insults on the forumites.

  • is better for fifa to barn senior national team ,nff all have problem because they all thief when comes to national team is very sad!!!no more home martch for for years!

    • Edoman 3 months ago

      My curse on all those who conspired to sack our Oga Rohr by words or deed and they should die in their sleep. It will never end well with all those among us in this forum who advocated for Oga Rohr to get sacked, and they will spend their time in hell. FIFA will ban Nigeria for 4 years and will pay $8 million to the family of the Official that was killed by the Nigerian mob.
      Selfmade King, for God’s sack, what do you want from Nigerians now. You have won and Ghana is going to World-Cup. We will be banned from playing any FIFA Game for the next 4 years. Why are you still here raining abuses on our people the way you are doing. Millions and millions of Nigerians have seen your abuses over and over again. Yet, they can’t do anything to you. Some of them could have been provoked and take to riot in the Abuja’s Stadium yesterday because of your insults.
      I am appealing to you today Mr. Selfmade King. Kindly stop your painful insults and abuses on the Nigerian people from your living room. Enough is a enough. We are West African brothers. The most inapt and stupid folks in this forum are those who land us in this predicament, like my friend Omo9ja and the old man Odagbemi who will surely have his days in hell soon.

  • Ralph 3 months ago

    Multiple news everywhere, we just have to wait and the true will definitely come out, if the Ghana reporter witnessed all the beating, tramping and later resuscitation, then to the ambulance then there MUST be VIDEO or CAMERA, its impossible not to have part of the scene in picture and that wont lie.

    Then before the match, we watched a documentary on how they are preparing for the match, with thousands of policemen and army lined outside the stadium receiving instructions, so you cannot tell the world that nobody was arrested, at least 10,20,30 and more must be arrested, these are fans/thugs and they are not terrorist, they are with no arms apart from the chairs and stuffs they are throwing around, so you cant say they have guns, so many of them suppose to be arrested yesterday.

    And if anyone was actually arrested I SWEAR TO GOD ALMIGHTY they must be prosecuted for this murder, anyone who participated in that atrocity and was arrested must be held responsible, as long as that man is dead, they must spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

    If you want to show that you are a nuisance, why cant you go to the NFF secretariat in Abuja? why destroying the stadium built and renovated by your own money? I mean is that not ignorant and stupidity ?
    These guys must go to jail and other will learn.

    • KENNETH 3 months ago

      You have said it all, and the right choice of word, nuisance. Heads would definitely roll. Its about time fans know games are about win and lose. Italy lost, no fans lost there cool, Egypt lost no one lost there cool, Algeria lost at home, no one lost there cool. Why then us. Channel your destroying energy to Aso rock. Begin from there next time

  • As far as I know, Nigerians we not descend on a foreigner, officials or delegate associated with the match, we can destroy things and attack our players, but to personally attack an official and delegate, that I really find difficult to digest, we need get to the root of the cause of his death. May His Soul RIP

  • Olujimi Morgan 3 months ago

    Very sad that the doctor lost his life. However, the Zambiam Ambassador informed the Zambian community that the doctor was not attacked. Indeed, he was away from the riots.
    My wife is Zambian, so the communication from the Ambassador is authentic.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 months ago

      Ghanaians are propaganda and possessed people whatever will bring Nigerians down will make them celebrate. I don’t believe the two countries share genuine affection aside love ties. Must we be at par with them with all our defence power and serious streams of Incomes? That is all the hate but God will use Success to torture them. Football is a game but Economic power is not a game of sports so be careful. Brazil and Argentina can not stand near America regardless of their football pedigree so Ghanaians need to be careful and mind their businesses.

    • Emecco 3 months ago

      This is so sad, Condolences to the family of the deceased. CAF/FIFA would sanction Nigeria if after investigation on the matter, we are found guilty. Abuja stadium could be bannned and Nigeria could be fined. Those calling for ban on Nigeria are wrong. FIFA don’t normally ban countries for crowd violence, they normally impose a fine or ban the stadium.

  • KENNETH 3 months ago

    Oya let your journalist bring out the video. It’s over 24 hours already and nothing to back u the story claimed by your Ghanaian journalist. He should be sued immediately


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