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Akpeyi, Ajayi In Action As Al Ahly Thrash Kaizers Chiefs, Clinch Record-Extending 10th C/L Title

Akpeyi, Ajayi In Action As Al Ahly Thrash Kaizers Chiefs, Clinch Record-Extending 10th C/L Title

It was a CAF Champions League final debut appearance to forget for Daniel Akpeyi and Kaizer Chiefs as they were hammered 3-0 by Al Ahly in Saturday’s clash in Casablanca, Completesports.com reports.

Akpeyi was given the nod to man the post for Kaizer Chiefs while his compatriot Junior Ajayi came on in the 90th minute for Al Ahly’s goal scorer Mohamed Sherif. 

Ajayi has now won the CAF Champions League two times after picking his first title in 2020.

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It is now a record-extending 10th title for Al Ahly who also won it last year.

After a keenly contested encounter, Kaizer Chiefs were reduced to 10 men late in the first half after Happy Mashiane was shown a straight red card for a reckless tackle.

Al Ahly took advantage of the sending off and broke the deadlock on 53 minutes through Sherif.

In the 64th minute Al Ahly doubled their lead thanks to Mohamed Magdi Kafsha before Amr El-Sulaya sealed the win in the 74th minute.

By James Agberebi

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  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    Akpeyi as usual had some horrible goalkeeping moments to forget…

    • ugwudede 3 years ago

      did you watch the game of speaking out of hatred fro the man. With what his team played last night if you put Enyiama and Rufai together in the post, Al Ahly will score those goals when the defense line was scatted and left their goalkeper helpless.

      Pls before we comment out of htred lets have our facts

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        His attempt to stop the first goal was very poor… the angle was tight and yet the attacker sold him a dummy still. Why would I hate the man but he should not be recalled to Super Eagles… We got young goalkeepers who could do the job for many more years…

  • Emmanuel 3 years ago

    @Jimmyball,you are so predictable. I knew you were going to jump at this opportunity to criticise Akpeyi.For your information, even my mother knows that Akpeyi cannot be blamed for any of the goals.

    If you actually saw the match you will conclude otherwise. I knew AL AHLY was going to win but not with that Margin.The coach of Kerzer was too careful and made his wards to sit back hoping to catch the opponent on the break.While doing this was the case the players made too many mistakes,losing the ball needlessly.

    The red card was only a reflection of the situation on ground because even b3fore the red card the pressure from Al Alhly was already much.On several occasions Akpeyi will release the ball on fast break hoping that his team will take advantage of the counter,but they will loose it as soon as they get it.

    I felt for Akpeyi because he was helpless as his defence let him down big time.Aside from the lacklustre attitude of Kaizer players, I must confess the goals were well taken way out of the reach of Akpeyi,same will bit any keeper in the world.

    To blame Akpeyi on this will mean you are actually witchhunting him. Also tagging that ‘as usual’ further put dent on your criticism as Apkeyi was the man of the match the last time out and hardly puts a glove wrong in Kaizer shirt.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      Go watch the goals and see his attempts at stopping them… The guy no be national team material.

  • Bobby 3 years ago

    Akpeyi is a panic keeper, now the great Bafana has lost this trophy. Oh no why my country allow this chicken to be in goal. Oh no Bafana

  • Gbenga 3 years ago

    Some of us,here, just open our eyes in front of the TV set without seeing. How on earth was Akpeyi at fault for any of the goals. We are really funny. Please, read what Kaizer Chiefs coach said. You think Baxter will use a goal keeper who is incompetent in a final game!

  • Leave @Jimmyball alone… He has forgotten that his SON Junior Ajayi was nowhere to be found until time added on

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Cuteprince… If your specialty is not cricket you should know that a player cannot field himself in a game.

      • Lol hahahihi @Jimmyball goes to show your SON JUNIOR AJAYI wasn’t as good and indispensable as you’d want us to believe…
        But I like your reply tho… Cheers

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hahahahaha….Junior Ajayi that is better than Iheanacho, Dessers and Onuachu combined but is perpetually strapped to AlAhly’s bench is the one that is national team material, while Akpeyi who starts ahead of 2 other international goalkeepers in KC and has the highest number of clean sheets in the competition and Frank Onyeka who played virtually every match for Midjtylland including 10 in the UCL are not national team materials….LMAO.

          • JimmyBall 3 years ago

            Some of you always think it is by playing for Real Madrid that makes one a special player… even Vicinious Junior has been busted for actually being an overhyped player… Whether we like it or not… Junior Ajayi is a force of the African game… He has consistently for almost 5years featured nonstop for the best team on the continent… a team historically where Egypt largely draws their national team from… if Junior Ajayi were an Egyptian… he will have nothing less than 30caps for his national team by now… but since he is from a country where we have official and political titles like “nonplaying captain” and “inactive club searching captain” you know bias is going to be the name of the game… Onyeka has been trying to transfer to Brentford for almost two months now… We pray the confirmation finally comes and then we will see how he fares in a quality league… We once had one player of same hype… Mikel Agu… he kept getting invites until he was seen to be actually incongruent to the Super Eagles course… Lol. Dessers who Onuachudowski almost killed on the bench last season… Well he has a chance now that it appears Onuachu will leave. When people like Amuneke talk… I have no choice than listen. Amuneke has told us that Junior Ajayi will add a new dimension to Super Eagles and without whipping a dead horse… that for me says it all. Thank God Rohr is going no where anytime soon… We shall be here to see how events unfold. A country where a clubless player is starting games and another player who is featuring to quarter finals of Europa League is not even getting mention… Nigerians thought they are skilled in politics but they got an equally tricky “fairy” for a coach… Junior Ajayi will be on any national team roaster in Africa for his exploits over the years… only in a country like Nigeria. Even when I was playing Amateur we used to embarrass professional league players in scrimmages during off-season and preseasons… So no be today we know how Sabi tap leather… Most of those abroad boys wey them the groom for England and Germany no the fit withstand our African game sef… When you see a player made in Nigeria you know fireworks are about to go off… hahahaha!

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hahahahaha…LMAOooo….We are in 2021, somebody is here telling us about 2017 (4 years ago)….LMAOOOo….as if Ajayi was the even best performing Nigerian player in the world in 2017. Ajayi is better than Iheanacho, Dessers and Onuachu combined…LMAOoo….e easy to play for real madrid naim you beloved son dey stuck in north africa for years…? LMAO.
            AlAhly bench warmer and the MANY TALENTS in their league who cannot qualify for CAF CL group stages are the national team materials, but the likes of Akpeyi who is starting the FINAL of the same CAF CL ahead of 2 international homeboys, keeping several clean sheets along the way, Onyeka who was club player of the season from DM position and started matches including ALL in the UCL and Captain Musa who is about to seal another multi-million dollar deal in Turkey are the ones who are not national team materials……LMAOOoo. Now Ajayi is not playing because he is not Egyptian….LMAO….Ajayi is not playing because his coach doesn’t like him…..LMAOOoo…..anybody that needs an excuse to escape going to hell on the last day should pls contact this dude…he sure knows how to cook up excuses. When its not race, its colour, when its not colour its stage fright in half-empty stadiums….LMAOoo. Your Amuneke was in the SE technical crew when Ajayi was at the peak of his powers at Sfaxien but never saw him good enough for the SE then, it is now that he is averaging 5 league goals person that he suddenly became good enough ahead of Osimhem….LMAOooo. Una do well….look elsewhere to market your boy…LMAOooo. Ajayi is bettter than iheanacho, dessers and onuachu combined…..LMAOoo…you for kuku tell us NPFL players too are better than Real Madrid players. Afterall, you’ve told us before that Paul Onobi is as good if not better than Mikel….LMAOo
            Its evident some people’s knowledge of football is restricted to the grassroot football they played masquerading as playing at the highest level….LMAOOoo

          • JimmyBall 3 years ago

            …now that you even mentioned Mikel. Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Bonucci, Chielini are still playing top level football and winning accolades… where is Mikel today? Yes he is earning money in Kuwait… after he was disgraced against Madagascar… It was obvious he had to take a bow… Lol. Junior Ajayi is a giant of the game till date… Daniel Akpeyi who cannot even dive decently… the first goal he conceded against Al Ahly just defined his level… Shaky and confused!

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Buhahaha….Mikel was already at Chelsea when Ajayi was still crawling…he won everything winnable in football before going to earn money…you beloved son in whom you are well pleased couldn’t even make starting XI of Nigerian U23s at the Olympics talkless of playing in Europe. At 25 he’s warming Alhaly’s bench. Most of the players he met in Ahly 5 years ago are already in Europe. Best Nigerian player abroad is still stuck there as waka pass sqaud member….LMAO.
            Don’t even dare mention Ajayi in the same sentence with Mikel.
            Diss Akepyi all you like, he did what every goalkeeper would do…narrowed the angle and used his upper body to cover his far post. There’s no goalkeeper who doesn’t get chipped in one on one situations. He is probably in the running for the goalkeeper of the 2021 CAF CL after keeping the most clean sheets. Where are your MANY TALENTS in the league who couldn’t even make the group stages….LMAOoo. Every foreign coach that coaches KC starts that non-national teamate material ahead of established international homeboys. Na you Sabi football pass them…..LMAO

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    Ajayi came from a serious Ankle injury in March 2021. He has been a regular since 2016 t0 2020 up till the last final where he coped the injury. He has always been an Al Ahly stalwart… a first 11 squad member for over 5years… don’t come and use one game to to tell crap tales about him, his current coach Pitso Mosimane did not even settle down before @Dr.Drey revealed to us here that he, Mosimane was planning to ship in two midfielders/strikers from same Kaizer Chief where he used to be coach to Al Ahly and Junior Ajayi’s place was likely threatened in the team… so what changed, the coach Mosimane has decided to relegate Ajayi to bench not for want if talent to me though… just his preferences… did you see any player for Kaizer Chief who was really better than Junior Ajayi on the day? I also did not see any Al Ahly forward who did anything exceptionally different to make a statement as being one who towers head and shoulder above Ajayi… It’s just the coach preference, and I wonder if that would be case were he Egyptian
    where that thinking is more resounding is the fact that Al Ahly as at the 75th minute were already 3goals up and yet he, Mosimane, never played Junior Ajayi up until the 90th minute even when they were numerically one man more from the red card to a Chief’s player… It shows the coach does not think highly of Ajayi… a guy who has been so consistent and instrumental for Al Ahly right from 2017 when he was named in CAF 11 for that season with the likes of Mo Salah and Sadio Mane, infact the only Nigeria in that season’s CAF 11… go check. Even then Super Rohr never saw him good enough to invite him and let him have a significant game time for Super Eagles… same treatment Kayode Olanrewaju received from Rohr when he topped the Austrian Super Liga with 17goals… We know what is happening in Super Eagles… with the approval of Rohr some players are being deliberately kept out of Super Eagles… I took time now to watch the Player Uche Ikpeazu and honestly that guy is better and more useful than the likes of Onuachu whom I like but must say the truth, I will even pick Uche Ikpeazu ahead of Simmy Nwankwo… Ikpeazu who isn’t so much shorter than Onuachu and Nwankwo appears to have more power, agility and skill above those two… but trust me Rohr will not invite him but will choose a polygamous mallam whose new talent is under the soft tissues of multiple women at just 28yrs according to him… Let then continue with the politics and hypocrisy about player invitation to Super Eagles…

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      … Lol. Any comment that criticizes Rohr on CSN will always attract dislikes, that’s why we keep dishing reality to worshippers of the moongod! When a coach is working for free without complain… just know you have a quack. I was coach of Gabon, I was coach of Niger Republic… I coached Zidane in 1995… my friend go and find freelance coaching work… afterall, you volunteered again recently to coach Bordeaux for free and upon that nobody take you serious.
      Looking for a gaping moth hole to let sunshine and fame fall on his empty CV again. You are an “Over the Hill Ancient of Days” Give him Real Madrid of the Era of Galacticos… he will say he could not win because their Salary and Allowances did not let them focus… Champion “excuse” Moongod!

      • Because your criticism is bore out of hatred and makes no sense at all. Off course people will down thumbs it.

        People will appreciate you when u start making sense

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          The same way the likes of Segun Odegbami, Mobi Oparaku, Edema Fuludu, Emmanuel Amuneke, Daniel Amokachi, Dosu Joseph
          don’t often making sense because they callout
          Rohr for underachievement, that’s how I am
          criticized by worshippers of the moongod and even most NFF officials who knew a dummy was sold to them by Arsene Wenger who recommended Rohr being a fellow Frenchman… often NFF officials go on the record but preferring to remain anonymous… they often say the man Rohr knows nothing… hahaha. Una don read such several times no be me talk am… Rohr’s case with NFF is just like the tseste fly on the scrotum… Lol. If you slap to kill it your balls will ring alarm in your brain… hahahaha. Amaju pinnick will praise Rohr in public yet curses himself for the 2million dollars severance pay package he signed under the influence of Ngwo and Tombo… hahaha. You hired a foreign coach who is only interested in coaching foreign based players… We never see anything. Rohr was already coaching for more than fifteen years before Roberto Mancini retired from active football… Put their CV side by side… Lol.

          • What has been the achievements of those names you mentioned in coaching? Nothing! Have seen or heard the likes of Egbo, Olofinjana, Peter Ijeh etc critisised Rohr? No because the have deep knowledge of the game, and they are not double agents like those your thin gods u mentioned.

            You keep shouting Rohr is this and Rohr is that, kindly mention the target you set for him that’s he has not met, as it is today, by his winning records, no Nigerian coach dead or alive has level up to it, so what is actually your problem? That he doesn’t invite Junior Kayode, or Lokosa, abi Rabiu Ali, infact…I guess you are jobless or probably your knowledge is limited

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    …even when brotherman appear for CAF Africa Best Eleven for 2017 season end sef… they still no honour the brother give him call up.


  • Amuneke was languishing in the same Egyptian league when a sincere coach who came to Nigeria to help build our darling Eagles gave him a chance by calling him up and we all remember how that opportunity led to Amuneke playing for Barca and winning the African footballer of the year. Besides, Ikpeba was one the the hottest African players in Europe when Amuneke got called up and was given a chance to play ahead of bigger boys That is what a coach that looks out for talents and not where you play your football does. Junior Ajayi have been consistent for the past few years at the No 1 clubside in Africa and as such deserves our praise. GR does not have the same Eagle eye for talents like Westerhof, Amokachi was in Kaduna when he spotted him and called him up, Sunday Oliseh was also a local player, Finidi etc. The late Stephen Keshi won Afcon in 2013 with a team that had about 5 local players. Junior Ajayi deserves to be in Super Eagles.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    @Frank Smith my brother… Amuneke just like you chronicled his passage from Stationery Stores to Zamalek and Westerhoff intervening and playing him ahead of Ikpeba who was doing well in Europe says it all… If Westerhoff was one like Rohr he will say… this is not good enough because he plays in African league (Amuneke) and that one plays in Europe… just some flat and jejune way of reasoning… I am happy because it’s the man himself who walked the path (Zamalek, Sporting Lisbon, Barcelona) that gave his own eagle-eyed positive opinion about Junior Ajayi… If Ajayi had been accorded same opportunity as other less notable names when he started hitting his stride in 2016 at CS Sfaxien to Al Ahly by now he will be playing atleast in Belgium or France… It can only be imagined what national team involvement and exposure does to the life of a football player… If Ajayi was Zambian, South African, Ivorian, Ghanaian, Egyptian, Algeria and even Tunisian… tell me he won’t have atleast 20caps to his name by now… The same treatment Ajayi is receiving is what Larry Kayode also has been subjected to… two other decent midfielders in persons of Azubuike Okechukwu and Mohammed Usman good players who paired Mikel in Rio 2016 Olympics were also sidelined and their growth and progress stunted… Adamu Mohammed was the guy who scored the wonder goal against Athletic Madrid when they came with their team including Fernando Torres to Uyo and played us… When you spot a talent you latch unto them and prop them up… their light and real Lustre will then shine through… Rohr is a mercenary who just wants quick results, easy shortcuts to keep playing his “hide” in Europe and “seek” in Nigeria… truth is as old as the hills!

    • Michael Adelami 3 years ago

      @Jimmy, please I have an assignment for you.
      Kindly put up your best list of 24 players Nigeria should make the main team regardless of the club they play in.
      Tell us why you think that the ones you choose are better than the other options in the team.
      Let me give you an example… You advocate for Paul Onuachu, Olayinka and Ajayi a lot, so you have to say why they are better than Oshimen, Iheanacho, Moffi, Awoniyi.

      Kindly follow this squad rule:
      Centre back-4
      Defensive midfielders-2
      Central Midfielders-2
      Attacking Midfielders-2
      Wing forwards-4
      Thank you.

      • @Michael, don’t disturb yourself, he won’t reply you because the composition of best legs for the SE is not his problem, his problem is Rohr rejection of most of his fringe players that he was sent to advertise by the football agent that’s his representing or he just a plain enemy of progress.

        Imagine a man in his right senses saying the national team is a place to groom rookie for stardom..

        He is just a misplaced priority.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hehehehe….its like you want to see Samuel Chukwueze and Peter Olayinka listed as fullbacks again…..LMAOoo. You just wait for the kind of list the rabblerouser who knows more than the coach will give you….LMAOooo

        • Buh atleast ajayi was giving a chance in a friendly match against Serbia and he didn’t impress

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Leave am o…make e dey rant in rants about Junior Ajayi dey go. As if its not the same way the same Rohr gave the same Ajayi his SE debut, he also gave the likes of Osimhen, Chukwueze, Aribo, Zaidu etc who have gone on to grab their chances and become mainstay in the SE today. It is now that his AlAhly contract is running to an end with him strapped to the bench that somebody remembers that Ajayi is better than iheanacho, dessers and onuachu put together and is the messaih Nigeria needs….LMAOOoo….because they need to force him into the SE ASAP to be a Nigerian International in order to get a decent club and deal after he is released on a free.

            Let him and his co-mourners continue to compare Westerhoff calling up Amuneke of Zamalek who was practically the best and only Nigerian left winger abroad in 1993/94 and won AFOTY as a Zamalek player and 2021 when Ajayi of Alhaly who averages 5 goals per season even before his injury woes cannot even make the top 10 list of Nigerian forwards playing abroad….LMAOooo.

            For hrs now dem don tell am make he name best 24 Nigerian players, in finger don paralyze….LMAOooo….apprantely he cant name a better 24 with logical justification than Rohr has been naming so far….LMAOOo. Thats why they sy critics never do better. Na empty tin dey always loud pass.
            Make devil do am today make e nor name at least 4 homebased MANY TALENTS wey e dey rant about always inside that in best 24 list…LMAOOOoo

  • Aren’t you tired Mr man? The number of unlike on all your posts justify crap you always post. How many of all these players u mentioned will make the team at once? Pls reason well before u post I beg u…

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @tayo… You are back with your usual thuggery again! Why should I be tired? It’s not a paid forum… I know my football so I am not looking for likes, abi your like go add money for my account? If only you know how Algeria followed Michael Olise recently with all vigour to sway him due to his mum being Algerian. We have been hearing of switch of some of those players for ages and we don’t know what is happening? It was not too long that it appeared Lookman and Ejaria were expressing concerns in the media that they feel there are some NFF folks who it seems don’t want them to play for Nigeria as
      they feel their efforts are being frustrated… You sit down there looking to only attack someone without knowing intrigues and kickbacks going on between some players and NFF shots so that they will continue to be invited to camp… When you are confused about issues, lend yourself help to learn when realists who know talk! I won’t engage you today… “Mr Likes & Dislikes”

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