2023 AFCONQ: Gusau Warns Super Eagles, Says Only Committed Players Will Now Wear Nigeria’s Colours

2023 AFCONQ: Gusau Warns Super Eagles, Says Only Committed Players Will Now Wear Nigeria’s Colours

President of the Nigeria Football Federation, Alhaji Ibrahim Musa Gusau announced on Saturday that visible total commitment implying patriotic fervour will now be a key factor, apart from competence and current form, for any football player who wishes to wear the nation’s green-white-green jersey at any level.

Gusau’s words, spoken to players of the Super Eagles on Saturday morning, was a direct reference to Friday’s 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualifying defeat to Guinea Bissau at the Moshood Abiola National Stadium, which pushed the Eagles down to second place in their qualification group.

Mama Balde’s 29th minute goal was the only strike in the encounter, condemning the Eagles to defeat in front of fervent home fans. The Eagles created a dozen chances in the second half but failed to get the ball into the Wild Dogs’ net.

“Let us be very clear about one thing: no player will ever be encouraged against his wish to wear Nigeria’s colours at any time. If an invitation is extended to you at any time but you are not physically, psychologically or mentally up to it, you are free to decline.

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“Nigeria demands good performances and positive results from any of the teams going forward. I was sorely disappointed by your performance against Guinea Bissau and I know that Nigerians at home and in the diaspora are more than disappointed. Things must change starting with the return match in Guinea Bissau on Monday. Our country is too big to be getting these poor results at international level.”

Recalling that the U23 Men Team, Olympic Eagles, also failed to score against Guinea in a Africa U23 Cup of Nations qualifier at the same venue on Wednesday, Gusau said the message is for all the teams, down to the U15 side known as Future Eagles.

“Total commitment that we can see in your body language and output will now be a key factor in who wears Nigeria’s jerseys. If some players are not ready to give their all at a particular time, others will be and will deliver for our country.”

Team captain Ahmed Musa apologized to the NFF and Nigerians for the defeat and assured that the players are ready to redeem themselves in the return match on Monday.

Meanwhile, the Nigeria delegation to Monday’s match in Bissau will depart from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja at 7am on Sunday aboard a chartered flight. The match comes up at the Estadio 24 de Setembro starting from 5pm Guinea Bissau time (6pm Nigeria time) on Monday.

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  • respect is reciprocal 1 year ago

    Iheanacho and Lookman are culprit of this . both players are tremendously skilful but they are lazy.

    • Bobo Colorado Springs 1 year ago

      Oh!, is like you read my mind. Iheanacho and Lookman are very skillful but very very lazy and slow in the attack, anytime those two players are playing, you will notice it immediately.

      • Sportradio88.0 fm 1 year ago

        To beat guinea Bissau on Monday is a task that must be done.
        They should just allow their opponent to play too.. if dey go there to attack attack attack this guinea pigs wil again sit back in their defense.

  • That’s the way forward

  • Four four two 1 year ago

    Bros stop all this ranting. Football ia more spiritual than physical.SE played well . Even the Under 23 team also gave their all.Abuja stadium cannot be super Eagles home. Let me reiterate once again , Maracana stadium is the home of the Brazilian National team even though not in the Capital, San Siro is the Home of the Italian national team even though not the capital city. Kumasi is where Ghana national team spirit reside; I can go on and on. The SE need a home where the SE spirit will have rest and luck. In this regard the following stadia have been to produce good results for SE even when all hopes are lost. (1) UJ Esuene staduuim Calabar, Kaduna stadium, Benin city stadium , Liberation stadium PortHarcourt and Uyo Stadium . It is still fresh in the Memory how invisible forces fought against SE and good them eliminated from the World cup. I swear if that Match against Ghana was played in PH or Uyo Nigeria will have qualified. Football is more spiritual than political . Pls the presidency and the NFF should stop playing with the emotions of Nigerians . Nigeria has failed in almost all facit. The only sectors that brings joy and a sense of unity to Nigerians is football. So there should be no room for error in and off the pitch. Nigeria is too small to know better than Italy,Spain,Brazil, Ghana and many other tradirional footballing nations who have found a home for their nation outside the capital. Pls give SE a home where the typical Nigerian spirit reside and gives luck to SE, not Abuja. Even piesero the SE coach said Nigeria lost due to Bad luck inflicted on the team by the Abuja stadium aura.

    • I agree with four four two to some extent. As much as I believe stadiums do not win matches, a national stadium should have some fear factor, it should be a fortress for any national team. When visitors enter a national stadium, it should feel like hell. At the moment I don’t think the Abuja national stadiums feels anywhere like hell. Visiting teams are very comfortable there. Ghana have occasionally played in cape coast in recent times but we all know what we get from Kumasi. Accra sports stadium does not carry the same spirit and fans can easily turn against the team when things are not going right. I saw the Nigerian fans had stopped singing and drumming towards the end of your game. I know it’s difficult to blow the trumpet when your team is losing but contrast that with what happened in the black star and Cameroon games where the supporters cheered till the end even when the going was getting tough. Plus the Abuja pitch was in such a horrible state I wonder if there’s a maintenance team. We need to make our national stadium a fortress, if it will mean changing the venue to another state, let’s do it because at the moment it looks like that stadium is a free way for Visiting teams.

    • There are no forces anywhere fighting against the Super Eagles, the problem of our darling team is lack of quality as a result of the abandonment of grassroot development of our football and until Nigeria goes back to school/ grassroot development as it was in the past smaller Nations will continue to spring surprises on all our teams whether National , local , clubsides etc. Mushroom academies will not help our soccer because they all lack proper funding and real coaches to impact modern day technical aspect of football in our wards. If we had taken football back to primary, secondary and tertiary institutions 70% of the players in our National team today will not be there, All we have in that team are strikers, the midfield – AM and DM are nothing to write home about, the defence is even worse our wingers play secondary school football, pull out is one of the most basic tactics in football but our wingers seems not to know anything about it and it is shocking. The coach is a misfit, UZOHO should be sacked from the team , Where is Alapasu? The only Nigerian goalkeeper to have ever won the golden hands in any Fifa organized competition and they failed to groom him, i remember Uzoho was his deputy at the U17, why is he not part of the team.

  • So the NFF wants to use the players as the scape goat now…….Mr Gusau what about commitment from your end?……What about your commitment to allowing the coach select the best players available on Merit?…… what about your commitment to provide good pitches for the players to express themselves?…….what about your commitment to paying players and coaches allowance as at when due?……. What about your commitment to stop playing politics with stadium venues for crucial matches?…… What about your commitment to stop collecting bribes from players to get invited and rooting out all coaches practicing such an evil practice in the Nigerian football circles?……. what about your commitment to developing our grassroot football?…..What about your commitment to ending corruption in our football administration?…… Nigeria should stop allowing politicians run our football…..It is clear that this man knows next to nothing about how the modern game is run……smh

    • Codex 1 year ago

      This comment is one of the best I’ve seen here honestly The Gusau led Nff should take a hard look on the mirror before criticizing anyone. To build a house one doesn’t start building a house from the top but from the bottom up,in order for our football to grow,the Nff must start from the bottom and not from the top.

  • pompei 1 year ago

    Don’t mind them. It is the players they want to put all the blame on. You want them to show commitment on a rubbish pitch, with unpaid bonuses (they are owing players as much as $100k each), and unpaid coaches’ salaries? The other day, they tried to hire Ike Shorunmu as goalkeeper trainer, with no contract or compensation agreement. The man should come and work for free, abi?
    NFF should take the lead in showing commitment by doing their jobs properly!
    Everybody is upset with Peseiro right now, and rightly so. However, how can we expect much from an unpaid coach? Until NFF start doing the right thing, we will continue to get these nasty surprises.

    • Well, it doesn’t stop him from letting them know what they are doing wrong. Some of them were just playing like they don’t give a shit. Moreover, this guy just came into the position, so, cut him some slack

      • pompei 1 year ago

        Refer to the good book.
        Before you ask someone to remove the straw in their eye, remove the rafter in your own eye first.
        You say they were playing like they don’t care? Do you realize that the pitch was so bad, the players could not express themselves, like they would on a good pitch?
        While it is good for the NFF president to hold the players to a high standard or performance, the same high standard of performance is expected from him and his staff at the Glass House.
        The NFF should cut Nigerian football fans some slack by doing their jobs right.

  • Harrison 1 year ago

    Rubbish talk!! from your airconditioned room, you breeze out confused, loosed touch of reality that we don’t need primary school Physical education from abroad to coach our players, what a nonsense, selfish intewrest is the reason why we are now a laughing stock in the world of football,
    What an insult!! who is Guinea Bissau to match us in footbal no matteer hoiw football has developed, Guinea Bissau suppose melt on hearing they are playing,
    A 3rd division club can easily beat Guinea Bissau but see what NFF Nuissance Football Federation is doing to us
    If Pesserio or whatever he calls himself is good, what stops him from coaching his country or any local club in Portugal but bcos NFF will easily get their cut from is monthly pay they just hired him at the detriment of entire soccer loving Nigerians
    The fact remains that this trend will continue cos we have heartless people in charge of Nigeria football with selfish interest,
    what does Pessero knows about Nigeria football?
    Almost all countries in the world are coached by their own, why cant we do the same,
    we have Samson Siasia, we have Sylvanus Okpala, we have a ghost other good Coaches in Nigeria who knows our style of football,
    We will continue to go down the drain until these SCAVENGERS in the helm of affairs in football are flushed out,
    Maaaad people everywhere!!!
    No hate, the truth must be told, we are still loosing on Monday, even draw we will not get bcos selfish people are in charge of our football

  • Tega 1 year ago

    I thank and commend the comments of the man above the latter. Nigeria players are the best players at the moment with no sentiment. Bad luck was the bain of our football in Abuja any day.
    I can still remember a crucial qualifier in Warri. Before the kick off as the opponent makes their way into the field, fans started singing in waffi style. Come see the threat we gave to the eagle’s opponent. Despite heavy downpours, the Eagles won the game. ABUJA na failure.
    In Lagos, Eagles fly higher than jets. In PH eagles fly very well. My brothers, nothing good comes from those with titles.
    FOOTBALL OR SOCCER IS SPIRITUAL. Go to Wembley stadium and tell me what you heard. Nigeria has to change. God bless Nigeria. Never mind, Eagles will put a smile on your faces on Monday. INEC WILL BE A SHAME.

  • Mudia 1 year ago

    This talk of patriotism in the face of administrative failures and “thiefery” is nonsensical and stupid to say the least.

    My candid advice to Osimhen and other pros is, pls play safe to avoid injury bcos them no send you if u carry injury.

    If NFF like they should pick their players from Sambisa FC afterwards, na them sabi… We the fans are fed up and embarrassed enough.
    Whenever NFF and indeed the nation decide to do the right things, they will get the best result.

    NFF, as you lay your bed, so shall you lie in it. Ye ye dey smell.

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago


    I have said it TIME and TIME again that most of these GUYS nowadays are not COMMITTED to the NATIONAL TEAM like they are so COMMITTED in their RESPECTIVE CLUB sides….

    • Bobo Colorado Springs 1 year ago

      You’re right bro!, 80% of performance lies on the players. Managers are not going to put the ball in the net nor defend well but the players.

      • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

        Exactly my friend…

        I mean their KANU NWANKWO, JAY JAY’S, the BULL etc didn’t get and ENJOY as much ATTENTION FINANCIALLY, MEDICALLY, TECHNICALLY and even MEDIA WISE like these GUYS ENJOY but WE all saw their level of COMMITMENT whenever they put on the GREEN and WHITE JERSEY in fact it was as if it was more than the COMMITMENT in their CLUB sides….

      • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

        Exactly my friend…

        I mean their KANU NWANKWO, JAY JAY’S, the BULL etc didn’t get and ENJOY as much ATTENTION FINANCIALLY, MEDICALLY, TECHNICALLY and even MEDIA WISE like these GUYS ENJOY but WE all saw their level of COMMITMENT whenever they put on the GREEN and WHITE JERSEY in fact it was as if it was more than the COMMITMENT in their CLUB sides….

        • The level of decay in Nigerian football now is alarming to say the least…..we have never had it this bad before……the country is sliding down the drain on a daily basis…..them kanu and okocha will not tolerate what is going on today in our football during their time….. is it Administrators sharing salaries with coaches?….. Is it Administrators demanding for match bonuses of players inorder to get invited?……Are you not a Nigerian?

          • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

            OGA their KANU were getting PEANUTS which can be said to be NOTHING during their PLAYING days but still gave their all..

            And yes they also faced worst issues worrying our football now during their days abi na because they were so professional enough not exposed it to the press then…

            Shebi na just last year or so they gave the 94 abi na 96 set their houses promised them….

          • Facts says 1 year ago

            I don’t just understand what this NFF people are doing in our face… If u was a father to any of those players will allow him to play football match in that cattle Ranch u called pitch…. How much will it even take u guys to put that pitch in other before the match… You guys are just bunch of disgrace nd shameless people… A minor Football nation like guinea bissau coming to ur country to best you.. it a totally disgraced… My advice is that… If u guys doesn’t no how to manage run country football… Make una no dey put head… Look at countries like Senegal nd morroco, Algeria even Ghana nd other Africans country are leaving us behind… Corruption no want comot for una blood.. una go stand up go dey invite inactive players ,Ahmed musah , aribo… Onuachu, Frank oyeka ihianacho, ndidi, Uzoho all bench warmers in their clubs..

            We have players like victor Boniface toying nd destroying defenders in Europa leaque u guys didn’t invite him, we have young nd solid midfielder of oyedika of Club brugge playing week in week out… Still u guys didn’t invite him… So we are seeing the sentiment ND currupt act in the system….. We Nigerians are tired..so u guys should continue to do anything when una like ..

  • Scapegoating will not get us anywhere. There’s a lot of corruption and ineptitude in the NFF, a lot of self-deceipt and irrational decisions and lack of management concept

  • Olos 1 year ago

    See people wey dey talk about commitment.Show commitment administratively then it will rub on the players. The new NFF board have a great work to do to take our football back to it pride of place, not just the players.

  • Gussu and Peseiro never played footbsll at the level of Finidi and Sorunmu,yet they were hooted out of the coaching crew The NFF creates so much confusion and distraction in Nigerisn football

  • Going forward NFF cant give the players a standard smooth pitch. They should not come and play any match. They should use out homebased.

  • Going forward if NFF will not give the players a standard smooth pitch. They should not come and play any match. They should use our homebased.

  • Failures trying to preach commitment to successful people.

    NFF is the worst football FA in the world

    Abuja stadium is a bad luck to eagles

    The pitch is not different from a cassava farm

    Change venue and start playing in Uyo

    Show commitment by paying players their previous match bonuses and allowance

    Show commitment by paying the coaching crew at appropriate time.

    Allow the coach select his players by himself.

    If I was among this team, honestly I will concede two own goals because of this your useless statement. How can you be talking about commitment to people you are not showing commitment too.

  • Patrick 1 year ago

    Commitment, commitment, commitment. Eh.eh. from the invitation and selection of players nff i didn’t see any commitment on the part of nff and the coach. I watched most of the qualifiers through dstv and online. This team has talented players such as osimihen, moffi and others but the current nff can not take us to the second round of afcon if we qualify for afcon.

  • Lord AMO 1 year ago

    Look, if I were any of these star players, I’d call the NFF presidents bluff.  The questions i’d ask are

    1. Where are our outstanding bonuses?
    2. Why can’t we practice with light?
    3. Why aren’t we calling our best legs instead of the Musas, yum yums and all the bench warming out of form players?
    4. Why are we playing on rice farms masquerading as pitches?
    5. Lastly, who send you sef?

    Oya call replacement for me victor osimhen, terrem moffi, alex iwobi, and others.  Who stands to lose more? Nonsense and ingredients

  • Onero 1 year ago

    Commitment must start with the most corrupt, inept, clueless govt of PMB and the in-docile, and redundant so called administrator at the robbery HQ called the NFF.Are the so called administrators and wicked minister of sport not seeing what a stadium pitch and design look like in neighboring, Senegal, morocco and Egypt.The MKO stadium is big for nothing , a shadow of itself, an epitome of over-invoicing and absolutely looked tainted

  • I honestly don’t want to make any comments. But in actuality, I’m sick and tired of Nigeria. This nff president have the audacity to be talking about commitment from the players when he himself isn’t honest to the players and Nigerians as a whole. Well I’ve denounced my Nigeria citizenship ever since INEC rigged the election and gave it to Tinubu. I really don’t have anything to say other than to tell Nigerians that a revolution must take place before Nigeria can be prosperous as a nation. And I really don’t think it’ll happen in my life time.

    • Ola, if you have denounced your nationality, then you don’t have to comment.

  • Ono Peter Okorosobo 1 year ago

    Hello, from what i saw of the game against guinea bissau some players are not supposed to be jetting out with the team for the reverse match for some of them it is goodbye to the National team,let me start from the goal keeper, UZOHO he has failed us on numerous occasions and friday yet again ,a problematic position if he continues to use HIM ,the gaffer should look for another replacement or else it would problematic if he decides to stick with uzoho.
    Calvin BASSEY SHOULD PLEASE BE REMOVED AS CENTRAL DEFENDER AND TAKEN to his normal position as a left full back, get a strong central defender both him and AKPOGUMA ARE NOT THAT STROMG AND NEITHER IS QUICK AND FAST. WE had several players that had a offday NDIDI,IHEANACHO,LOOKMAN,OSIMHEN, CHUKWUDI EVEN zAIDU WAS TERRIBLE. We had no creative midfielder a ball winner and a distributor both alex iwobi and Ndidi lacked bothed. Even the players that came on as substitute were worst than those they replaced.For the captain of the team Ahmed MUSA he has served our great country well but i think it time he calls it quit with the national team we will always remember him as long serviing member of the super eagles but i think he needs to let go.

  • Joseph 1 year ago

    It pains me when we try to shift blame to others just to safe ones head.The national stadium in Abuja is a shame to behold ,most of the players called are not performing so great wih their respective clubs apart from few like victor ,lookman, chukweze,bassy and zaidu yet we are inviting d guys not playing club side football regularly .The super eagles training was cut short on the first day because of non electricity supply are you kidding me and u expect good result ,inviting an under 20 guy from the last under 20 Africa national cup who was never exceptional not even winning up to the 10th player of the tournament let alone the best player of the tournament.we are a joke of our selves,I don’t even want to talk about the yum yum fc dude , Inviting yum yum guy at d expense of inform akpom of mido broug who has 24 goals already this season,inviting aribo who hasn’t played actively this season I just rest d case

  • That the way forward, Committed players.

    Also, Abuja stadium is No NO. Uyo, Port Harcourt and Benin stadium are available for Eagles.

    Abuja Stadium can be use for horse race and Polo game not for football.

  • @monkeypost…. Getting peanuts that comes as at when due is not as bad as getting millions that would be owed….. Did you ever hear westerhof or Bonfere Joe ever say they where owed salary or told to share their salary?…… Nigerian FA was not rich then but it was well managed and it was that era that gave Nigeria the brand name we are riding on today……The decay in our football started from the early 2000s and it’s at an unprecedented low now……Officials collect bribes to invite and impose players on the coaches……. officials demand for a share of players allowances to get invited…… Officials demand for part of coaches salaries to get the coaching job……. Officials are bribed to take crucial matches to states that don’t have the pedigree to host World class matches……. officials embezzle developmental funds from FIFA, international bodies and cooperate organization…… What we have now is just old glory……we are riding on the hard work done by past administrators who sacrificed to put Nigeria’s name on World football map……Kanu and okocha’s era was the era that gave us the glory we enjoy today but that doesn’t mean they where more talented than our boys of today……they worked under a sincere environment…….they worked under a competitive environment……that is why they seem to be more committed than our boys of today

    • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

      OGA I bet you that these BOYS wouldn’t have SURVIVE their KANU ERA even with the same PEANUTS (MATCH BONUS) coming 3 months before the match is PLAYED…

      You mean all these BOYS that care so much about the TATTOOS on their BODY and their INSTAGRAM POST rather than first giving NIGERIANS GOOD RESULTS???

      You must be TRIPPING!

  • Since 1945 Nigeria has had only 5 successful coaches – Les Courtier, Tiko Jelisavic, Otto Gloria, Clemens Westerhof and Stephen Keshi.In the last 10 years the NFF has been cutting corners and pocketing money they should use in hiring quality coaches

    • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

      Am SURPRISED that you didn’t mention the LEGENDARY GENERAL ROAH…

      Anyway it all depends on your definition of SUCCESS tho…

  • Collins Id 1 year ago

    You guys are far from the debate, the field or nff and many other excuses dudnt stop us from posessing 6o percent of the ball. This team suffered from final balls and quick and accurate decision making, to worsen the problem the coach had no Solutions, guinea hadva Perfect game plan and the field did not stop them, this idiot coach knows that 442 has failed but he kept on using it, even the formation almost cost us the serrieleone game untill he switch to 433, 433 will not expose ndidi too much if onyeka had supported him alowing iwobi to partner better with osihemen, change iheanacho for chukueze in the right wing then lookman for moses in the left, bring in moffi for osihmen if necesary, the coach can not do better than me my self. How can u bring unuachu to come and be disturbing osihmen and no better crosses was coming in from both wings a coach couldnt adress that problem in the entire game, iheanacho who was the best player in the firsthalf was subbed for unuochu not even in 70th min but from the nest half. Mehn pesero should just vannish

  • Papafem 1 year ago

    Anyone who understands the dynamics of leadership will know that blaming these players for our woeful performances is like calling a dog a bad name in order to nail it.

    When the head is rotten, the body will feel it. This Gusau hasn’t realized yet the gravity of the task before him. He still thinks managing the nation’s football is about grammar, threats and preparing a P&L account.

    Truth is the NFF and by extension, the the national teams it runs, lack proper direction. From logistics to appointment of coaches, selection of players to selection of stadia and a whole lot, Nigeria has lost it.

    Do you blame the u20 team players for their not too impressive performance at AYC? Do you condemn the Super Falcon players for their continuous slide in Africa and the world of late? Do you blame the u23 players for their abysmal performance against Guinea in Abuja? Do you blame the Home based Eagles for their failure to qualify for CHAN? Theres something fundamentally wrong with the entire system. We’ve not had it this bad in a long time. WE should stop deceiving ourselves putting the blame thst should be on the NFF on our layers. If the NFF did the needful, we won’t be where we are today.

    To start with, their choice of coaches for these teams have been extremely awful. They sacked Rohr for not doing well, and brought Eguaveon. Before his appointment, Eguaveon had never achieved anything meaningful in his entire career as a coach with the national teams he handled. From his time as the u17 coach in 2003, to his time as the coach of the u23 team and Super Eagles, it had been one failure after the other. So, on what basis was he appointed again as the coach in 2019 to replace Genot Rohr? Eguaveon was to direct the affairs of the team at both 2019 AFCON in Egypt and during the crucial 2-legged WCQ matches agsinst Ghana. Baba failed woefully in both assignments. So, why blame the players when the main culprit was the NFF who gambled with a tactless, technically bereft and talkertive Eguaveon?

    Other coaches appointed for various national team assignments are even worse than Eguaveon. Salisu Yusuf has been a serial failure. A confirmed corrupt personality who was sanctioned by the same NFF for collecting bribe from players. He was brought back by the Pinnick to handle 2 national teams: the Olympic Eagles and CHAN Eagles. He was also appointed as the Assitant Super Eagles coach, three positions at a goal for a man with no track record with the national teams, a dude with a truck load of corruption charges agsinst him. That is the coach the NFF thought was good enough for three national teams, as if there are no other coaches in Nigeria with the ability to do a better job for us. Tribalism, nepotism all fused into one big decision of putting the eggs of the nation in one terrible basket called Yusuf. So do we blame the players for his monumental failure or the set morons that appointed him? Ask yourself this question.

    While some credits can be given to Ladan Bosso’s effort in securing a WC ticket for the U20s, I strongly believe their performance in general didn’t inspire much confidence. They were really poor against the Gambia and aren’t expected to make us happy at the WC. Since taking the team to the 1/4 final of WYC in Chile on 2007, he hasn’t achieved anything meaningful with the national teams he’s handled since then

    Then came Peseiro. Another serial loser. As a matter of fact, this guy has no meaningful record to parade in his over 3 decades of coaching. The last being a total failure in Venezuela before he left Caracas. And after Eguaveon’s poor showing, the next person the NFF thought Nigerians deserve is this one again. We have lost 5 straight matches under him, the last being the match against a lowly rated team like Guinea Bissau.

    As far as Im concerned, Eguaveon, with all his poor showing and Tactical ineptitude, is by far better in terms of results than this traveller called Peseiro. Afterall, we defeated GBU at 2019 AFCON and even made Sallah look ordinary under Eguaveon. Who has Peseiro beaten since takinh over apart from breaking an hapless STP and a lowly rated Serra Leone. This man has stucked to an achaic 4-4-2 system and relies so much on ineffective wing play. Both systems have continuously failed us. So, who do you blame? The players or the NFF that brought these journey men? Give this team to a coach who knows his onions, you’d be surprised at what you’d see.

    The Abuja stadium has become a total nightmare for us in the past 2 years. Nothing works or favors us in that arena again. Why still use it for our matches, even with the terrible pitch we’ve been seeing of late? Do you blame the players for this too or blane them as well for the poor handling of the logistics in the last round of matches, the blackout in the stadium during training, the poor transport arrangement,the last minute removal of key technical staff in the team and the non-payment of the coach’s salary. The Nigeria menebers of the technical crew don’t even have any contract with the NFF. But we all want them to perform anyways. Where’s this done, fur crying out loud? Do we also blame the players these failures too?

    Look at the list of players invited for the matches against Guinea Bissau. Apart from the fact that the midfield is so light, many players on the list are either bench Warners in their clubs or just making up the numbers. Who is then surprised that we struggled against our guests on Friday?

    The truth is until we are ready to learn how countrieslije Senegal and Morrocco have managed to turn the fortune of their countries football around, we will continue fooling ourselves, blaming the good tools and not the bad users.

    • Codex 1 year ago

      Another Excellent and straight-to-the-point comment from @papafem Nff think say their job na cake walk…..ok nah make i dey look una.

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