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2026 WCQ: Rohr Relishes Cheetahs’ Win Over Former Team Super Eagles

2026 WCQ: Rohr Relishes Cheetahs’ Win Over Former Team Super Eagles

Gernot Rohr has celebrated Benin Republic’s win over his former team, Super Eagles of Nigeria, reports Completesports.com.

The Frenchman masterminded the Cheetahs 2-1 victory over the Super Eagles in a 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifier in Abidjan on Monday.

KRC Genk midfielder Raphael Onyedika put Nigeria ahead in the 26th minute.

Benin Republic however rallied back through goals from Jordel Dossou and Steve Mounie.

“It was a great game for us, this was the first time our ‘A’ team will beat the Super Eagles,” Rohr said after the game.

“It was difficult when we conceded the first goal, but the reaction was great and my young players did very well. I am happy for them.

“Their fighting spirit and organisation gave us our victory.”

The Cheetahs now tpp Group C with seven points from four games.

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  • zuka chris 6 days ago

    When this man calls his team “young players”, its a code only those of us who know, knows.
    Watch out for Benin in the next Nations Cup, and for this World cup group? Roar may lose to Nigeria in his final match but before then he would have sealed the ticket to the next World Cup. Everything now depends on how other countries in this group respond to matches against Benin.

  • pompei 6 days ago

    This Rohr sef and his penchant for describing his players as “young”.
    Hahahaha! Na so he go take young players finish you. He go take young players to accomplish great things. That is the Rohr way. He will pretend as if he is weak and disadvantaged, then he will deliver the knockout punch, and put you to sleep.
    We need a coach that is tactically savvy to navigate us thru what is left of the world cup qualifiers. A coach that is smart enough and wily enough to outwit this cunning man called Rohr.
    Get rid of the sitting NFF president and his mumu board.
    Ogun Efon and the technical department need to be shown the door. They should all excuse us please! Get rid of these clowns and put people who have a clue in these sensitive positions.
    Get rid of Finidi. Fantastic player, but awful coach. Let him go and learn what it means to be a coach.
    Put real football people in the Glass House.
    And hire a SERIAL WINNER, in the words of Dr. Drey. We need a SERIAL WINNER of a coach. A proven, solid tactician, to guide us out of the murky waters we currently find ourselves in.
    We can do it. We can win the rest of our 6 matches. But the changes need to be made now!

  • MuYiwa 6 days ago

    The mechanic wey sabi. When they were supposed to understudy and learn from you, they were all forming ex-internationals and teamed up to sabotage your efforts. Three years down the line, they have nothing to show. Where are those saying if Rohr was that good, he would have gotten a job. Why would he scamper for a job when he was collecting NFF bonus money? And now that he finally got the job, he rubbed it on the faces of his erstwhile naysayers and attackers. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Edoman 6 days ago

    l am deeply elated to see his heroic face with a smile. Rohr (70) is a magician.
    He knows how to get his team to the World cup. He took Nigeria there in spite of all the difficulties. If you don’t believe that he will take his young players to the World Cup, then, you may have not believed that he was the last coach to take Nigeria to World Cup after Nigeria failed to do so back-to-back attempts.
    It is not out of place for a seventy-year-old man to call his team, the young ones. They are like his children. Do you have problems with that? The magician will get his team to the very top while your Finito will just be that, Finito.

  • SD Special Delivery Jones 6 days ago

    Rohr was just lucky. Super Eagles will win him at home.

    • Dr. Drey 6 days ago

      Hahahaha…that was what y’all said about him when he was here.

      Whenever the team won, it was either the players or luck….whenever the team drew it was Rohr….let me not even say what happened anytime his team managed to lose a game (because under Rohr, the SE dared not lose).

      Well, as it stands now, and quite interestingly, y’all will be needing Rohr’s luck now in order not to miss your 2nd consecutive WC since he left…..LMAOooo

    • Edebi 6 days ago

      Did you say lucky?
      Go and watch the match again.

  • Dr. Drey 6 days ago

    I spectacularly recurring decimal during Rohr’s time in Nigeria was his ability to always give his hater the middle finger at the right moments…..LMAOoo.

    See as everywhere don quiet since yesterday with many of his haters now chewing dust….LMAOoo

    For the upteenth time, Rohr will have a huge say in if Nigeria qualifies for the 2026 World cup or not…..LMAOoo

    Any imbecile who still wants to argue against that should please step forward….LMAOoo ???

  • Olos 6 days ago

    Baba Rorh , we miss you.

  • Greenturf 5 days ago

    Was screaming NO NO!DON’T DO IT!DON’T!!But Sunday Dare was in a heat nothing will stop him.That fella Sunday Dare destroyed Nigerian football,he and his cohorts Segun Odegbami teamed up to drag Nigerian football down.
    Today senator Enoh has continued from where his predecessor Dare stopped just like a passing of batton in a track and field relay.This brings us to the question are Nigerians thick?Because these leaders are Nigerians,we keep having new incompetent inept administrators over the years!
    If it’s not broke why fix it?This question is for Sunday Dare who masterminded the muddle the decline of the super eagle,and i wan’t answers and i want them now!

    • Dr. Drey 5 days ago

      Hahahaaha Sunday Dare…..Chima E Samuels’ tin-god….LMAOoo. The man he worships simply because he is a “minister”. Sunday Dare could do no wrong in his eyes…LMAOoo

      May the evil called SUnday Dare never befall Nigeria again. The man destroyed our football, destroyed our basketball, destroyed our athletics.

      Anybody that needs to destroy anything should consult Sunday Dare.

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