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2023 WWC: Australia Defender Grant Expects An ‘Open Game’ Against Super Falcons

2023 WWC: Australia Defender Grant Expects An ‘Open Game’ Against Super Falcons

Australia defender Charli Grant says they expect the Super Falcons to play an attacking game in their next Group B game at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The Matildas were made to work hard for their 1-0 victory against debutants Republic of Ireland on Thursday.

The Irish defended deep in the encounter making things difficult for the co-hosts.

Grant is however expecting a different approach fron the Super Falcons.

“It will probably be a bit more of an open game on Thursday because Ireland do sit in a block and Nigeria do like to press high,” Grant told a press conference.

“So the game against Nigeria might even give Mary Fowler and Caitlin Foord more of an opportunity to shine even more.

“The message is we’ve just got to adapt and Cait and Mary played a really important role against Ireland,”

“Of course we want Sam out there but she’s just gonna give lots of energy to those girls that are playing her role.”

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • So far, I think sitting back would suit African teams more. Morocco and Zambia tried the reverse and were ruthlessly punished. However, it can also be dicey. Haiti, Jamaica and currently Panama (other black nations in my mind) are routinely exposed even while sitting back.

    Crosses due to height advantage for nearly all opposition teams are really a threat. I don’t know what advantage African teams have again after watching the first round of matches. Maroc would have been even more down because of their attacking approach today. Good luck Africa in the next round of matches but scoring goals would be a trade off for conceding too.

  • Ako Amadi 11 months ago

    African women are a disgrace at this World Cup! They make noise, sing and dance before the game, but at kick off hide in their shells like snails. Even Nigeria has no courage to attack and score.CAF needs to look into what’s wrong with female football on the cobtinent.

    • Greenturf 11 months ago

      I didn’t see the game other than the three minutes highlight on youtube,however,going by views from fans on the forum,we played on the back foot.
      The question is,should we?Apparently,our girls play in Europe and Asia.Over 92% percent of them play for decent clubs in footballing countries such as Portubal,Spain,England,Sweden,France,China,United States,Mexico yet they go back in their shell when they come up agaist countries whose players are playing at same level,you start to wonder why can’t they take the fight to their opponents head on?After all they play in the same league so what are the delimiting factors?
      Perhaps the failure of the team to establish clear norms of accountability for individual contributions to the group effort?
      This may be due to poor specification of roles,and priorities.I think Nigeria is huge going by the pedigree of clubs paying these players,i expect more from a country that has attended every world cup tournament till date.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

    Hi -I hope you all know that Canada have a Man playing for their women’s team?
    His name is Quinn! This is an ACTUAL MAN OH!!

    All I know is that I felt like something was not right with the player who put a very hard tackle in on Oshoala in the first 15 mins of our game against them, at the time, I thought to myself- what a bad tackle because all the studs on one foot were showing in that tackle and Oshoala showed a lot of resilience to carry on after that tackle, I genuinely felt that the player should have been at the very least shown a yellow card even though it was actually a red card tackle in all fairness, but the player did not even get any card for that horror tackle and only got a talking to by the referee

    To now find out that even after the injustice of that tackle on Oshoala, the person who put in the dangerous tackle is also a MAN?? The player is called Quinn- please for reference go and watch the tackle on Oshoala again – I mentioned it during the game itself, complaining about the reckless tackle without even knowing that the player himself is a MAN – Chaii only God can help us oh!

    These people now have men playing in their women’s only team and we do not even know about it – You would think that there would be a rule at the very least that if you have a man playing in your “all women’s team” you should at least be required to announce the fact abi?

    This one the one hand is really infuriating and just shows the sinful world we live in today and the extent these Whities will go to to cheat and try to offend God but also it gives me another perspective on our (Super Falcons) achievement in holding those cheats to a draw oh! The guy played the whole 90 minutes and was not substituted!

    Oh Lord – may your Kingdom come and cover every grain of sand and every blade of grass on this our planet, May Your will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven Lord!

    We thank you for your promise never to wipe out humanity again and we eagerly await your return Lord Jesus!

    • Arara Kumbie 11 months ago

      @Marshall, Quinn is not a man. She is a non-binary transgender beautiful woman. She is so sexy that you just start thinking of kissing her lips. She will marry one day.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

    Arara Kumbie –

    Maybe you are thinking of kissing but not I

    I will not be no how interested in kissing a man please oh! lol God forbid bad thing Tufiakwa!

    Even looking at the picture above – can you not see that what you say is a lie – It is immediately obvious that someone in that team picture is a man and it is him – Mr Quinn – Ask anyone and they will be immediately able to tell you that that number 5 is a man – No doubt!

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago


    Sorry I have the wrong team here lol

    This is the Aussie team and not Canada even though Quinn also wears jersey number 5 for the Canadians also

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