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2023 FIFA WWC: Nigerian High Commission Hosts Super Falcons

2023 FIFA WWC: Nigerian High Commission Hosts  Super Falcons

The Nigerian High Commission in Australia hosted a spectacular welcome party for the Super Falcons on Thursday.

Ambassador Anderson Madubike led the group, making it an incredible event.

The Super Falcons are currently in Australia a ahead of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) divulged the information on their Twitter handle.

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Madabuike urged the ladies to do their best in the competition and assured the girls of support from the Nigerians living in Australia.

The Super Falcons are in Group B with hosts Australia, Republic of Ireland and Canada.

The three-time African champions will take on Olympic champions Canada in their opening game on July 21.

Australia and New Zealand will co-host the competition from July 20 to August 20.

By Toju Sote

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  • Again, asking the board of jokers at the Glass House, where’s the muddy earth red color coming from? When did a Nigerian team start wearing any other color aside from green with a tint of white, black, or grey? I know there’s a tiny red ring around the NFF logo, but that’s just an accent color/aesthetics and cannot become a primary color. Did a whole Nike design this trash!!??? If not for FIFA protection. EFFC should be looking into the books of NFF, including this shady Nike contract.

  • _ Crisis, What Crisis? _

    Despite all of the well publicised administrative spat between coach Randy Waldrum and his NFF employers in recent weeks, the sight of the Super Falcons team jumping out of their team bus for their official second day of train painted the picture of calm, tranquility and readiness to face the challenges ahead.

    Hoping off the bus one by one – like stallions galloping forward at the sound of a battle horn – in their rather bizarre reddish top with the NFF emblem firmly affixed, the players appeared mostly buoyant and we’ll motivated with what appeared to be spring on their steps. Leading the pack was none other than their vocal and supremely loyal gaffer Randy Waldrum with their Fitness trainer Kyle Quigly.

    Jogging across the camera with poise, grace and elegance after doing individual strtches and warm ups in front of mini goalposts, these players look ready for business.

    Bring on Canada!
    Bring on Australia!
    Bring on Ireland!
    No shaking, we are Nigeria, we thrive under chaotic circumstances!

    In my mind, the motion picture of those players whipping themselves into shape painted those words.

    Randy Waldrum will still have to be judged and assessed game by game.

    Despite his grievances against the NFF, he had the option to hand in his resignation. But he has stayed, for now. He hopes to tap into his players’ professionalism, he hopes to tap into his fatherly relationship and bond with the players. He hopes to bring his tactical acumen to the fore in a manner that will hopefully sidestep the fire that is on the mountain of his relationship with the NFF and propel the players to greater heights.

    Funny enough I say his relationship with the NFF but the veteran college coach is actually fighting for his players: he has taken flack from the NFF and fans for continually backing players likes Tochukwu Oluehi and Ifeoma Onumonu.

    But this morning, on the face of it, the players look good, happy and composed. Despite the backroom chaos, we fans remain resolute in our support of the team.

    Behind every successful coach is his or her sidekick/assistant. I remember how I used to feel reassured seeing Waldrum consult trusted world cup winning assistant Lauren Gregg, like a married couple, on this sidelines in the Afcon last year.

    Sadly, what God had joined together, NFF has put asunder. So Randy will have to do it all by himself.

    Good luck Randy!
    Good luck ladies!
    We love you!

  • Chai, see sport wear. Waiting happened to Nigeria color.

  • pompei 12 months ago

    Hehehe, you would be forgiven if you thought this was the Ivorian team. Or maybe they had to borrow Morocco’s jersey because their own is missing for whatever reason.
    Anyway, NFF can outfit them with pink and yellow if they like. If only they were taking good care of the coaches and the players!
    Notice that only a few of the players are smiling? I hope this is due to determination and focus on the task ahead, not discontent! The look on some of the faces tells a story. HERE WE GO AGAIN. LET’S GET THIS NOSENSE OVER WITH.
    I wonder what’s going on in the minds of the foreign born players? What in the world have we gotten ourselves into?
    The NFF must be the secret running joke in camp! Jokes like I hope NFF have paid our hotel bill? Or this breakfast or lunch we are eating like this, I hope NFF have taken care of it? I would hate to get a bill in the mail for this! Thoughts like this are likely going thru the players minds.
    Keshi’s achievement in winning the 2013 Afcon is beginning to look monumental indeed. That man performed a miracle. He defeated strong teams to win that trophy. But his most difficult opponent was the NFF!
    Rohr also needed to defeat the NFF in order to qualify us for tournaments and get other great results. The Afcon bronze he managed to win was a tremendous effort, considering he was competing with the formidable NFF. He almost won the trophy. But the combo of NFF and an inform Algeria team was too much for him.
    Cameroon and Ghana are not our biggest football rivals, or our most difficult opponents. It’s the NFF!
    Anytime our national teams file out into the pitch to face a foe, they face their biggest opponent, the NFF, who continue to wage war against them from behind the scenes!
    Coaches unpaid, players unpaid, corruption, negligence, incompetence, ineptitude. That’s enough to stop even above average talent dead in its tracks.
    I wish Waldrum and the players well in their latest confrontation with our football powers that be. To make a success of the tournament, they need to overcome the NFF obstacle that stands like the Rock of Gibraltar, blocking them in their path!!!

  • If only World football can allow countries especially in Africa, to run parallel football association;one within the country and the other based outside Africa. Then they go on to recognise the one with a track record of transparency in all ramifications. Then I can promise anyone that cares, that these thieves will look for something else to do as the NFF will no longer be an attractive venture.

  • Omo9ja 12 months ago

    We can’t keep quiet on this matter. NFF has no respect for Nigeria. How could NFF change from green white green to red color?

    This picture says a lot about the red color. Falcons looks like amateur team in this picture. This is unprofessional NFF.

    Well, being of our players is at stake NFF. Their mood in this picture says it all. Are they happy? I don’t think so. Don’t try to act like they are NFF.

    These ladies are not slaves. They need to be treated well like your children NFF.

    Where can we go from here kę. Chosen wrong people to be in every aspect affairs of Nigeria is the major problem of this nation.

    I can’t believe this. Hmm. Can we get things right in Nigeria? Abdominal is now normal, right? It’s very sad to see things happening like this. We keep complaining every year but no improvement. Wish way out, Nigerians? God bless Nigeria!!!

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