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2022 World Cup: Dia, Diedhiou, Dieng Score As Senegal Edge Qatar

2022 World Cup: Dia, Diedhiou, Dieng Score As Senegal Edge Qatar

Senegal have brighten their chances of qualifying to the next round of the 2022 World Cup after they defeated host, Qatar 3-1 on Friday.

The Lions of Teranga who lost their opening game 2-0 to Netherlands, showed the hunger and determination to overcome Qatar.

However, Senegal took the lead in the 41st minute thanks to a brilliant goal from Boulaye Dia to silenced the vociferous supporters.

The team wasted no time in the second half as they netted the second goal in the 48th through Famara Diedhiou.

Qatar could have reduced the scoreline to 2-1 in the 66th minute after Ismail Mohamad header failed to beat Senegal goalkeeper, Edouard Mendy.

Mohammed Muntari, however, gave Qatar hope when he netted in the 78th minute to the delight of the home supporters.

The Senegalese took the game beyond the reach of Qatar when Bamba Dieng made it 3-1 in the 84th minute.

All efforts by Qatar to pick something out of the game proved abortive as Senegal wrapped up their first three points at the 2022 World Cup.

The team will next face Ecuador in their final Group A game while Qatar tackle Netherlands.

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  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago


    • Seedorf 2 years ago

      Ghana would have defeated that same team with ease. No be the team wey beat Senegal drew Ecuador 

      • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

        Your way of analysis is even more awful because what does it tell you about the team that Ecuador defeated as well? Next time don’t add Ghana name to them look foolish in the quest to hype. Focus on the team that is playing when it’s time for Ghana to play we’ll analyse Ghana as well, all groups are different teams with different opportunities.

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    Up Senegal!!!! Nice one guys. U guys are too much. Don’t mind those miserable overrated banku haters. Na only hating dem sabi .

    • Glory 2 years ago

      Hahaha….haha. Brodaman Oakfield, abeg leave Ghana alone. No be Ghana put us for where we dey oo. Na our own people dey fall our hand. Na dem put us down for all to turn us to foot match. Playing Portugal n Qatar no be the same oo. GHANA TRY ABEG,

      We keep saying Ghanians hate Nigerians, but I have seen Nigerians hating fellow Nigerians , even on this forum, Ghanians hating Ghanians, etc.

      In life everything cuts across two kinds, irrespective of race, nationality, height, colour etc. Either good or bad. That’s how I see people and when it comes to sport we left with choice as to who to support n not hate. Of course, NIGERIA IS ALWAYS FIRST .

      • Oakfield 2 years ago

        Lol@glory…jokes apart o…those guys hate Nigerians with passion not only in sports but in Music entertainment and others as well. U no see the nonsense one of their village musicians (I’ve forgotten is banku name) was saying about burna boy???? This shows u that these people always have running stomach whenever Nigerians are excelling. It is in their blood. They almost had a public holiday when we got beaten by Tunisia in the last nations cup.

        • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

          U dumb like PRISON PADDOCK lol

          I know u suffering from one of the MIASIS lol

          U suffering from COVIDMIASIS lol

          This is what happens when ur JERKING SESSION goes into OVERTIME haha 

          The REHAB is still open!! Haha 

          Stopping abusing COLA NUT lol

          I wish can mix CONCOCTION of PESTICIDES and FUMIGATE stupid face hahah 

          • Oakfield 2 years ago

            Look at how you are disgracing yourself. No meaningful thing comes out of that your banku eating mouth. Ive been waiting for you to dispute what i have said but u have resorted to disgracing yourself and your useless country the more.

          • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

            Oak field 

            So u here waiting for me?

            U have all the time to wait for me responses haha 

            Ur HEAD like DUMB BELL haha 

            So when are u going to use that God given brains to think and reason for just a min? Haha 

            U think I have time to replied to ur .1 byte brains of urs haha 

            Herrrh, this boy with PHAT ASS is indeed stupid haha

            Kwasiakwa, ur face like ANT lol 

  • Larry 2 years ago

    If we must tell our self the real truth. The nff and the press are the number enemies of progress in our soccer. In a serious country, Picnic and his fellow self centered bigots would have been in prison by now.
    For all the atrocities committed by Picnic and goons, no one in the press has had the balls to conduct a comprehensive investigation on activities relating to accounting for how they spend all the funds received from Govt,,corporate ponsors,and FIFA, interference with team selection, sharing of coaches salary, wrong choice of coaches..
    They can’t pay players and coaches, yet they are buying houses across the globe.
    A serious organization would have replaced Eguavoen and Pesseiro with more ambitious technical director and coach.
    Picnic and his goons should be made to give an account on how they managed the nff.

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      Hahahah….it is now beginning to sink in abii? I mean, e don dy clear for your eyes small small…hahaha…Reality has set in and suddenly u now feel he should be arrested and prosecuted. When u and your group of regressive were backing his moves to press the self destruct button against rohr una no know say e go be like this. But we warned you. What happened to ” any coach can take the team to greater heights in a matter of weeks”, “rohr was a mechanic”, “let us fail with our own” , “……hahaha…yeah, that’s what U get when you think and take actions with ur anus instead of your brains. Stop complaining and enjoy the ride. After all , that mechanic and belmadi’s boy is already out of the way….hahaha…

      • Oakfield 2 years ago

        And pessero perfectly falls in the category of the “any coach can handle the super eagles” …….hahahaha….eweeeeee!!!! Odegbami ( the chief ex cricket international) has suddenly stopped writing his usual garbage articles and mr sports minister has stopped speaking queens english. Bunch of miserable idiots!!! God will punish all of you. Una go vomit all the things wey una chop for backyard.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Hahahahaha….their gnashing of teeth has ceased to stop like I prophesied back then…..LMAOoo.

        Some of them like owngoal and the chief liar amongst them, the one that calls himself destar have disappear like fart in a storm.

        The scales have fallen of their eyes but pride just wouldn’t let them accept the fact that they have used their hands and fouls smelling mouths to ruin Nigerian football.

        The other they, that mad dog ewu zimbabwe was busy complaining about team chemistry…..lmmmaooo….but these were the same useless bunch who were hating on Rohr for not calling up any jack and Harry who hit the bar in Europe of the weekend leading to a competitive qualifying game…..lmaooo. Awoniyi this, awoniyi that, Dennis this, Dennis that, olayinka this, olayinka that….please which one if them has their “better coaches” not called up so far….LMAOoo. Which one of them has proven to be head and shoulders better than the reliable ones the old man used to call….?

        Our elders say The reckless grasshopper will end up in the gizzard of the chicken. They were running their mouths bra bra bra then as if they had anything upstairs….when they go low we go high nonsense….LMAOoo

        Abi we no warn them….???

        Any coach can win afcon with this team in 2 weeks…..LMAOoo. One year later we are being molested by Portugal In the full glare of the entire world. Even the worst hater of Rohr knows that the best result Portugal would have gotten over a Rohr led SE was to force us to a draw….lmaooo. Or is it not the same Portugal we saw against ghana…???

        I’ll rather lose at home to CAR and still qualify than draw at home with the worst ghana team in 40 years and not qualify.

        The humble ones have apologized for their sins. Let these arrogant ones continue to gnash their teeth….more misery awaits them. At least they now have their “better” coach who is even being paid almost twice more. I pray they don’t sack him before AFCON let’s see if he will even reach afcon semifinals with all his boasts.

        • Fetch 2 years ago

          You capitalize N & P in writing Nigeria and Portugal but refuse to capitalize G in writing Ghana?

  • Larry 2 years ago

    I have tried not to join issues with Roaring Roahrists (RRs) on this forum but since you have decided to attack my opinion, it is better we remind ourselves of the reasons some great patrons ont forum decided to move away from Rohr.
    Before the WC, I was really impressed with how Rohr transformed the team quickly with flawless players invitation and selection for matches, technical inputs and others..
    2018 WC exposed his weaknesses, specifically the games against Croatia and Argetina. His inability to fire-up the players, too much respect for opposing teams and wrong substitution are very glaring to average football enthusiasts.
    After the WC exit, one would have expected him to conduct a reality check like an ambitious coach would have done. The same mistake was repeated at the ANC, getting dominated and losing to CAR and Algeria in similar fashion like the WC to the point that Picnic sold the idea of a refresher course for him..
    When issues relating to contract renewal came up, some of us insisted on the inclusion of some conditions in his contract because we were not comfortable with his performance.
    Since the retirement of Mikel and Moses, SE has never won against top 40 teams in global football. Rohr wrong tactics and lack of winning mentality is the major reasons. Indiscipline players and underperforming players are being recycled. Picnic was interfering in his selection and he didn’t have the balls to stop him.
    Since contact renewal, Rohr performed badly so much that he created unwanted records..
    1. The only coach without a win in a year (2020).
    2. The only coach to loose a 4 goal lead across all our national team
    3. The first SE coach to loose a match in Lagos in 40years.
    4. He lost at home to a team that is about 100 places below SE.
    5. The longest trophyless serving SE coach.
    It’s more than a year since his sacking and he us yet to get hired by a club or country.
    Rohr is the worst of all coaches to handle SE in more than two years..
    Westerhof, Keshi(RIP), Amodu (RIP). Bonfere, Otto Gloria are all ahead of him.
    Roaring Rohr my foot.!

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      Wit all these u have written and said, where are we now.??? Did i hear u mention winning mentality???? For the records, rohr won group competitions with games to spare. If that was not a winning mentality, then tell me what it was . immediately your own came, the castle began to fall. It would have been better to leave him to finish what he started or have replaced him with a better coach not with someone who’s cv had nothing to write home about. Continue to enjoy ride bro.

    • Saudia Arabi is how many places below Argentina with all their stars. 95% of Saudi Arabian players played in their local where if any of our players goes to you will start shouting that such player should not be invited to national. Remember this same Argentina have not lost for over 35 matches or so. Japan also humbled Germany all these happened in a world cup game not friendly or inconsequential qualifying matches as it happened against CAR. Everybody saw how Carpe Verde and the likes perform in AFCON. What is home advantage in Nigeria in a match played on rasing field that when the coach was complaining you and your likes said he talks to much. When you won all the away matches and falter at home common sense should tell you something is wrong which we all know. Even Guardiola Manchester city was beaten at home by lowly Brentford. Anybody can beat anybody in football that is the fun of the game. Your Eguavon could not do well in Afcons that man laboured to qualify for despite drawing and loosing all the matches you are slating him on also when it matter most against Ghana he spoiled another good work by this same man and as if that was not enough another one Pesseiro came and it seems not get it despite all the noise that we have the best players in the world that any coach can just come and turn to invisible over night. Abeg find another excuse

  • @Larry, great stuff!

  • @Larry so now all the points you mentioned have been addressed. Two coaches have come after Rohr and I want to belief non of them have lost since then and now your team are playing the beautiful and entertaining football you and your lots crave for. U mentioned longest coach without winning but you forgotten that he only participated in only 2 competitions and of which he won bronze even though must of you are not comfortable with that despite the team failure to qualify for 2 consecutive competition prior to that. The problem with most of you is that you over hype your team as if you are it is the best. Isn’t it the same team most of you said can beat any team that have been struggling?. That man was never the problem in fact we were lucky to have him at that particular time but hatred,sentiment and nepotism will not allow you to rest. Yes he is not great and you may call him average or below average coach but the truth is that he made his mark and deliver all his targets. Now we have had to 2 better coaches after him according to most of you and the problem still persist if not worst. So what are you saying?mtcheeew, Common sense is truly not common.

  • Larry 2 years ago

    @tayo, if you read my earlier comments before one of the RRs changed the topic, you would understand the subject of the matter.
    After Rohr left, it became obvious to some of us that afterall he was only a fraction of the rots in nff.
    This is the reason why I suggest that the Picnic board should be probed and if found guilty, proper punishment should be given to them to serve as deterrent to others.
    Some of us suspected something went wrong with Rohr with the way he swapped strict measures and invitation parameters for Picnic’s corrupt and egoistic practices.

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