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AFCON 2023: Côte d’Ivoire Off To Perfect Start With 2-0 Win Vs Guinea-Bissau

AFCON 2023: Côte d’Ivoire Off To Perfect Start With 2-0 Win Vs Guinea-Bissau

Hosts Elephants of Côte d’Ivoire got their AFCON 2023 campaign off to a perfect start as they beat Guinea-Bissau 2-0 in Group A on Saturday.

This is the first time ever that both Côte d’Ivoire and Guinea-Bissau will clash at the AFCON.

Goals in each half from Seko Fofana and Jean-Philippe Krasso secured the three points for the Ivorians in the game played inside the Alassane Ouattara Stadium.

Fofana gave the hosts the lead as early as the 4th minute before Krasso added the second goal in the 58th minute.

The Elephants will be back in action on January 18 in a heavyweight clash with Nigeria’s Super Eagles in their second Group A game.

Group A other game will see the Eagles square off against Equatorial Guinea on Sunday, 14 January.

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  • Ayphillydegreat 5 months ago

    This group is ours for the taking. Not overly concerned by the Ivorians. It will all depends on the outcome of tomorrow’s match. 

    • Edoman 5 months ago

      Thank you. Good to hear that from a very longstanding and credible fan such as you.

    • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

      AYPHILLYDEGREAT I thought you are a ROARARIAN? I thought you are one one of us? You mean after what the country did to our boss GENERAL ROAR you just gonna come here and act like nothing happened? I thought you stand for injustice? Honestly I have always admire you but this time am a bit dissatisfied..you see that’s why I like DR DRE..him own na to sitdandeylook instead of coming to betray what you stand against…

      • Ayphillydegreat 5 months ago

        @MONKEY POST my Bro. You sef know that I’m probably the most Rohr fanatic on this forum before the whole destructive shenanigans to sack him on the eve of a major tournament and WorldCup qualifier. 

        I’m just glad that people like Eguafailure did not reap where they didn’t sow. For me I just prefer a foreign coach to handle the affairs of the SuperEagles. Unfortunately, we took about 10 steps back after Rohr left. 

        I just have to put my allegiance to my SuperEagles and hope for the best. No amount of protests can bring Rohr back he’s gone for good and I wish him all the best. Let’s move on and support the SuperEagles. I understand your frustration my friend, but life goes on. 

        • Ayphilly why are you responding to monkey. Do you think any explanation from you will appeal to someone with a failure mentality. I am surprised a human being van be so much concerned about the past like Monkey. Well not surprised again. Country’s economy has turned many into perpetual weepers.

          As if rohr is a genius and something that has never happened to us before.

      • You this man, yes I’m referring to you @Monkey post, na by force make AY most follow you dey beef ur country nii? 

        • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

          Oga stay your EGUAVEON/PAJERO LANE..leave us for our GENERAL ROAR LANE…

  • Cote D’Ivoire they are beatable, there midfield is not so solid even there defence.

    • Ayphillydegreat 5 months ago

      Their defense looks jittery, the midfield looks lethargic. Guinea Bissau had two great chances they just lack the calmness to convert under pressure. A midfield of Onyeka Aribo and Iwobi should overwhelm Zangare Fofana(apart from the goal I didn’t see much) and Kessie who has lost some steps. Even Onyedika and Yusuf should be able to hold them. 

      Osimhen will be licking his lips against this Ivorian defense. We just don’t know which SuperEagles will turn up yet. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. 

      • Wish it’s that simple and easy @AY, good to know you and @deo are among the few of us who have hope on this team and been asking the rest forum members here to take chill peel, hopefully our boys give there all, good 80% from us shd even be enough to claim this group walahi. Up Supe Eagles.

        • Ayphillydegreat 5 months ago

          Brother Mi. At least until we’re knocked out I can never give up on my SuperEagles in an international tournament talk less of an AFCON. Unless we didn’t qualify, once we’re in the tournament anything is possible until we’re out of the competition in my own books. 

          • But wait ooo @AY, I know say we dey almost same region, how u Dey watch the match? I try watching the opening match earlier via YouTube but that shit didn’t make sense, it keep breaking down inbetween, I can’t afford watching my dear eagles like that tomorrow I beg,make u na help with better link, if na to pay, I go pay ooo.

          • Ayphillydegreat 5 months ago

            You just have to pay for the best transmissions. Download Fubo tv app or Fanatiz whichever one you can afford. I have to get both so that I can record certain matches to rewatch. After the AFCON you can decide to freeze the subscription until and major tournament to reactivate again. Na so I Dey run am O! 

          • jayjay 5 months ago

            you are very patriotic my bro, lets support our own until the final whistle then we can criticize their output. and i so much like the way you ignored a certain post by one monkeypost.

  • Top marks AY the Great.

    Nigeria can defeat this Ivory Coast.

  • Sunnyb 5 months ago

    Ay Ay Ay, don’t worry boys would separated from men soon. 

  • Alright @AY gbayii, na ESPN+ I dey use, like $100 annually to watch the entire la liga, bundesliga, eredivise, in short all leagues bar epl, serie a and French league, na to download fubo app sure pass like this. Thanks

  • jayjay 5 months ago

    you are very patriotic my bro, lets support our own until the final whistle then we can criticize their output. and i so much like the way you ignored a certain post by one monkeypost.

  • Ayphillydegreat 5 months ago

    No Lele bro. Yeah I get that ESPN+ too. I also have Paramount+ for Serie A and Champions League. But na Fubo sure pass for this kind time. Wishing the SuperEagles all the best. 

  • Ako Amadi 5 months ago

    Very glad with what I saw!! These Elephants are not as awesome as the media and pundits make them. They are an average African side, believe me!!

  • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

    In as much as we are judging CIV we shouldn’t forget that we are also struggling in some areas so make we calm down. After all Many of us are wishing our team well not because they are spectacular owing to coaching deficiency but because of patriotism. Tournament has just started there will be great teams so let’s not start by rejoicing wrongly on a team that has won 3points and think they’re weak because they didn’t walkover another team that even defeated us in Nigeria recently. Na where sense come dey now???

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