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2023 WWC: Super Falcons Battle Ready To Face England –Waldrum

2023 WWC: Super Falcons Battle Ready To Face England –Waldrum

Super Falcons head coach, Randy Waldrum, has insisted that his team is battle ready to face England in the Round of 16 of the ongoing 2023 Women’s World Cup.

The encounter is billed for the Lang Park, Brisbane on Monday, August 7.

The Three Lionesses booked a date with the Super Falcons after finishing top of Group D.

It will be the first-ever meeting between both teams.

However, in a chat with AFP, Waldrum stated that the Super Falcons is destined for something special at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

“I just feel like they all believe we are destined for something special at this World Cup,” Waldrum told AFP.

“Our journey is not over and we will be very, very well prepared for whoever we play next week.”

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  • Omo9ja 11 months ago

    I believe so, coach Waldrum. Super Falcons is destined for something in this world cup, and I am happy the entire team will have at least 6 days to prepare for the encounter.

    CSN, why are you not giving us news in the camp of the Super Falcons? CSN used to do this back then, but not any more ba?

    We need to know how healthy Oparanozie is. We need her against England. We can’t continue with Oshoala and Onumonu like that kę.

    We need Oparanozie experience as the nockout progresses.

    Our ladies should not play the match against England with tension. Haiti has played the same English team with no respect, so Falcons should play them with no respect and panic. All the best to you, Waldrum. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Leave CSN alone brother oh. Do you think NFF is happy with the platform for giving their critics like you opportunities to yab them and get exclusives? Do you remember under 20 WAFU tournament in Ghana and we were here dissing CSN for “not reporting” our women’s strides? It will not cost CS to take away comments section but they are paying the price. No be everything them go talk. Check around, which other sports blogs allow our vituperations against glass house?

      • @Sly it is like you hate the fact that we have voice to speak against the corrupt NFF. I would really like to think I am wrong because I know Nigerians hate the truth. but if you are subtly advocating then CSN take away the comments section then you are part of the Major Problem in this country.

        • I never suggested so. I only referred to the fact that CSN exclusives with ex-internationals is to let us be aware of local news because it appears they are not in the good books of NFF for letting us air our minds. I noticed the trend in recent months. NFF is not happy with the platform and I still insist CS is doing the right thing.

    • @Omo9ja I hope say you know na foreign coach be dis o Lol!

    • you nailed it sir , we have alot of days to prepare, we have advantage over English team, they just Play yesterday,

      surely we need oparanozie in our starting lineup from now, let the English feels her power , enough is enough for coach daughter (ifeoma)

      what you said concerning how we should play them sweet me , without panic and respect, tension

  • Chima E Samuels 11 months ago

    Go prepare for PK your players do not know how to pass or use the ball. 

  • Four four two 11 months ago

    A team that played Canada , Olympic champions and did not lose, played Australia , host and tournament favourite, came out unscathed cannot lose to a minnow like England. All the theories of forecasting favour Nigeria to go through

    • What are you say? Did you see Lauren Reece(the sister of James Reece of Chelsea) she is so good she play like a man; we need to utilise our opportunities, the England I watch, capitalise on opportunities, but we need to hold them down physically and take our chances.
      England no be Canada or Australia, they have a good coach.

      • But Australia beat this England by 2:0 recently prior to this world cup. Not taking away the fact that they are a good side. They also have their weakness too which when exploited, you can get one over them.

  • Yes o my people! Adura ya! Fasting and prayers everyone that loves our beautiful ladies our mummies and sisters. 

    Fire to Fire . Oya! NSPPD, MFM, and baba Adeboye kindly join us o 


    Let welcome our lovely neighbours from South Africa to the dream land. They’ve just qualified too to the round of sixteen. 

    Let’s join together and make our continent great. 


    • My joy after watching the SA match was that they also had issues like us with their FA on bonuses that were unresolved too prior to the tournament. Yes, Netherlands might be a tall order as Italy were not capable of taking their chances but this is the first time Africa have two teams in the knockout here. I really don’t see Morocco overcoming Columbia oh. That would have been more exciting.

    • Greenturf 11 months ago

      The real “Agba Player “ Caglatana the South African number 11 and captain.That impressive performance is what you expect from Agba player!!

      • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

        Absolutely. Pressured the defender into scoring an owngoal for the first, assisted the 2nd and scored the 3rd and decisive goal.

        She also assisted the 1st and scored the 2nd vs Argentina in their 2nd group match

        Not forgetting the fact that it was her saved shot that was tapped in for their only goal in their first game vs Sweden

        I recall She was also the one that roasted our own super falcons in Lagos during the final of the Aisha Buhari cup

        Big-game player anyday anytime.

        That exactly what earns a player the name “Agba baller”…a player who always turns up in the big games. One who carries her team on her shoulders.

        • Greenturf 11 months ago

          Absolutely!I was so impressed by her all round performance.She was a constant nuisance for opposition defenders to deal with,a nightmare for the Italians!
          She never stops running,constantly hassling and harrying her markers with clever movements,i was so impressed by her leadership and aptitude a proper “AGBA PLAYER”!I’m sure the Italians won’t forget her in a hurry i’m so sure about that haha…

  • Rotanna 11 months ago

    The lionesses will not know what hit them

  • I like the confidence of the coach, e dey give me joy. He knows what he is doing. I love Waldrum

  • I honestly don’t see this team going through and I know that as a Nigerian I need to support this team unequivocally but let us be honest here especially the likes of @deo and @dr drey this team has a lot of deficiencies that the English coach and her backroom staff can and will exploit and they’re:

    1. Where’s the balance? This is the most important question. If a left footed CB is your starting LB instead of an actual pacy specialist that’ll maximize the team’s strengths generally,if your fleet footed winger is your AM(the one who actually pings crosses)and your most creative playmaker is on the wings(doesn’t always cross) then how will the strikers get chances,moreover the space between midfield and attack is huge so the AMs got to have infinite batteries to keep the show running.
    For me the CB and CDM pairs are the most balanced area of the pitch tactically and our wide areas a mess which leads to disjointed attacking plays in the final third.some of you will blame individual players when the system doesn’t allow them to thrive.
    And with this I wonder what the tactical analyst(Anthony Egoaje)in the team is doing in this respect cos he’s the eagle eye of the team or maybe Lauren Gregg should be released by the vampiric NFF(If that’s possible) to bring her nous and sharp eye for detail to the fore and help solve the tactical issues we have.

    2.Despite the successful Strategy employed,what’s the plan B?
    I’m asking this question because yes we have a very good plan A which is simple and effective but what happens when it’s found out? What else has this team got to offer? We saw in moments after the 1st Australian goal how the SF were able to play a bit more which led to the U.Kanu equalizer but we just can’t sustain it,we rely a lot on the “moments” which isnt good for a team with Semi final aspirations,there’s no deceptive sophistication(south Africa) in our play or enough patience to execute a pass n move combo which is why our attackers overwork themselves both in possession and understandably out of possession. if the focus is put slightly on run types,pass accuracy and simple rotations then this team will be more than just a counter attacking team but first of all Randy should get his team balance right and should stop experimenting.

    3.Time,yes you saw it right,Time.
    Will there be enough time for randy to figure out how to stop the European champions?is 5 days enough to find a suitable formation and train with it?I hope so cos even the English struggled for goals in their first 2 games playing in a 4-3-3 but once they switched to the 3-5-2 the floodgates suddenly opened so if England can then our Falcons can as well but a cohesion based training(team bonding sessions) should be at the forefront of it all afterall international football is about understanding and the more the understanding,the more dangerous the team becomes.

    4.I still prefer a two woman forward over the lone striker system.
    This is because I’ve seen arguments about Oshoala and Onumonu and their individual strengths and weaknesses,Asisat is hard runner and a willing one too,her presence is utilized in pressing terms due to her speed and power but a lack of first touch means once we want to get out in transition,the ball won’t stick,Ifeoma has the first touch but lacks the pace to stretch defensive lines which means no progressive ability which is why we rely so so much on Toni Payne’s ball progression. Kanu and Gift are not wingers neither are they CFs rather they’re inside fowards who will look to shoot rather than stretch teams and then what are other options in attack if you want to stretch teams. Okoronkwo is not an explosive winger but rather a deft one so I’ll advocate a Payne/Oshoala/Okoronkwo Frontline or Oparanozie/Kanu,Oparanozie/Oshoala, Onumonu/Monday frontlines that’ll help increase the goal threat issues we have upfront.

    5.And Finally what happens after it all?what will the WWC aftermath be like for the SF? This particular question is leveled at the Luminous Nff because great teams are built on continuos success and consistency,an enabling environment but ours has been a toxic,sometimes oxymoronic warzone where accountability is as scarce fuel itself and where the sense of responsibility is towards the stomach rather than the structures that make football work. After this World cup our Olympic journey starts as well as the next wafcon,will the NFF predictably wait until it’s two weeks before Olympic qualifications to make decisions on the coach’s future and preparatory plans? Or will they do the unthinkable(mend their ways,mend the relationship issues with staff and players alike and start making preparation immediately)? Your guess is as good as mine.

    Call me pessimistic but it’s the hope that kills the dreamers. I hope we keep dreaming till the tournament is over but reality has a way of winning and it’s usually a rude one especially when you’re Nigerian.

    • Helius 11 months ago

      Dis one don com with him mind blowing grammar again and analysis but wait o make i shock u cos u sef no sabi anything ball na just 2 dey answer computer name u sabi. our female ballers go shock u and shock England join with dia nuga coach u think say na by bin grammatical.

      • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

        Hahahaha.Who is this guy? Lol I noticed him from when he said omo9ja doesn’t know football that it’s only Ire o he knows and that csn should ban him… I laff tire also today


        • The dude has been a personal cockroach albeit a troublesome one always trolling me and some well meaning folks here.funny yeah he’s but he lacks the mood compass to discern serious talk from comedy cos everything is a joke to him.

  • @Codex.Nice one but I don’t entertain any fear.I guess most of the fears is because of the result of their last match with China.I watched all 3 of England matches again carefully and without sentiments.Haiti and Denmark showed how to play the English team and I tell you England were just lucky to win both matches .Little separate them in both matches.The Chinese showed too much respect, were over powered physically, were in a hurry to push up leaving huge gaps in the back which the English capitalised on.Again, there was a lot of tactical indicipline and were losing the second balls.

    The English will not enjoy such luxury with us and they knew it.First, we won’t be bothered by their name.We will match them in physicality and also expliot their defensive frailty at the back as well.Thankfully Abiodun is back, So I am sure Randy will play a two woman defensive midfielders, we need 2 strikers playing close and feeding off each other like Kaglana and Maighai of South Africa.Alozie will match James for Physicality and keep her quite, Plumtre will play a game of her life as she was teammates with some of them in the youth team before her switch.We must be compact and disciplined at the back.Fluid in midfield and fast in transition and be very physical.Everyone must show up with their A game.Emgland is there for the taking.They won the Euro on the grounds of home advantages.We will beat them, just wait for Monday.

    • You’re missing the point here bro that English team are way better than their ranking suggests I mean how can you beat Germany in the Euros and the Germans are still 2 places above you in the fifa rankings,they should be the no 2 team in the world and yes they’ve struggled for goals recently and that’s due to the injuries they’ve had over the past year to key players like Beth Mead,Williamson etc but to attribute their Euro win to home advantage is unfair and naive. They absolutely dominated every opponent in that tournament besides it’s not fear,nah,I’m just being realistic something we Nigerians have always struggled with.thanks

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