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2023 Revelations Cup: Colombia Inflict 7th Straight Defeat On Super Falcons

2023 Revelations Cup: Colombia Inflict 7th Straight Defeat On Super Falcons

The Super Falcons lost their second game at the 2023 Revelations Cup in Mexico after losing 1-0 to Colombia on Saturday, Completesports.com reports.

Recall the Falcons lost by the same margin to hosts Mexico in their first game of the four-national tournament.

Following the defeat to Colombia, the Falcons have now lost their last seven games.

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Linda Caicedo got the only goal of the game for Colombia in the eight minute.

Caicedo featured for Colombia at the 2022 FIFA U-17 women’s World Cup in India where they finished second.

The 17-year-old robbed Halimatu Ayinde of the ball on the edge of the box before volleying in a left foot strike into the bottom corner.

The Falcons will round off the tournament against Costa Rica with the tie fixed for Tuesday, 21st February.

Later on Saturday, Mexico will take on Costa Rica as both teams feature in their second fixtures.

By James Agberebi

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  • samuel 1 year ago

    This coach should be serve breakfast

  • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

    Is anyone surprised that we lost? Lol it a normal for our girls now.

  • Revelations cup is actually revealing what is about to come in world cup.
    We don’t need John the beloved to come and write another revelation again.

    This coach needs to be sacked this is just pure and true revelation.

  • Ako Amadi 1 year ago

    Let us keep calling them “Super Falcons” to deceive ourselves. Now we know that outside Africa they are a mediocre bunch of women, and no coach in the world can help them. Not even Austin Eguavoen

  • okponku 1 year ago

    Super falcons have to be Oparanozident to win any match again.

    God bless Waldrum super falcons!
    Revelation games is different from Townhall games,
    Buhari;.. buhari;… buhari

  • Sammy 1 year ago

    A player can’t be played out of his or her position and expect good performance. The players are being played out of positions.
    The coach said he is imitating the Man U coach of not playing his players In their positions.
    He has been experimenting the players since three years now.
    This team has been winning matches and tournaments, winning cups and dominating the continent under our local coaches before 2020 hence they are call SUPER FALCONS but things has never remain the same since this coach came and despite the team having played so many friendly matches there has no progress made rather they are getting worse. The state of senior women team is horrible and disgraceful.

  • Johnny 1 year ago

    Please we need some of our U17 like Opeyemi Ajakaiye, Fatima Bello etc also our U20 The coach shoud put them together with Ajibade ,Tony payne etc I think The Coach should no better Thank u

  • Edoman 1 year ago

    Fire the coach now and appoint a local one.

  • Dele 1 year ago

    I know the pains and suffering in Nigeria now is so much that no one in Authority would focus on soccer. But for crying out loud, who made the voodoo for this coach that he just kept his job? Someone said beyond Africa the team is useless, funny, they became useless in Africa already coming 5th in Nations Cup. One idiot of a coach said other teams in Africa have grown into soccer, but out female team was light years ahead of them all, so if they grew, we ought to be overgrown!

  • Dele 1 year ago

    I can’t say it enough…SACK the Coach, SACK the LOSER. Enough disrespecting the Country..Fools invaded us and ruled over us years back, and we accepted it. Now Loser and mediocre is failing us game after game, yet make excuses along and we still accept it. At what point do we stand against being mocked as fools?

  • KangA 1 year ago

     NFF is just DAFT—no need hiding the truth. Where they should sack a non-performing coach, they won’t; where they should encourage a performing coach, they’d sack him. What do we make of this strange behaviour and management style? The outcome of
    possession by legions of evil spirits?

    I dey laff ooo (OBJ)

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    Again, NFF, please fire coach Waldrum and replace him with any of our local coaches.

    I love coach Waldrum, but the way it is now, he has no capacity to lead the team to the World Cup.

    We have a team that can beat any team, but the technical crew is letting the Super Falcons down.

    Our indigenous coaches can still build the team before the World Cup. This is Super Falcons.

    NFF should act fast because what is ahead of the Super Falcons is bigger than what we are seeing now.

    I know what Super Falcons can do, and I believe if NFF can replace the coach with our own, Falcons can shock the world of football again. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Omo9ja 11 months ago

      “…I can’t stop loving coach Waldrum. Wise, technically sound. Smart, he’s tactically up there…” LMAOOoo

      Shameless hypocrite. If you say good morning to anyone, that person is hereby advised to go outside and check if it’s truly morning

      Oya be making your senseless comparisons and telling us how so good waldrum is that he is doing everything better than Rohr na…LMAOoo.

      Your wise, smart, technically sound and tactically up there daddy has reduced the super falcons of Nigeria, a team that used to beat the likes of England and Japan to a team that the likes of Zambia, Jamaica and Mexico can now spin turtles with.

      Useless bunch…!!

      • Mahmud Shuaib 1 year ago

        You are actually the pathetic, serial TOWN CRIER

        Even MULTIMILLIONAIRES hire coaches and on their unveiling hail them to high heavens only for RESULTS not to go their way!

        Common….you are so DISGUSTING!
        Saving 11 MONTHS old posts as if ANY OF US here gets paid by NFF OR WALDRUM or any one for that matter.

        BOEHLY bought over CHELSEA and appointed a HIGH FLYING GARRY POTTER. What’s the Scorecard of the latter today??? Does it mean PEOPLE should go on LOATHING and RUBBING it IN of the POOR AMERICAN??

        Common….go get a life, boy!

      • Mahmud Shuaib 1 year ago

        And your demigod GERNOT RORHINHO is now coaching GERMANY na. Lol!

        Wawa kawai

  • Steve O 1 year ago

    Please Fire this useless coach , he has nothing upstairs, the only CV he has is that he is from US , otherwise he is the worst coach to have coached the Super Falcons!!…Infact he worst of it all , what a useless coach !!..Is rather Super Falcons don’t go to the world cup with a coach than wasting our resources on this headless man!!… nonsense!!

  • Olujjjj 1 year ago

    Nff are afraid of the outcome of sacking him for so many reasons.
    American visa ban
    Fifa payment rule
    No money to pay salary in account.
    Ex nff chairman’s influence.
    Govt in transition year in Nigeria.
    Hidden contractual agreement with the coach.

  • Encyclopaedio 1 year ago

    If Waldrum isn’t sacked immediately after this tourney, then it’ll be obvious that there are some Ogas at the top benefitting financially from his contract.
    My vexation isn’t even about losing but losing with very irritating football. Since Waldrum’s tenure, the girls have been playing “kick & follow” football.
    An all-star team coached by Bankole Olowookere & comprising players from Bayelsa Queens, Rivers Angels, Delta Queens, and the Falconets/Flamingoes squad will give us better results at the world cup than the rubbish we’re seeing now.

    • Chudynak 1 year ago

      Bankole what? The one that abandoned football and was playing to drag matches to penalties or the one that packed a tribe to a tournament in the name of Nigeria? Give female teams female coaches, period!

      • Dr Banks 1 year ago

        See your mouth like chukwudi own, has any Flamingo team ever won a bronze before in the history of Nigeria???
        Bankole did it with your so called one tribe players…………you useless ethnic bigot.

      • Mahmud Shuaib 1 year ago

        And what was the OUTCOME of packing his team with SAME tribe?? Best ever result at the WOMEN U17 level! ETHNICITY is isn’t allowed in our SPORTS please

        Wawa kawai

        • This useless American “P.E teacher” is the problem of the team. Florence Omagbemi won the WAFCON, she was sacked immediately. But the NFF still believes in a foreign coach on a losing streak.

      • Nakamoro 1 year ago

        You are a tribalistic Igbo bigot.Bastard! and what was the result? a first bronze medal for the first time.

  • Ako Amadi 1 year ago

    Problems in Nigeria are never solved because we don’t use brains. All we do is sack sack sack the coach! But the real problems persist.

    • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

      Ok sack the players mr wise man.

    • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

      Players who are doing well at clubsides can not complete passes when on national team and you think it’s who’s fault? I advised you the last time but you’re still here making no sense.

    • Footballfanatic 1 year ago

      The Australian women beat Spain yesterday 3-2….I’m sure we will have a 5-0 scoreline defeat with this coach at the helm of affairs at this WC..

  • Randy Waldrum continues to sink the Super Falcons to new lows. As much as I always try to look for the slightest ray of light in a dense dark wilderness,it is impossible to milk out any meaningful positives from the Falcons’ performances under Waldrum of late (some fans will say he has never been good enough).

    In an interview last week, the American gaffer tried to put a positive spin on things by claiming that the Super Falcons have lost recently against solid oppositions. Solid oppositions like Zambia, South Africa, Mexico or Morroco I ask.

    In the game yesterday against Columbia, the Super Falcons lacked any semblance of imagination up front, in the midfield they were flat and in defence they were disjointed.

    Their build up play was always riddled with wayward passes whilst world class goalkeeping from Nnadozie helped maintain a sort of respectability in the scoreline.

    In watching any football team play, you are able to decipher their coach’s philosophy. More recently, what I can see from the Super Falcons’ brand of football under Waldrum is a rudimentary approach that is easily dispelled and dismantled by any half decent opposition.

    Yesterday, Onumanu was woefully isolated upfront whilst passes to the wingers from midfield are either easily cut off or overcooked. The Falcons are agricultural with their pattern and they hardly subject their oppositions to sustained pressure.

    Watching the Super Falcons under Waldrum has become an attack on the eyes. Time and time again the team have had to depend on Chiamaka Nnadozie to soften the blow of defeat and yesterday was no different.

    Nnadozie is world class.

    In fact a vast majority of the current crop of Super Falcons are decent and supremely fit players. They are just coached by someone who appears to be way out of his depth.

    • mikee 1 year ago

      @ Deo you have done it again, very incisive analysis. Nnadozie made the score respectable, our players were not physically fit, Onumonu was totally absent even as a passenger, everytime she got the ball she fell down no hustling. The whole team was pedestrian as if nothing, not even pride was at stake. God would punish PINNICK for putting Nigerians through this misery.

  • mikee 1 year ago

    The NFF need to get rid of all Pinnick Oyibo coaches including the Pesierio. They are all worthless. Their only qualificaton is that they are white. They lack the pedigree to coach a national team. Waldrum is a part time coach, who only come for matches and after the tournament he is back to his regular job in Pittsburgh. Our indigenous coaches could not do worse than these mercenary coaches. All you self haters like Pinnick, you have now seen the damages your self hatred can do to our psyche and progress. Knowledge is not an exclusive preserve of any particular race. Let’s believe in ourselves a little bit more.

  • Codex 1 year ago

    I decided to watch the match against my own will perhaps due to the love I have for Nigeria and football,and as expected it was an eye sore. The falcons were lucky that a goalkeeper of Chiamaka’s caliber is at the helm otherwise it would’ve been a cricket scoreline,the defence lacked organization and leadership,the midfield lacked poise(the ayinde mistake proves this point) and the attack was out of sync. in my previous comment i said that football fans will have a hard time deciphering the teams style of play,in order words the falcons lack a footballing identity. There was NO cohesion(which is becoming a theme nowadays),the wide forwards failed to track back to help the fullbacks,the team has no defensive or attacking structure,the out of possession shape was absolutely dishevelled time and time again when the Colombians counter attacked and the players lacked the necessary composure to string 4-6 passes together,overall it was a disjointed performance(again) from the falcons which leads to these questions:What in heaven’s sake is Randy Waldrum doing?and why is he still at the helm?.it’s bad enough to lose a football match but to lose without playing well is much more worse. I think it’s time for this P.E teacher of a coach to go, he’s done enough.

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