2023 AFCONQ: Peseiro Blames Bad Luck For Super Eagles Shock Loss To Guinea-Bissau

2023 AFCONQ: Peseiro Blames Bad Luck For Super Eagles Shock Loss To Guinea-Bissau

Jose Peseiro has attributed the Super Eagles shock 1-0 loss to Guinea-Bissau in Friday’s 2023 AFCON qualifiers to bad luck.

A first half goal from Mama Balde secured Guinea-Bissau a first ever win against the Super Eagles.

The win took the Djurtus to seven points and top in Group A while the Super Eagles drop to second.

“I think we played very well in the first 30 minutes but didn’t score,” Peseiro said in his post-match press conference. “It showed that our team is better than Guinea-Bissau. I can say bad luck was part of the reason we didn’t win.

“Some times the best teams can lose games this way, so everything went bad for us.

“We deserved much more because we created chances and pushed the opponent back and could have scored five, six goals it happens in football.“

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The Portuguese however expressed confidence that the Eagles can win the reverse fixture as high as 3-0 based on their overall performance.

“If we put up same performance like we did today we can beat them 3-0 at their place because one team can’t always have good luck all the time.“

And when asked if he will be surprised if he gets sacked following the loss to Guinea-Bissau, Peseiro replied:”I would be surprised if I’m sacked now. In today’s game in the first 30 minutes we created chances but the likes of Osimhen, Chukwueze and Ndidi could not score.

“But I believe my team played better than the results reflect so for me it’s a joke to talk about sacking me.”

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  • It was also like a joke when our NFF foolishly sacked a coach 100 times better than you

    • Adewumi 1 year ago

      I you a fool who told you most of them are bench warmers 

      • Adewumi 1 year ago

        Do you even no what you are saying you better check the team they play for and their stats again

  • A careful man will always do everything to avoid taking wrong decisions.our sacking of rhor has been the worst decision nff ever took.I think there is a curse on Nigerian football.its so clear.Again why don’t we play at uyo?

    • Adeniyi 1 year ago

      You people should move away from this Rohr narrative. The team was as shitty and an eyesore under Rohr. Under Rohr CAR no beat you for house? Cape Verde and co Dey outplay you. You were even outplayed even the matches won. A group of artisans cum footballers beat you at afcon 2019. So what’s the fuse about Rohr all the time.??

      • TONY 1 year ago

        @Adeniyi, please, pay no attention to them.
        They are not the sharpest knives in the kitchen drawer.

    • I felt sth was wrong playing I Abuja stadium, it seems the stadium is a symbol of failure and pain of the nation.
      Check out our loss to Ghana it was at a time kaduna bound train was attacked,we lost, this loss to GB again it coincides with sorrowful mood of majority of Nigerians over the shambolic elections in our country.
      Watching the way and manner Chikwueze, Osimhen and Simon fluffed the begging chances, expecially Chikwueze and Simon it was as though, they were under a spell of never you score here.
      Watch what will happen on Monday, they will pop the GB.

    • What is it with some fans here and Rohr? He was fantastic pre-2018 before decline set in. The job is about hiring and firing. If you ran a company and your manager’s KPIs are no longer impressive, will you still retain him simply because of his past records? Respected coaches like Mourinho Conte, Tuchel etc have been sacked before and everyone moved on.

      Funnily, I’m sure no one bothered to check that Rohr almost lost at home yesterday to Rwanda until his team rescued a point in the dying minute! And that was his first match. Rohr was okay, good, meh, manageable. Fantastic? Nope. Nope.

      • TONY 1 year ago

        @Kel, please, pay no mind to them. Have you ever read a post from them extolling the coaching accomplishments of the late Mr. Shuaib Amodu, the late Mr. Steven Keshi or the late Mr. Paul Hamilton all of whom were indigenous coaches and qualified Nigeria for The World Cup at one time or the other?
        Nothing new there. It is the black man’s mentality.
        Afterall, was it not Black Africans that sold their brothers and sisters into slavery in some cases for a bottle of Ogogoro?

  • Ayoola 1 year ago

    Super Eagle should go to court if they are not satisfy with the result please!! No philosophy football

  • We need INEC to change this result .

  • josh 1 year ago

    You people will not cease to insult our intelligence. Rather than take the blame, you deflect and shift the blame somewhere else. Like Peseiro like Bosso, like Salisu, like Finidi (if he ever gets to coach any Nigerian team). Don’t worry, Lesotho and Eritrea will soon come to Nigeria and beat us hands down.

    I question your competence, Peseiro. Just take a look at the core of your players – Iheanacho, Chukwueze, Ndidi, Onuachu, Onyeka, Ajayi, Simon. They are perpetual bench warmers in their clubsides as of today. Even players like Iwobi, Sanni, Akpoguma are on and off players; mostly coming from the bench in their clubs. How do you hope to win matches when the core of your team are bench warmers?

    Just like other coaches before you, you have failed to be objective with your player selection to the super eagles. Players who don’t play in their clubsides are first team players in the Nigerian national team.
    Even with below average performances, you have retained Uzoho as the first choice in the super eagles. Whatever is wrong in discovering other goalkeepers and giving them a chance in this super eagles.
    African football is not European football for crying out loud. How can you deploy 2 midfielders, one of whom is not even playing regularly again in his club, in your team and you hope to control a match in Africa. Just like your predecessors, you deployed 4 attackers in your team, attackers who are lazy, not in form and no longer deserve to be in the super eagles. How do you hope they will contribute anything meaningful to the defence. I can only wonder how you came about using Bassey as one of your central defenders? No wonder Guinea Bissau was able to exploit Bassey and Zaidu Sanni to score their goal.
    Don’t worry Eritrea and Lesotho will come to Nigeria, choke the midfield and rely on counter attack, or even clip players like Lookmon, Simon, Chukwueze in the wings and your team will become toothless and eventually lose. All African teams have studies how super eagles play and they know how to neutralize Nigeria. Sadly coaches like you will never learn or deduce counter strategies to beat these African countries. If you can’t beat Guinea Bissau, how will you ever defeat a team like Algeria, Senegal, Tunisia, Morocco, or even Cameroon.

    Like corrupt NFF like incompetent coaches like Peseiro, Salisu, Bosso, Waldrum, and like most things in Nigeria. A country where white is called black and crookedness and corruption is the order of the day.

    • Abbey 1 year ago

      Please get your facts before comment, Alex Iwobi is not a bench warmer at Everton.

    • TALK UR OWN 1 year ago


    • Omo Naija 1 year ago

      Just to point out, Chukwueze and Iwobi are not benchwarmers at their clubs, but I agree with the rest of your submissions.

  • okponku 1 year ago

    please someone should Prof Yakubu to help Naija to RIG the return match result!! Rather we will go Caf Court because luck worked against us and awarded the match to no structure Guinea Bissau.

  • Selfmade KING 1 year ago

    The way this coach was dressed today he looked like a SITE ENGINEER rather than a coach haha 

  • A team filled with bench warmers and inactive players can not play well….. How will osimhen play well when he sees inferior quality on the bench and his position is not under pressure?……big results in football require big decisions by coaches…… Thank God Alhassan and onyedika are back fully fit now at their clubs……we need to inject pace and energy into our Midfield……We need unpredictable and dangerous forward players like Orban and Boniface in the team to bring out the best in osimhen and co…….Coach it’s high time you made the difficult calls…….No coach has ever succeeded in Nigeria without taking a bold step and standing by it…… Don’t allow NFF use you and dump you like a piece of garbage.

    • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

      Boniface can not do pim here. It’s only Orban that can grind something out of here. If Osigoal was caged by both players and referee den what can fine boy Boniface do???? LMAO

      • And Isaac Success too as well as Tyronne Ebuehi too. He is getting alot of goals and Assist in Seria A. Succeess has a key pass or Assist in most games for Udinese too even if he hasn’t scored. He has started every game fot Udinese this season. That is to show you. So Success, Orban and Ebuehi were left out. Yet it is Onuachu and Musa this Coach calls upon in a tight game. Amd leaves Moffi on the bench too forgetting Moffi’s contributing against Sao Tome Principal. Delusional coach really

  • Coache 1 year ago

    Return of the Super Chickens of Nigeria. Losing to minows at home is now becoming a norm.

    We will regret this during the world cup qualifiers because we no longer have the fear factor.

    The harm Rohr did to Nigeian football by losing to CAR is a monumental hazard.
    Who hires a Venezuelan failure as a coach?

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 1 year ago

    People are now crying. If peisero play the same way he did in Abuja in the second leg he wil chop two goals. I don’t blame him .he didn’t understand African football. If I gather j s s pupils to play eagles using 6:3:1 or 5 4 1 super eagles will not survive the game. And this is wat happened.

    So it is not left for the coach to find ways to beat a defensive team.yestrrday he was play 4 2 4 and he changed to 3 2 5 which allows the guinea pigs guys to always put his team on counter attack. It could have been 2 goals.. the referee suppose to award a. Penalty for those pig.
    The u 23 too Shud wake up . Nigeria team Shud learn to use brain every 15 mins of game .by allowing opponent to come out too.
    U don’t just go into a game and attack attack attack. U wil get tire too . Na wa o.this thing don’t happen in Egypt Morocco Senegal Ghana even mali not to talk of Cameroon
    Tunisia or Benin. They wil find the goal but Nigeria which country they never get independence we no go fear now. Maybe Biafra and if Biafra get independence Nigeria is finished

    • You said the truth. The guinea coach did a good job. Who still uses 424 these days in modern coaching. I can’t believe we traded genort rohr for this dumb coach. Even if he wins 4 at a go. A good coach will pin him down. His technical and intelligence is very low as a coach. Football is not only having superstars but using right formations and penetrating team plays

  • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

    I said it that even tho Innocent Bonke is not considered to be at the level of Ndidi…The fact that he plays regularly while Ndidi is match rusty should have been a reason for him to be in the team but some moron here said he will take a half for Ndidi over Bonke and there u had the half fit Ndidi lol…..In a game of this nature Bonke would have been perfect to play behind Iwobi…..Only a moronic coach will say he doesn’t care that his players are on the Bench lol…..Few days before the game I said it that we have a Portuguese scammer and we needed to lose this game so we can have an eye opener and I guess we do now lol

    • Omo Naija 1 year ago

      Innocent Bonke playing regularly? are you sure you watch Lorient? Innocent Bonke should be the least player to consider as a Ndidi replacement

      • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

        Yes he has played 19 games this season with his last game coming a week and a half ago another one that could have replaced Ndidi was the club’s brugge guy….Ndidi was a shadow of himself and could not even score a 1 on 1 to save his life……Shambolic!

    • Solo Makinde 1 year ago

      Listen darling, Football Fanatic, Ndidi tried. Innocent Bonke is a basket case, he failed against Ghana. The team played well but were unlucky. Love you. Xxx

  • ADEYEMI 1 year ago

    Josh, AKP and other have said it all. One thing that pain me most is NFF and coaches don’t listen to us. Stop bringing players into the team based on sentiment. Players that are not playing week in and out should not be called to any national team. Be you okocha, Kanu or yekini stop calling them. You can play week in-out and you are not a national team player. Players like Bassey, Samuel Osayi, Izoho and Akpoguma can not be in starting team and expect the team to win! Make players fear losing their position if they are not playing regularly for European,African and South American clubs. Asian clubs is growing but still far from recognitions.

    Adeleye GK should be giving 5 starting matches in Eagles and give him conditions that if you don’t individually perform very well in this 5 matches you will not start any match again but be on the bench and from bench out of the team. Make it impossible for ANY and I repeat ANY PLAYERS to stroll into the team without looking at their last 10 matches at their club which they must meet this criteria;

    1. Out of the 10 matches you must start 7 matches.
    2. Out of the 10 matches (900 minutes) you must be on the field for minimum of 500 minutes.

    In Brazil, Argentina or top European countries their players celebrate their inclusion into the team as if they have won medals but in a top country like Nigeria our give condition, complain or see the call as a burden unto them. This must stop

    Let me rest for now… time to write about the administrative of sports in Nigeria is coming….

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

    WE should be using MKO STADIUM for only FRIENDLY MATCHES…(it seems the STADIUM has ILL LUCK). I discussed this with FRIENDS YESTERDAY before the..

    LAGOS and the STADIUM in UYO should be used for QUALIFIERS and CRUCIAL MATCHES…

    • Four four two 1 year ago

      Leave Lagos out. Its so unsafe now. Uyo is best and undisputed choice.

  • Ndubest 1 year ago

    Go and rest Mr man you are clueless. Monday is the D-Day i doubt if you can get result away with this your formation unless something is done. That may be your last match with Super Eagles Journey man coach, played 6 matches won 2 and lost 4. Whom did we offend in this country nothing seems to be working. I read a lot yesterday some even saying Osimhen, lookman, chukwuezi, iwobi are not good players again. Lets leave sentiment aside the problem is the coach not the players. Get us a good coach and see this guy performing and giving their best.

    • Don’t worry, INEC is coming to call the result of the match played at Abj, forget the one you watched on Friday. I’m sure SE will score 10 goals….. Yeye de smell

  • Ndubest 1 year ago

    Dont mind him Iwobi is a regular, chukwuezi is a regular even moses simon. Am not sure he watch this guys in their clubsides

  • Sack Rohr sack Rohr sack Rohr sack Rohr sack Rohr sack Rohr sack Rohr sack Rohr sack Rohr sack Rohr sack Rohr

    This thing de sweet me walai. I rang the bell of warning but no one could listen.

    Monkeypost and Dr Dre try to warn you clueless fans but you chose to listen to the sentimental Segun odegbami, clueless fans like Ugo iwunze, Omo9ja, Jimmyball, etc.

    Let’s thank God that we are having the likes of Sao Tome and sierra loane in our group. If we had additional stronger team like guinea, I bet you this coach will not qualify us for nations cup. We are back to default settings.

    • Solo Makinde 1 year ago

      Listen darling, Gernot Rohr is gone. He failed. Support Peseiro who inherited a poor team from Rohr. He was Belmadi’s boy. I still love you Marvellous man. Kisses Honey.

      • Kirsty 1 year ago

        GAYbriel is that you?

      • Thunder fire you for calling me darling. Am not your darling am a man. Look for a woman and call darling. My yansh is not for you.

        Secondly Rohr never failed, he was always meeting his targets set for him. He was never poor and can never be compared to this coach in terms of achievement.

      • Stop talking rubish the problem of nigerian football is the NFF can’t them develop Nigerian coaches sending them to courses. This kind of problem will continue even if they employ the best coaches in the world.
        problems; corruption, power strugling etc

      • Guys the game ought to be our best game in recent times but for the result. Ypu could see the boys playing without fear but rather putting fear in the opponent’s heart by keeping them in their own half.
        However, our problem was inability to take chances in front of goal, selfishness when they needed to square play ( Chukwueze in particular). The use of a slow apoguna was equally a problem which caused the first goal. Ajayi is more intelligent and quick than him, we saw it when he came in. Some how the Abuja surface also did not help matter otherwise some of those on tarfet shots would have gone in. All in all for me despite we lost i give kudos to persero it seems he is getting to know tge strenght of each player with each matches. I advise we gove him more time. He may eventually give us what we want; beautiful football, retaining possession, and an atrack minded team that can score at any given day.

        What some of you did not see is this team if it were to be the last set of rohr’s side we would have conceded more than 1 goal that yesteday and these guinea bussau will equally dominate us.

        All in all lets give himcenoughvtime like rohr as for me i see positives. All he needs now is to get the right players.

    • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

      MARVELOUS don’t mind those CLOWNS…

      They have gone into HIDING expecially people like UGO…

      WE warned them but NO!

      • This is just the genesis my brother, by the time they arrive at Malachi, they will know that there is no hope for in the new testament. Not to even talk of seeing revelation.

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