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Aiyegbeni: I Won’t Apologise For 2010 World Cup Goal Miss

Aiyegbeni: I Won’t Apologise For 2010 World Cup Goal Miss

Former Nigeria international Yakubu Aiyegbeni has said he will never apologise for missing a golden opportunity to score for the Super Eagles at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

With the Eagles trailing 2-1 against South Korea and needing an outright win, Aiyegbeni missed an open net following a cross from Yusuf Ayila.

It ranked as one of the worst miss at the World Cup held in Africa for the first time.

However, Aiyegbeni went on to equalise from the penalty spot after Chinedu Obasi was fouled inside the box.

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The game ended 2-2 which was not enough as the Eagles finished bottom of their group with one point, and crashed out of the World Cup alongside Greece while Argentina and Greece advanced into the round of 16.

And reflecting on the miss, the former Everton striker posited he sacrificed a lot for Nigeria hence doesn’t see why he should apologise for a goal miss.

“I won’t apologise at all. Why should I?” he told Nation TV.

“I’ve scored so many goals for Nigeria too. I have sacrificed a lot for the country. Did anyone apologise to me? It was not a deliberate miss. I seriously wanted to score, but it wasn’t to be.”

Aiyegbeni was a member of the Eagles squad to the, 2002, 2004, 2008 and 2010 AFCONs.

At the 2004 AFCON in Tunisia he, alongside Celestine Babayaro and Victor Agali were dismissed from the tournament for breaking camp rules.

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  • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

    Yakubu, Ighalo, kayode are strikers with one similarities. Easy for them to miss an open net than Convert these set of players have cost us major matches when it matters and non of them have any trophy. Yakubu you should be ashamed that you have no major trophy to show for all your time in football. What example are you laying for upcoming youngster if you talk like this? Football also made you but you cost us a lot as well. Shame on you!

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    This is so funny though Lolz. Well, Yak would have played smart in this interview.

    He didn’t miss the chance deliberately but that’s football for us but for you to say “I won’t apologise at all. Why should I?” too bad.

    I think this is common in our national teams because the 4:4 against Leone star few months ago, Oga did not say sorry to anyone.
    Paul Aigbogun former under 20 did not do well and he didn’t apologized to Nigerians.

    Manu Garba also didn’t say sorry to we Nigerians when he didn’t do well in the under 17 championship.

    But the difference between Yak, Oga Rohr and Mr. Manu Garba is both gentlemen did not come out to say they won’t say sorry to Nigerians.

    What can we say to this Yak issue now? Oh well lolz. It is well.

    @Chima E Samuels, let’s take it easy with Oga Yak. His our pikin. One love Nigerians. God bless us all. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Marvelous 3 years ago

    @Omo9ja you are the worst sycophant have ever read from. Sentimental fellow with zero sense in reasoning. What is the business of Rohr, ighalo and manu Garba in that post of Aiyegbeni world record miss?

  • Why this csn journalists are always backward,this news has been shared almost one week ago by other sites,even the players that FIFA cleared to play for Nigeria since Monday has not been mentioned in this site may God help you people,
    And two other guys are now waiting for the coach to select them

    • Chairmanfemi 3 years ago

      @Ubah, whatever news you read on CSN is genuine! It’s not a rumour. 90% of there transfer rumours even are true… Why? Because they patiently wait to confirm there news from a Reliable source before posting.
      So as regards the news of FIFA Clearing 8 players, it’s still a rumour and can’t be trusted as 100% true hence CSN has not join the gang of other sites in posting them. When it’s obvious, of course you will see it on CSN. So long as it’s not on this site, shows it’s not genuine yet.

    • Dr Simone Toto 3 years ago

      That’s why I said Chairmanfemi is far better than Ubah and UBFE put together. LMAO

  • lanre 3 years ago

    @marvelous,i wonder o…….someone made world cup record miss nd another person bringing in the name of GERNOT ROHR into it…….has the coach missed any of his expected targets nd goals since becoming the national team’s gaffer?…….he has qualified for every available competitions he contested for,what has he to do with a shameless ex international who STOOD FACE TO FACE WITH AN OPEN NET AND THE GOAL KEEPER CRAWLING ON THE GROUND,BUT OPTED TO PUT THE BALL AWAY……..i think FIFA should investigate the match,maybe a deal was done……nd who is begging him for apology,after the deal has been done……Yakubu thought he has done us a favour by representing nigeria,but the reverse is the case

  • @Chairmanfemi you are very correct, the news of FIFA clearing players to play for Nigeria is not authentic, its just grape vine yet. NFF has not been communicated,even Gernot Rohr said he is not aware. and somebody want CSN to carry the news by force, if it turns out fake, they are still the same people that will criticize CSN for peddling fake news.

  • Ako Amadi 3 years ago

    The Yak regrets what happened. An apology will not turn back the hand of the clock. End of discussion!!!

  • Collins id 3 years ago

    Does yak knows that thunder can still strike his big head for that mistake he did at that level. Thats why this guy was excommunicated by the Nigerian FA in Tunisia 2004 alongside with babayaro and agali, becos they where busy with prostitutes, after loosing to Morocco(How can a nationalteam player go after prostitutes during a majortournament of that level) it shows that he is an irresponsible idiot. We could have defeated Tunisia in semifinal and could have been afcon champions. If they weren’t out of the team they may have also taken penalties. These kind of players should never be invited to play for us again. They are ingrates, some of them retires and claimed that the fans insults forced them out, some say na juju drive them out. But when the team is going sweet they will be looking for ways to comeback. Yeye fowls.

  • That one was just against South Korea who were football minnows back then. The one that pain me pass was that Ighalo terrible miss against powerhouse Argentina at Russia 2018. We would have finally got back our pound of flesh against the Argies after 1994, 2010 & 2014 and qualify in grand, loud style after knocking them out.

  • @omo9ja

    U have finally unveil ur lack of boldness and courage to confront issues to the whole world…..

    Why must u be beating around the bush???

    Oh, bcos u are his fan right???

    Men with courage and boldness always call a spade a spade no matter who’s involve…. I urge u to be one….

    Bringing the people u hate(Garba, Rohr, Aigbogun) to place side by side with this kind of unpatroitic comment from one of the so call EX is unfair bra….


    Learn to be sincere in all things happy wknd….

  • Oakfield 3 years ago

    If your son gave u a very good slap bcs he thinks he is the same height as you or bcs he thinks he has come of age or maybe did it out of anger, would you not feel bad and expect an unreserved apology from him for insulting you as father or would you say bcs he’s always been a good boy and therefore does not need to aoplogise? If that same boy steals your money and fails to apologise bcs he feels he’s always been honest and good to you how would you feel???? Mr ayegbeni, i leave it to you to answer this question but have it at the back of your mind that the hopes of more than a 100 million nigerians were in you that very night. You sent many to their early graves caused many to lose money and rendered a lot with lifetime ailments. If not for anything , This should be enough reason for you to aoplogise to your country for letting them down when it mattered most. Saying “sorry” is not a sign of weakness but a sign of courage and Respect. you would have written your name in gold in the hearts of nigerians and would have probably staked a claim on the elusive legendary status of one of nigeria’s greats if you did. You would have atoned for your mistake as a golden opportuinity presented itself but you chose the path of evil by saying you wont apologise. If drogba and other legends did it who are to say you wont????? this shows how miserable and wicked you are. We can clearly see how you treat your wife and close aquaintances. May your type never, ever come close to the national team again. You are such a huge disappointment and a monumental failure. Miserable idiot!

  • pompei 3 years ago

    On one hand, it is terrible for Yak to say he doesn’t owe Nigerians an apology for the horror miss of the 2010 world cup, a miss that cost us the ticket to the second round. That portrays a gross lack of humility and regard for the feelings of his countrymen and women. Not cool.
    However, on the other hand, you want him to apologize to a country that is still owing him match bonuses? Flight ticket reimbursements unpaid? He came in to play for his country, they put him on terrible pitches, don’t take care of him if he gets injured, and the fans are ready to SUYA-RIZE players when they make a mistake? After retirement, nobody cares how he is coping, nobody cares if he is able to feed his family or not? All we know is to use these players in their prime, when they have something to offer us, and then dump and forget them when they are past their prime? That is the Nigerian way! So, can you really blame him for refusing to apologize? Perhaps, an apology is due to ordinary, everyday Nigeria fans. But how can he apologize to the NFF bigwigs and other administrators, who contribute daily to our problems with their incompetence and corruption?

  • I can only speak for myself on this matter: as an ardent Super Eagles supporter, Yakubu Aiyegbeni does not and will never owe me an apology for his second half abominable miss against South Korea in the last group match of the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

    For one, had he scored that goal, it still would not have been enough to guarantee Nigeria’s safe passage to the second round.

    With the match 2:1 to South Korea, Yakubu’s miss (if scored) would just have drawn the game level – Nigeria needed an outright win.

    Demanding an apology from Yakubu totally ignores the circumstances that led to the Super Eagles finding themselves in such a precarious position to start with.

    – How come Amodu Shuaibu was sacked by the incompetent NFF so dangerously close to the tournament (having met all targets set by them)? They need to apologise.

    – How come Sani Kaita got himself stupidly sent off in the penultimate game against Greece (with Nigeria poised to win)?

    – How come Vincent Enyeama positioned himself very poorly for the Park Chu-Young’s 2nd (and most damaging) goal for South Korea? (has he apologised?)

    – How come Rabiu Afolabi failed to dispense his duties competently on the lead up to Lee Jung-soo’s curtain raiser for South Korea off a recklessly conceived free kick?

    – Did anyone notice how Chinedu Obasi took selfishness to satanic proportions in that infamous game against South Korea?

    – What of Obafemi Martins’ wretchedly executed chip in the dying minutes of the same South Korean game? (that goal would have actually qualified Nigeria for the second round)

    How many of the actors that contributed to Super Eagles failed 2010 World Cup campaign have come out to apologise?

    So, for me, what made Yakubu’s miss stand out was just how difficult it was to actually miss such a glorious opportunity. In truth it was comical. But also, in truth, it was no more significant than all other factors that had combined to get us to such a precarious stage.

    If Yakubu has to apologise for that miss, then no less than 10 Super Eagles strikers owe me apologies for missed chances over the last 11 years.

    And, what is funny is that Yakubu actually made up for that miss by scoring a penalty in the same match that brought us to the position that his hair raising miss would have brought us.

    • @Deo, the points u make are valid but it’s absolutely shy of the point of discussion. Yak supposed to be diplomatic in his response to the question, giving a straight answer like that portrayed arrogance and lack of respect. Yak cannot be greater than 200 million Nigerians.

    • Marvins 3 years ago

      Honestly,You have hit the nail on the head.I watch that game,I was shocked at Obafemi Martins Missed,it was after that match my love for him reduce,because he was supposed to score that goal,the ball was on his left foot.

      Also,I blame Enyeama for wrong positioning,everybody is just pointing fingers at Yaks,after he later scored to level the match and the points were shared.

      Yakubu is a great striker in Europe,deadly finisher with goal punching record,at least 10 people owed Nigerian Apologies,not Yakubu alone

  • Thanks Ola,

    Please notice that in the article above, Yakubu said: “It was not a deliberate miss; I seriously wanted to score, but it wasn’t to be.”

    That for me wraps the matter up. He did not miss the chance deliberately. He scored a lot of goals for Nigeria and strikers miss sitters every day of the week, twice on Sundays.

    So, why should he be singled out?

    Also, in my comment, I made it explicit that I was speaking for myself. Yakubu owes me no explanation and he owes me no apologies for that miss. For me, we should not have been in such a desperate situation to start with.


    • Deo, I totally understand your inputs, and I comprehend what you point, however my argument is that Yak is a very popular figure and role model to lots of people, he of all people should understand the antics of journalists, he should be diplomatic in his response.

      I agreed that it wasn’t a deliberate miss, because every striker pride is to score in the world cup, but we read meaning to words differently, his response should have been the one to “sit on the fence” something like “oh that miss?, one of my worst night mares in football, honestly it’s not deliberate and I believe Nigerians has forgive and forget, because it’s one of those things in football”

      That’s never a no or yes… Just to avoid unnecessary criticism like this.

      Happy weekend bro

      • Thanks again Ola.

        From the way he answered that question, I could sense a measure of ‘irritation’. Irritation that he would never escape this question for the rest of his life in interviews.

        Yakubu wanted to score that goal but it was not meant to be. I feel sorry for him and I felt bad as to the nature of our crashing out of the tournament.

        But for me, I maintain that we should never have been in such a position to start with.

        I choose to look at it from a broader perspective.

        Perhaps Yakubu should have exhibited more tact. Perhaps he could have been more diplomatic in the interview. Or better still, he could have apologised on behalf of the whole team.

        But we had what it took to have qualified for the second round from that group. Incompetence on a broader scale got us to where we had to pin our hopes on that chance by Yakubu.

        I get your points though. A bit of subtlety from Yakubu might have made his message to be received better.

  • I never knew YAK has so many “ASSLEAKERS” back home.

    Does it mean Ighalo’s missed chances was more worst than this one?

    Once u aren’t in support of ROHR u are automatically right in every action u take…. Whether u carry AK47 and shoot somebody, nobody cares.

    This is the same person that was busy criticising Rohr the other day.

    A man that has done enough(stat is there to proof; even his adent haters knows) with the SE.

    Taking us from where our own blood dumped us to an eldorado is not a fluke.

    Gone are the days we draw against KENYA and jubilate.

    Under Rohr, a draw against BRAZIL is not welcome. FANS AREN’T HAPPY AT ALL.

    A draw against MINOs means we’ve lost the match.

    That’s the level we are operating under Rohr.
    Give credit to whom it’s due bra.


    To buttress my submission, i think this support for this kind of inhuman & pathetic speech is bcos YAK is toeing their evil line.

    Planning to turn our dear national team to onitsha main market won’t work.

  • To our aficionados….

    If this your so call comment is anything to write home about, or let’s say it’s from a pure and sincere heart without any form of being sentimental and bias, why were u in the ban wagond of those that wanted to crucify the SE players & coach for allowing siera leone to come from 4goals down and snatch a point against our SE???

    U shouldn’t have complain at all….

    As i said earlier, i think most comment on this forum is out of pure hatred, bitterness & envy we have against a particular person…..

    How can u support this knid of uncivilize comment???

    If he was an ENGLISH, ITALIAN, FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH, BRAZILIAN, CAMEROUNIAN, SENEGALESE, ALGERIAN or GHANAIAN player, would he make souch a comment and go scort free?
    He would be mobbed anytime he steps into the country.

    And some callouse fellows are here backing this thrash.

    I think this shows the kind of pple we are.

    I would never comment to pls anybody….. I say what is in my mind case close…


  • After eleven years, Aiyegbeni has finally regained his courage. When this incidence was still very fresh in 2010, he was so scared……..that he avoided coming back to Nigeria for a while. To be honest, he made a very good decision then. Because if he had stepped foot into Nigeria when that incident was still very fresh, it is only God that knows what would have been his fate. A lot of Nigerians especially in Lagos had unanimously agreed that they would kill him if they see him.
    That miss was too bad. Ighalo’s miss was very bad, but his was badder…. if there is any word like that in English. Every Nigerian nationwide were already celebrating that goal, because the goalkeeper was no longer in the picture…… was just an open net. But to our shock, dismay and disappointment, he missed that goal.
    Even though it is all now in the past, he still has to be careful. With this kind of utterances and attitude,he might find it very hard to get any position not just in Nigerian football but in politics

  • Yakubu apologised in the press ten years ago, should he keep apologising until his dying day??

    The journalist was being mischievous for bringing it up and Yak should have gone with I have already apologised previously, could we move on?

    I think it’s very sad that people cannot move on from an event that happened ten years ago and has been discussed to death. Surely as a journalist he would have other discussion points.

  • OmoEsan 3 years ago

    Of course we all know that it wasn’t a deliberate miss, but Yakubu should have remained silent on that issue rather than throwing it on our faces that he owes us no apology. By the way, Nigerians have not even requested for any apology from him, so why has he naively played into the hands of a journalist desperately in need of content.

    This is naivity and arrogance in pure display by Yak, if you ask me.

    Godwin Odiye kept regretting his own goal that cost us what would have been our first world cup ticket, and his joy knew no bounds on that night in 1993, when we finally got the ticket. He kept on telling how badly he regretted that error at every given opportunity.

    Godwin Odiye’s is till date the most popular and most expensive own goal in Nigeria’s football history. In like manner, Yakubu’s is the most popular and arguably one of the costliest misses in Nigeria’s football history. Both errors were not deliberate, but Odiye never displayed arrogance in the manner Yakubu just did.

    What annoys me about our ex-internationals is the manner they always say they sacrificed for the country as if we begged them to come and play. In actual fact, the reverse is the case. Many of them begged and lobbied, prayed and fasted to have a chance to play for SE cuz they know what the SE platform will do to their career. Why didn’t he refuse to come and ‘sacrifice’ for U23 national team when he was struggling at Okomu Oil FC and Julius Berger FC? People that should be thanking God they had an opportunity to play for SE will now come back to taunt Nigerians after the SE made them who they are.

    Yakubu probably thought we forgot what happened at 2004 AFCON. Was that dirty and ugly incident a sacrifice to your nation?

    Let’s put this matter to rest, Yakubu, your utterance is totally uncalled for. Silence, in cases like this is golden.

    • FatherJP 3 years ago

      I believe it’s Mali 2002 sir. One of the events that culminated in the coming of Chief Onigbinde and the axing of Sunday Oliseh, Finidi George etal from Korea/Japan 2002

  • lanre 3 years ago

    @deo,while i like your sense of reasoning,diction,nd decorum,i disagree with you on yakubu aiyegbeni world cup RECORD MISS…….a monumental miss as that could dampen the general moral of the team just as a vital goal could boost the general moral of a team…..BESIDES,the fact that the miss was regarded as a WORLD CUP RECORD ONE is enough to reduce your argument to absurdity…….in law we call it,REDUCTIO ABSURDIUM hence those of obafemi martins,ighalo nd obasi were NORMALS while aiyegbeni’s was ABNORMAL

    • Thanks Lanre for your message. We’ll, absurdity is a relative term. What I said in my message is that Aiyegbeni does not owe me an apology. If you believe he owed you an apology, that is your perogative. It will be rather ‘absurd’ (using your term) for you to think that every fan will share the same opinion.

      From your perspective, Yakubu owes fans an apology. I respect that and I respect the views of others. But for me, the football authorities have to learn from that experience and ensure that we never find ourselves in such a state.

      I guess because I chose to take a broader perspective, Yakubu’s apologies (if he offered one) would do nothing to douse the flame of dissatisfaction and disappointment I feel about the failed 2010 World Cup expedition.

      That was a good team and a navigable group. Yet we messed it up with only 1 point, coming last and handing Greece their first ever world cup win.

      I would like an apology for that defeat against Greece.

      I agree with Ola, Pompei,OmoEsan and all contributors who suggested that Yakubu should have tackled the question with sensitivity, tact and diplomacy.

      This is understable.

      But for me, there were macro issues that led us to that mess in the first instance. That is where I choose to focus my attention.

      • FatherJP 3 years ago

        Leadership at its best…always looking at the broader picture.

        Always stirring up unsentimental discourses!

        That’s hallmark of greatness.

        I don’t you sir, but any time I read from you; I see greatness!

        You are special.

  • lanre 3 years ago

    PLEASE GO AND WATCH THE MISS AGAIN AND AGAIN then you would know why it was declared THE WORST WORLD CUP MISS……..Yakubu aiyegbeni did not even NEED to SHOOT OR KICK the ball;the goal keeper was on the ground helplessly,he could have MOVED WITH THE BALL INTO THE OPEN NET,but he just SIDEKICKED THE BALL AWAY nd watch his reaction…….a devilish smile……i guess he is being HUNTED BY the evil he did to us that very night.

  • lanre 3 years ago

    PLEASE don’t compare it with PENALTY KICK situations because the goal keeper would be RIGHT THERE STANDING or GOAL MOUTH SCRAMBLE situations where more than EIGHT PLAYERS might be present nd again the goal keeper having a chance to safe or a loose ball situation where,still,the keeper can safe………this was one SITUATION that requires no kicking the ball…….just run with the ball into the net……JUST AS CLOSE AS THAT.Thus it would not be world cup significant if strikers like DROGBA,MESSI,BECKAM,RONALDO,EVEN KANU ETC.had missed same goals especially in a tournament as HUGE as world cup where strikers rarely get CLEAR OPPORTUNITIES TO SCORE

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Indeed, Omoesan, in this case, SILENCE IS GOLDEN. Why give an imagination-starved journalist a lifeline with a tactless comment?
    Asamoah Gyan who missed a penalty against Uruguay in the same 2010 world cup, a penalty that would have sent Ghana and Africa into the world cup semifinal for the first time ever, has he committed suicide? Is he still apologizing to Ghanaians?
    On the other hand, Gyan will NEVER, EVER tell a journalist that he does not owe Ghanaians an apology! He is too respectful of his country people to make that mistake!
    And Ghanaians are solidly behind their former captain. Even back then in 2010, I read a few Ghanaian blogs, and most of them sympathized with him on the penalty miss, and would rather dwell on the positive contributions he made at the world cup, which were really immense.

    • I see your point Pompei: upon reflection, I think a bit of subtlety, tact and sensitivity may have portrayed Aiyegbeni in a different light.

      I had high ambitions for that team. Crashing out with just one point from such a navigable group is something I still struggle with to this day.

      Messi or no Messi, I felt that the calibre of players (particularly strikers) at our disposal were capable of at least grinding out a draw against Argentina on that particular occasion.

      The whole tournament was painful to me. Yakubu’s monumental miss was most unfortunate but in truth, it didn’t have to come to that.

      • pompei 3 years ago

        Indeed Deo, that team had some really talented players, and we all had high expectations.
        One unfortunate thing about us humans is that we tend to focus on the negative. People tend to forget the good, but remember the bad.
        Everybody keeps dwelling on the missed sitter. But people hardly recognize the nerves of steel, the courage, the strength of character, the self confidence, that it took for the Yak to step up and take that all-important penalty, especially after the first miss, knowing fully well how Nigerians will react if he missed again! Most players would have declined to take that penalty. But the Yak stepped up, took a deep breath, and drew Nigeria level.
        That’s heroic to me.

    • FatherJP 3 years ago

      I share this position too

    • Oakfield 3 years ago

      @pompei, gyans case is way different from that of ayegbeni in the sense that the former showed remorse immediately he missed the kick. He cried on the pitch and still cries to this day. That’s one of the major reasons Ghanaians sympathize with him. In this case he doesn’t need to apologize bcs his body language has already done the job. But the latter was so full of ego and pride that he was busy chewing a gum like a lost gambian goat after he missed the kick. Do you now see the difference???? . Ayegbeni as far as I’m concerned is a very big fool and may God never allow his likes to near the national team again.

      • pompei 3 years ago

        We both agree that the Yak should not have made such a statement. Where we disagree is that I would never see this as grounds to hurl insults at him.
        To call him a VERY BIG FOOL and to say MAY GOD NEVER ALLOW HIS LIKES TO NEAR THE NATIONAL TEAM, I think this statements are uncalled for. Haba!
        Oakfield, I have known you for a while on this forum. And I know you are a forthright man, who loves justice and what is right. Your problem is that when you see what you consider to be wrong and unjust, you completely lose your cool and throw all caution to the wind!
        The Yak has not done well. But your reaction is in excess of what is proper.
        You don’t need a machine gun to kill a mosquito.

  • Greenturf 3 years ago

    Apology helps repair relationship.Sincere one’s however,let people know you’re not proud of what you did especially when the heart of a country is broken by your actions even though it wasn’t deliberate.
    It was a difficult time and experience Nigerians would find hard to forget though we take solace in the fact that we are not the first one to have our heart broken but it’s not enough erasing bad memories.
    In my opinion Yakubu should have apologized because it is the healthiest and the most positive actions we can take.

  • lanre 3 years ago

    @deo,it’s immmaterial whether or not we share similar opinions on issues,you are one person i like so much especially as regards your presentations,the other person is Dr drey THE ORIGINAL,for his facts,doggedness,never say die attitude nd statistics,not also forgeting people like UBFE,marvelous,oakfield,id collins etc. …….you guys always make my day…….i take my time to read your comments no matter how long,please keep it up.

  • lanre 3 years ago

    @deo,it is immaterial whether or not we share same opinions on issues… are one person i cherish a lot especially for your presentations,the other person is Dr drey the ORIGINAL for his facts nd statistics plus never say die dispositions,not also forgeting UBFE also the ORIGINAL,marvelous,oakfield,id collins etc… guys make my day,your contributions are those i take my time to read,no matter how long,because they are educative,inspiring,devoid of sentiments nd constructive,please keep it up

  • lanre 3 years ago

    @deo,it is immaterial whether or not we share same opinion on issues……you are one person i cherish a lot especially for your presentations,the other person is Dr drey THE ORIGINAL……his facts nd accurate statistics plus never say die dispositions are commendable,not also forgeting UBFE THE ORIGINAL,marvelous,oakfield,id collin etc……you guys always make my day because your contributions are always devoid of sentiments….they are factual nd constructive please keep it up

  • Evans Emeka 3 years ago

    Over 10 years after, Nigerians are still lambasting Yakubu for that horrific miss against SK but what no one seems to realise is that even if he had scored it, it wouldn’t have counted cos he was in an offside position.

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