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Amputee Lagos Hawker Who Received Support From Osimhen, Others Exposed As Member of Syndicate Group

Amputee Lagos Hawker Who Received Support From Osimhen, Others Exposed As Member of Syndicate Group

Amputee Lagos hawker, Mary Daniel who received massive monetary support from Super Eagles Striker, Victor Osimhen and other well-meaning Nigerians has been discovered to be a member of a fraud syndicate.

Osimhen, like many other Nigerians, was moved by the plight of Mary, who became an instant online sensation had promised to help her plight and duly lived up to his words with a handsome donation.

He first urged his followers on Instagram to get in touch with her and later revealed that he has gotten through to her.

It was gathered that he donated an enormous amount to the women. 

But the news filtering in from Lagos on Wednesday might not be pleasant to the ears of the Napoli striker, as Mary Daniel was discovered to have been untruthful about her life and her family.

Daniel, in an interview, claimed she was an orphan with a baby and an aged grandmother to fend for.

She narrated how life dealt her several blows and she had to drop out of school and hit the streets to make ends meet.

Following her harrowing tales, Nigerians started donating money through her bank account made public with about N25m raised.

This prompted the state government to immediately shelter her to prevent criminals from taking advantage of her sudden fortune.

It was gathered Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu immediately handed her over to officials of the social welfare for investigation following revelations her case was staged.

Daniel, it was gathered, was receiving strange calls from those who staged her story with threats to reveal the truth unless she gave them their share of the money.

It was learnt Sanwo-Olu handed her over to officials of welfare in the presence of the police and some Kogi leaders, who attested her father was alive.

Commissioner of Police Hakeem Odumosu confirmed that the young woman was in the custody of officials of the Social Welfare and not the police as earlier reported.


By Augustine Akhilomen

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  • pompei 3 years ago

    It’s people like this that make it difficult for others to be generous with their
    hard-earned money.
    Hope they are all prosecuted to the fullest extent the law allows.

    • Edoman 3 years ago

      @pompel, you mirrored my mind. l remembered commenting on her perceived predicaments in her situations and thanked all those who assisted her out, not knowing she was a crook. l shall never subscribe nor assist anyone in Nigeria. They are all fake. These people are so low in morality that it can make one sick.

      • pompei 3 years ago

        It’s unbelievable, Edoman. Do these people not have a shred of decency?
        How can they shamelessly deceive people like this? How do these folks sleep at night? Well, when there is no conscience, iniquity comes easy.

  • Shocking 3 years ago

    “Nkán nbẹ̀ lábẹ́ Ọ́rún”…. That’s basically all I can say on this.

    I took my leave

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    While I strongly condemn the act of deceit, I, in same breath will refuse to get too judgemental on the woman. First, is she disabled? If yes , then we should understand that disability could easily have affected her mindset in so many ways, where upon the others in the USsyndicacy could have played into that as a fishing hook. In situations like this, what do we do, for it’s clear evidence, the woman surely do need help. HELP IS THE KEY HERE but sadly she went about it in a very wrong way presumably. What I will do if I was to deliberate on the issue are as follows:
    1) Get her to reveal the others involved in the act and forgive her while the others be made to suffer some punishment to serve as deterrent.
    2) Let her have some decent amount of the money raised, so she is able to look after herself n family while put the rest in a bank to use in setting up a loan scheme for others going through some difficulties.
    She Daniel, should be allowed to manage this scheme in conjunction with the bank, where upon , she Daniel, the bank and a third reliable authority should be made signatories to anything pertaining to the loan. That way lots of suffering members of the public will benefit and before you know it, that loan scheme may just attract even many more donors. I BELIEVE IN TURNING THE NEGATIVE INTO POSITIVE, SO WE SHOULD TRY SEE THE POSITIVE HERE, INSTEAD OF MAKING AN OBVIOUSLY DISABLED GIRL’S LIFE BECOME WORSE.

  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

    Well lie or no lie she is a disabled that was still hawking water and hustling despite the fact that she had only one leg. There are able bodied lazy people all over That don’t do shit and still scam people. Let her keep the money. Her setback didn’t stop her grind and I think people were pitiful due to her hustling with crutches not the story. So don’t be quick to castigate the lady like you’ve been waiting to hear this and pounce on her. Nigerians are wicked and jealous people. People heard how much was donated and now they want to bring her down. Bastards!

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