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AFCON 2021: 10-Man Burkina Faso Oust Tunisia, Book Semi-Finals Berth

AFCON 2021: 10-Man Burkina Faso Oust Tunisia, Book Semi-Finals Berth

Teenager Dango Ouattara scored the only goal and was sent off as Burkina Faso surprised Tunisia to reach the Africa Cup of Nations semi-finals.

Ouattara, 19, ran onto Blati Toure’s through-ball and held off two defenders and cut inside before firing in. But he was then sent off in the 82nd minute for an elbow on Ali Maaloul.


But they will be without Ouattara, now suspended after his late dismissal. It came after referee Joshua Bondo’s second trip to the monitor for a video assistant referee check in quick succession.

Minutes earlier, Tunisia were denied a penalty as Soumaila Ouattara caught Wahbi Khazri with a high tackle in the box after initially winning the ball.


It’s the seventh time Tunisia have reached the quarter-finals since they last lifted the trophy in 2004 – they have progressed further just once.


The Stallions, who have never won the tournament, will meet the winner of Sunday’s game between Senegal and Equatorial Guinea.


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  • MuYiwa 2 years ago

    Hmm. Silence is golden. God help Super Eagles.

    • dominic 2 years ago

      yes super eagles problem was technical problem our coach is not too technical on how to change game partan

  • Presh 2 years ago

    Where are the talkatives. God help the Super Eagles. When reality comes una eyes go clear. We may even qualify to the World Cup.

  • Baba na baba 2 years ago

    If you watch the game,you begin to ask yourself is our players overrated especially our midfielders and attackers?

  • Four four two 2 years ago

    Having watched This game from the beginning to the end I want to conclude that I have my mind about Egu leading the Super Eagles..we lost the match against Tunisia from the bench. Egu cannot lead Eagles to any whr not because he is not good but because a lack of coaching at the big stage. Kechi succeeded because he had coach Togo and qualify them to the world cup. He got the experience. Egu led Eagles blindly against Tunisia because lack of experience. We were too Slow and predictable at the front while Bokina whr attacking right, center and left. Pls if we must hire Indigenous the we can go for Amunike and Sunday Oliseh otherwise lets go for a foreign coach.

  • Four four two 2 years ago

    I have changed my mind

  • I hope the dream I had doesn’t com to pass. Rarely dream football. God help eagles

    • Marvelous 2 years ago

      Please what is the dream. Don’t hide it from us. We need games to stake Biko. Even if Ghana beat Nigeria for your dream tell us mbok.

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    Baba na Baba God bless you. We think we have a galaxy of stars better than any other African team. Our players are completely overrated. Imagine our best players playing for Napoli and Leicester, Villarreal and Porto that’s about it. And we want to play TikiTaka. None of our defenders is in the level of Tabsoba. Without Bertrand Traore who will walk straight into the SuperEagles 11 they strangled Tunisia. Blati Toure the man of the match plays in the same league as Akinkunmi Amoo. We can only TikiTaka our way around Sudan and Guinea Bissau Lmao!! When it comes to a tactical team with an assistant coach we fall short. This Burkina Faso team is way above the SuperEagles. We have to look ourselves in the mirror and accept that we are just not good enough. Anyway I think we’ve learned some valuable lessons from this tournament.

    • Papafem 2 years ago

      Eguaveon got it wrong against Tunisia. Pure and simple. It’s not about the quality of players; it’s about the quality of coaching.

      Eguaveon made his team very predictable with that tactical formation against Tunisia. Our players were sluggish going into attack. They allowed the Tunisians too much time on the ball. The only goal against us was a result of this. How on Earth would Aina lose the ball in that vital area and the next thing he did was to move back and watch that Tunisian plan how to shoot and where to shoot? It’s so unfortunate. People should stop blaming Okoye because he didn’t even have a clear view of the ball with the defenders before him.

      Iwobi played well against Guinea Bissau. Eguaveon had no reason benching him against Tunisia. He’s about the only player in the team who could pick holes in the opposing team’s defence and drop very intelligent passes. His runs are really disturbing to our opponents, and he’s the only intelligent I see when running at defenders.

      Again, Eguaveon of all people should have known that a lot of defenders were paying attention to Moses already. They were already aware that we built our attack around wing play. The simple task therefore was to double mark those wingers and we would be done. That’s exactly what happened against Tunisia. That’s the major we couldn’t come back into the game.

      Again, we badly missed Osimhen. For all the good work Sadiq has done in the Spanish second division, all these amounted to nothing in Cameroon. To me, he’s technically immature to play for SEs. His decision making in front of goal was terrible. He always seems overwhelmed when faced with the keeper. He doesn’t know when to give an assist to a better placed team mate. He doesn’t know when to chip the ball over an onrushing keeper, shoot at goal or even pick a spot for placement. He just didn’t know what to do.

      I don’t really kmow where we are going from here. If Eguaveon is retained, he will surely repeat the same mistake because he doesn’t have much depth tactically. And if we get a new coach, will he have enough time to build the team? Even if we qualify for WC, how does he deal with all these tactically sound teams we might likely come across? It’s that difficult, honestly.

      To take care of my emotion, all I need to do now is to lower my expectations on the team and see whatever good thing they are able to do as a bonus. This way, I won’t be too hurt if they fail to live up expectations again.

  • Chibuike 2 years ago

    Local coaches can’t lead Nigeria anywhere. The only local qualify coaches we have, NFF accult people have killed them. Only white coach can save Nigeria national team. If una like , carry local coach go world cup.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    @Ayphillydegreat… Greetings. No be lie you talk my brother. A Nigerian is even the top scorer in Swedish league… a guy who has never been capped Adegbenro. A natural goalscorer… not to even talk of Akin Amoo…

    The lenses we are using to rate our players and who should play for Super Eagles is the wrong one. See Burkina Faso giving through balls and direct linkplay passes in midfield. I will always say we are shortchanging ourselves in midfield thinking dudes like Aribo and Iheanacho can scratch us any meaningful midfield play…

    Let Nigerians go back and watch Nigeria vs Cape Verde in away at Mindelo, Cape Verde where we had 8player who normally start left out for Corona protocols of UK on visit to red zones we played great in that game. Eguaveon too conjured up malicious and toothless pattern dubbed 4-2-4 testing it against Sudan where in first half our midfield was absent and still tried that rotten nonsense against Tunisia in first half…

  • Benjamin Leye-Philips 2 years ago

    Football is highly unpredictable,we can say the fact that Burkina Faso beat Tunisia,that Burkina Faso is better than us.This has being three times in a roll that Burkina Faso has beaten Tunisia,it tells you something,that they no match to them due to the physical abilities.Moreover Tunisians are always tough customers to the Super Eagles,even if we beat them we don’t get it easy.Tunisia came out to play today but not the negative football they played against the super Eagles.

    • Papafem 2 years ago

      You will be very stupid as a team to allow Tunisia score first against you. When they come into a game as an underdog and you allow them to score against you first, then you’re done for.

      Their game against a superior side is always dirty when the latter is chasing the game. They commit unnecessary fouls, feign injuries, provoke their opponents to get a player or two sent off, exaggerate light contacts, slow down the pace of the game, their players walking out of the field like a pregnant woman when getting subtituted and their keeper pretending to be injured even when there is no contact. A major reason Burkina Faso doesn’t take it easy with them. But for us, it’s always playing oyinbo ball.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Guys, truth is better I ve been warning you guys for years, etebo is our best midfielder we surely missed him, we lack ball hustlers in our midfield, ,Iwobi and iheanacho is not the future, facts. We should get the BF coach ASAP.

  • DeSTAR 2 years ago

    @Ayphillydegreat; this is one of the best analysis I have read from you in the recent times .

    You are definitely on point ; however I don’t want to believe Tunisia beat SE technically; rather it was bad luck largely due to bad officiating , with also both Eguafon and players also sharing in the blame.

    Tunisia have lost matches before meeting SE , they have sturdy our games , and had put a strategy to cage Mosses at left while the 7 wing is more less not existing ( we seriously need Victor mosses in SE, if Eguafon had spent the energy he wasted on the retired Igahalo who was a total flop in his last game, on Victor Mo ; the later could have changed his mind) ; they wouldn’t have been able to deplore 2 , 3 players simultaneously on the right winger ;

    Then when Eguafon had planned to attack through midfield; Kel got yellow card , he was therefore couldn’t make his daring run combination with Taiwo Awoniyi not effective as in the previous games; and when Eguafon had wanted to change tactics through midfield; he brought in our midfielder that walked into the red card that was not his fault

    ( what could anyone have expected Eguafon to do in that circumstances ?) . I don’t want to make reference to our goalkeeper Okoye as many were criticizing and insulting him , I don’t want to go that route , so that it will not affect his confidence considering his young age ; but definitely we need to look beyond the present set of goalkeepers ( another competent goalkeeper trainer is surely needed Rufai/ Cal Ikpeme/ Shorumi/Enyema need to replace this quack Aloy Agu who obviously is either an accomplice or corrupt or not good).

    Lastly, where our boys also share in the blame , it is the usual mentality of Nigerian team , the immediate success do goes into their head and always tempted to underrate their perceived depleted week opponent; this is irrespective of who is in charge . In France 98 WC ; Spain is football wold power ; because SE beat them , in the next round game against Denmark; SE were already discussing the next opponent Brazil or so team they would meet , underrating the perceived weaker team that qualified as 3rd best looser or so ; at the end Denmark shock SE not only 1 goal , not even 2 but the highest goals we had ever conceded in WC till date ( Rufai that was called to replaced an injured Shorumi at the last minutes from his holidaying was not mentally prepared and had training for a WC for that matter )

    As for the 19 years old wonder kid Akin Amooo team mate that shown brilliantly; many of us that watched the guys play already knew that Amooo is main player that could have made the difference ( I am sure , Eguafon must have learnt his lesson)

    In conclusion, we need good goalkeeper in SE , with inclusion of Lokumon , Dessers, Akin Amooo, Dennis , Dele Bashiru and Ossimeh & BAlogun that were missing through injury ( I can bet it , there is no team that can stand Eguafon lead SE fire power if he maintain his soccer artistry that he displayed in afcon

    • Thank you @DeSTAR. Very excellent analysis and I can tell the real Super Eagles fans from the Rohr, Eguavon, local coach and foreign coach sycophants. Although Eguavon put up a disappointing tactical display initially against Tunisia but like you said and most of us that try to read games rather than just come here to run our mouths because we want this player, that player or coach could see he was trying to remedy the situation but things kept going wrong. That early yellow against Iheanacho and the red against Iwobi was really the deciding factor. Nobody can tell me if we had 11 players and with the way the midfield opened up later in the game that if Iwobi was still on there was a very high probability game could have been turned around. Even the chance that Sadiq missed how many times have we seen Oshimen run into those through balls and either blast with power on the near corner, through keepers legs which the Tunisians was wide open or he chips it into the far corner. Fact is if our forwards were more clinical could still have won.

      However I have no doubt that Eguavon is tactically superior to Rohr. For him to set up the team to dominate the way they did while remaining defensively compact is something we all through emotion are overlooking. He was missing a lot of starters and barely had a full squad before the competition began. If he had played more friendlies or had the team longer he definitely would have fixed the deficiencies. Another aspect which he made an error to stop emphasizing was his philosophy of playing every game like a cup final with the high intensity press (gegenpress) that we saw against Egypt and group phases. That should be a staple of how the SE should approach all games to truly dominate and put fear in opponents.

      I like Eguavons team better than anything Rohr put out even in his early good days. Nigeria hasn’t been this dominant in a while like total control for 90mins straight He has given us a very good template to build on and it’s very unfortunate that ppl will rather come on here to argue and fight unnecessarily. I’m here wondering like am I the only one that sees the potential of what just transpired in Cameron even thought we got knocked out in round of 16? Am I the only one really thinking how fearsome they SE will be if we had another winger like Simon on the right, Oshimen back with a good back up striker and a good space roaming no.10 like Iwobi on his good days or much better. Have Zaidu and Aina play consistently with the wingers and better understand each other’s movements and runs. Then add to the mix Eguavons philosophy of mass attack and mass defense with high intensity press? Which team in the world do you think we cannot face while playing entertaining attacking football if we always played like we did against Egypt and in the group phases with clinical finishing? Let’s not throw away the baby with the bath water

    • Ayphillydegrea 2 years ago

      That doesn’t take away the fact that we crash out of the AFCON at the round of 16 to a depleted team and an unknown assistant coach. Only the WorldCup ticket can heal the pain. We will be here to talk about that when the time comes.

      • Steve O 2 years ago

        I will add that VAR officials, made up Arabs and Mexican were not in favour of Super Eagles in that match !!..We had a clear cut penalty that was not called to the referee attention by VAR officials.The Tunisian player deflected a through pass ball for not reaching it’s goal , that was a penalty ,yet it was not called !..Again Iheanacho was stamped upon by a Tunisian player, that was a clear called red card but our players did not push for each , that was nativity on thier part !!…we still have a long way to go , Eguavoen also has a long way to go tactically!!

  • DeSTAR 2 years ago

    @ Ayphillydegreat one more on a last note ;

    I need to also remind you of Tunisia 94 ; the Zambia team plane crash where only one player Balwaya was the only survivor while heading to Tunisia, as a matter of fact they had already pull out before the host Nation or so volunteer to airlift the new team , at the end , it took ingenuity of Westerhof and wizardry of Amunike before overpowering in the dying minutes the so called depleted Zambia team ( and this was the best ever assembled SE team ) .

    We sometimes underrate the so called depleted opponent

    • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

      If Westerhoff had lost to that Zambia team he would definitely be sacked and won’t take the team to the the WorldCup that year therefore, he has to do everything to win that game. Both me and you know that if it was a foreign coach that took the SuperEagles crashing at the round of 16 he would’ve been sacked immediately after the match. You sef know that Eguavoen is not good enough to lead this team we only believe we have better players than Ghana. If they like they should go and play sexy football against Ghana. We will all be watching the WorldCup on our TVs.

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    Congratulations to Burkina Faso. What Super Eagle egotism players and their coaches failed to do, this Burkina Faso did it much better.

    I don’t follow people blindly at all. If our own have to be there once again, they need to be sincere with themselves by selecting the players on merit. Chosen Ighalo over Dessers won’t help at all. We saw the results in Cameroon.

    Sodiq Umar had a chance like the one Burkina Faso striker had and he wasted it. I am sure that if Dessers was in that position, he will did better than that.

    Super Eagles failed from the bench to beat Tunisia period. Coach Eguavoen if he have to continue, NFF should get him an expert.

    I heard that Amunike will be part of the technical crew. That is not enough.

    We don’t need a foreign coach. Eguavoen should be retained as head coach and by doing so, Amunike and Egbo should be his new assistants.

    This is not enough if Agu remains in the team. Eagles got nocked out through three areas. Through coach Eguavoen, coach Agu and Iwobi’s indiscipline. Agu should give way for either

    Peter Rufai
    Ike Shorunmu

    Now we are ready to go. Some of us still advocating for Oga Rohr to come back. Are you kidding me?

    A coach that kicked out Dessers out of the team and opted for Ighalo.

    A coach who made Okoye number one tells you a lot about his ability and I said it here that Okoye is for the future but Oga Rohr deciples were calling me names.

    A coach who preferred Akpeyi, Okoye and Uzoho over the likes of Adeleye, Osagwe, Yakubu and Ajiboye? This must be a joke kę. No competitions in that department during his time and it won’t be like that under our own.

    Lastly, Mr. No nonsense can not do it alone. We have to call Egbo and Amunike to support coach Eguavoen.

    Tunisia wasn’t that fantastic against Nigeria but they had one thing against Nigeria, self determination.

    What happened to Nigeria against Tunisia has finally happened to Tunisia against Burkina Faso. They thought they have arrived after the match against Nigeria but Burkina Faso came out today to show them what Eguavoen failed to change against them.

    Our own should be sincere with the list of players. That is the number one issue I am having with our own.

    No2. If NFF can combine Eguavoen, Amunike and Egbo together to compliments each others and in the goalkeeping department, we need a new set of coaches to handle the department.

    For you Oga Rohr deciples, our own are in charge now for at least 2 years. That means you are just started complaining and you will do that for two good years.

    If you all like it or not, our own will be in charge of the Super Eagles against the Black Stars if Ghana in March.

    Once again, congratulations to Burkina Faso. Hmmm. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • GentleD 2 years ago

      You always mentioned Ajiboye, is that Dele Ajiboye that now plays for Plateau United or there is another Ajiboye somewhere?

      • Coache, i absolutely agree with your position. Egu should be removed for his upgrade Amunike.They now want Amunike to go and fail with him.Chief coach is the boss whom draft starting eleven,overall say in the team, who is removed and introduced in the match. Except Egu will allow Amunike take charge and himself take the roll of a pheripheral head, which may not be posible.Timing is not the problem, afterall we are all Nigerian and we all stay on this forum to draft our various starting eleven, that we think are best to play for our dare country.In change i stand period.

  • KENNETH 2 years ago

    Abeg abeg what is all this noise about what eagles didn’t do, Burkina did, what was fantastic about the Burkina babes. Lets be frank here, many of you thought Tunisia would beat them. Guys this is soccer, what won the burkina babes was there physical strength. They didn’t play flowing soccer in my view and Tunisia didn’t take advantage of there chances. Am still of the opinion had we not gotten that red card, we would come back in that game. Please all those making noise tell us what technical input did the coach of Burkina capitalize on. Soccer is a game of luck, we were just unfortunate not to have won. Abeg leave our players alone and eguavoen. Let Ghana go ahead and coach ghana so we can know the difference in coaches

  • 1. Sometimes Nigerians we only allow circumstances bto determine what we say and do.

    2. The same eguavon bwe praised to high heavens is now a bad coach. Even the best coaches have lost matches.

    3. Now eguavon made some mistakes truly against Tunisia. I don’t follow oeop blindly. But that does not mean he is bad.

    4. He should blearn from this. His team played well. Gave us some hope but were unlucky to have lost out that way.

    5. Sodiq was really a disappointment at afcon. He did not cover himslef in glory at all. Egu should learn from this.

    6. Desser was unfairly treated. It’s clear he is a better finisher than most of the strikers we have. We learn from this
    7. Going forward. Iheanacho should not be starting our games. Aribo should move up the midfield and take hus place.

    8. Etebo is back he should take up the role of Aribo pairing ndidi in midfield.

    9. Against caoe Verde in cape Verde, these two guys did well in midfield… Bonke and Kingsley Michael. They should be back in eagles.ihenacho blows hit and cold. Let him alwsy play 45 minutes football with eagles.

    10. Sodiq can be excused for now. Let him go and watch eagles games and improve on his sluggishness.

    11. Oshimen, awoniyi and dessers will do for now.

    12. I wonder why bwe are not considering obodo. I wonder. If eguavon must not go the same way as rohr. He should be flexible with selection of players. Obodo, Bonke and Kingsley Michael and etebo if they are fit should join the midfield. We lacked battlers in the modified. We are underutilizing aribo in the team. Let him move up and play behind oshimen instead bof iheanacho. Iheanacho can come in in the second half for him.

    13. The problem with Nigeria is that we don’t learn. They may still carry the errors of afcin to the playoff.

    14. One more thing, chukwueze is becoming useless with eagles. I don’t know what is wrong with him. I just hope kalu can become who he used to be again. So with Moses and kalu on both flanks and etebo/ndidi and Aribo in midfield, we can really help that team.

    15. Amoo should come in to have experience. I hope ademola lookman and ejaria are cleared in time too.

    16. Okoye will improve but I’m my opinion, he is not better than usoho for now. He should sit on rhe bench.

    17. Iwobi? Something tells me that boys time in eagles is nearing an end. He has failed many times to really give us what we know he can give.

    • GentleD 2 years ago

      Which Obodo are you talking about bros? Please help me understand abeg…

  • I think i have come to conclusion to support those who are saying that our player are overrated just take a look at Burkina faso how they defeated Tunisia so the question is what went wrong that made the super eagles not to be able to defeat Tunisian…. overrated player.

  • Akin Amoo, Awaziem,(Ademola Lookman and Ovie Ejaria if cleared on time by FIFA), goalkeeper Adeleye from Israel, Etebo Oghenekaro, Emmanuel Dennis, David Okereke of Venezia, Cyriel Dessers, Odion Ighalo and Victor Osimhen should all be invited to beef ou the Super Eagles for the double-header World cup playoffs against Ghana in Kumasi and Abuja respectively. Due to the limited time available for hiring a new coach, I would advise Amunike and Salisu Yusuf should assist Austin Eguavoen with technical input for the team to get the world cup ticket. If the Eagles qualify, the NFF should make arrangements to arrange quality international friendlies to get the team to bond and try out different technical formations and patterns. Thanks

    • onwajunior 2 years ago

      Guys I think the AFCON team is good enough to do the job against Ghana. Maybe the inclusion of Balogun, Ighalo and Osimhen. We have a solid team with good chemistry. After qualifying, then we can start trying out others – Dele Bashir, Amoo, Lookman, Dessers and Co. If Eguavon can play mind games with Ghana he should start granting more interviews about wing plays and hyping Simon so that Ghana would focus on caging Simon, then approach the game differently, maybe through the middle.

      Also, I’m of the school of thought that too many hands spoil the soup. Give one man the job and let him select his assistants let’s move on.

  • Coache 2 years ago

    If a coach is not tactically sound, then sack him. Egu is not sound and shd be sacked instead of trying to pad him with those far better than him.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    LMFAO!!!Same depleted second division Tunisian side led by a coach on I.T(Industrial Training) LMFAO! That we cannot beat are the once that burkina faso won with their full squad! Na wa o!!!!!!

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