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2023 WWC: Debutants Philippines Claim Historic Win Against Co-hosts New Zealand

2023 WWC: Debutants Philippines Claim Historic Win Against Co-hosts New Zealand

Debutants Philippines shocked co-hosts New Zealand 1-0 to earn an historic first ever Women’s World Cup victory in Group A on Tuesday.

California-born Sarina Bolden was the hero for the Philippines as her 24th-minute goal was enough to secure the three points.

Bolden’s first-half header was the country’s first ever goal in the competition’s history.

New Zealand thought they had equalised midway through the second half when Jacqui Hand’s looping header floated over a despairing Olivia McDaniel in goal for Philippines, but it was later ruled out by the video assistant referee (VAR) for offside.

The World Cup debutant was able to withstand New Zealand pressure, including a truly remarkable diving save from McDaniel in added time at the end of the game, to earn a historic victory.

Philippines – after becoming the first of the debutant teams to win at the 2023 Women’s World Cup – now has an opportunity to make yet further history by reaching the knockout phases with one group game remaining.

Having won its opening group game against Norway last time out, New Zealand missed out on qualifying for the knockout phase for the first time.

Meanwhile the second co-hosts Australia will take on Nigeria’s Super Falcons on Thursday (11am Nigerian time).

While Australia earned a 1-0 win against debutant Republic of Ireland in their Group B opener, the Falcons held Canada to a goalless draw.

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  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

    BIA CSN-

    STOP THIS RUBBISH!! Stop messing with my comment! This is Nigeria and we don’t abide with such things! Leave my comment alone! MTCHEEEW!

    Hello -Did anyone here know that Canada have a Man playing for their women’s team?
    His name is Quinn! This is an ACTUAL MAN OH!!

    All I know is that I felt like something was not right with the player who put a very hard tackle in on Oshoala in the first 15 mins of our game against them, at the time, I thought to myself- what a bad tackle because all the studs on one foot were showing in that tackle and Oshoala showed a lot of resilience to carry on after that tackle, I genuinely felt that the player should have been at the very least shown a yellow card even though it was actually a red card tackle in all fairness, but the player did not even get any card for that horror tackle and only got a talking to by the referee

    To now find out that even after the injustice of that tackle on Oshoala, the person who put in the dangerous tackle is also a MAN?? The player is called Quinn- please for reference go and watch the tackle on Oshoala again – I mentioned it during the game itself, complaining about the reckless tackle without even knowing that the player himself is a MAN – Chaii only God can help us oh!

    These people now have men playing in their women’s only team and we do not even know about it – You would think that there would be a rule at the very least that if you have a man playing in your “all women’s team” you should at least be required to announce the fact abi?

    This one the one hand is really infuriating and just shows the sinful world we live in today and the extent these Whities will go to to cheat and try to offend God but also it gives me another perspective on our (Super Falcons) achievement in holding those cheats to a draw oh! The guy played the whole 90 minutes and was not substituted!

    Oh Lord – may your Kingdom come and cover every grain of sand and every blade of grass on this our planet, May Your will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven Lord!

    We thank you for your promise never to wipe out humanity again and we eagerly await your return Lord Jesus!

    • pompei 11 months ago

      I mean, this Quinn really needs to make up his, sorry, her, sorry their mind.
      Quinn is neither male nor female. So by playing in a women’s world cup, is Quinn saying for the purpose of women’s football, she wants to be considered a woman?
      For me, you are what you were born with. It’s so much easier and makes much more sense that way.
      If Quinn is not a woman, then Quinn SHOULD NOT be playing in a women’s world cup.

  • Pompei 11 months ago

    This Philipino mamas, make we no look dem ayanya.
    Most of dem are American born, raised and football trained. So in a way, na America in disguise dem be. Underrate them and pay a heavy price!

    • Omo9ja 11 months ago

      We have no excuses if we do make history in this tournament.

      Mr. Pompei, are the Americans not human like Nigerians? Most of our players are playing abroad fa.

      I was shaking my head when I saw our players celebrating a draw against Canada.

      What does that mean? Africans have to believe in themselves.

      If we don’t mmake it out of the group, then coach Waldrum should tender his resignation period. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • pompei 11 months ago

        The Americans are humans too. But unlike Nigeria, they have for decades invested heavily in football, especially women’s football. They hire the best coaches, pay their coaches and players, provide good pitches and training facilities, and passionately support their team.
        Their FA is definitely more serious, ambitious and competent compared to ours.
        Even if Waldrum wins the world cup, with the frosty relationship between him and the agbada-wearing hoodlums in the Glass House, me thinks we can safely say their professional relationship is already over. And from Waldrum’s perspective, GOOD RIDDANCE. Who needs a job where you’re not getting paid?
        Omo9ja, beware! Sora e omo yi! Pride goes before a fall.
        Canada that you look as nothing are the Olympic champions. They won the gold medal ahead of teams like U.S., Germany, Spain, France, etc. The name Canada may look small to you, but it would be suicide to underrate them.
        Our girls were right to celebrate that draw. That draw represents a good start to the world cup. A good start that builds confidence, and that can lead to better things.
        If we don’t make it out of the group, heaven will not fall. Did we not fail to qualify for 2 Afcons back to back in 2015 and 2017? Did we not fail to qualify for the world cup last year? Did you say NFF members should tender their resignation? But you are quick to ask for Waldrum’s resignation if he fails, forgetting that NFF share at least 50% if not more of the blame?
        Instead of making unrealistic demands, let us continue to support them and wish them well. This world cup looks open, and Nigeria has a chance to make history, as you said. But let us take it easy. One match at a time.

        • Omo9ja 11 months ago

          We said Mr. Pompei. Let leave NFF AJĘWOMASAN the debtor out of this and come back to them later.

          Thank God that we have escape their trapped against Canada.

          Now we are fully ready.

          Mr. Pompei, if Haiti could play against the English team and stood their ground while Jamaica showed France they were not in the tournament to make numbers and now Philippines, I don’t think coach Waldrum and his troops have a choice than to go far in this tournament.

          Mr. Pompei, we did not prepared during 96 Olympics, we won gold medals and also silver and Bronze, NFF is such a waste of time and money. We have ylto ignored them for now and come back to them.

          For you Dr.Drey, you children of now are days have no respect for elder. Be warned.

          Good luck to Super Falcons. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

            Agbaya adagba ma danu.

            Because you won a gold medal nobody ever believed we would win in 1996 you think it’s the same way luck will continue to shine against you at every tournament you attended even without adequate plans and prepations…..? You have forgotten that the 1996 team was an offshoot of the 1994 squad and so was vastly experienced enough to campaign in the olympics without much preparations…?

            Agba oshi, does your yoruba heritage teach you laziness and failure to plan….? Does it teach you sucess is achievable witout labour or without hardwork…? What happened to “…ise la fi n d’eni giga…”?? You want to beat eni giga like canada but you dont want to invest as much as their federation has invested into the game…and you expect results….? And when these girls fight hard and shed blood on the pitch to earn respect for 200 million nigerians, you open your dirty mouth to water down their efforts…??

            And you call yourself an elder…? You must be a foolish elder then. You must be a typical example of agba oshi, agba radarada. I wonder what values you teach the young ones around you. I am sure you are the type that buys results for their children or encourage them to go into internet fraud and drug business to get rich quick.

            We have been playing at the world cup since 1991 but our federation has not invested anything to improve the game. Netherlands only started participating at the world cup less than a decade ago and they have already reached the final once.

            I remember us beating England 3-0 in London in a friendly some 20 years ago or so when Hope Powell was coach of the 3 lionesses, but We cant even beat our chest we will be able to draw England today if we meet them because of the gulf in class. England now has a thriving women’s soccer league that is now shown on TV while your own local league is still be played on rice plantations and players still take their jerseys home to wash.

            Countries like Spain, Switzerland, Belgium and Japan who were still nowhere in female football as at 1991 are already way ahead of us in the game now, and your senseless skull expects magic to just start happening and then we start defeating teams at the world cup as if we were the ones who donated the funds they used in developing their football.

            You must be plain stupid with that fictitious old age you are claiming.

            If we draw against Australia in our 2nd match, we will celebrate it again. If it pains you, go drink a gallon of pesticide.

      • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

        Omuti oshi.

        Shebi you have reached the final of the Olympics like Canada, talk more of winning it.

    • Bobo Colorado Springs 11 months ago

      Yes bro, almost the entire team of Philippines are Americans. You know Americans are very good in female soccer. I am not saying they are not beatable, but they may be the dark horse of this world cup, just like Israel at the last men’s U-20 world cup in Argentina. The name ‘Philippines’ may be deceiving a lot of people, but in reality, they will be playing against Americans. The goalkeeper (Olivia McDaniel) is very good, i met her father (Clint) who is a soccer coach, couple of times. If they make it out of the group, they will be difficult to beat especially on penalty kicks.

  • @omonja, your own no pass if coach couldn’t do this or that make him carry him load and go.

    Ask the coach if he has been paid his salary and bonuses.

  • pompei 11 months ago


    Sir John Bob,
    This non-binary thing continues to cause huge confusion.
    A person refuses to identify as a man or a woman. So if you’re not a man or a woman, WHAT ARE YOU?
    It’s politically incorrect to call them HIM or HER, so the chosen option is THEY. So Sir John Bob, by referring to Quinn as HIM, you are looking for serious trouble ooo, hehehe!
    So our ladies were playing against a Canadian man?
    Again, what has me scratching my head furiously is that a non-binary person CLAIMS THAT THEY ARE NOT A MAN OR A WOMAN. Yet, this Quinn, who is neither a man or a woman, is playing in a women’s world cup. Why did Quinn not elect to play with men? Why play with women?
    Perhaps FIFA should organize a transgender non-binary world cup, so non-binaries can play against each other. Because to me, it’s grossly unfair that a man masquerading as a woman is being allowed to compete against women. That’s just wrong!
    My brother, it’s unbelievable really!

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

      pompei – My guy

      Now after watching this (and thanks for putting it up btw) I became even more confused about this whole Quinn affair and so I did some quick research and it turns out that you were more on the right path than even me who brought it up – This Quinn was actually born as a women and I thought she was born as a man originally – so my bad on that one! lool

      Okay so now I know that Quinn was born as a woman, but it still does not change the fact that all this non-binary nonsense is just exactly that, NONSENSE!

      Anyway, Me, personally, I think that I have spent way too much time on this Quinn nonsense so all I can say at this juncture is….
      MOVING ON, NEXT! lol

  • Papafem 11 months ago

    To be an Olympic champion isn’t a child’s play. Don’t downplay that achievement just because you wanna disrespect SFs brave atrempt that day. State your point without looking confused

  • pompei 11 months ago

    This issue is a source of great confusion in the world presently.
    For example, when I was growing up as a kid, if I want to tell someone that Quinn is going to the market, I will use HIM or HER. Back then, to use THEY for one person was wrong, and you will get a big fat zero grade from your teacher if you tried it.
    Today, it’s actually good grammar to use THEY for one person, because of these people.
    And it’s not only the word THEY. The grammar gymnastics you have to do to accommodate these folks is mentally exhausting, because any thing you say can be deemed insensitive, discriminatory, or politically incorrect, even if you had no intention of such.
    I guess at this time, a good strategy to win the women’s world cup is to parade a squad of men who have disowned their manhood. Watch out, some countries will soon attempt this, until FIFA comes up with a law to end this tomfoolery.
    Afterall, a person may deny being a man, but their leg muscles are still male. This Quinn used male legs to tackle Oshoala!!!
    A person is free to declare themselves to be anything they like. If a man decides he is now a giraffe, that is his decision. But a giraffe has no business playing in a women’s world cup. Period.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

    Brothers – @Mr Pompei, @Dr Drey, and @Omo9ja – I don’t have much to add (He says but is about to drop and essay lol)
    But what I will say is that you men are the senior men on this site – it is plain to see from your submissions, However

    @Omo9ja – bro I respect you as much as the rest oh, but I must agree more with Mr Pompei and Dr Drey in the matters in this thread.

    Those brothers – @Pompei and @Dr Drey are making very powerful points that must not and cannot be ignored no matter how you look at it or what angle you are coming from

    Although I also see what you are trying to say – so I cannot and will not bash your points completely and out of understanding – Apart from to repeat what the guys keep saying that it is much too simplistic to be targeting only certain parties or calling for the resignation of certain individuals in this whole complex series of events especially if you take a calm and rational look at culpability – There is no way we can just single out and be blaming the coaches when as the guys said, even if one wants to be extremely liberal, you will agree that the NFF has at the very least 50% of the blame for these events but in actual fact they have a lot more share of the blame and if I look at it holistically, I will even tell you that they probably have the whole 100% of the blame of what is wrong with our football in Nigeria –

    The guys @Dr Drey and @Mr Pompei are pointing out very powerful and undeniable facts about that gang of thieves (both present and past) called the NFF, no matter how bad or what mistakes the likes of Mr Waldrum and/or other coaches have made or are making, it can never and will never amount to the thievery and incompetency and embarrassment brought upon our nation by those thieving bastards of the NFF both past and present, Of that there is absolutely zero doubt – so common sense would dictate that if you are indeed calling for anyone’s resignation if there is failure then the whole NFF must be the first to go, in fact I can guarantee that if you get rid of that rotten disease to our football called the NFF (past and present), and replace them with a good functional footballing authority like the other leading footballing nations of the world have – the likes of the US, English, Canadian, even the Filipino FA’s, in fact every other FA in the world compared to our own NFF, then you will quickly realise that you may not even need to sack any other person again because with a good working FA in place, we Nigeria will very quickly rise up and become a world power simply because we have been blessed already by Baba God with all the raw materials needed, ie the talents, skills, strengths, individuality, numbers etc that one needs to be the best more than any of these other countries like England etc, naturally and the only difference and where we are lacking is in the human input factors like our organisation, integrity, application etc – things that basically amount to the work that the football organisations in these countries do – the work that our own NFF do – it is very true that our NFF is not fit for purpose and has never ever been, of that there is absolutely no doubt.

    Oro po ninu iwe kobo – is what our elders say, so I cannot say everything that needs to be said concerning these myriad of issues here in this one submission and even less possible to type it all – I don’t have that time – None of us does!

    Suffice to say – I hear each and everyone of you guys and I see that each in his own way wants the best for Nigeria – even Omo9ja but we all just have to take on board each other’s points and reconcile it to our own to find a solution which I suspect must still have elements of each of our viewpoints, only in varying proportions to strike a more perfect balance – All in all though I repeat again that of you 3 guys, I am more in agreement with Mr Pompei and Dr Drey than you Omo9ja but I still fully hear you and totally understand your sentiments and therefore where you are also coming from, we just have to look at these things more holistically – You sir @Omo9ja really need to understand the points the other 2 are making.

    @Mr Pompei – you raise a very good point! Your point got me thinking for a minute –

    What exactly is Mr Quinn claiming? – Firstly let me make it clear that I am not going to be anywhere near as liberal as you in this matter oh, because I am not even going to waste my time trying to give any credence to that madness of They, Them or whatever! – That one I am ready to fight them to a standstill on! I am a calm, rational and intelligent (I hope) grown man and I will not indulge or entertain any foolishness regarding some madness about some entitled idiots trying to turn the world upside down because of their own warped, crazy and depraved sensibilities that is akin to abject madness! – Abi which kind nonsense be all that one?, Wey person go dey try claim say him no be him, or her or he or she but they or them?? One person??
    Abeg make we leave that story for inside toilet – na that kind thing we dey call “shit igbe” Me I will always call a spade a spade, and I make absolutely no excuses for that and neither do I apologise for it! God only made Male and Female, therefore there is and can only be He/She or Him or her whenever we are referring to ONE person, If they want to re write the semantics of their entire language – (afterall English is their language, they are welcome to try and do so – rather them than me because then they will have to re train the whole English speaking world on things that have been established from as far back as we know, things that every English speaker has been taught right from kindergarten through primary school to university etc etc- through the entire English based educational system) But personally I feel sorry for anyone who is involved in that kind of crazy thinking for so many reasons that I wont even bother to mention any here because it surely is basic common sense! What I will just say is that the root of it is Demonic, completely unnecessary and totally irrational – in short as already mentioned absolute madness!

    But back on point before I digress too much – And the point or the question is that Quinn and he is not the only one (as we all know) is claiming to be what exactly? What is he and his likes all over the world now claiming to be exactly??

    I think we’ll find @ Mr Pompei that the answer is that – As a “transgender” what he is trying to claim is that he has “transformed” into a woman from being created as a man originally – Now even if that were possible (it is not according to the laws of nature), we all know that a woman’s nouns are simply – she or her or Mrs or Ms, abi I lie? So where is all this craziness about They and Them coming from?? Is that not madness??
    My brother, I will never agree that it is good grammar to use They or Them for one person (even though I know what you are saying) I am maybe just not as liberal as you (if you agree with that) – Which means that I am NOT and NEVER will be okay with a thing like that simply just based on my IMMUTABLE default stance which means that I will always and forever be against anyone or anything that tries to elevate itself to a level where it is trying to challenge the sovereignty of God! and is trying to redefine God’s creation as already laid down and established from the creation of the world – No sir, they can bypass me with that BS because it will NEVER EVER WASH.

    So in conclusion here – Quinn, who was/is a man is saying that though he was a man, he has now transformed into being a woman (as if that is possible lol) but anyway , he is saying that he is now a woman but also demanding to be referred to not as her or she as a woman is traditionally called but as they or them??? while still masquerading as a woman (actually very much just a man) who happens to play in a team reserved for only women and competing unfairly against women (a weaker sex)?? My brother, mek we just leave story abeg.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

    @pompei and to all else whom it may concern:




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