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Aisha Buhari Cup: South Africa Outclass Super Falcons To Emerge Champions 

Aisha Buhari Cup: South Africa Outclass Super Falcons To Emerge Champions 

Banyana Banyana of South Africa have won the 2021 Aisha Buhari Cup after defeating Super Falcons of Nigeria 4-2, in the last fixture of the six-nation tournament on Tuesday, Completesports.com reports.

It was South Africa’s second win of the tournament after thrashing Ghana 3-0 in their first game.


The Falcons opened their campaign with a 2-0 victory over Mali thanks to two late goals from Gift Monday.

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South Africa took the lead in the 6th minute through an own goal after Michelle Alozie sent the ball into her own net in an attempt to clear Hildah Magaia’s cross.

Alozie’s own goal which put South Africa one goal up

In the 19th minute the South Africans doubled their lead from the penalty spot through Linda Motlhalo following a handball by Onome Ebi.

Mega Millions Naija

With a minute left in the first half, South Africa got their third off a header from Gabriela Salgago after the Falcons felled to clear their lines.

The Falcons came out more determined and pulled a goal back through Vivian Ikechukwu to make it 3-1.

Then in the 53rd minute Ikechukwu was on target again this time with a long range strike from distance which beat the South Africans.

But it was the South Africans who had the laugh as they extended their lead on 86 minutes.

With the Falcons in search of the equaliser, South Africa went on the counter but Motlhalo was fouled inside the box.

The resultant penalty was converted by Mamello Makhabane to give South Africa a 4-2 win.

By James Agberebi

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  • GLORY 1 year ago

    A honest reality check has to be done on this team. In my opinion, waldrum isn’t the right person for this job. Maybe NFF has to have a rethink about Ismaila Mabo. Also too many of this current squad members have gone well past their prime. Just my opinion. Watched that team, from Rivers in that CAF competition n they could probably have done better. Not trying to discredit these very patriotic ladies though, BUT when there is not enough motivation to play, results always goes bad. Many of these girls have seen it all, made good money, and could probably be finding now too stressful to truly represent.

  • Chibuike 1 year ago

    Make some of una go retire

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    “..Even though I didnt watching the match, but i watch the highlights on youtube and i see the coach once again he letting Nigerians down ba. What am I seeing ke….section 419 of my constitution say soja go soja come barrack remain….”

    Omo9ja….eleribu omo….over to you. Complete the comments above in your usual style of hate-filled mumbo-jumbo.

    Waldrum is doing well…!

    I used to be very scared of that double-header winner-takes-all AWCON/WC qualifiers with Ghana coming soon…..but after watching the US invitational and this Aisha Buhari invitational, my fears have gone up 3 notches. We need to switch to prayer mode ASAP.

    It was pardonable that Dennerby won only 2 matches at the last AWCON….it was bearable that Danjuma couldnt lead us past CIV in the Olympics qualifiers…..it will be devastating if we cant go past Ghana later this year

    • Barca4stephen 1 year ago

      You are bound to have such results when u av an epileptic economy. Charity begins at home, money that would have been used to provide good facilities for the Olympians so that they can do better in the next Olympic wasted. Thanks to the Almighty that the falcons did not win. Fix your home first. God is watching.

  • Bobby 1 year ago

    Onananananana ozaaaaaazaaaazaaaa,aaaaaaa bayanaaaaaa greattttt bayaaaaanaaaaaa.

  • Obest 1 year ago

    I think most of the girls need to retire.Oshoala, you played below average, considering the fact that you play for Barcelona ladies,Okparanozie, please retire honorably, you dribble a lot and your end product is minus Zero.Some young ladies in middle of the pack for Falcons, some hope in the future.Rita Chikwelu,pls retire.Onome Ebi, Pls Retire.

  • Ako AMADI 1 year ago

    Determination without skills will never win football matches, particularly when players are too old in addition. I wonder the Super Falcons manager didnt see this coming. Or perhaps like Rohr he’s owed 7 months salaries

    • Michel 1 year ago

      A team that still has one ebi and chikwelu Rita that are above 40 should never be expected to win

  • you can keep on doing the wrong things and get positive results.

  • Better to recall Ismaila Mabo or Florence Omagbemi. This coach is hummm… @omo9ja am expecting your epistle oo

  • Monkey Post 1 year ago

    Make Dem retire??? Come on don’t be ridiculous!!! Because Dem loose??? How come when Dem score two late goals against Mali una no say make Dem retire? Must we host and win a tournament? Marta(Brazilian female footballer) is 35. She hasn’t given retirement a thought how much more these girls that that are just starting. Haba Nigerians!!! SMH…..

  • Edoman 1 year ago

    Retire the most of them. They are not goodoooooooooo. They are saying everywhere that 4 to 5 of them are pregnant. They are all useless. Sack the stupid coach. Sign IOU with him and send him home, now.

  • Oakfield 1 year ago

    Omo9ja we are still waiting for you o!!! Come and talk o…. Your waldrum guardiola has done it again o! Chai!!!! Nobody like him……

  • MuYiwa 1 year ago

    For the past 6 years or thereabout, all the Nigerian football teams, except the Super Eagles, tutored by G Rohr, have been lacklustre. Qualifying for competitions for these teams have been a Herculean task. This is definitely due to the ineptitude of the NFF. But in all of these, Oga Rohr, though underappreciated by a lot of people has shown that he’s master of his game. We couldn’t qualify for back to back AFCON, but immediately he arrived things have changed. If you still doubt his ability for all he’s done inspite of the unfriendly working environment, you are either an ignoramus, a hypocrite or simply a sardist.

    • Jones 1 year ago

      Hat’s off*

    • Ozony 1 year ago

      Rohr is not spectacular. He is lucky to have most of our players in form. Give him 2013 squad then you understand that he may not qualify from the group. He is good in discovering players but is tactically deficient. See how he used Iwobi and victor Moses during the world cup. Even late Keshi would have obtained obtained better result with the current squad.

      • Greenturf 1 year ago

        Late Keshi that couldn’t qualify us for the next Afcon after he won it

      • Victor 1 year ago

        If you knew Rohr mandate to the players when he came on board you would have appreciated him the more with your comment. He mandated all his players to give their best to their various clubs. He said that he would invite players based on their form in their various clubs. He said he would give preference to players in top leagues. How well some of these players have responded to these clarion call. At least for once the players that are on the pitch on a match day are the best available. He has also been a major force behind the scouting of so many foreign born players. You notice how systematic this is being done.

  • Oluwafemi Jimbola 1 year ago

    Nothing good can come from any of the Buharis to this nation . They are epitome of bad luck. So don’t blame the coach.

  • Mutum 1 year ago

    South Africa showed us how to play the round leather game. We played kick and follow…no coordination at all…selfish play most times. Oshoala is overated period! Look at gatlana of South Africa, that’s raw talent!! She mesmerized our defense all through. Ono ebi is getting old. This coach needs to wake up o. Even if we play 10times,south Africa will white wash us.

  • I think say nah clean win sef cos I no watch the match. 2 penalties and 1 own goal, my vexation don drop small.

    But on a serious note, it’s time Chikwelu, Ebi, Oparanozie and a couple others take a bow and hang their boots. Not easy for a man to force his muscles to perform optimally as he advances in age, let alone a lass. It tells more on them.

    Besides SA has been consistent and their coach has grown to know the ins and outs of her teams, main African opponents, the perfect formations etc like the back of her hands.

    Let’s have a new team. Need to give it to rough on the age cap he fixed for his team and he’s never shy to say his team is young. He understands the power of youth + experience. Let’s also have a young Falcon team with an age cap of say 23.

  • Greenturf 1 year ago

    South Africa played with a lot of flair and understanding whereas the Nigerian female team was all over the place.We didn’t play like professionals..Oshoala didn’t play like a Barcelona star,I was very disappointed by our disjointed play.
    South Africa were worthy champions!

  • Codex 1 year ago

    The problem at the top extends to the bottom in almost every aspect

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    Congratulations to South Africa Bayana Bayana, they were the better side. South Africa have been investing in their team for a while and They were rewarded in today’s match.

    On the other hand, I am proud of our Super Falcons. They did their very best.

    Everything simply went wrong in today’s match against the South Africa because of God’s anger in the land Period. That is my take.

    I am so happy that Aisha and his company were disgraced today. 4:2 ba? Yowa. At the same time, I am sorry for our country. So sad.

    You bad people were sitting in the stadium and in front of your TVS at home watching Super Falcons matches while the innocent citizens are dying every day?

    Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho are not free to do their daily activities because of these oppressors. Shame on you.

    Nigeria is sick and we need to pray for Nigeria. Nigeria need orgent prayers as a nation. Nothing is working perfectly in Nigeria.

    Now, let me analyze the game.

    All in all, I give thanks to God almighty.

    Everything happens for a reason. This is a wake up call.

    Here are the reasons why Super Falcons failed today.

    No1. Wrong time to host the Aisha Buhari Six nations tournament.

    N02. Nigerians are not happy. The hunger is too much in Nigeria. Instead of using the money spent on this tournament to do something reasonable but the first Lady and her company did the opposite.

    N03. Coach Waldrum should stay. Let see what he can do at the Afcon tournament if we qualify. If he failed then, NFF Should replace him with a local coach. But for now, It is still early to let him go.

    We can clearly see what he is trying to do with the team. In each position, he have one old player and one new player which to me it make sense.

    The next Afcon tournament will definitely decide his fate. I don’t follow people blindly.

    N04. NFF has failed in all areas of the game Period.

    No5. Our first Lady, God have disgraced you. I have warned you before the tournament. The blood of the innocent Nigerians that lost their lives during the EndSars protest were too many but Buhari government lied that nobody died.

    Still, you Mrs. Aisha Buhari went to the same Lagos state to host the tournament.

    Nigerians are dying unexpectedly every day and you the first Lady and the rest of the carbals are enjoying Nigeria resources? The judgment day is near.

    However, invest more in our football NFF. Our own should be in charge of all our national teams.

    Algeria did it, Algeria won the last Afcon in Egypt. Now, South Africa.

    If Waldrum and Oga Rohr fail to impresses us at the next Afcon tournament, both of them should go.

    Waldrum won a tournament in Turkey and lost one in Nigeria and in the US invitational games.

    So, less than a year, we can see that before the Ghana match, the coach will fix the errors and strengthen the team because we have players every where.

    No room for excuses. We should calm down and let see the gaffer can turn things around to qualify to the next Afcon.

    If coach Waldrum fails to get the Afcon ticket or fail to do well at the Afcon, he should be fired. No sentiments about this kę.

    For Oga Rohr, the next Afcon will determine whether he’s going to stay or not.

    If he failed to win the next Afcon upon all the players under Oga Rohr, he doesn’t deserve to be at the world cup.

    Oga Rohr won’t be the first, his fans should tell him about Late Amadu Shuaibu. So, NFF should be ready if coach Waldrum and Oga
    Rohr failed, we have our own to step in. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Oakfield 1 year ago

      Lol….. Renowned clown…. Lol… If say na rohr lose will u remember hunger and unhappiness for the land????? You’re just something else…..lol

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      HAhahaha….omo ale omo irankiran

      “…Here are the reasons why Super Falcons failed today. No1. Wrong time to host the Aisha Buhari Six nations tournament…..N02. Nigerians are not happy…” LMAOoooo

      Those are your useless reasons why we lost…..LMAOOooo

      When Rohr loses there is joy and plenty in the land abi….LMAOooo or Nnadi Kanu and Igboho are partying in Aso rock….LMAOOOo or when he wins and you come here with your filthy mouth to vomit your usual nonsense, NFF are in their best of behaviours….LMAOOoo.

      What happened to ….
      “…Waldrum doesn’t relying on any player. He used the no1 goalie during the US invitational games and now using the second goalie. This is how you build a team in less than a year because Nigeria have players every where….”

      What happened to…
      “…He can count on his first choice and the second choice now. He is creating competitions among the players. It is hard to predict his first eleven now. That is what is lacking in the Super Eagles. If anything happens to the first choice, the second choice is on standby likewise the 3rd one…”

      What happened to….
      “… Waldrum have pattern of play ….LMAOOOooo…Before the next Afcon and world cup, with what am seeing, it will be harder for any team to beat the Super Falcons team in Africa and outside Africa….”

      After all your praise singing of Waldrum and telling us how he is 10 times better than Rohr, despite the visible shabby directionless way this team has been playing and struggling to win games even against minnows like CSKA women, Uzbekistan or Mali, you cant even BEAT YOUR CHEST THAT WE WILL QUALIFY FOR AWCON ….ORDINARY AWCON….not to talk of winning it??? LMAOOooooo

      Oluya…! (Apologies to Ayphillydgreat)

      It is today that SA has taught you and your tin-god football lessons that you remember that there is hunger in the land……LMAOOooo…..na that hunger to kill you if you ever talk nonsense comparing waldrum and rohr on this forum again…..LMAOOooo.

      It is now you remember Nigerians are dying……LMAOOoo

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    @Oakfield, no room for excuses as I said above.

    It is still early to fire coach Waldrum.

    He is not doing badly. We don’t have time to waste. If he fumbled then he have to go.

    We saw the fighting spirit in his Team against US team and we saw that in today’s match. Super Falcons was unlucky for a reason. Their reactions showed that.

    Something like this happens for a reason if you don’t know. A lot of mistakes from our players. We should be prayerful for 9ja ooo.

    I repeat, if Waldrum fails to improve Super Falcons, we hire and we fire, he should be fired kę.

    Algeria coach have warned us after he won the Afcon title in Egypt.

    I am not here to preach or to give any excuse. I am a core fan of the Super Eagles and Super Falcons kę. I say things the way I see it.

    “Lol….. Renowned clown…. Lol… If say na rohr lose will u remember hunger and unhappiness for the land????? You’re just something else…..lol”

    Lolz. Kai, Oga Oakfield you knew exactly what I was saying.

    Oga Rohr have over stayed without nothing to show for it.

    This coach started few months ago and look at what he is trying to achieve.

    Less than 6 to 8 months or so, he won a tournament and lost two. Invitational games or not, we can’t denied him that.

    His team stood against US without having his key players available for the tournament and compare that to Super Eagles against Cape Verde.

    I was with the coach Thomas Dennerby during his time 100% and now Waldrum.

    If Oga Rohr convinced me tomorrow why not, I will support him too. But for now, It doesn’t look like he has been with the team he presented against Cape Verde.

    That was our reserved team bla bla bla. You wanted to give me excuses upon excuses as usual ba? No way.

    If he can’t provide a strong team for Nigeria over the five years and as he is heading to another Afcon tournament in Cameroon, if he can not do more then the last Afcon in Egypt, he should be fired before
    the next world cup in Qatar period.

    Same thing applies to coach Waldrum. Oga Amaju Pinnick should go with them too.

    God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Shut up your mouth joor….LMAOOoooo

      6-8 months my foot. Waldrum was appointed October 2020. Its 1 year already since he was appointed and he is still struggling to defeat even average teams. Rohr qualified for World cup with 5 points gap and a game to spare, defeating AFCON defending champions, Zambia and Algeria and Argentina in his first 1 year in charge o….LMAOooo….7 wins 3 draws 1 loss. Your Waldrum cannot defeat any sensible team in 1 year…not even Jamaica…..LMAOooo….abeg when Jamaica women start to play football….LMAOooooo.

      One moment you are screaming no excuse, the next moment you are making all sorts of useless excuses…..LMAOOoo…mind you, the team is still struggling to play any meaningful football. This is virtually the bulk of the team we took to the World cup o. He isnt rebuilding o.

      We are loosing games you are here stupidly talking about fighting spirit…..LMAOoooo…dont worry…fighting spirit will qualify you for AWCON the way it qualified you for the Olympics….LMAOOooo

      With all your praise-signing for Waldrum and demonizing of Rohr, you cannot beat your chest and boast that we will qualify for ORDINARY AWCON….just 2 matches home and away vs GHANA……LMAOOoooo. But Rohr that is guaranteed to qualify for anything with games to spare is an incompetent inferior to your Randy Waldrum…..LMAOOooo

      You say we should be prayerful…..LMAOOooo….dont worry you just dey start you go pray wetin pass prayer sef…..LMAOooo. Rohr made all of you forget how to say prayers….your tin-god waldrum has come now to remind you of the need for prayers b4 your team qualifies for tournaments…..LMAOOooo….una just dey start. I cant wait till when Rohr will be fired or his contract expires…..LMAOOoo. That una prayerful spirit una go still go ressurect am….LMAOooo

      Just pray hard o, pray that this ragtag team that you claim has “pattern of play” will get their acts together and be ready to go to the land of the valley of death in Accra or Kumasi to face Ghana…..otherwise…..otherwise…..

      This is the team that will be harder for any team to beat in Africa and outside Africa according to you….LMAOOooo…..South Africa just defeated that team last night without leaving gear 2…..LMAOooooo

      Omuti oshi

  • Greetings guys, i am back again, after reading all your comments! i want to say that when there is bad leadership always playing politics instead of been serious what do you expect, i could remember this same South Africa coach play coach omagbemi lead super falcons team few years ago but omagbemi triumph over her, what happened because her lead super falcons team ask for their entitlement
    nff ask her to leave, i could remember during omagbemi time super falcons played some good football, years later what is happening now two foreign coach struggling with the team, what nff sow they’re reaping it now.

  • After super falcons lost to South Africa ladies i shook my head for amaju, nff….. You had a good indigenous sound coach in person of omagbemi you drove her away, during omagbemi’s time whenever she speak you could hear and know that she really understand women football. Oya na nff we are watching.

  • Gowetok 1 year ago

    I didn’t watch the game live .However I can conclude from the footage I got from youtube that the Falcons need a new coach. They were technically and tactically bereft. Moreover ,the players played to avoid injuries meaning we need hungry players. Oshoala always reserves her best for her club. It’s a pity. I wish we had another perpetual Nwakocha or Cynthia uwak or Regina .

  • osaretin 1 year ago

    i watched the match and honestly loved the result. In my candid opinion. this the best thing to happen to falcons. there were a lot of positives and let me assure you all this girls will beat byana bayana in a competative match. the goals were predominanatly by mistakes. 1 misskewed clearance, 2 Ebi minutes of madness, 3 goal scramble and 4 deserved penalty. by and large the coach and nigeria girls know south africa is a force. but south africa has a mediocre goalkeeper and did not score from open play. we discovered two new home girls in falcons and in the case of oshola, the worst game of her life. oporonozie missed so many chances. most importantly, we should learn a lesson of how doggy African refs are. but yesterday south africa won the battle, note and i assure you based on my observation Falcons will win the war in a competative match

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hehehehehe….the Falcons lost to these south africans in the group stage of the last AWCON. The falcons almost lost to them again in the final if not for excellent goalkeeping from Oluehi and naivety and overt anxiety on the part of the SAns. It doesnt get more competitive than that. They have cracked the code of these falcons for good. And lets stop deceiving ourselves, if something(s) doesnt change soon we will lose 9 out of 10 times if we face Bayana Banyana again.

      All the so-called mistakes – “miscued clearance”, Ebi’s madness, goalmouth scramble and penalty – didnt happen in their own Box…..it happened in our own. That tells you how much pressure they piled on us even right inside our own box. Kgatlana left our entire defence for dead for that third goal……LMAOoooo…pls dont take the shine off the goal by calling it a goal mouth scramble. The goal scorer got the goal in the midst of 6 Nigerian defenders…that shows which of the 2 teams had more hunger and fire in their bellies.

      Just like what Waldrum’s praise singer Omo9ja said, we need to start fasting and praying for qualification now…otherwise what happened vs CIV in the Olympic qualifiers might repeat itself (GOD FORBID). I cant just imagine the super falcons NOT QUALIFYING FOR AWCON……I cant imagine it…..LMAOOOOoo. It will even add more salt to the wound if it is heard that it was GHANA that knocked us out of AWCON and ultimately out of a chance to qualify for the World cup.

      Everyone should start calling on his/her god now for the sake of the falcons o. Because even omo9ja has resorted to prayers for a team that he claims plays so well and has a pattern of play….LMAOOOo. They even have, 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice players too….LMAOOO