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2026 WCQ: It’s Unfortunate We Could Only Draw Against Nigeria —Zimbabwe Coach Laments

2026 WCQ: It’s Unfortunate We Could Only Draw Against Nigeria  —Zimbabwe Coach Laments

Warriors of Zimbabwe coach Baltemar Brito has expressed sadness that his team could only settle for a draw against Super Eagles of Nigeria.

In Sunday’s Group C matchday two FIFA 2026 FIFA World Cup, the Eagles forced Zimbabwe to a 1-1 draw in Rwanda.

It is now back-to-back draws for the Eagles and Zimbabwe in their opening two fixtures.

“We started the game to win, we expected to win this game unfortunately we drew,” Brito said in his post-match press conference.

“We had the ambition of winning this game, the players fought hard today and this good performance is about them. They deserve all the credit for this good performance.

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“We had the chance and in football it is about the team that create chances and score. We scored a beautiful goal, Nigeria maybe had one, two chances also they didn’t create much chances in our box.

“There were instances where we could have killed off the game but at the end of the day the final score says 1-1.“

The Eagles will be back for the qualifiers in June 2024 when they will host South Africa.

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  • Gbenga 8 months ago

    Please can someone tell me what is really wrong with the Super Eagles?

    • Titus 8 months ago

      Its clear like 7up. It simply means without osime, Nigeria cannot score many goals. But I wonder why CSN hasn’t highlighted it. And another thing, if osime was in and had scored many goals in his usual format, some buying and selling thin heads here will say osime scored many goals because it was common zimbabwe. The coach himself is a very dundee headed bystard

      • Sportradio88.0 fm 8 months ago

        Reason y eagles didn’t win any game is are plenty .
        1 political.
        2 administration
        3 lack of information
        4 language barrier
        5 indiscipline
        6 forex instability
        7 over confident
        8 no team list as 1st eleven.
        9.african clubs players not
        In team
        10 captain instability.
        To get on to the right part nff must start looking at player playing with team from other African clubs ie from south Africa Morocco Egypt and other top clubs in African competition to mix with the Europe league players and even with local guys
        If dey are performing y not . instead of bringing in unused players.
        How do u expect players to train two days for a big game . overconfident. South Africa administration did good job .space their team hence the result.
        Eagles coach communication with is team is a suspect too . English not flowing properly.so the command structure is bad.
        Forex instability those players too are calculating their money.wil it be in naira or dollar black or official rate payment.
        No information about opponent men or players.
        Who was the official captain of the team . There is one hanging in the air . Musa xxx dddd vvvv
        Cccc omeruo Simon. Ihaenacho.too much backside .too mush addictive .

  • Footballfanatic 8 months ago

    See insult lol our next WCQ is June next year …..First we meet South Africa and 5 days later we play Benin…The games against Lesotho and Zimbabwe should have been an easy 6 or atleast 4 points but we now find ourselves in a must win situation in the next 2 games against 2 of the tougher sides in the group……The signs don’t look good at all.

    • The signs look very good. Nija will win all remaining games and qualify for the world cup and win afcon next year too…yeye team! Soso pride and arrogance. I saw some of the comments on this platform about whitewashing Lesotho and Zimbabwe. All the comments about how many times you met those teams and beat team. You think winning is your birthright. African football has come of age…you guys must grow up and realise this quickly. It’s not as if you are a Senegal, morocco or algeria. Your team is an ordinary team which is very weak and disjointed and can be beaten by any team in Africa. Pls stop the mouth mouth and get back to the fearsome Nigeria team in the past and reclaim your position as the giant you are supposed to be. As it is now, no team in Africa fears the super eagles or chickens and you could easily see that from the way the Zimbabweans played and their body language. They did not fear Nigeria! At first it was the pitch at the Abuja stadium, the last time it was bad luck, recently it was fatigue. Can’t you guys see there’s something seriously wrong with your team? Ghana is going through a similar patch after phasing out Gyan, ayew etc. We are not blaming the pitch but have made it clear to the coach and players we will not accept any nonsense play from them. There’s already talks in some circles that Chris Houghton will be sacked soon. The FA has given him a mandate to win the fist two games or he will be sacked. We appreciate we are not at the same levels as some years back but we know that this players have the fighting spirit. The news ones like kudus, ashimeru, inaki, nuamah(the next big player),semenyo etc cannot be faulted for effort. I saw the ratings on this site and not many of your players got a 5/10. You guys must put some pepper under your players cos their performances in Europe and wat they come to play for Nigeria does not match…stop blaming the coaches all the time. How many times will u blame and sack a coach and still be where you are? But ultimately you must respect every opponent you face and don’t beat them with your mouth before the game starts. Greetings from Ghana

      • JimmBall 8 months ago

        @Yaw… may your days be long. Continue to talk sense to some of our jaundiced members here… pepper them well. We have been calling for hungry players but the tribalism and blind support for own ethnic players won’t allow some of our brothers here be objective and say the truth about players they hold dear at heart just for belonging to their tribe even though such players have never really convinced… I will shout it loudly any day here that I saw through the fraud called Joe Aribo long ago after he burst unto the scene with some fluke flashplays early-on. Imagine that dude wearing our Number 10 Jersey previously adorned by solid players before him only to come and be playing crab-dance football. A lethargic deadweight of players who has nothing in the kitty as a midfielder. A championship benchwarmer called rather is getting invited ahead of a rejuvenated talented player like Chuba Akpom at Ajax… of course, that is very possible in Nigeria because some people sit in football administration and only push ethnic favouritism. As truth sabi hard us to talk… Na all of us go hear am last last…

        • Dennis 8 months ago

          @jimmyball you also said “let us fail with our own”. You clearly said,prior to rohr getting sacked that any, I repeat,any coach can achieve success with our squad except Rohr. You said qualifying for tournaments is no big deal. Now we’ve drawn against lesotho and Zimbabwe but when Rohr faced powerhouses such as Algeria,Cameron and Zambia and qualified us with ease,you said he should leave. Also, that simpleton called segun odegbami hasn’t written any long epistle since rohr got sacked. We’ve downgraded since he left and all those clowns criticising him have gone silent. Did we not forsee all these things and tell you and your ilk such as omo9ja what would happen? Yes we did. Have everything we said come to pass? Yes. You have no right to complain so shut your trap and enjoy the ride because it can only get worse from here

      • Beren 8 months ago

        Nicely said and well articulated. You have said it all. The performance of these guys in their respective clubs don’t match what they display when in National colours. No commitment… no fighting spirit. I was watching Belgium’s Euro Qualifiers.. these guys had a 4 goals lead and yet playing like they were still looking for their first goal. I didn’t see that zeal and determination in the Super Eagles. We have a long way to go

      • Chima E Samuels 8 months ago

        Yaw you’re coming here to type nonsense. The countries you mentioned alongside Nigeria has lower football pedigree when compared to Nigeria. We have won more Afcon than them and I mean in this 3 decades not like Ghana with no trophy for the last 40years in African football. You’re here spilling trash because NFF and their Nonsense!!!

        • Thank you @Chima. If your mother is dead and you say he’s sleeping, we will see who will prepare dinner. You see, this is the pride I wrote about. On the evidence of what we saw being displayed by your team, what shows that those teams are inferior? Do you seriously think this super eagles team is performing as they should? Let me mind my business.

        • Chima E Samuels 8 months ago

          Maybe you don’t know history to be comparing Nigeria with Morocco, Senegal and even Algeria. I asked you a question which of these countries has trophy than Nigeria??? Maybe it’s high time you answer this and respect Nigeria but rather pray for your nation Ghana. You were the founding members of African football when a tournament was just 4 members and you haven’t won a trophy since the birth of most of your nation. Yet you come here trying to school 200million, park well Jare!!!!

          • @chima, stop this nonsense. Where was Nigeria when the tournament was 4 nations? Were you playing cricket? We are not talking about trophies won. Can you currently compare this your super eagles to Morocco, Algeria, Senegal etc? I’m talking about the current state of your team and you are here talking about the past. Pls answer this question too; in your entire football history which country has beaten you like ghana? If you say your team is the best I beg take am.

      • @Yaw, very well put!
        The truth is bitter.
        Our players are just not that good. No amount of sugar-coating will change that.

    • SeteraP 8 months ago

      Lolo! Victor Osimen have been fit by them. Anyways, that’s football for you ooooo

  • I have officially renounce all my affairs with Nigerian men senior national team.

    • How? Which team are you going to support? A true supporter doesn’t jump ship when the going gets tough; you must stick with your team, especially the national team. You are a Nigerian, you have no where to go. I’m sure when they were winning you were happy. That’s how life is. You cannot leave your team now bro.

      • Osaretin 8 months ago

        But if the ship na Titanic that is sinking ko. What do you do bro

  • Omisade Ariyo 8 months ago

    Oh! Common zimbabwe. We are really missing victor osimen .

    • What if Napoli tells osimhen to feign injury again before AFCON? Very possible. So eagles will not perform? Anyway, I give them no second round appearance because definitely, they cannot beat Ivory coast. Never.

      Then, since they are playing “away”, the Guineas (Equatorial and Bissau) will be begged to play draw with eagles that is if they no even lose to both teams.

      Then, Peserio and his Mafia super eagles undroppable players will phase out of the team.

      Hopefully, Gusau and his ugly team will not look for another journeyman to coach the next eagles because this one is gone. Bad tree, bad fruits.

      I no go read CS round up of Nigerian players abroad again because when they come to Africa, they never fly.

  • Jimson Mene 8 months ago

    Hahaha the cat has finally been left out of the bag. So, does that means if Osimena goaaaaaals is caged by a well fortified defence, se won’t qualified for wc? Abegi, where is Oga Coachie, Eguavon Austin? This one no get levels make we leave big big grammars for 1corner.

  • It is time Nigerians realize de game is played on de field not by mouth…. You Nigerians think bcos 419 is done by mouth any other tin too is by mouth.

    • Did you say last minute goal?…lol. I swear this Madagascar team will beat your super chickens easily. Were you able to beat Lesotho and Zimbabwe with a “last minute” goal? You are soo pathetic! Ok super eagles is the best team in the world…lol. Make una take. Yeye team!

  • Shai,see insult.

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 8 months ago

    By now the east and South Africans wil be talking to each other after tomorrow s game ….is south Africa wins tomorrow.. pls who are the host of the 2030 world cups .from wat I m hearing tomorrow game determines if south Africa wil go 2026 . If dey win .. which dey wil do everything to . even the referee is aware and he is on special allowance for tomorrow’s game .nff dey sleep.

  • nkemjikapj 8 months ago

    Says a coach who employed delay tactics from the moment they scored with the goalkeeper acting all sort of shenanigans.

  • Dennis 8 months ago

    @jimmyball the same olayinka we saw at the nations Cup? The same Nwakai that you hyped? Hahahahahahahaha. I even remember you clamouring for sadiq umar, Emmanuel Dennis, Awoniyi prior to the nations Cup. You got all the players you asked for as well as the coach you asked for and what was the outcome? Failure!!!! Clown

  • Osaretin 8 months ago

    But if the ship na Titanic that is sinking ko. What do you do bro

  • Marvelous Sunday 8 months ago

    You should be ashame of yourself. A man that speak from both side of the mouth is worse than a market woman whose profession is gossiping.

    The food you guys cooked is ready for consumption.

    Where you not the one who said “we should fail with our own”?

    Where you not the one who said any coach can pick up a team from Rohr, barely two weeks to nations cup and still win the trophy?

    Where you not the one who championed the sacking of Rohr? Claiming that beating Zambia, Cameroon, etc to qualify for tournament is as easy as making tea. Now we can’t even beat Lesotho and Zimbabwe.

    You got what you ask for. So why this crocodile tears from your corner.

    • I wonder why you people still worry yourself about this ex-Street footballer that have no football profile. Person that sees Omeruo as the best Nigeria has in defense and the person that wants The likes of Bassey, Indidi, Onyeka, Aribo , Osimhen out for Omeruo,Nwobodo,Mathew, Nwakali and Junior Ajayi , this same person is the one that wants the last under 20 team that couldn’t win Junior Koreans to dominate Super Eagles.  iThis is the guy people believe he’s in his right senses? Na to dey ignore people like this o!  If you really want to finish this guy, ask him to list out his preferred Eleven for Naija Team and see his result.

      • JimmyBall 8 months ago

        @Sean… I dey work. I go list players for you now. Best Eagles for the now… gimme small time. I ready for any fake SE fan here today. I mentioned long ago, I don’t believe in this white mediocre 5th-tier European coaches. Why wasn’t the job given to Laurant Blanc when he applied if we have pride? Bringing white quacks to give jobs they can’t smell in their home countries.

  • JimmyBall 8 months ago

    @Dennis… yes the same Olayinka that you brought into a game and pit him in centre forward position instead of left wing where he plays at Slavia Prague… still he laid a pass for Sadiq to score and he fluffed it. How many minutes in total did you give Olayinka in nations Cup? I have never clamoured for Sadiq Umar… he is languid and horrendously lethargic. He gets invitation these days to fill Northern Quota.

    We asked for our own coach but you said it must be Eguaveon, and then some of warned that Eguaveon has never won anything as a coach and is a serial failure. We asked for Manu/Amuneke/Finidi… you all gave us Eguaveon and said others should come work with him in a consortium where he refused to listen to any other advice but his own. Some of believe that Nigerian coaches should be given good contract and allowed freehand to handle SE.

    Amuneke/Oliseh/Ugbade/Bosso/Finidi/Egbo/Olofinjana/Manu can all get the job done if any three combo arrangements of these mentioned coaches are treated well and allowed to work. What kind of coaching has Finidi or Amuneke not been exposed to in their life.

    Ugabde’s U-17 squad may not have qualified for world Cup but NFF with their overknow won’t allow him take players with Grade 5 MRI rating to Algeria even though FIFA and CAF pegged entry at grade 6… depleting his trusted midfielders. He coaches good Nigeria-styled football.

    For those insulting Finidi as failing with Enyimba… why don’t you go ask Kanu and Ekwueme why they recruited poor players who the coach know nothing about and was mandated to accept and work with them?

    • I can’t @Jimmyball, give us the list of the best super Eagles 11 and their bench that can beat  Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Senegal etc to African Cup.
      Also add the team formation and the Coach you think can win the cup. As you say you get our time.

    • Dennis 8 months ago

      @jimmyball,you are a pathetic liar. You badly said “let us fail with our own”. You praised eguaveon after he won Egypt. You said he was the best thing since slice bread. You said any coach will do a good job at the AFCON. Eguaveon failed woefully. Some of your ilk made excuse that he didn’t have enough time to train with the players. He later went on to lose against Ghana who appointed their coach after the AFCON. You justified him carrying olisah Ndah and Nwakali so stop pretend,it won’t help you.

      Once again I ask, the disaster that you people said we needed to avoid by sacking rohr,have we avoided it? Was Amuneke not an assistant to eguaveon at the AFCON? You, omo9ja, odegbami and some other clowns got what you wanted so why have you all been crying since?

      • Kubor 8 months ago

        And so what’s the issue with falling with our own. Do you want to compare the style of play at the last nation cup to this 2 rubbish games we recently played. May i advice you to go back and watch the 3 games played. Especially the first game against Egypt. Yes we were very unlucky not to have moved on at that tournament if not for the red issued to Iwobi, Please that team was a delight to watch. Just like Jimmy said treat our own the way you treat all this journey and come and see if they wouldn’t perform. A lot of them have complained about interference which peserio is allowing them to do. Am scared if Nigeria is not careful we might miss the world cup. At this stage we have no choice but to win the remaining 8 games we have. Lets just forget about the AFCON, because a lot of the teams coming are no joke.

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