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2026 World Cup Draw: Super Eagles Placed In Pot One

2026 World Cup Draw: Super Eagles Placed  In Pot One

The Super Eagles of Nigeria have been placed in Pot one ahead of the African draws for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

The competition will be co-hosted by Canada, Mexico and the United States of America.

Also in Pot one are; Morocco, Senegal, Algeria, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mali and Egypt.

The countries will be drawn into nine groups of six teams, with all the group winners qualifying for the tournament.

The four best teams that finish in second place will compete in a mini-tournament and the winner will qualify for an intercontinental play-off.

The Super Eagles failed to qualify for the last edition of the World Cup hosted by Qatar.

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The draw will be conducted on Wednesday, July 12, 2023.


Pot 1: Nigeria, Morocco, Senegal, Algeria, Tunisia, Cameroon, Mali, Egypt

Pot 2: Ghana,Burkina Faso, South Africa, Cape Verde, DR Congo, Guinea, Zambia, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea

Pot 3: Angola, Benin, Kenya, Mauritania, Congo, Uganda, Madagascar, Guinea Bissau, Namibia

Pot 4: Mozambique, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Togo, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Central African Republic, Malawi, Libya

Pot 5: Niger, Comoros, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Eswatini, Botswana, Liberia

Pot 6: Lesotho, South Sudan, Mauritius, Chad, Sao Tome, Djibouti, Seychelles, Eritrea, Somalia

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Greenturf 10 months ago

    Hmmm..Nigeria,Ghana,Benin haha..Dangerous wishes!

  • MONKEY POST 10 months ago

    GENERAL ROAH will DEFEAT the SE if they MEET….

  • TALK UR OWN 10 months ago


  • How far

  • Four four two 10 months ago

    How far ?

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 10 months ago

    Is likely going to be: NIGERIA, GHANA, KENYA, LIBYA, SUDAN AND CHAD.

  • Bobo Colorado Springs 10 months ago

    Where is Ivory Coast on the list for the draw?

  • What would be easy-peasy for Paseiro (seems he’s staying after all).

    Pot 1: Nigeria
    Pot 2: Gabon/Equatorial Guinea
    Pot 3: Kenya/Mauritania/Namibia
    Pot 4: Mozambique/Zimbabwe
    Any team from Pot 5
    Any team from Pot 6

    Nigeria no be Nigeria of before. Many teams for Africa don dey give us headache, even Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau, CAR.

    • I pray we meet Ghana again. 

      • Selfmade KING 10 months ago

        They have started again!

        Becareful what u wish for because it can boomerang on u badly!

        U not scared of Ghana?

        Pray that u get some countries that are scare of Nigeria so that u can beat them not Ghana because Ghana is never ever scare of Nigeria and we love meeting u guys!!

        If we find ourselves again in a group, every Ghanaian ll be hopeful because we know we get ur numbers!

        Be careful bro 

        • My only Concern is that NFF would have made it Half Home Base Half European meaning Many inform european base top Nigerian players will miss out and the team capatianed by Musa then Ghana will Surefully fancy thier chances.

          However if Nigeria Selects on merit and take pride in the fact that We are in A very Talented generation of world Football barring no injuries to Top Players. Then Ghana will not Escape a very good whooping.

  • Greatness 10 months ago

    Best case scenario:
    Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Uganda, Tanzania, Sao Tome, Eswatini

    Worst case scenario:
    Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, CAR, Sudan, Lesotho

  • Selfmade KING 10 months ago

    Ghanaians are praying to avoid nations like Egypt, Cameroon and Ivory Coast!

    Any other nation is a game on for us including Nigeria 

    We know our history very well 

    • Selfmade, you don dey make mouth and dey overconfident now o. Remember no be Eguavoen be coach now and you too have changed coaches. I’m sure most Ghanaians would love to avoid countries like Nigeria, Egypt, Senegal, and Cameroun, and vice versa. Thunder doesn’t strike twice in one spot. I’m 1 million percent sure Nigeria will dust off Ghana with ease this time. Anyway, I’m hoping Nigeria and Ghana are in separate groups and qualify together.

      • Lets face it @Kel the last list released by that Coach Pesiero will be beating not only by Ghana but by most teams in that POT 2

        • Omoh I second you on this, that pot 2 is has good has pot 1 , African soccer have really change ooo, we really need be serious with this qualification and pray VO is ready to fire, this the only reason I actually want VO out of Napoli bcos that their yeye owner won’t feed him for us.

    • @selfmadeking  you want a repetition of what happened to Ghana in 2002 World Cup qualifiers?

  • pompei 10 months ago

    Kel my brother, as long as our administrators are not up to speed, every minnow on the planet will fancy their chances against Nigeria. Including the Banku Boys. How will they not fancy their chances against us? They are scared out of their wits of Comoros and Burkina Faso, but they don’t fear Nigeria. When your administrators are refusing to invite your best players because of flight ticket costs, when the focus is on inviting home based players who will not agitate for their match bonuses, when the basic needs of the team are hardly been provided, how can we compete with other serious nations? We can maybe overcome some countries because our players are better, but when we meet teams with equal talent, or teams that are well coached and better organized, our wings are clipped.
    Let our officials continue to look for homebased players so they can share their match bonuses. As long as our administrators continue their maladministration, we will continue to under achieve.

  • 99% of Ghanaian will pray to avoid Nigeria. 

    Obviously Nigeria has talents that can beat any team in the world. 

  • Me I no want Ghana o..
    The best Nigeria team find it very difficult to defeat the Ghana team. Atlanta 96 team played goalless against Ghana in Lagos. We have been beaten by the worst Ghanian team. Also beaten by 10-man Ghana team.

    What has changed from the Nigerian team that was defeated by Ghanian team?
    1. Employed another Eguavoen 2.0
    2. No substantial good goal keeper
    3 Ageing center back
    4 Weak midfield

    Please let’s be humble

  • Edoman 10 months ago

    If God wants to punish Nigeria again and again, give them Ghana. If God wants to appease Nigeria, Lord God, give them South Africa.

    • South Africa that topped our Nations Cup qualifying group twice, dey play

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