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2022 WCQ: My Focus Is Eagles Winning Games, Not Bothered About Criticism – Rohr

2022 WCQ: My Focus Is Eagles Winning Games, Not Bothered About Criticism – Rohr

Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr says his only focus is winning games and not bothered about criticism of his team.

Rohr stated this during his pre-match press conference ahead of Tuesday’s 2022 World Cup qualifier between Nigeria and Cape Verde.


The Eagles, top in Group C with 12 points, need only a point to advance into the play-off round, while second-placed Cape Verde must win.

The German coach said what is important to him is his team winning games rather than focus on criticisms.


“I don’t go to social media what is important is to watch games, analyze games and try to win games. I don’t waste my time listening to people who always say everything about the team is bad.

“We are top of the group, two points ahead, won four games from five and we are in a good situation ahead of tomorrow and our players are very hungry to perform.

“We know we have a good team and we are able to play good football and score goals. We have players who can score, we have players who can give assist, players who can defend well and I hope everything will work well tomorrow.“

He added:“We want to be effective again and what I appreciate a lot in Morocco was that we didn’t concede opportunities for Liberia to score which is important for us. And now is for us to have better fluidity going forward. The two goals we scored were penalties but I am happy with our last two games.”

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  • Oseodion Inegbenebor 3 weeks ago

    There is no criticisms whatsoever.

    Probably What is being mistaken as criticism is a masked up effort at running our national colors aground. As could be seen from the point of view that everything Nigeria including its officials are gradually being targeted by these same agitated segment of the commentary. It hasn’t anything to do with Rohr and his lads after all, they are on top of the group.

    The earlier the general press refused to buy into this analogy, the better.

    Meanwhile I wish Coach Rohr and his charges a resounding victory tomorrow.

    • Denis 3 weeks ago

      He said it all. Rohr has his boys to work with and should as much as possible not be distracted

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 weeks ago

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    • Mr Rhor you are saying the team is doing well,we are top of the group,we won all matches except one,but you are the one that pressed the panic botton by bringing Ighalo from retirement…….If truely the team is going on well as you are saying now then why bringing back Ighalo?……Rhor always shoot himself in the foot with his decisions……My mind tells me that Rhor doesn’t even watch his players train……he selects his starting eleven even before camping starts and left for him he would have played the eleven players for the 90mins…….Rhor only substitute when the game goes bad for his team which is very wrong…… Substitution is necessary to sometimes neutralize the opponents own substitution……. Substitution can also be used to prevent the opponent from equalizing or turning the game around…… Germany France Italy Spain Brasil Argentina Uruguay Portugal England and many super teams use all their substitution no matter how the game is going but why is Rhor’s own different?……Does it mean that other big European coaches are becoming outdated?…… something is definitely wrong somewhere but we have gone too far to rock the boat now……We need to pray for SE and hope we don’t get found out soon.

  • Mutum 3 weeks ago

    U better don’t lose tomorrow oo,else u will see naija madness in Lagos.

  • Lola Martinez 3 weeks ago

    I was also wondering how come a coach whose team is leading could come under such consistent unmaking of a successful coach. ‘Don’t see any basis for such.

    • Odion 3 weeks ago

      The coach no send anybody at all lol, if dem like make dem comot der heads the coach no even see them

      • MONKEY POST 3 weeks ago

        We talking 3 points, y’all are busy talking trash. Don’t mind them Rohr. Just keep doing your thing. To hell with the pattern or philosophy ya murdafuckers talk about all the time. If the anywhere belle face football can be giving us the necessary 3 points or get us the afcon trophy then I prefer it to the so called wing football that will get us beat up and all fucked up.

    • It is simple bad belle. Apart from me just disagreeing about his inclusion of Ighalo ìn that squad. Every other thing people have said about Rhor and his tactics is just bad belle and trying to frustrate him and Pinnick out of leading Nigeria.

      They are waiting for the day’s like someone of the calibre of Onigbinde to become Super Eagles coach or lead the NFF, then you will start hearing praises upon praises,while these sort of people will post poor performance and ruin football administration. These are the likes of Omo9ja and co. You will notice after the Olympic fiasco, he has stopped praising the Sports Minister – Sunday Dare.

      It is the same with many of them. Most of their comments are because Rhor has stuck to a team he wants he trusts and doesn’t give room for distractions.

      • Mutairu Yusuf 3 weeks ago

        FYI child, Onigbinde is head and shoulders above Rohr. He was a league winner with IICC of Ibadan, finished runners up At the Sekou Toure or champions cup of 1984 and won Silver at Cup of Nations 1984!

        • Please @Mutairu go and sit down. Who is a child. He won all that and could not even assemble a great team to World Cup without tribalism. Who was Femi Opabunmi before and after that World Cup.

  • Purely sinister, the coach should remain focused.

    • Dele Sapa 3 weeks ago

      The tin tire person o. Your country is in a contest, you are angry and even wishing them ill luck. That na lucifer na.

  • Bambam 3 weeks ago

    Looking forward for tomorrow’s game

  • Mahmud Shuaib 3 weeks ago

    Nigeria got the win against Liberia but the performance again shows the team has regressed under Rohr

    Sunday, November 14, made it three years since Nigeria delivered one of their best performances as they came back from two goals down to beat a star-studded Argentina in an international friendly in Russia.

    It was one of the Super Eagles best displays under head coach Gernot Rohr. In fact, 2016-2017 would be remembered as the year the three-time African champions played their best under the German tactician.

    Before the win over Argentina, the Super Eagles had dispatched Algeria, Cameroon and Zambia with ease in their group for the 2018 World Cup qualifier.

    At that time, it was a joy to watch the Super Eagles, even though they failed to make the second round of the World Cup six months later.

    However, three years after giving fans hope, the Super Eagles are now a shadow of their former self. On Saturday, they moved closer towards securing a playoff spot in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers with a 2-0 win over Liberia at the Stade Ibn Batouta.

    Penalties from Victor Osimhen and Ahmed Musa were enough to give Rohr’s men the much-needed points. But despite the win, the general play from the Super Eagles was once again poor, reinforcing the point that the team has regressed under Rohr.

    The performance in Tangiers on Saturday was an eyesore as the Super Eagles struggled to impose themselves on the game.

    Although they might have lost, the Liberian team looked more organised and had an identity compared to the Super Eagles.

    The general play was disjointed, with the team lacking a definite style of play, which is obviously a coaching problem.

    The Super Eagles were the clear favourites heading into the as they had far-better players playing in Europe’s top leagues, yet it was the Liberian team that had a sense of direction in their play.

    And it’s important to note that the game against Liberia was not just a one-off performance. This has been ongoing for more than a year, especially against oppositions they are expected to beat.

    The team plays dysfunctional at the moment despite the array of talents in the squad. And it can only be a coaching problem because these are the same players that perform very well at their clubs every week.

    While one could argue that the most important thing is the win, it still doesn’t excuse the dysfunctional display against inferior opposition.

    Rohr has always been a conservative coach, which is not a bad thing. However, even the pragmatic coaches switch things up when they come up against oppositions they are expected to beat.

    The Super Eagles have played Sierra Leone, Benin, Lesotho, Liberia (twice), Cape Verde and the Central African Republic(twice) in the last 12 months.

    Aside from the shocking home loss to CAR last month, they have won all the matches, yet the performance in these games do not instil confidence.

    Although the Super Eagles have no right to win a particular game, they are expected to entertain fans against inferior oppositions like Liberia.

    But that has not been the case with the team, as they have looked dysfunctional despite these wins. This shows the team has regressed under Rohr.

    The German is entering his sixth year as the coach of the Super Eagles, but he still has not built an exciting team to watch.

    And it is even more ridiculous, taking into consideration that this has been the best set of players the Super Eagles have had in almost 20 years.

    Three years, ago when Nigeria played their best football under him, he was conservative. Still, the transition play was beautiful, and they were also brilliant on the counter-attacks, which was evident in the games against Algeria and Argentina.

    But three years later, the Super Eagles are no longer an exciting team to watch, despite the number of talents in the squad.

    They lack a definite pattern and an identity. In the game against Argentina three years ago, Rohr played a 3-5-2, which was also the formation he used against Liberia on Saturday, but there was a stark contrast in the performances.

    Nigeria need just a point in their final group game against Cape Verde to reach the playoff spot. But judging by recent performances, it is not a given that the team will get the job done.

    And even if they managed to get the required point, the three-time African champions face a big challenge of beating the likes of Egypt, Mali Dr Congo, or Ivory Coast, who they are likely to meet in the two-legged playoff round.

    • Who dash you this handle? I know Mahmud Shuaib no fit write this nonsense. You resemble Okechukwu by the way. Abi no be tomorrow SE dey play Bless Sharks?

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 weeks ago

      You’re just yapping gibberish. How about the game against Poland? How about the games against Iceland and the same Argentina at the WorldCup proper. I’m sure you’re smarter than pundits who dubbed them Africa’s team of the future after the unfortunate loss to Argentina. Paul Mason a well respected journalist said the match between Argentina and Nigeria was one of the best games at the WorldCup in Russia. You’re talking trash. How about the match against Cameroon at the AFCON? How about the one against SA at the AFCON?? Even in our recent qualifiers to the AFCON we dominated Benin and Lesotho on their home turf. Under Rohr I can’t remember when SuperEagles lost an away qualifier. Now we are topping our group and guaranteed to qualify for the next round with a draw which is achievable on our home ground you are here doing pull him down. Look for better excuses you have absolutely no point whatsoever.

    • See this one saying the team gas retrogressed,instead of saying that Nigeria’s key players that played those beautiful matches has retired and we are finding it difficult to get replacements. Abeg @Mahmud, how long did it take to get a player of Mikel’s quality into the Super Eagles? Or even someone like Victor Moses performing the way he did. It’s like everytime in Nigeria, everyone is looking for ripe fruits, forgetting the fact that the fruit must compete with weather conditions.

      Apart from Ndidi, Osimhen, Troost Ekong, Aribo, Samuel Chukwueze, Nacho and Leon Balogun, how many other members of the Super Eagles team are starting matches week in, week out in their clubs that will build their experience?

  • 1. I am surprised people get angry when rohr is criticized. I am surprised.

    2. When criticism is constructive it is good. Only people who have ulterior motives or who are mediocres will hate constructive criticisms.

    3. Rohr surely has some deficiencies and we all know. It’s not bad I he is criticized. He should be able to learn..

    4. His strength: He has been abke to bring unity into team.

    5. His strength: the players trust him. That’s always lacking with Nigerian coaches..

    6. His strength: He has been abke to work under strenuous and unfavorable conditions..

    7. His weaknesses: He is nad match reader. The reason why he becomes confused nit knowing the substitution to make.

    8. His weaknesses: We needed more goals in a match and he has players on the bench and he only made one useful substitution against Liberia. So for 90 minutes we only deserve to habe one substitution. Musa coming to the game is a political substitution and not a useful one for us.

    8. His weaknesses: He is too rigid. With the array of stars and upcoming players rhatbwe havr today, you need to throw away your rigidity. He needs to be more flexible. This is takin competition away from the team. Some players know whatever the case may be even if another player I in top form in a too 5 league, they won’t be benched. That was not what westehof did I those days. Almighty siasia lost his place in the team. Amuneke only played one match in afcon 1994. Keshi only played one match in world cup 94.

    9. Ighalo had better give Nigerians goals or else rohr will be in trouble. For me I see no reason why igahlo should ne back at the expense of awoniyi, sodiq and dessers. Well he is back and there is nothing we can do about that now. I wish ighalo all the best tomorrow and at afcon..

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 weeks ago

      I ask you where are the array of stars?? Lmao!! Array of stars playing for Barca, Madrid, Liverpool, ManU, ManC, Juve, Inter, AC Milan, Bayern, Dortmund, PSG, Chelsea and the likes???? Majority of the Liberia players play abroad in places like Sweden, Norway or Czech Republic’s. Our best players play in Leicester and Napoli. Lmao!! Array of stars my foot. The earliest you guys understand that all we have are average players the better. They can only do their best and their best has placed them on top of the group with the chance to progress to the next round where anything can happen.

      • @Ayifil…how many african teams have all their players in top clubs? To have all your players in top clubs as you mentioned is rare. Even the sun eagles golden generation do not have that.

        In terms of what the players are doin their clubs and their leagues and in terms of the African standard, they are too stars.

        1. Onuachu was tge best I Belgium last season
        2. Kelechiband ndid heloed leuvest ein the fa cup.
        3. Oshimen did well in France and is the costliest african player now.
        4. Sanusi was good for Porto I chamoiond league last season..

        So it’s not out of place to call them too stars. At least we should be dominating the likes of CAR and Liberia.

        You guys just hate it when we say something against rohr. I wonder if he shares hus money you guys.

        I am surprised you did not really say anything about his weaknesses as I showed in my comment.

        Rohr, though not bad, is still not the best for us. A lot of factors are hindering us from changing coaches at this moment but he is clearly nit the best for us.

      • @Ayifil… You did not even see the other adjective I used… upcoming players. You people don’t read post very well anytime you want to defend rohr. That’s too bad. Salah and.mane were upcoming stars some yeras ago. Our players are young and they are stars I thr making.

        • Ayphillydegreat 3 weeks ago

          I never said Rohr is the best for us but I can’t remember when his ever lost an away qualifier. If Nigeria can afford a Carlos Quiroz then we’ll see how far we can go.

    • You have spoken well my brother.

  • I DEY SHAME 3 weeks ago


    • Fidelis 3 weeks ago

      You have a point here the German is bent on stylishly destroying us all in the name of business.

    • DON'T MIND THEM 3 weeks ago

      **That’s the reason why he was giving excuse that our forwards are young, that IGHALO experience will help them.
      Where is IGHALO experience when we are winning and our attackers are scoring goals. And all this attackers are not just only scoring in Nigeria only,they are scoring in their respective clubside as well.
      *** Gernot Rohr SHUN IGHALO, we don’t have striking problems.

    • JimmyBall 3 weeks ago

      @I DEY SHAME… I just reason this your yarn above now and believe… walahi… sense no go kee you! Hahahaha… my God!

      That was exactly what the Coah Rohr did… put out of form players so that Osimhen can labour and look like fool without results so that he can start “an over-the-hill Odion Ighalo… hahahaha.

      Baba… @I DEY SHAME… I twale for you joor! Lol… Gernot Rohr is just version 2.0 of Berti Voghts… rigid and useless football instruction to players!

      • Victor 3 weeks ago

        Chukwueze just came back from long term injury and he has to be gradually integrated for his own safety even Villarreal is not playing him regularly for now. Aina was struck off because of the 3-5-2 system adopted by the coach. Moses Simon is a better player for that system. It is important to judge the coach scientifically by the result that we have a clear view of what we want. It is important to also point out that there are no minnow in football you have to work hard for your victory.

        • Musa Yahaya 3 weeks ago

          You must be as daft as Rohr I swear. Moses Simon a winger all his life better than Aina at RWB???

          You are as clueless as Rohr. How can a coach who knows his onions play a Collins ahead of Sanusi and Idowu? Idowu is a cultured right footed left wing back (LWB), Collins has never excelled as a fupp back let alone play wing back.

          Only a confused coach will bench Aina who played regularly at RWB for Fulham and is a rwgular at Torino for Simon a winger.

          Aeibo hardly performs for Eagles since his debut because he is restricted to mpre defensive duties. We all know him as an energetic Central Midfielder (Box to Box).

  • Mahmud shuaib who get time to read this your trash. Happy someone aboved have rightly replied you with facts. If one of you could wrote here that he want SE to lose tomorrow so that Rohr can be sack. That is how hatred has beclouded most of you sense of reasoning. God will shame of all Una enemy of progress.

  • JimmyBall 3 weeks ago

    I laughed when I saw one @Shina Ayor… deliver a frank statement on our coach and some players as below… the guy is spot on… see the link below and quoting him under the link… his words:

    Few things I observed after wasting my data watching the super eagles .

    – jamilu Collins is a Fraudster.

    – moses Simon is a joke .

    – Ekong is error prone.

    – No tempo & intensity in our game .

    -Rohr remains our biggest problem .


    The biggest fraud after the Coach Rohr is Jamilu Collins and William Troost Ekong… those two cannot even make a good Nigeria U-20 of the past judging their craft alone! It is just someone who has not played some level of competitive footbaöll that will take those two (Jamilu and Ekong) as serious! The Super Eagles is a team of clowns and jokers… Iwobi, Simon, Ekong, Jamilu, Musa should not even be getting caps talk more of starting games for Nigeria… Iheanacho as far as Nigeria game is concerned has no business playing ahead of Awoniyi or even Peter Olayinka(could play any position on the forward line effectively) if you have not banged football to an appreciable level… you can never know a gem of a player when you see one… such a pity!

    Our best defensive midfield options remain… Ndidi, Joel Obi (whether 30years or not), Kingsleyx Michael(When fit). The best Central defender available to Nigeria still without a doubt is Tosin Adarabioyo… before you call me a Yoruba tribalist because of my truth… I am an Idoma man from Benue State! Truth no sabi face…

    • Kinesis 3 weeks ago

      Tosin Adarabioyo don send you personal letter say hin dey available to represent Nigeria abi? The young man already told the whole world that he’s going to wait for his time with the 3 Lions.
      At times you just write out of reality straight from the beer parlour.

      • JimmyBall 3 weeks ago

        We know… just the same way little Michael Olise brush Nigeria aside with his agent angry Nigerian officials did not route it properly how to talk to the lad and convinve him. If you follow these boys well and outline your plan for them regarding their roles and how they will fit into our system and progress properly with their careers they will listen to you. Not the one NFF and Rohr are sounding to journalists before even convincingly holding any real talks with these lads on their representative. Imagine what Iwobi is playing these days, see how ROHr cant even dare substitute or bench Balogun and Ekong… Akpoguma dey the rotty for bench… our coach still saying Ejaria is far behind in his pecking order.. that Ejaria guy and Lookman made England U-20 team and won the world cup when the likes of Aribo were still sucking feeding bottle. To me Ejaria is even better all-round than both Eze and Aribo… he has switched to Nigeria but Rohr is still playing his usual cluelessness of confusion for oo much talent pool… Aribo cant cut it in African football… let him go and build muscles in the gym and stop looking like Fulani wey dey on “fura da nunu” 247… against a team like DR Congo, Cameroon and Senegal that Aribo guy will cry for will report bullish midfielders from those country to him mama… aswear! See Aribo… see Iwobi those ones na just “Oh god!” for where fotball the cry from overplay… very average dudes…

        • Dr Banks 3 weeks ago

          @JimmyBall, stop this misinformation attitude of your, then born you to lie?

          Check these players nationality status on http://www.sofifa.com and you will see that their switch has not been finalised. Ovie and Lookman are still registered as English players

          • JimmyBall 3 weeks ago

            @Dr.Banks be there… Ejaria switch is through.

    • Musa Yahaya 3 weeks ago

      Spot on. Beautiful truth!

      I didnt see yoir post when I replied one joker who claimed Simon is better than Aina qt RWB

      The NFF clowns will npt start provess to poach Adarabipyo from the jaws of England until the guy moves a division and is capped.

      While Rohr is going back to Ighala etal, Geemany was busy poaching Adeyemu amd Musiala; Austria just capped Adamu Chibuike

      Why would you bench a regular defender for a regular winger?

      Seria A is higher than French Ligue. If Aina could hold his own at Fulham and Toruno, is it against Semi professionals playing for Cape Verde, CAR etc he cant play against?

      Why even play 352 against ordinary Liberia?

      Wasting players always

  • I agree with the coach 100%. No matter how we play, winning is the ultimate target. I’m very sure we are not going to losing tomorrow……..I can even bet on it. Most fans only see the strength of our opponents. They compare the strength of CV to the weakness of SE. That’s wrong. If you must do a comparison, you have to compare strength with strength and weakness with weakness.
    I have rewatched our last match and found out bits of information I was not able to process when I watched the match live with tension, fear and trembling…..lol. For instance, I found out that our defence was strong after all. It was a three man CB defence that comprised of Balogun, Ekong and Awaziem. Ekong was the anchor man. In the course of the match, all three of them at one point or the other made some costly errors. But in all those occassions, their partners intervened to quell the situation. That was exactly why we had a clean sheet and why the Liberians didn’t have any meaning attempt at goal

    • JimmyBall 3 weeks ago

      Your defence strong with Ekong heading the ball to a striker… guy get big head wey him no sabi use! I don tally that guy and below average ever since him begin suit for Super Eagles… now even Claudio Ranieri has found him out at Watford as not good enough… when you talk people wey begin watch ball from 1995 no go let you breathe!

      • Your argument sometimes, make me want to agree with those who say that you have never been to a stadium before. A couple of errors by Ekong doesn’t make him a bad defender. They guy did so well. He really coordinated the defence very well.
        Also, his omission in Watford’s last match doesn’t mean he is a bad defender or that he has been dropped by the coach. Remember, it was this man who was imported from Udinese before the club gained promotion to PL. Ekong’s situation will definitely be clearer after this international break. I don’t think he has been dropped

    • Jide Dola 3 weeks ago

      Don’t mind this people, i’ve been seeing comments like liberia played with more cohesion, they play with more cohesion with no attempt. May be we should have been the one playing good football and loose, if they played at all our keeper is not supposed to have free day

      • Footballfanatic 3 weeks ago

        Yes they played with more Cohesion and we were lucky to score 2 penalties not goals from open play. Imagine if one of the penalties were save or weren’t awarded we would be level in points with CV….. The fact is that we played horribly. You can only lie to yourself that we played well.

      • Footballfanatic 3 weeks ago

        Liberia had nothing to lose as they were mathematically out and we still struggled.

  • Mr Hush 3 weeks ago

    There is no one bigger than criticism, as long as they’re constructive. Heck, criticisms are mostly directed to those at the top. What matters is what you learn from such criticism. You sieve the necessary from the shaft. The wise knows that think they know it all, have just started learning.
    Unless you’re vengeful, confrontational or simply a sadist; no one criticise their national team for the sake of it. The Super Eagles belongs to us all; likewise the game. We want the best. We speak words of praise when things go well. We speak when things go south. And like Oliver Twist, we speak to ask for more; cause we can only get better. There is always room to improve.

    The team has done well, being on top of the group and one the way to qualifying but it is quite glaring that our playing style hasn’t been pleasing. That’s workable. We definitely have the personnel to fix it. Hopefully, tomorrow we get the result we seek and we get an improve performance.
    I am certain we would get the result. I trust the team that much.

    • Mr Hush 3 weeks ago

      * the wise knows; those that think they know it all, have just started learning..*

    • TALK UR OWN 3 weeks ago

      *** ALSO, MOST TIMES HE PURPOSELY BENCHING EJUKE (so that he will not shine before God take over and the boy shine against Cape-verde). HE BENCHED EJUKE SO THAT SAMUEL KALU & MOSES SIMON WILL HAVE THEIR WAY IN AFCON & W/CUP SQUAD.

  • William d conqueror 3 weeks ago

    You can’t give what you don’t have. This man rohr is clueless, he was sack by niger and gabon, if not Nigeria is a corrupted country he should have been gone by now. The team can’t qualify for the world cup, you heard it here first.

    • Ayphillydegreat 3 weeks ago

      Can you give us the proof that he was sacked by Niger and Gabon?? Or he left at his own time?? He was never sacked by any of those countries. He took Gabon to the quarter finals of the AFCON. A place they’ve never been in their history. He qualified Niger for the AFCON. Something they’ve never achieved in a very long time. Since he left those two countries what was their achievements even with Aubamayang?? Nobody is above criticism, but when people think that our players are world class instead of accepting that we can only manage what we have then Nigeria deserves what they’re getting. If you can afford a world class coach let’s see how far he can take us.

    • Marvelous 3 weeks ago

      Is there any coach that has not sack before? You guys should leave Rohr alone.

    • Jide Dola 3 weeks ago

      So we should sack the coach sacked by Gabon and hire the one sacked by Tanzania right? any coach you get most have been sacked somewhere before

      • JimmyBall 3 weeks ago

        The one sacked by Tanzania played modern football and has top current EUFA Coaching badge… the one sacked by Niger/Gabon has what is an ancient diplom coaching certificate from the olden days where he learn only expired caoching methods… even if you look for Rohr coaching qualification for Google… infact google will keep booting with search forever… because the qualification is ancient… before Google.

        • Dr Banks 3 weeks ago

          @JimmyBall, the way you reason sometimes make me wanna stop reading your posts.

          So a coach who took Tanzania to AFCON only to lose all 3 matches in the group stage conceding 8 goals and scoring only 2 goals is the one you’re praising that he played modern football? Current UEFA Coaching badge my foot, he was even demoted from head coach after just 3 games in El Makasa to become an academy scout. Nawa for you o.

          Abeg leave our ancient diploma coaching certificate Rohr alone make he dey win matches for us o

          All you do is to just dey yarn opata up and down and shame no dey catch you

  • Great 3 weeks ago

    The Eagles are no longer Super with what they displayed in their last game. No African country is scared to play the Eagles unlike before when they were really super.

    The reason is very obvious to does who really want the best for the Eagles. The coach is clueless. There are people who settle for mediocrity and these are the set of people that are opposed to constructive criticism.

    For now lets call them Eagles and forget the Super until they prove otherwise.

  • So who and who will be on the pitch of play tomorrow? Any prediction?

  • People still talk about the USA 94 super eagles because of the way they played. Their transition from defense to attack was wonderful and a beauty to watch. Yes, they had their flaws but Nigerians are more willing to overlook those flaws because the joy they gave was more than the heartache and worrisome playing pattern. This is the reason why people still talk of Westerhof till date. None of the USA 94 players were playing in big teams in Europe at that time. Some of them even came from USA. But you could not deny their passion, dedication, and purposeful play instilled in them by the coach

    This current team is okay and relatively, have players playing in bigger clubs in Europe than the USA 94 team. It is also difficult to fault them and the coach at this time because they are currently at the top of their group (which is what his employers want). We may disagree about how Rohr is achieving this goal. But the fact remains that he is at the top of his group. Do you now sack a coach given the fact that he is achieving a set goal? You and I know that the answer is no. But can we (fans) or his employers demand more? Absolutely!

    Those who criticize Rohr (I’m also not pleased with his playing pattern) do so because they know that he and this current crop of players can do more. Also, we are worried about the number of matches he is losing at home and the African nations he has lost matches against. Nigeria should be a fortress for the super eagles and you do this by defeating your opponents convincingly at home. If he had continued with the trend he created when he played Algeria and Cameroon in Nigeria, believe me, it will be very unwise for anybody to complain.

    Rohr and his players can definitely do more. He just needs to be a bit flexible. This does not mean changing his philosophy about coaching. At least, this philosophy is getting him results that Nigerians need (not want, as in this very case). As to players invitation and selection, Rohr has the final prerogative (all coaches have their favorites) and we really can’t do anything about it as long as he gets the results we all need. It is not out of place to criticize Rohr but it has to be in a constructive way. If he refuses to take advice and he doesn’t get the result we want, then, he should also be prepared to face the consequences. But as of today, Rohr must be encouraged because he is getting us the results we need.

  • Mr Rhor you are saying the team is doing well,we are top of the group,we won all matches except one,but you are the one that pressed the panic botton by bringing Ighalo from retirement…….If truely the team is going on well as you are saying now then why bringing back Ighalo?……Rhor always shoot himself in the foot with his decisions……My mind tells me that Rhor doesn’t even watch his players train……he selects his starting eleven even before camping starts and left for him he would have played the eleven players for the 99mins…….Rhor only substitute when the game goes bad for his team which is very wrong…… Substitution is necessary to sometimes neutralize the opponents own substitution……. Substitution can also be used to prevent the opponent from equalizing or turning the game around…… Germany France Italy Spain Brasil Argentina Uruguay Portugal England and many super teams use all their substitution no matter how the game is going but why is Rhor’s own different?……Does it mean that other big European coaches are becoming outdated?…… something is definitely wrong somewhere but we have gone too far to rock the boat now……We need to pray for SE and hope we don’t get found out soon.

  • Mr Hush 3 weeks ago

    While most of our players aren’t supposedly ‘world class’, they are quality. They are better than most. They can do a job.

    We shouldn’t forget it was the same Oyinbo wall ( Ekong and Balogun) that qualified us for the last world cup. They stood firm at the last Afcon.
    It is the same Iwobi’s goals and assists that qualified us to the last world cup. We still remember Iwobi’s quality against Cameroon in the last Afcon.

    Quality just don’t disappear. These guys still got it. They just need to pushed and encouraged to bring their A game. All they need is consistency.

    As for Collins. Have never been impressed by him. He tries but Zaidu or Aina can fill in his position better.

    We should remain calm. Let’s not throw the baby with the bath water.
    Tomorrow is almost here.. we shall win.

    • Footballfanatic 3 weeks ago

      Nah lies Balogun sat out most of the Afcon matches after his calamity against Madagascar and he is getting slower by the day…

  • Dr Banks 3 weeks ago


    Dear Forumites, It’s with a heavy heart that I write this analysis of my beloved SE performance in recent games and appraisal of GR impacts in the team.

    Like you all know, am a great fan of GR and very much believed he has done a lot in turning the SE into a somehow decent team that we all look forward to their next game with the expectations of putting smiles on our faces. However their most recent performances has left much to be desired and urgent steps needs to be taken before we nosedive seriously.

    It is now as clear as crystals to me that GR is not in total control of his team selection, he has so much jettison merits for mediocrity and politics. His tactical acumen has forever been questioned on this forum but I and the progressives believe in him steering the ship to safety which I still stand by.

    However, for him to succeed he will have to break up from the shackle-hold of this corrupt NFF. He needs to grow balls and dared them to sack him if he fails because we all know that it is imminent even if he dances to their tune and fail to Qualify for Qatar or fail to win AFCON.

    When I saw the lineup yesterday, my opinion was that he wanted to play safe in the first half, secure a lead without conceding a goal, then come out gun-blazing in the second half to kill off the game. But I was so astounded to see his substitutions, first it was Ejuke for Iwobi at 63 mins which I will allow as fair but for Musa to come into that match replacing Iheanacho was a total joke while we have Chukwueze on the bench.

    Let me start with the defenders, why on earth he chose to start Collins ahead of Ola Aina or Zaidu beats my imaginations. Collins offer little to no threats going forward, so I believe that he is not suitable as a wing back and should only be used 4-3-3 formation. I expected to see Akpoguma in action for at least 10 mins in that match to come in for either Balogun or Ekong in the closing stage to give this young man a sense of belonging in the team and integrate him gradually into our central defence pairing knowing fully well that Balogun is now often injury prone and now low on pace due to age.
    We can’t afford to simply throw Akpoguma into the deep end by the time we face stronger and skilful team in the AFCON and 3rd round knockout stage of WC qualifier, now is the time to allow him gel into that defence and settle nicely.

    I really hope GR will make amends on Tuesday by reverting to 4-3-3 with Aina-Ekong-Balogun-Awaziem/Akpoguma in our defence. If you guys will remember that Aina’s best performance till date was in the left side of the defence, that delicious back heel assist to Ighalo again Burundi at AFCON 2019 was a marvel to watch

    To be continued…………..

  • Dr Banks 3 weeks ago


    Now to the SE Achilles heel………..our midfield.

    It’s obvious that we are covered in the central midfield position but of great concerns is our playmaker position which Iwobi plays. Ndidi and Onyeka should be given the central midfield role while Shehu / Etebo covers on the bench in case of injury.

    I believe that Rohr should alternate the playmaker role between Aribo and Iwobi for now instead of starting both of them thereby playing one of them out of position. One of these 2 guys should come in as substitute when the other is tired and the next match the substituted AM can start while the other comes in. That way, competition for places will be healthy and improve their output as one will want to outshine the other with scintillating performance.
    However I still believe GR should continue his search for a befitting additional playmaker with an eye for defence splitting pass with much more accuracy and also with a better goal threat. We need to step up our chase for Ebere Eze, Olise and Lookman, am sure we can still lure these guys to commit to us if we go about it the right way.

    Now to the wings, we all know that this department used to be our strong points in recent years, even during GR’s early period in the 2018 WC qualifiers where Victor Moses and Active Musa hold sways for us then. But since Moses retired and Musa ran to Saudi for money, we haven’t been able to discover able replacement. Kalu came but fizzled out.

    Chukwueze is trying his best but yet to hit the heights expected of him possibly due to his youthfulness. Injury also plays a part here. Dennis would’ve been a good fit but his attitude and discipline is a great concern.
    Ejuke needs to be given more playing / starting role in the wings as he needs more space for his dribbles, he’s not yet ripe for AM role as we can see yesterday, not capable of dribbling in tight spaces yet.

    Simon to me has been largely unproductive in this role and am not sure what Rohr see in him, I think he should only be brought in to shore up our defence when we are leading and need to close the match up against a quality team.
    Another angle I want GR to look at is the issue of this inverted wingers role, thibshas not really worked for SE, I believe he should try these winger on their natural side, eg. Chukwueze/Simon on the left and Ejuke/Kalu/Dennis on the right, am sure we will get our desires crosses and assists from that position.

    Rohr as a coach needs to properly study his players output after each match, critically assess their individual performance with extensive video analysis during the time players are back in their clubs, make notes of their area of improvement and when the players return for international duty, he should call each of them into a room the first day of arrival, show each the clips of their performance and corrections highlighted to each of these players while clarifying to each how he wants them to play to enhance increased productivity and team cohesion

    To be continued…………….

  • It is only in this country that when a player has a bad game you start hearing ” he is not good enough to play for SE, “he has no business to be in the team etc. Iheanacho,Iwobi and Ekong had a not too bad performance but does that make them bad? Recently both Iwobi and Iheanacho was rated best players in our first match. Ekong has been a rock solid ever. @JimmyBall did you watch the goal conceded by Rui Patricio of Portugal yesterday? This is a world class goalkeeper. Do Nigeria even even a goalkeeper in that class? cos if you guys will talk now you will say you have players but the coach is clueless. As for those criticizing the coach even Mourinho got sacked just today a coach which was sacked by an EPl club got another job in the same league within one week. Hector Cupper is the one coaching DR Congo and was recently sacked by Egypt so your point has not basis. Leave the coach alone he is not the cause of your problem

  • Dr Banks 3 weeks ago


    After the analysis and workable solutions in the part 1 and 2 above with the focus on defence, midfield and wingers role in ensuring a resounding victory tomorrow, now I shift my focus on the attack.

    It’s now obvious that getting goals aplenty is a bit of a problem in our recent matches, Rohr in response to this development recalled Ighalo, a proven goal getter in difficult situation with experience and maturity to assist our superstar Osimhen in the quest to ruffle the Cape Verde’s net.

    I will like to see Osimhen pairing Ighalo in the attack, this is my preferable combination that I believe will deliver the goals for us as opposed to Osimhen / Iheanacho’s combo.

    I knows guys will say that Ighalo doesn’t have pace anymore but what he has lost in pace will be compensated with his trickery, hold up play, great assist, goal threat and better accuracy due to experience. After all Iheanacho also has a very slow pace and can be very unserious sometimes, he needs serious competition from Ighalo to wake up from his slumber and then come in for Ighalo at 60 mins to cause more damage to Cape Verde.

    I don’t see any minutes of action for Onuachu in this game and I believe it was Onuachu that should’ve been dropped for Awoniyi to come in, Awoniyi has much more to offer than the static Onuachu.

    I trust if Rohr can read this my 3-part analysis and make changes as elucidated above, am sure Nigerians will be much happier with the teams performance tomorrow and he can keep his job safely until end of World Cup campaign.

    I rest my case!!!

  • Footballfanatic 3 weeks ago

    https://www.allnigeriasoccer.com/read_news.php?nid=41680. These excuses but Rohr are just ridiculous. He said it’s not easy to score a penalty after being substituted in and claimed he didn’t want to use all his subs when everyone was doing well. Are you kidding me????

    • He is not reading social media how come he knows all the problem in advance? Such a guilty conscience… The 68 years old man is fooling himself alongside his criminal partner picnic.

      • Footballfanatic 3 weeks ago

        This man is not the same person that handled our first 10 or so matches. After the Nations cup things have been downhill. Cape verde stated they know how to cage Osimhen Nd these are the reasons a team has to be dynamic and have different strikers. Sometimes you have to be tactical and have Osimhen come in later depending on the team and the game. Osimhen’s energy for a worn out team will be too much to handle.

        • Footballfanatic 3 weeks ago

          My problem with Rohr is that he will field the same team on and on till something drastic happenes and is strongly criticized even in friendlies so tell me how do you discover new talent? Ejuke was a fringe player till the Cape Verde game and we know why he started Ejuke in that game. You can’t do this with a tactically inclined team. I’m sure the countries that have qualified for the 3rd round are already viewing tapes of each other to see weaknesses.

  • Shuma 3 weeks ago

    I dont care what people say, your not gonna win with a bunch a players from regulated teams. Jamilu Collins? That dude been on that relegated German club forever, obviously he is not making an impact. I dont know what type of recruiting the super eagles got, stay trash.