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AFCON 2023: We Know How To Beat Super Eagles — Cote d’Ivoire Boss Gasset

AFCON 2023: We Know How To Beat Super Eagles — Cote d’Ivoire Boss Gasset

Cote d’Ivoire head coach Jean Louis Gasset has said his players must raise their game to get a favourable result against the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

The hosts started their campaign at the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations on an impressive note, edging out Guinea-Bissau 2-0.

The Elephants will be up against the Super Eagles in their second Group A game at the Alassanne Quattara Stadium, Ebimpe, Abidjan on Thursday.

Gasset declared that his players know what is needed to beat the Super Eagles.

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“Regarding our second match, we know the strengths of Nigeria, they have an impressive offensive armada, they have the best African player in their squad,” he told reporters.

“But against them, we will have to raise our cursor. And I know my players will do it because I know you had to win that first game to be released.”

The Elephants top the Group A table with three points following the win against Equatorial Guinea.

Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea have a point each, while Guinea Bissau are yet to record a point.

By Adeboye Amosu in Abidjan

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  • John-1 5 months ago

    Well, you can only achieve that if our strikers fail to take their chances. If our strikers can be be calm, composed and finish off their chances, nothing stops CIV from being embarrassed in front of their home crowd.

    I hope Iheanacho plays a role at some point. I don’t expect him to start but he’s the only one with that calm, intelligent and technical striking abilities (especially in big games).

  • This coach is just too boastful and has no respect for other teams. We beat you the last time we met, but you’re home now and maybe momentum is with you, but also pressure. Nigeria raises its game against the big team, both the men and women like the case of the host team vs the SF in the Women’s World Cup.

    That said, I don’t even feel as tense as before when SE takes to the field. Maybe cos I lowered my expectations and believe anything can happen. In fact, I’m getting used to the SE concerning first, thanks to Paseiro’s records. So if that happens, I’m still not tensesd as before. The game ends after 90 minutes plus 5- 10 minutes.

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 5 months ago

    Until u stone a mad man in the village square den u know he has family. See how Cote D’Ivoire coach is pouring pepper on eagles . On Thursday he will be surprised on d field . He is thinking because we left eagles to their faith he could talk to dem anyhow.Thurday is near

  • Legendary 5 months ago



    Ekong – Ajayi – Omeruo

    Bright – Alhassan – Onyeka – Onyemaechi


    Iheanacho Osimhen

    • Funke 5 months ago

      I like your lineup 

      • Well said Sister Funke.

        It’s a good line up.

      • Legendary 5 months ago

        Yeah. I think its quite good. We need Iheanacho. He doesn’t miss sitters.

        I love the fact that Lookman has modified his style of play from LW/LMF to LAM/RAM. He’s no more hugging the wings.

        Sincerely, since 2021, they’ve been clipping our wingers. It’s why Chukwueze and Simon are struggling. Just mark them with two players, that’s all. Lookman meanwhile has known how to sneak between the full back and DMF or even the CB, which makes him proxim to goal too.

        With Iheanacho coming back a bit too to join the play and Alhassan/Onyeka as DMFs cum CMFs, it would be really Great.

        Not to talk of how it can be good for us defensively.

    • Tristan 5 months ago

      Onyedika instead of Onyeka

      • Legendary 5 months ago

        Yeah, I thought of that too. I’ll still go for Onyeka because I personally believe playing Onyedika is a higher risk especially against Ivory coast. If he can turn up like Alhassan did, no problem with me.

        But One thing I observed is that Onyeka he struggled that match because he was used as a lone DMF. He’s not like Ndidi, who intercepts way better. I can’t remember the match onyeka scored for us recently, he played higher up the pitch then. I think pairing both Onyeka and Alhassan with Iwobi now at their front would have been more better for that previous match instead of keeping iwobi also as CMF.

        That said, Iwobi doesn’t throw good long passes, he can’t defend well either, his long shots are not good, he doesn’t have much flair safe for some nutmegs he does once in a while, he’s not a good crosser of the ball too. He’s only good at playing accurate short passes or scoring from the box. I see no reason why he’s being played as a CMF.

    • John-1 5 months ago

      Perfect line-up. Nigeria needs intelligent people upfront. Moses Simon and Chukwueze are highly unproductive, they should be introduced 10 or 5 munites to go. Lookman looks very good in crosses, I expect more of those accurate balls from him. This may sound funny (not a popular opinion) but I expect to see Paul Onuachu at some point, especially when we need aerial presence.

    • Jerkin 5 months ago

      No Omeruo please

      • Legendary 5 months ago

        I knew someone would say this, but I’ll still take Omeruo over our defenders or better still Awaziem. I know Bassey is of gold quality, but I think he’s quite shaky and he plays very obviously.

        However, the way standard teams play 3 at the back is to put one of them that can also push forward sha. So I we can also put Zaidu or even Aina there. Just that Aina’s own is quite excessive.

    • Gritty 5 months ago

      I would modify;


      Awaziem – Omeruo – Bassey

      Osayi Samuel – Yusuf – Onyeka/Onyedika – Bruno

      Iheanacho Lookman


      We need tough and rugged defenders that you can’t dribble easily; Awaziem has it. Omeruo is the most rugged in clearing/contesting aerial duels, Bassey can stretch and lie down full length to block a shot (Ekong lacks this and he is not too good a tackling; he draws back and creates more tension for the defense giving the opponent opportunity to shoot freely). Ajayi is easily bullied by physical opponents.

      We need rugged defenders that will weather the storms of Cote d’ivoire.

  • Henry 5 months ago

    To be honest, this Nigerian team won’t go beyond round 1. They will come last in that group 

    • Funke 5 months ago

      Aba! Mallam!!! Where are you from? Not this planet I think! 

      • Sister Funky, yes the Super Eagles will do well.

        • Funke 5 months ago

          Yes @deo. Eagle eagles will do well in this competition. We were just unlucky in our first match. 

          Victor Osimhen needs to calm down and should please remove the burden of “African football of the year” logo from his head and concentrate. 

          Iheanacho would have converted some of his missed chances on a good day. 

          I’m a lady and I have little understanding about football, but that Ivory Coast i watched on BBC 3 is far far behind our team. 

  • Footballfanatic 5 months ago

    I hope we don’t concede first, this has become a normal thing for our super eagles now……Same has happened in the lasts 6-7 matches lol. If we concede first, we lose that game. That Ivorian defense and midfield is watertight. Due to Haller’s absence their attack is the only weak link.]

    Lastly, can this Ivorian coach just shut up and wait till thursday…he’s been boasting a lot playing all these psychological games with Yaya toure before the Afcon. I know for a fact this Ivorian team is not stacked like the one in 2013 but at the same time we have one of the most lethargic eagles I have ever seen. I think this one ends in a stalemate.

  • Daniel 5 months ago

    Code ivore need ruggedness to win them. Everybody knows how our players suffered before winning them last time

  • Mr Hush 5 months ago


    Lovely formation.

    But I am thinking, with a Lookman being the only creative outlet in our midfield, he’ll be overwhelmed, especially with Ivorian midfield comprising Kessie,Fofana and Sangere.

    I would rather push an Iheanacho (if fit) back a bit to support the midfield and receive the easily or better yet play an Iwobi. Osimhen needs to be fed. Lookman can’t do that alone.
    And I respect Omeruo but,I feel Bassey is best suited for the left side of the three man defence. He is left footed and can as well move the ball better.

    So a little tweak from me;

    3-6-1 ( 3-4-2-1)


    Ekong – Ajayi – Bassey

    Bright – Alhassan – Onyeka – Onyemaechi

    Iheanacho(Iwobi) Lookman


    Let’s see how it goes. Just wishing the Eagles all the best on Thursday.
    They definitely need it.

    • Legendary 5 months ago

      That’s actually what i intended. Iheanacho would definitely Join the midfield

  • Sunnyb 5 months ago

    U can’t leave ur most skillful most versatile player on the bench, play Aina instead of Iwobi, Aina will add more to the midfield than iwobi,guys don’t forget the Ivorian has probably the best midfield quarters in africa. We need serious players against the Ivorian  team, some said we should use  Omeruo, guys pls this’s 2024 let’s get serious, Omeruo lacks pace and strength, u need all this attributes to stand a chance against this fast, rugged and skillful Ivorian team. 

  • Mr Hush 5 months ago

    I don’t get your qualms with Iwobi.
    Yes,I would admit, he had a bad day at the office but he is,arguably ,one of ,if not our best creative outlet. If Osimhen had scored that second half miss against the Equatorial Guineans , we’ld be singing a different song today about Alex. That could have been a lovely assist.
    Iwobi was simply played out of his depth. He is not strong enough to play as a box to box or CMF. He should simply focus on the attacking end but help out defensively when necessary. He is best suited at the right side of the attacking end or just close behind the striker. So He could do more harm.
    I would rather replace Bright with Aina at right wing back than put him in the attacking midfield over Iwobi.

    Let players play at a position they’re adept in. Unless we are doing ourselves a disservice.

    If Iheanacho isn’t fit enough to start. Surely there must be an Iwobi in this game.

    In as much as we play in accordance to our opponents, we must be wary so we don’t undermine our strength and shoot ourselves in the feet.

    • Legendary 5 months ago

      I wrote something on iwobi in one of my replies up there. He’s not playing well because he’s playing out of position. I only preferred Iheanacho for his accuracy in front of goal. It should easily be iwobi in that position. Hopefully Iheanacho would get some minutes.

    • Tristan 5 months ago

      I’ll tell you our problem with Iwobi. Iwobi tries to do more than his capabilities. He wants to be an Okocha, but his football skills fall short. Iwobi is a winger who has converted to midfield, and despite coaching from midfield geniuses like Frank Lampard, Iwobi has not developed into a true midfielder.

      I have no problem with Iwobi as an attacking midfielder, but when he transitions into central midfield or defensive midfield he becomes a liability. Iwobi’s greatest asset is his short-passing game and one-two combinations around the penalty box.

      His liabilities are he can’t tackle; his pressing, first touch and ability to control the ball over a small radius are weak; he has lapses in concentration when scanning the field around before receiving the ball; his long passing is non-existent – he is no De Bruyne or Modric; his security on the ball, especially to shield it and protect it under pressure is suspect; Unlike Okocha (or Messi), he is not a high-volume dribbler or carrier of the ball, most of his progression on the ball comes from passes.

      Having said that, he is an asset to the SE when positioned correctly.

  • @Mr hush i salute ur lineup… omo u be coach

  • pompei 5 months ago

    This formation by Legendary is what I suggested the other day. When we play 3 center backs, we are more solid defensively.
    Additionally, Peseiro’s tactic of pushing Ajayi up to support the attack leaves us with just 1 center back if we play 2 center backs, but with 3 center backs, Ajayi can push ahead, knowing he has 2 center backs covering him.
    I chose Iheanacho for the AM role, but Lookman can also play that role nicely. Another idea is for Lookman and Iheanacho to have a free role behind Osimhen. With Osimhen attracting much attention from defenders, they will find space to exploit and do some damage.
    Ivory Coast is deadly on the counter, which is why 4-4-2 would be dangerous for us, in my opinion.
    But with 3-5-2 or 3-4-3, they will not have as many opportunities to hit us on the counter.
    I would however replace Onyeka with Iwobi. Onyeka is a good player. Take nothing away from him. But I’d start Iwobi alongside Yusuf.
    As John implied, if Onuachu is selected to start, or comes in as a sub, then we must be prepared to give him the service he needs. FEED THE IROKO.
    I’ll be happy with a draw, but if our lads have a good day, a win is definitely not impossible.

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