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Amuneke: Al Ahly Forward Ajayi Deserves A Spot In Super Eagles

Amuneke: Al Ahly Forward Ajayi Deserves A  Spot  In Super Eagles

Former Nigeria winger Emmanuel Amuneke believes Junior Ajayi is good enough to play for the Super Eagles.

Ajayi has impressed for Al Ahly this season , scoring 11 goals in 42 games across all competitions.

Despite making big impact at club level , he has not been well recognised on the international scene.

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Ajayi has been capped once by Nigeria, featuring for just two minutes in a 2-0 friendly defeat to Serbia in 2018.

“I believe that Ajayi deserves to be given an opportunity like every other player and then it is up to him to take the opportunity,” Amunike told ESPN.

“He has been with Ahly for many years now and he has been doing very well and playing at a high level consistently. I think that looking at what he has done with Ahly club he deserves to be given the opportunity.

“It will now be up to him to make a statement that will convince the technical staff that he has something to add to the team,” he added.

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  • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

    Even Okpotu deserves a spot in the Super Eagles. we never know how e take dey do us for Nigeria. And yet they will complain we dont have a stable team after 4 years, when its still them that clamor for all the 450 Nigerian professionals abroad to be invited into the SE. As if their confusion is not enough, they will still want a quota reserved for homebased players….Lolz

    • JimmyBall 7 months ago

      Oga… Mr. Know it all Dr. Drey… My brother your ego on being a football analyst should know its limits. When someone like Emmanuel Amuneke talks just be humble and listen. You are always blinded by your own opinion and must know people will and are free to see things different from your own perspective… Before you like the other personality snipers here start labeling a giant like Amuneke as a loud old ex-international… how you all shout the others like Etim Esin and Festus Odini down. People who have battled on the pitch will always comment from first-hand experience and not online statistics and often false hype. In the matter of this submission by Amuneke… if the report of this admission is true, you @Dr.Drey must shutup on this… Mind you Rohr is not without poor judgment himself sometimes… No be every person and matter you must show skills of counter-argument with…

      • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

        Mr Olodo fake ex footballer. Shut up your mouth if you have nothing to say. I can see my ego is paining you so much since you are an ignoramus. Your senseless comments on this forum cant stnad anywhere close to mine…LMAO…and i see how much it pains you. Sorry ehn, you cant give what you have…LMAO. Dont hate the player, hate the game.

        This same Junior Ajayi was there when Amunike was assistant coach of the SE….why did he invite the likes of Victor Moses, Kelechi Iheanacho, Ighalo, Moses simon etc ahead of Junior Ajayi…why didnt he drop them for junior Ajayi. Some things are easier said than done. It is easier to criticize when they are not involved the ones involved.

        So we should ignore the likes of Osihen, Onuachu, Dessers, Iheanacho, Umar, Simy, Maja etc who are scoring double figure in major leagues in Europe for a play who has 11 goals in ALL COMPETITIONS in Egyptian league. Later its still ignoramuses like you that will claim the coach is collecting bribe for inviting an inferior player.

  • JimmyBall 7 months ago

    @Emmanuel Amuneke… Thank you. When people who have played football reason and make a point those who are just electronic football experts will open mouth to counter you. Can anyone compare the Saudi Arabian league to Egyptian league? Amuneke is a product of Zamalek FC and knows what he saying… That was the same league from where he went to conquer the USA ’94 world cup. I have long asked why is Junior Oluwafemi Ajayi never given a real chance by Gernot Rohr? Idiots commentators here will say who will he bench… for crying out loud he plays with Egyptian internationals at Al-Ahly and he has always been a starter except when unfit for reasons of injury. Now Amuneke is a technical director in Egypt and has seen the guy from close range… Even the great John Utaka was blooded at Ismaily of Egypt… Egypt is 7time African champions including at one time going on three (3) straight Afcon wins yet all those times we had the likes of Austin Okocha (our Maradona) and greats like Kanu Nwankwo yet Egypt dominated with great play from players largely made in their local league… Even now we cannot boast of being better than Egypt. When some of mention players just give it time and watch such a player from close quarters… A footballer if good whether he plays af Esperence or Eyimba will always be a good player… Watching keenly on any given day or match you will see such a player clear your doubt in some parts of match even from his close control or movement or position… these are what makes a footballer… In my opinion as a former footballer myself… I will always rate Junior Oluwafemi Ajayi and Peter Olayinka ahead of the likes of Iheanacho who has no speed and consistency to me… I will also rate Peter Olayinka and Junior Ajayi now ahead of Ahmed Musa… Super Eagles fans open your eyes to true player quality and not always hyping players by fate of luck that some play in more renown clubs than others… Mind you, I am a Benue born who played from same grassroot club as Peter Ogaba and his brothers in North-Bank, Makurdi. I played with younger brothers of John Zaki too… Of the truth there are certain players that subtle politics bias invitation to Super Eagles in Nigerian football has not favored to be fair… Junior Ajayi has not paid Emmanuel Amuneke to go to the media and say this for your information… My humble opinion!

    • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

      Mr Olodo fake ex-footballer….answer the simple question and stop ranting like an he-goat. Who should be dropped for Ajayi…..Osimhen, Maja, Umar, Simy, Iheanacho, Dessers, Onuachu, Olayinka, Moffi, Nwakaeme…..and the rest banging in goals in Europe for an 11 goals in ALL competitions in egyptian league striker…!
      Even the Egyptian national team is not depending solely on Alahly and Zamalek players alone anymore. Most of their best players nowadays are from Europe, they only call up home based players when there are no alternatives from Europe.
      Stupid fools will just open their wide mouths and be talking nonsense, and they will call themselves exfootballers because they played street football…LMAO. Who nor play football wen when e dey young….?
      Or is Ajayi a winger too….that you want to compare him with Musa. Is he also a left midfielder too like you claimed Olayinka is…that should come and bench iwobi ? Tell us which of the current strikers in the SE should be dropped for Ajayi. And if that is the case, the even Okpotu too must be called up to the SE

    • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

      Even Okpotu too must be called up to the SE…(he scored 13 goals in tunisia even more than Ajayi) Leke James must be called up too….( he scored 17 goals in norway, more than Ajayi). Arokodare must be called up too….(he scored 22 goals in Latvia league double wat Ajayi has scored), Olanrewaju Kayode must be called up too….Yusuf Otubanjo msut be called up too from Armenian league…even Akpors Ogborigogo playing in Jamaican league too must be called up. Infact we must call up 20 strikers to the SE all the time. Afterall they are Nigerians and all deserve a spot. Or dont they..? Or Is it only Ajayi that deserves a spot…?
      Senseless folks…!

    • Kenneth 7 months ago

      My brother, how many times have i advised you when parrots are shouting, the best answer for them is silence. I remembered vividly when we were calling for Juniors inclusion, they claimed he wasn’t playing for a top league club. Watched him last play in the CAF semi final and just shook my head at what Nigeria was missing. They keep asking who will he bench, i can say with all confidence that he will bench MUSA, Ihenancho, chukwueze, kalu, etc. They keep screaming super eagles material must play in TOP 5 leagues club. Last time i checked where are the following playing

      Ahmed Musa Clubless
      Maduka Okoye Not starting at club
      Troost.Ekong Division 2
      Omeruo Division 2
      leon Balogun Not playing top 5 league in Europe
      Collins Division 2
      Etebo Not playing top 5 league in Europe
      Onyeka Not playing top 5 league in Europe
      Aribo Not playing top 5 league in Europe
      Dennis Not playing top 5 league in Europe

      This is 10 players not playing for top clubs in Top 5 league in Europe. Guess the excuse will be they are experienced. And ajayi is not experienced. Let them keep playing politics with the national team. At least henry is right that the coach already knows the players he wants to invite, thats why the captain who hasn’t played in months get preferential treatment.

  • Papafem 7 months ago

    I think Amuneke is making a very good point. And he’s eminently qualified to make that remark. He has played in Egypt, coached in Egypt and now works in Egypt as a football administrator. He is also an ex-international, who played the game to the highest level, led Nigeria to a world title and coached a team at AFCON. He knows a good player if he sees one, having produced the likes of Osimhen and Chukwekwueze. His opinion on Ajayi should be taken seriously and only God knows why NFF don’t leverage on the experience of people like Amuneke when players are being scouted around the globe for the national team.

    • Blendluv08 7 months ago

      @Papafem, Ajayi will definitely perform in Egypt & shine because he’s playing with players who are of the same quality with him or those he’s a bit better off. If Ajayi is as fantastic as being rated, why is he yet to be scouted by the top European clubs & the likes? Ajayi’s performance at club level is just an example of Leon Balogun & Ekong’s performance for their club

      • JimmyBall 7 months ago

        @BlendLuv8… Usual African mentality. So playing in Europe league alone is the marker for a footballer being good? Quality of Egyptian league is not good yet they are 7time African Nations Champions including going on back to back twice (3straight) with players largely pooled from their league you claimed to be sub-par… The Egypt won three straight Afcon competing against our best from Europe including best from Europe for Ghana, Cote d’voire and Cameroun also. Some of you reason very shallow honestly. Someone like Amuneke will talk and you come here to show stupidity. How many leagues IN Europe is better in terms of technical ability compared to Egyptian league? The major difference is in the money and marketing and commercial outlook…

        • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

          How many times has Egypt qualified for World cup…LMAO. They quailfy for world cup every 30 years LMAO and go there to disgrace Africa because of their inferior quality. How many matches has Alhaly ever won in FIFA club world cup despite representing Africa many times…..even teams from Australia and Asia always send them packing in round 1. Egypt’s dominance only remains in Africa because in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. Most of their players play at home so they can camp and prepared for AFCON for longer period and at better intervals. Even Saudi Arabia that goes to the WC to collect dozens of goals defeated your Almighty Egypt in the last WC. If Egyptian league was so good why did the same Amuneke move to lisbon, why did he move from Lisbon to Barcelona and not back to egypt…? IAmuneke didnt spend 5 years in north Africa before moving to Europe, Aghaowa didnt spend 5 years in North Africa before moving to Europe, Garba Lawal did not spend 5 years in North Africa before moving to Europe…..if your Ajayi was so exceptional, what is he still doing in North Africa after 5 years….? If the European leagues where not better, why did Amuneke, Aghawo, Lawal et al move away from north africa to europe. Even Mohammed salah that is Egyptian, why did he move to europe…if European leagues are not better? LMAO. Ajayi has been stuck in North Africa since 2015 and only scored 49 goals in 5 years IN ALL COMPETITIONS. That’s not even a full average of 10 goals per season in ALL COMPETITONS….but a spot must be reserved for him in the Super Eagles where Umar, Simy, Maja etc have still not found space yet….Even your Olayinka and Kayode who are playing in top level in European competitions have not found space yet…? Your stupidity is legendary. Was the same Ajayi not a part of our u23 to Rio Olympics in 2016……if he was so good why wasn’t he our no1 striker…?
          Go and sack Rohr for not reserving a spot for Ajayi na. When you become SE coach you can invite players from even Jamaican league.

      • Papafem 7 months ago

        It’s a matter of opportunity and God’s grace. Playing in Europe is not a sole determinant of how good a player is. This same Amuneke was playing in Egypt, for Zamalek to be specific, when he was scouted in 1993 by Clemence Westerhof to play for Super Eagles. We all know what be did at 1994 AFCON final against Zambia. As a matter of fact, that match was his only match in the competition, and he literally won the cup for us with two well-taken goals.

        He later went to the WC in USA and was one of our stand-out players. Mind you, just like Ajayi, he was based in Egypt. Where were those top rated European clubs while he played Egypt, before Nigeria gave him a platform to announce himself to the world?

        May I even tell you how he got to play for Zamalek in the first place? Well, Amuneke was a member of the U-23 team that participated in Cairo 91 All African Games. Zamalek saw him as the brightest prospect in that Nigerian team and have him a chance to don their colours. The point I’m making is some players need that chance to prove themselves. Their not being given that chance isn’t because they are not good enough but because those saddled with task of selecting players for the national team are either looking down on the league these players play or they are just too lazy to do a thorough job.

        If Julius Aghahowa played for the SEs as an Esperance of Tunisia player, Amuneke as a Zamalek of Egypt player, Sunday Mba as Rangers of Enugu player, Enyeama as Eyinmba of Aba player and even Ezenwa as Heartland of Owerri player, I don’t know why Ajayi shouldn’t be given a chance.

        • JimmyBall 7 months ago

          @Papafem… You are a very mature and objective football commentator. A lot of idiots here once you mention someone who can add a new dimension to the Super Eagles… they will ask you idoiotically, who is he coming to bench? As if aside the eleven players starting games… others should just go home because they are not starting. Is it all about one player benching another? Isn’t substitution allowed again in football? Someone must start ahead of the other… We have players who never get invites but yet in all honestly deserve chances more than those being given… We took Iheanacho to last world cup and he could not even trap and control the ball properly. Super Eagles must not wait for a talent who is not coming to party for eternity. If there are other players… give them a look-in without pre-conceived biases… When an Amuneke talks, you have a duty to yourself to listen!

    • JimmyBall 7 months ago

      @Papafem… You are rugged jare. That’s how objective minds comment… give respect to whom is due! Salute!

  • Proudly 9ja 7 months ago

    Meanwhile Nwakali gets 1st start of the season vs Real Madrid. So far he is playing well. Confidence on the ball, looking good as well. Hope his fitness issues are behind him tho. Always willing to get the ball and playing the smart simple passes.

  • Emmanuel 7 months ago

    Nwakali have been very impressive so far in this game.Cool at ball control and distribution.Even the commentators can’t but comment of his possitive play so far.

  • D-cardinal 7 months ago

    Ajayi will bench who abeg?

    • Leave all of them with 1994
      The last tym we depended so much on home based, Na 4-0 we chop from two different finals.
      I noticed some people here, they are just here to find faults.
      All these while, names they call are players from Europe. E.g Olayinka, Onyekuru, Maja, Moffi etc ask them to bring 5 names from naija league , e go turn to WAEC question.
      Arokodare is finding it hard to blend in Germany, same Moffi, same one Akinyemi adeleke . Talk of one guy from Egypt. U no go got kill Rohr for us.

  • Kingston 7 months ago

    God bless @proudly9ja since everyone seems to use insults to discuss, even Dr. drey who I respect so much. anyway, I honor Emmanuel amunike very much, but saying ajayi is like saying Egypt football league is equal to the priemer league which is obviously false. 11 goals in that amount of appearances won’t even put in top ten players to be called even after the 23 man list. ajayi is good but compared to who? think about it, if ajayi is that good and consistent why has no Europe team called him even teams for Norway or Scotland? a player quality is largely determined by the league he is playing. if Messi do what he does in the Nigeria professional league he wouldn’t have won world best 6 times likewise Ronaldo and every great players. ajayi should keep improving and hopefully he will get his chance, until then I don’t see him ahead of moffi, maja, akpom and the likes. can ajayi even bench simy? that’s laughable, and yet simy was not called and nobody has complained, and here we are debating about ajayi prospect!
    Super Eagles all the best!

    • JimmyBall 7 months ago

      @Kingston… Some of us here have already seen through the guy @Dr.Drey, whenever you give him a hard truth that exposes his often rigidly egoistic comments as if he is the only one with some football knowledge… the next thing is to harass you with insults. He has no decorum at all… That’s why some objective commentators here call him “Mr Know It All”… His viewpoint is the only good one and every other person here must accept as a standard… Is that someone civilized?

      • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

        Hahahahaha…..look at this pathetic fake ex-footballer of a lair….LMAO. Go back and read up the thread and tell us who started with insults….you hypocrite.

        “….Oga… Mr. Know it all Dr. Drey…”

        “…Idiots commentators here will say who will he bench…”

        It must be your shadow that typed in those comments…LMAO. Maybe you are the idiot commentator you were referring to anyway.

        Mr objectivity, I hope you counted the number of times your kelechi nwakali, the hope of the SE midfield, touched the ball today before he was yanked off in the 56th min, since you could count the number of times Onyeka touched ball vs liverpool…LMAO.
        I’m sure part of your senseless objectivity is claiming that K.Nwakali is far better than all SE midfielders including mikel, yet he was being turned all around in today’s game and was pedestrian in Madrid’s 2nd and 3rd goals….yet he is better than Mikel who is being worshipped even at 33 at Stoke-on-trent, Onyeka who was his club’s best player of the season and was rated as the most tackler and interceptor vs Liverpool, Ndidi who is top tackler in EPL for 3 consecutive years, Etebo who won stoke city best player award in only his first season….LMAO. That is an example of one of your objective comments on this forum….LMAO. Comments EPL is a low quality league where they run around like headless chicken…LMAO or comments like like Rohr is collecting bribe from Mikel Agu to invite him to a SE friendly match to market him….when the same Rohr dropped the same Agu from AFCON where he could have marketed him even better last year….or comments like defense is more difficult than attack…LMAO. Those are your so-called ‘objective’ comments…LMAO
        You are gradually toning down your lies small small, from claiming you played at the highest level, it reduced to trials, then lobi starts, then U17 invitee, today it has toned down to ‘played at the grassroots’….LMAO. Keep on lieing to yourself. We can see the level of your fake footballing career from the stupidity in your comments and rants on the forum.

        Its better people call me a know it all than for me to just be a mental nuisance here. At least my know it all can be verified anywhere. Most of your own comments turn people’ stomach here….LMAO. If it is paining you so much that you cant contest the things a say, you too go and start updating your knowledge and educating your ignorance so that at least you too can know something and be able to contribute meaningfully to intelligent discussions.

        11 goals in ALL COMPETITIONS striker in EGYPTIAN LEAGUE should be guaranteed a spot in the SE….LMAO….wonders will never end. I’l rather invite Enyimba, Kano Pillars or other NPFL strikers and know that I am just doing charity work…LMAO

        • JimmyBall 7 months ago

          …@Dr.Drey. You never fail to disappoint. Was “confusion” your middle name growing up? Kelechi Nwakali is slowly getting there, a shame you have to throw his name here despite the discussion being about Emmanuel Amuneke’s comment. You are unfortuantely in no position to question Amuneke’s assessment and honest opinion of a player… atleast you DON’T qualify to counter Amuneke’s comment… that is the painful truth. I never said Nwakali was better than all our midfieldeers including Mikel… I said he has more talent than most of the midfielders we have seen coming into the SE ranks in recent times… His (Nwakali) talent is never in question and you must know despite he needs areas to improve his game like tackling and ball-winning, it’s a step in the right direction for him… you cannot compare playing against Real Madrid to playing against Bolton Wanderers and Notts County. He was playing to instruction and did his best as evidenced with the commentators saying he did well in the game… once he has the firm confidence he needs from his coach… he will start asserting himself more in games… atleast some of us are happy he is finally getting more into the coach’s plans…

          • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

            Hahahahaha……Olodo. You are the one that is claiming to be objective commentator, and I was simply reminding you of some of your “objective” comments on this forum which you have once again denied even when the whole world read you loud and clear, not once, not twice, telling anybody who cared to listen that Kelechi Nwakali is better than all SE midfielders including Mikel. Now your shameless lieing self has changed it to “… I said he (kelechi Nwakali) has more talent than most of the midfielders we have seen coming into the SE ranks in recent times…”. You have tactically withdrawn Mikel from your statement and changed the ALL to MOST….LMAO. Despite condemning Ndidi that he plays in a league where they run around like headless chickens and Mikel that he’s so bad he could only move from china to 2nd division in England…LMAO. You think we have forgotten, You think English is worrying us the way it is worrying you….? When a player is more talented than another playing in the same position, is he not better than him…?? Or is there any other interpretation to that that you want to tell us…? Kelechi Nwakali is ‘more talented’ than Ndidi abi…He is more talented than iwobi….he is more talented than Aribo….. or it is Etebo he is more talented than…..? Or who are the MOST midfielders in recent times you were referring to…because you made that comment before Onyeka and Tijani were ever invited to the SE??? LMAO. So who are the MOST midfielders in the SE in recent times that K.Nwakali is “more talented” than…?LMAO. You even promised me you cant wait for the season to start for you to SHUT ME UP….hahahahahaha……I am still waiting to be shut up by your talented midfielder who was marking Hazard from the far side rather than from the near side facing his own goal…..hahahaha. The 1st rule of defending that is even taught to kids at academy level is ‘protect your own area 1st’. But your most talented midfielder is deficient even on the basics…LMAO. So he was playing to instructions to allow opponents run rings around him to score 2 goals LMAO…he played to instructions that was why he could manage only 1 successful tackle, 0 interceptions and 0 clearances as a DM for 56 mins……but you will open your wide mouth to downplay Ndidi’s top tackler feat for 3 straight season in the EPL….. clap for yourself….awesome excuse. Pele mr ex-footballer on the streets of otukpo, leave the hype of that poor boy and dont kill his destiny. Leave him to focus on his career and rediscover himself. He is an average and very dispensable player playing for a low quality club and not the superstar next best thing after sliced bread you have been painting on this forum for months now. Kelechi Nwakali will shut me up, you cannot wait for the season to start for nwakali to shut me up, na you dey chop mouth now dey look for silly excuses all over the place…LMAO. Common sense says never count your chicks before they hatch

            I know one day, you will also deny that you never said Onazi was far better than Mikel. I know for sure that that day will come. A lair’s days are always numbered, because he will always forget the lies he told.

      • JimmyBall 7 months ago

        Whatever I say is my own opinion and I am not forcing anything on anyone. Junior Ajayi is far superior and technical player than Kelechi Iheanacho who is a bench material at Leicester… He is better than Dessers, Onuachu, and currently I believe he deserves a place ahead of Moses Simon and Samuel Kalu. For those who are asking me who he would bench? Direct your questions through CSN to Amuneke… Any good forward player can conveniently play from either left or right wing in any any setup. The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo used to play from the wing and he still got good goal ratio… Don’t argue with JimmyBall… go and argue with Emmanuel Amuneke and most of you should be ashamed for questioning Amuneke’s viewpoints and assessment of Junior Ajayi… Should Osimhen be our only key striker without option or alternative? We need players who can contribute to goals… for those comparing players directly and not the substance of What Amuneke admitted… use the same stick for everyone. Ahmed Musa was flushed from Leicester City… he went to Saudi Arabia league… Yet he continued getting callups from such obscure leagues, why not the likes of Ajayi who plays for Al-Ahly. Dr. Drey… Chosing facts which only helps his bias argument… When Egypt won three Afcon in a row… 85 percent of their players were playing in Egyptian league… Only a few like Mohammed zidan and Mohammed Mido Hassan played abroad… The likes of Mohammed Barakat, Abou Treka, Hossam Hassan who were key to the triumph player back home… Get your facts rights. Amuneke was assistant coach and did not call Junior Ajayi because then he has not seen much of Ajayi from close quarters and perhaps there was a senior coach his head who was saddled with key decisions like that… Amuneke has seen or knows about all the other names you mentioned before he specifically called for Ajayi. I may not know much but none of you especially Mr Know It All (Dr. Drey) can claim to know about player assessment more than the revered Emmanuel Amuneke.

        • D-Cardinal 7 months ago

          Few years ago, ajayi could lay claim of opportunity in SE.Don’t get it twisted ,he is a good player in his own right,but times and seasons has changed. There are better players than him that plays in more advance league,yet they haven’t be opportune to showcase their stuff.maja,Dennis,simy,dessers,kayode,nwakaeme and mofi comes to mind..if he really wants to vie for a spot or been given opportunity,he should move to a better league and make his mark or better still paint CAF champions league red with goal,then he will definitely get a look in.

        • This is arguably the biggest joke of the century. Junior Ajayi is a better player than Kelechi Iheanacho???? Lwkmd! Wonders shall not cease on this forum

    • Proudly 9ja 7 months ago

      Same to u my broda, I didn’t watch the entire game as I had to take my kid to soccer practice, but the few minutes I watched in the 1st half, he did well. The fact that his coach atleast gave him a starting shirt against a team like Real Madrid should be taking as something positive which means he is part of the team and his plans. Most teams don’t stand a chance against Madrid (people will say Cadiz beat them but thats a one off), nobody would say they expected Huesca to win that game playing away from home. The idea was most likely to limit the embarrassment. He (Nwakali) needs to work on his confidence, concentration, fitness, tackles and try to add goals to his game by getting in the box with an aim to try to score not just going to the box to make numbers. His quality tho is not in question. his passes were great, his was always looking to get the ball, once his teammates trust him more he may come good which is tge wish of many Nigerians. He needs to keep working hard tho to warrant a regular SE invite. He didn’t do his chances any bad today imho

  • D-Cardinal 7 months ago

    Junior Ajayi go bench who??abeg na make una help me ans biko

    • Adeyemi 7 months ago

      Reading is fundamental. No one is saying Àjàyí is going to bench anyone right away. Amuneke only said the guy deserved an opportunity and it’s left to him to take the opportunity or not. That’s being objective. You guys have to cry over anything that doesn’t agree with you? Moreover, being good at the club side doesn’t translate to success at national level. Onachu is an example. Rohr is too rigid and doesn’t know but play players out of position. Kevin Akpoguna is another example. Yes, Àjàyí can fight for a shirt. Because, you play in Europe doesn’t make you better. Africans and their inferiority complexes.

      • JimmyBall 7 months ago

        Thank you @Adeyemi… I did tell @Dr.Drey once to improve his English comprehension skills because he hardly understand a writeup and veer-off like a skidding car in a tight bend on roadway… Understand simple English column before you begin to type and curse… Amuneke is now in Egypt and may have seen Ajayi more times recently to warrant such honest assessment… You guys are looking at the player with the eyes you know him before for which he was always decent… Amuneke is now in Egypt and some of you are typing from a keyboard in Agege and Mushin! He sees the player now and being someone who wants SE to improve has made an honest submission which he is not even forcing on anyone. The substance of an argument or comment is there yet Dr. Drey is asking how many times Egypt has qualified for the world cup. Maybe you should ask how many times Junior Ajayi has qualified for world cup… hahaha. We that always qualify have we smelt quarter finals ever? Did Almighty Ghana whom we could not always easily defeat in top matches ever qualify for world cup before 2006? Africa use to have just two slots up to 1990 which Egypt attended and did not do too badly drawing two games of their three group games including one against England. Maybe @Dr.Drey being one who started watching football only since Sydney 2000 Olympics did not know how hard it used to be to qualify from Africa for senior world cup. It was not until cameroon’s exploit in 1990 helped increased Africa’s slot to three in the 1994 World Cup that Nigeria eventually qualified. Go back to history and know reasons behind certain things and don’t come judging Egypt based on difficulties in qualifying for Senior world cups in the past…

        • JimmyBall 7 months ago

          Correction… Egypt only lost narrowly against England in 1990 by 1 – 0. They drew two games. They drew 1-1 vs Netherlands

    • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

      The same person that is saying Ajayi deserves a spot in the super eagles today was the assistant coach of the SE when Ajayi was playing in CS Sfaxien and moved to Alhaly (2015 to 2017) his most productive years as a striker in North Africa….pls help us ask why he didnt invite Ajayi then. Help us ask him why it was only Europe based strikers being invited to the SE then. Or maybe Ajayi did not deserve a spot in the SE then. It is this same rigid and dumb Gernot Rohr that gave Ajayi his 1st eagles invites and his eventual debut. Its the same man who has given others their debuts too and called them again subsequently when he felt they have done enough to be called back. If he has not chosen to call up Ajayi again after the previous invitations why not just respect his decision and let him do his job, why you face your own jobs…??? Every Nigerian player, every damn Nigerian footballer, including the ones on the street DESERVES an opportunity…..but even if the heavens fall….it CAN NEVER happen, because it is NEVER possible. All the brazilians scattered all over the world how many of them ever get a call up till the end of their careers…? most of them end up naturalizing for their country of residence after a while.
      NOT ALL NIGERIAN FOOTBALLERS WILL GET AN OPPORTUNITY TO PLAY FOR THE SUPER EAGLES…..otherwise there will be no super eagles eventually.

      Anybody that is not satisfied should wait till when Rohr leaves and then get the coaching job and throw the SE camp open for trials with just the usual 3 days available before international matches

  • Kingston 7 months ago

    @jimmyball, thanks. but I’m not in support of calling ajayi. answer @d-cardinal question. there’s no player called and in the standby that ajayi can displace.

    • Chinedu 7 months ago

      When your focus is only on european league why wouldn’t you say he can’t displace anyone. Has far as am concerned the SE is only an average team with average players who can easily predictable.

      • @ Mr Chinedu, we have Brazilian in African Leagues doing very well, can you advice Any Brazilian coach to invite players from Egypt cos he scores 100 goals per season and leave out those in AC Milan, Juventus, Real Madrid?

  • Kingston 7 months ago

    was kelechi nwakali play that bad? I couldn’t watch the match

  • Kingston 7 months ago

    I saying Ajayi is bad? no! I’m saying the availability of talents have so increased that ajayi will find it difficult to dislodged a player, for example maja, that competes with the likes of Neymar and fabregas. it has nothing to do with inferiority complex. it’s not inferiority complex that will make you admit that Nigeria professional football league is not as good as England professional football league. if the best of players are playing in Europe top 5 who do you think ajayi have been playing with? simply not the best!
    people arguing of players that play in African football leagues and did well for Nigeria are missing the point. Africa football has greatly improved. for example, until the time of mahrez no African has won best premier league player of the year, but between when mahrez won the award it didn’t take up to five years for Salah to win it too. not up to two seasons ago three Africans won the golden boot in EPL something that has never been done before.
    fine, Sunday mba was playing in the Nigeria league and helped in winning the afcon 2013, but be sincere, was there any real competition against his shirt? would you say iwobi won’t bench him? even azeez was called ahead of him to the world cup, the same azeez that nwakali seems to be better than. ogbonna played locally and did well, I still agree, but was he better than ekong is now. let’s even talk about omeruo. at that time yobo said omeruo would one day captain eagles but currently though omeruo has greatly improved (so much that he is playing at leganes, no longer loaned to and fro) but as it stands if Felix udoikhai agrees to play for super Eagles then it may be bye bye for omeruo in wearing the super Eagles shirt.
    understand this : african football has improved. not only Nigeria but other nations as well. that’s why though we’ve better players doing well in better leagues we are yet to win afcon
    Super Eagles all the best!

  • @JimmyBall and @Adeyemi, there are two salient points being raised by @DrDrey that you have not responded to. The first was why Amuneke did not push for Ajayi’s call when he was the assistant coach. And at that time Ajayi seemed to be making waves more than now. The second is whether Rohr had invited Ajayi before or not.

    @JimmyBall, you said “Ajayi is better than Dessers, Onuachu, and currently I believe he deserves a place ahead of Moses Simon and Samuel Kalu.” You also believe he is technically superior to Iheanacho. I believe your opinion should be respected. But kindly extend the same courtesy to Rohr if he believes all the players you mentioned are better than Ajayi. Respect Rohr’s opinion as you want yours to be respected. At least, Rohr is also entitled to his own opinion too. We do not need to start criticizing him unnecessarily because he sees things differently from us.

    As much as I respect Amuneke and regard him as one of our best indigenous coaches, I do not think he will also like it if he were to be the coach and someone is trying to push players at him through the media. Amuneke is strong willed (just to avoid using the word “stubborn”) and he does not just bend to people’s demands anyhow. He should do unto others what he wants others to do to him.

    @Dr Drey, it would be a lot more beautiful if you keep your comments sweet by not insulting anyone in the process. You usually make very valid points, beyond any dispute many times. But sometimes, the way you garnish such deep submissions with insults makes them less appealing. In my own opinion, @Omonaija says many things that I completely do not agree with, but what I appreciate about him is that even when everyone is against his opinion and even insulting him, he would not insult anyone back. He will make his “powerful” points with a “straight face” without insulting anyone (lol!).

    Some people on this forum will hardly see any sense in what people they have believed are in the “other camp” are saying, simply because of bias or prejudice. We have created camps and in the process, we lose objectivity in dialogues. We need to be objective while reading each other’s posts and avoid any form of animosity or insults.

    • JimmyBall 7 months ago

      @Debo thanks for being respectful. Rohr’s decision right now is sacrosanct and we must also respect his wishes too… Certainly it’s not a walk-in-the-park coaching Super Eagles but that is because Nigerians know what they want and even the world reckons with us as a footballing nation… The world knows Nigeria’s quality. That’s why our demands are hard to meet by any coach but I agree with you that we must respect the Coach and his preferences. On this matter… I stand with Amuneke and perhaps if we had the chance of watching Egypt’s league maybe we will then be able to see what Amuneke is seeing and Ajayi is also foreign based and not home-based as some want to argue… You don’t just wake up and play for Al-Ahly of Egypt. Yes Rohr did invite Ajayi one time but never gave him more than 5 minutes to express himself.

    • Adeyemi 7 months ago

      You are right about something, @omonaija could reason differently but he is matured enough not to insult someone because of opposing thoughts. Moreover, constructive criticism is the only we can go. Now to your question, why Amuneke never invited Ajayi? I do not know but it might also be to the caliber of players at his possessions or the fact that he plays in a not too popular league. Having saw him in action and looking at current players, he thinks Ajayi could push for a shirt. I never supported nor dismiss what Amuneke said that Ajayi can push. However, that doesn’t mean we have to crucify Amuneke for voicing out his opinion. I read all comments but hardly comments unless I felt compelled to

    • Kenneth 7 months ago

      Well stated, and hope he listens

  • To be frank, it’s only @Dr Drey’s contribution i do have time to go through…
    The rest i only read in part(i.e after the first 4 to 7 lines)….
    some pple just choice to be ignorant and clueless….

    A striker in egyptian league scoring 11 times in forty somethin games is just below “below average”….
    some times u pple’s sentimental and clueless reasoning makes it dificult to accept the potentials in a player…..
    Amunike that cannot qualify us for common U20 afcon/WC is now advocating for who to invite….
    Why didn’t he invite the best when he was in charge of common U20.
    my brother @Dr Drey pls save ur energy and allow who want to be foolish to be foolish….

  • Collins id 7 months ago

    In my opinion i think junior ajayi deserves a place in the supereagles midfield not attack, the attackers we have are good enough, ajayi plays AM position for his club in past 2 seasons and he was so good, scoring wonderful goals and making assist, he can be a good aternative for iwobi if iwobi is not fit or tired. He is also fast and shot very well, he is very good on the air too. I have always thought of him and i am happy amunike is seeing thesame thing.

    • @Collins id, Very good point.
      But if u are to pick btw Ajayi and Ejaria whom will you pick to join our Midfield?

  • What baffles me most is the fact that they have succeeded in reducing the ambition of these their below average players to only dreaming of playing or being invited to the national team…..

    Meanwhile other average players from other countries moved from african leagues to european leagues, play and got recorgnise by caf during caf awards….

    The likes of MANE, AUBA, MARHEZ, PEPE, SALAH were once average but played out their heart and today they are reaping the dividends….

    In our own case, the pple advocating, crying, wailing, weeping for them are only interested in the national team invites…..
    Can’t advice them to strive for bigger awards in caf/fifa….

    No wonder their ex and quadiolas don’t see beyond the NFF job; their dreams, ambitions and desires is just to coach the national team case close…..
    As if NFF is the only place for coaching….
    when u are good u are good,,,, u don’t need anybody to advocate for u to be invited….
    These boys are BELOW AVERAGE; case close…

  • What baffles me most is the fact that they have succeeded in reducing the ambition of these their below average players to only dreaming of playing or being invited to the national team…..

    Meanwhile other average players from other countries moved from african leagues to european leagues, play and got recorgnise by caf during caf awards….

    The likes of MANE, AUBA, MARHEZ, PEPE, SALAH were once average but played out their heart and today they are reaping the dividends….

    In our own case, the pple advocating, crying, wailing, weeping for them are only interested in the national team invites…..
    Can’t advice them to strive for bigger awards in caf/fifa….

    No wonder their ex and quadiolas don’t see beyond the NFF job; their dreams, ambitions and desires is just to coach the national team case close…..
    As if NFF is the only place for coaching….
    when u are good u are good,,,, u don’t need anybody to advocate for u to be invited….
    These boys are BELOW AVERAGE; case close…

  • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

    @ Jimmy fake ball. Liar of the century, pls learn to just keep your filthy mouth shut and stop making silly excuses and talking nonsense. It wouldn’t be nice for children to be reading the garbage you spew on daily basis.

    Amuneke did not see Ajayi at close quarters before, the foreign based strikers invited ahead of Ajayi when he was a part of the SE technical crew at a time when we didnt have these number of multiple options in Europe were playing under his nose right….? So he his now sharing the same flat with Ajayi now to see him at close quarters kwanu….? Amuneke was asst coach and then…? Was it not Dan Amokachi (Keshi’s Assistant) that recommended Onazi for invitation to the SE under keshi…..? Was it not Salisu Yusuf that recommended the likes of Paul Onobi and Obaroakpo to Oliseh for invitation to the SE…? Clap for yourself for the wonderful excuses you have giving for Amuneke’s blindness to Ajayi’s abilities when he was a part of the Technical crew of the SE at a period when Ajayi was at his peak in Sfaxien and Alahly.

    You are the one that needs to go back to the womb and be reconceived with some sense. Bcos your empty brain cannot comprehend the fact that the so-called Egyptian National team who are dominated by the same Egyptian league that you claimed is better than the leagues in Europe cannot do jack once they step out of Africa where where they can use referees and their fans to intimidate opponents….they can win afcon 3 time back to back because 0ver 80% of them play together in the same club and already have team chemistry and can camp much earlier than the 2 weeks in which European clubs can release players for AFCON, but for them to qualify for World cup is a big problem, since all teams have the same 5 days to prepare for qualifing matches. That was why I asked you why it is always difficult for Egypt to do anything meaningful at the global stage…despite dominating africa. In the Ameriacas, Mexico and USA dont take 30 years to qualify for WC….in South America Brazil and Argentina dont take 30 yrs to qualify for WC, in Asia Japan and Korea, In middle east Saudi and Iran dont take 3 decades to qualify for WC….but 8th time African champions qualify after every 30 year. Even the almighty al-haly struggles to win 1 match whnever they play at the FIFA club WC, a tournament in which TP Mazembe has even gone all the way to the finals. That is an illustration og how low in quality the products of Egyptian league is to those in Europe. But your low intelligence quotient makes simple analogies like these looking like complex algebra to you, that is why you cant relate them to the issue at hand.

    Maybe Amuneke is now seeing another Ajayi different from the one we are seeing in the CAF champions league. Maybe the Ajayi that will bench Osimhen, Iheanacho, Dessers, Maja, Onuachu etc is better than the one we saw in both legs of the CCL semifinals against Wydad casablanca that hardly made any meaningful goal/assist contributions over the 2 legs. Even you sef that is ranting Ajayi’s name all over the place, I we ask you to tell us how many of his matches you have watches in the last 3 years, its going to be ZERO. It is Amuneke’s presence in Egypt now that’s has suddenly turned Ajayi into a player that is better than what he was when he was at his peak at a period Amuneke was Asst SE coach but ignored him. Maybe it is amuneke’s guilt conscience that is bugging him now, that if only they have invited Ajayi when he was at his peak then, when there weren.t too many Nigerian striker fireing goals with reckelss abandon in stronger, more competitive and quality leagues in Europe.

    You also never fail to disappoint…..LMAO Ajayi now is better than iheanacho and Desserss….LMAO. Let me copy you verbatim because you will either claim your words were twisted or that you never said so


    Someone should please jot down the above quote for the day Jimmy-fake ball we come here and deny he never said so, the same way he has come to deny he never said Nwakali was better than all SE midfielders including Mikel….LMAO

    Even in the best league in the world iheanacho cannot play 45 matches even as a substitute and not score more than 11 goals in al competitions. Dessers had about 18 goals last season, already he has 3 or 4 goals in 8 matches this season despite playing mostly from the bench, multiply that ratio by 5 and he will likely get 15 goals in 40 matches…..Even Onuachu at club level averages 15 -17 goals per season…..all these ones are playing in tougher leagues o, but your stupidity rates Ajayi who averages less than 10 goal in ALL competitions per season in TUNISIAN and EGYTIAN league as better players……LMAO….Even Junior Lokosa and Okpotu are better than Iheancho, Dessers and Onuachu then. Tell Ajayi to go and sign for Mancity first and lets see if he is better than Iheanacho. Even the likes of Umar, Etebo and Imoh ezekiel put in on the bench for the entire Olympics at U23 level when he was at his peak.

    “…Any good forward player can conveniently play from either left or right wing…” LMAO. You are already admitting your Ajayi cannot bench any of the CFs in the SE right now…LMAO…you are now trying to canvas for a place for him on the wings….LMAO…pls to bench who on the wings..? To bench players who are facing top clubs in top leagues every weekend…? Have you watched Ajayi play on the wings for Alhaly before, that he will now play on the wings in the SE…? If any good forward player can CONVINENTLY PLAY from the wings why didnt chelsea coaches play Drogba on the wings, why wasnt Etoo played on the wings, Why isnt Osimhen being played on the wings. You should have just said any good striker can play anywhere on the pitch including between the goal post, the way you claimed you played EVERY POSITION ON THE PITCH in your fake football career…LMAO. Never in my entire life in football have I seen 1 professional player who was played in every position on the pitch. You think football top level football is like the monkey post you played on the streets…? Even in futsal players have their natural positions. No wonder Peter Olayinka can play as a left Midfielder…LMAO

    Ahmed Musa proved himself in Holland, He conquered Russia and won tonnes of titles and is still worshiped till today in CSKA. He lost his place in LCFC because the coach who signed him was sacked and he went to Saudi to make cool cash. Your Ajayi who is better than everybody has never crossed the Mediterranean sea before. Egypt has been the peak of his career so far, we he averages 10 goals per season in ALL competitions. Yet a spot should be reserved for him in the Super eagles because it was you and his father that donated the land on which the NFF headquarters was built.

    So even if Osimhen is not scoring, or not available, it is to 10 goals in all competitions in egyptian league Ajayi that is the alternative. He is the one that should walk into the SE ahead of those playing and scoring even continental football in Europe. LMAO. Kindly tell your tin-god Amuneke that we have heard him. The day he becomes SE coach he should abandon people who are scoring 15-20 goals regularly in the top 8 leagues in Europe and invite people from even Jamaican league to the SE since the league you play in and you stats in such league does not matter. That was what the other African guadiolas did and couldnt qualify for 3 out of 4 AFCONS.
    So it it only Ajayi that deserves a spot in the super eagles…? What of Okpotu…..abi in nor deserve spot…? what of Junior Lokosa….in too nor deserve spot..? What of Emma Ikeh that is playing the the 2nd division of the Nigerian league and scored 10 goals, him too nor deserve spot…? Nonsense.
    When Amuneke bcos SE coach and you become his assistant, infact pls throwaway all the Europe based players in the SE and invite players from Sudan, Jamaica, Libya, NPFL, NNL etc. the league doesnt actually matter. LMAO. I bet you wouldnt last beyond the end of the qualifiers on the tournament ahead of you before you and your tin-gods are sacked…..LMAO

    You are entitled to you silly opinions. I am entitled to mine too…I dont know why my own opinion always burns you like the prophets of baal. If my opinions are peppering you feel free to ignore them or go and jump into the Balkan sea.


    I appreciate you and every one in this community too, even those I appear to feud with. Ofcourse this will be a boring arena if all opinions were along the same line. But unfortunately, some people just cant stand a superior intellectual discourse and when they see they are loosing it, then they start to mudsling. I repeat, on this forum, the same hypocrites who say I insult them are actually the ones that insult me first. Read up through this thread and see where that pathological lair (who thinks he can deceive us on this forum with fake football career stories) first insulted the “idiot commentators”. Maybe it is his ancestors he was referring to. I am not others….if you insult me, I will insult you back. If you insult Rohr who is probably only enough to be fathers to some of these uncought kids who are bereft of intelligence, I will also insult you too back so that you can feel how ‘sweet’ it is to be insulted. Gone were the days of diplomacy, that was in the days of KON. These days social media has turned everyone to mates, that’s why millennials cannot bear a superior argument and will rather try to throw shades.

    Apologies if they irritate you…..just like fish pepper soup, please sieve and spit out the bones (the insults in my write-ups) from the soup it self (the write-up itself) and enjoy the soup. But since birds have learnt to fly without perching, hunters have also learnt to shoot without missing. Na for this world some of these uncought millennials meet us.

    • JimmyBall 7 months ago

      … @Dr.Drey. Hahaha… from the number of forumites who always dislike your rants, any mature person should know the kind of person you are. Your problem are two things and they still haunt you… 1.very poor English comprehension skills and 2. Never seeing anything good in other people’s contribution even ex-inteenationals who you don’t even qualify to counter their wise counsel… Na me talk am and it remains my opinion and understanding of better footballers when I see one. Junior Ajayi is better than Iheanacho, Musa (right now), Dessers and Onuachu. I like Onuachu and Dessers but I know Junior has it more in all-round play than them. Some keep judging attackers by their goal contribution to Super Eagles… I ask, how many goals did Kanu Nwankwo score for Nigeria’s Super Eagles before he retired? But we all know his contribution in all-round play and team balance…

      • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

        Hahahahaha…dislike my comments……1st of all I am not in competition with anybody for likes or dislikes. 2ndly, pls, I beg you in the name of your father, go back to the last one week are read all my comments and count if the total number of likes I get from the same forumites whom you are telling white lies here that they dislike my comments is not quadruple or quintuple the number of dislikes…LMAO
        With ALL SENSE OF HUMILITY, Even the few dislikes I get are from inferiority complex ridden and jealous souls like you who cant stand quality, veracity and authenticity of my comments here on this forum (without sounding arrogant). All of you whom I have dealt with on this forum cannot just stand to see Dr.Drey’s comments, unfortunately, you dont even have 1/3rd of the amount of intelligence needed to defeat my arguments. Or how many time have you EVER shared links, facts or stats to butress all the nonsense you always spew on this forum…? I know the caliber of people who can shut me up with intelligence on this forum…Chief amongst them are Big D. and Mr Hush….they are the only one who shut me up and checkmates me completely. But even the occasions where we both disagree are few and far between bcos they are reasonable people who make, understand and also appreciate reasonable comments. You and the rest are just wannabees who can only try, hence even when I sneeze, you can click on dislike, but for every 1 dislike I get from riffrafss like you and your cohort, sensible people who appreciate sensible comments and can assimilate facts and truth will give 4-5 likes.

        If you like talk say Okpotu is the best Nigerian player dead or alive na you sabi…you’ve said more ridiculous things on this forum before, so it wont be a surprise. You want to start talking about Ajayi in the same vein as Kanu…? LMAO…you must be sick in the head. Kanu was a goalscorer right from his U17 days…what am I saying sef…..right from his Iwuanyawu days. Kanu walked straight into Ajax from owerri. Kanu was a goal getter for and led Nigeria to the olympic gold with goals. Kanu didnt spend 5 years criss crossing North africa. Kanu didnt sit on the bench at the Olympics for anybody…that was the quality and stuff he was made of. Kanu withdrew from being a goal getter himself to being more of a provider as he aged and due to his background heart condition. DONT EVER IN YOUR LIFE mention Ajayi in the same vein as Kanu. If he was so good scoring and assisting like a player of true class why is he still in Africa since he started his football career…? Even Salah who is an Egyptian was spotted by European clubs. Even for al-ahly Ajayi has not played what will earn him a legendary status for the club. You are just here ranting all over the place as if he is the one that will walk into the SE and turn everything around. Na ordinary Umar, Imoh and Etebo put am for bench for Rio 2016….where were all his goals and assists then. If he is good let him go and play in Bundesliga na, or EPL or Laliga, Nor be arokodare wey dey tear latvia apart still dey struggle for bundesliga…..tell your Ajayi to go and play in even belgian or dutch league first, thats when we will know he is better than all the SE players put together.

    • chuks haifa 7 months ago

      What you have is a superior insult and not superior intelligence or knowledge about football. Make your point and stop insulting people with the slightest intent. Always make your write up very concise. No, be everyone get time to dey read long epistle.

      • JimmyBall 7 months ago

        @Chuks Haifa… Thank you so much. You can see through his self-acclaimed superior arguments as most of us here do all the time. Once your opinion and perspective differ, then you are in trouble from @Dr.Drey… he was always so loud here until most forumites who are more witted and knowledgeable about Nigeria’s football start checking him here… You can see how long his writeups are… they are just a frantic show to win arguments by force and not logic. He is skilled at twisting peoples writings and intentions too… I mentioned Kanu Nwankwo in the same breath as Junior Ajayi just to explain that because a player managed just 11 goals in 42 outings does not mean he is bad… that no one ever cared if Kanu was scoring in nations cup or not because his all-round play was always at a high level… go read @Dr.Drey’s reply to me and see how he attempts to twist the narrative to appear as if I was comparing Junior Ajayi to Kanu Nwankwo… that is all he is skilled at… trying to confuse sane minds. I mentioned Kanu’s outing at senior national team level only and he has gone back to mention Iwanyanwu Nationale and U-17. Thanks brother for seeing through the ordeal he puts people through here insulting them at the slightest chance… On the matter of discussion from Emmanuel Amuneke between I and him, a lot of forumites were reading his childish insults and thumbing his writeups down while thumbing mine up… I called his attention to that and he has gone back to thumb himself up multiples while personally also thumbing my comments down himself. I had no thumbs down initially… hahaha. You can imagine the desperation for forum-appeal… Hahahahaha. Some people “LA WAO”

        • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

          Hahahahha…Dr.Drey is giving himself multiple thumbs up…LMAO. I can see your jealousy is turning you insane. I dont know how possible it is to be commenting and watching Barca vs Alaves and PSG vs Nantes at the same time and also giving meaningless thumbs ups all over the place. Infact is it even possible to give multiple thumbs ups…? LMAO.
          Your fans have finished giving you the few thumbs up you can ever get. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, that is the case of your and all those who cant stand Dr.Drey. They have done their bit of supporting your senselessness so they are giving way to sensible people to read in peace. Between you and I who is desperate to win arguement…? who has been telling lies and changing mouth, cooking excuses, conjuring cock and bull stories without source or verification up and down..? Who has been replying to everybody’s comments to try to court friendship, sympathy and support all over the place…..the signs of defeat is starring you and even your desperation can be perceived from 1000 miles away.

          “…Ajayi is better than Iheancho, Dessers, Onuachu….” LMAO

          That to me is the height of desperation to win an argument and justify the need and call by your tin-god to reserve a spot in the SE for him.

          If it is possible to be giving myself multiple thumbs ups you too go and give yourself multiple thumbs ups too na……LMAO. It is thumbs ups that you use to collect money in the bank….LMAO. So if Dr Drey is giving himself multiple thumbs ups, is he the one giving the others ‘multiple thumbs ups’ too…? LMAO. You think he is as jobless as you are…LMAO. Be counting thumbs ups o. I nugo..?! Jisike..!

          • Dis drey sef, you be something else o (smiles), why you go sent fully grown man to go dey count thumbs up. which kind of wickedness assignment be that. You will not kill us with laugh o. E do you

          • JimmyBall 7 months ago

            @Dr.Drey… hahaha. You do side meetings with your followers here na. You have your brigade of arms here, whatever you say they back you up even though not wholly correct. Once they see you going head-on with anyone they push weights behind you… some of us have seen through that here. Ofcourse the multiple thumbs-up for you and thumbs-down for me are your work and those of your brigade… we know una for this place. Hahaha… some of your comments that are blatant insults and mockery have no thumbs-down because I do not even have the time… but all of a sudden after I called your attention to it as being a reason for mature minds here to know what you are really about with the twitching-nerve always to easily and effortlessly insult someone… I started getting hell of thumbs-down! Very funny… Jonathan Akpoborie has backed Emmanuel Amuneke’s comment on Junior Ajayi up o… You have lots of more work to the in order to start discrediting him again o! Goodluck brother… Dalum!

          • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

            Hehehehehe….I dont have 2 heads, na this same forum me and you they we me “gather brigade” (according to you) without seeing, knowing or meeting with anybody and you are on your own like a leper. Of course who wants to be associated with a ficticious ex-footabller who makes comments that not make sense…that a granny who has never touched any round object can never make? who wants to be associated with someone who cooks up cock and bull stories that cannot be verified, with unbelievable ease, when box into a corner. Who wants to be associated with someone who talks thing that are completely against reality like Ajayi is better than Iheancho, Dessers, Onuachu, Kalu and simon….LMAO (I bet you will deny this one day very soon when the comment finally begins to sound stupid in your own ears too). Who wants to be associated with someone who says crap like Kelechi Nwakali is better than all the SE midfielders including Mikel, which you have paraphrased after many months of never denying to, he is more talented than Most of the midfielders we have had in the SE in recent times……I have asked you which one of the “recent time” SE midfielders are you referring to but you lost your voice on that. Apart from myopic and illogical cohorts like you, like your brother kenneth-kingsley-Ade, the enemy of your enemy who is always here to fight on your behalf, nobody wants to be associated with senselessness.
            Incase you do not know, you cant buy goodwill…..if Dr.Drey enjoys so much goodwill, on the same forum where you belong, without seeing, knowing and feeling anybody, something which you are not enjoying, then something is amiss with you and the things you put in public domain.
            Please continue to count the likes and dislikes ehn…..trust me they are bound to increase as more sensible people who have brains and can reason well read the tread….LMAO

  • Ikeben 7 months ago

    The simple Truth is that Rohr usually invites from the best available at any time. In 2017/2018 when Ajayi was very hot, he was invited by Rohr and also capped him with few minutes. And many forget that Ajayi made Rohr’s 30-man list for the world cup. But he could not make it to the final camp because of injury. And lukily Simmy broke into the world cup squad. So if not for the injury maybe he would have made it.

    But now things have changed, the competition is tighter for strikers where Ajayi is playing. Even Simmy, Umar, Nwakeme, Maja, Kayode, Olayinka, Akpom, Dessers with more goal scoring rates in the last 2 seasons than Ajayi are not able to get in, so how can Ajayi be called. Remember Ajayi is not competing with wingers but centre forwards. Even the likes of Kelechi and Onuachu are still not guaranteed a place in SE. But if he start scoring 30+ goals in Egypt, he may be called.

    Our coach does not use sentiments but rather stats and that is what differentiates Whites and Africans. Let’s judge him by his results.

  • De Star 7 months ago

    @ Debo , thanks for your well balanced write up, that is way to go , anyone that faulted this should have himself examined, give it to the likes of @Omo9ja in particular ( very matured, never for once loose it), you cannot help but to continue to enjoy reading views of  @Mr Hursh @Goal ,@ Larry & others because either you agree with their views or not , you cannot fault the dexterity they passes their thought .
    If at our level we cannot pass our message without bullying or insulting others opposing view, of what positive value is it to us in the platform ? When @Igbekun abo loosed it last time, no one was able to stand up to him let alone enjoy the platform until they calmed down ( I am sure no one would want @Igbekun abo treatment in the platform again, if we don’t want such , then we must respect ourselves in the loop ).

    Amunike definitely have a point as well as those who believe Ajayi deserves to fight for SE shirt , those that stand by Rohr that , there should be stability in the SE instead of inviting every players playing abroad to such extent of not having 1st 11 in how many years , also have their own strong points .

    In my own modest opinion, based on past experience, the league a player is playing at times shouldn’t be the only determinant factor  , Amorkachi was playing in Kaduna not even the best league in Nigeria when Westerhof entrust him to add to the then star studded SE , Agahowa was nicknamed Agawonder while playing in African league, same as Amunike wining Afcon footballer of the year ( the only differences is those players were well exposed to the outside world better great league by their national team SE , only very few exceptional player got great opportunity in a better league without their national team like Obafemi Martins ) , so to those who believe why was Ajayi still in Egyptian league , the answer is , no serious club in the direction of a player that is not fit to be in his country national team , particularly in Premirship , a player would need issue of work permit to sort out as  , the value of player drops if he is not fit to be in his country national team , and it is a double tragedy to an African player . 
    If I may ask , of what meaningful rating would you have expected from a player that Rohr invited once and given just 2 minutes appearance in a match ( does Rohr expect Ajayi to score a hat trick goals in 2 minutes to prove he deserves to fight for a shirt in S/E ?  yet players who have performed badly in the past match like Onanauch &co continued to get call up and given straight shirt in the super eagle ) . The truth must be told , as today we don’t have strong 1st 11 let alone a quality bench in the SE , so the question of who would Ajayi benched may not be all that matter , rather it should be of what added value would he be in the SE , Osimeh was not available last time and the entire team attacking was gone , No great team achieve success without good bench , that is partly why an incoming player need not come to replace anyone but to add value to the team including a super sub as in case of Agahowa , Ipeba , Tijani etc 

    • JimmyBall 7 months ago

      @De Star… I always read your submissions to the end. Even if atimes your views differ a bit in terms of your angle of points and explanations they are always solid. The Super Eagles we have today… Can we be going against a team like Egypt, Senegal, Cameroun, Zambia, Cape Verde, Morocco, Algeria and Cote d’voire in a knockout game and be very confident that we will carry the day? The answer is a big no… What we have now are just average players even though we like to stand by them in belief. You invite Olayinka, you give him 2minutes… You invite Maja and introduce him in 92nd minute to play only 3minutes of the added 5minutes regulation time… you invite Junior Ajayi and give him 2minutes… that is a trend that shows those players were only invited based on fans and media clamor, but their fate as to minutes to be handed was already decided even before the invitation… This is the trend we have seen with Rohr. Certain players appear to just be pawns in invitation politics. Everyone shouted Dessers and he got invited yet in a friendly we could not even give him a full half to play or say 35minutes… You go again starting old brigade we already to know because you are desperate for result. I am still waiting to see which pattern we will be comfortable playing… Since Mikel and Moses left, we are back to the level of Pre-world Cup 2018 when we were just clueless in friendlies losing everything! We Sidon the look in 3D… De Star, sleep very well and enjoy your weekend. Honesty is free of charge…

      • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

        “….… Can we be going against a team like Egypt, Senegal, Cameroun, Zambia, Cape Verde, Morocco, Algeria and Cote d’voire in a knockout game and be very confident that we will carry the day? The answer is a big no….”

        Hahahahaha…..are you referring to the Cameroon we beat at home, drew away and beat again as recently as last AFCON…? or the Egypt that we beat in Asaba and was knocked out by SA whom we knocked out to the last AFCON…? or the Morocco that Benin republic kicked out of AFCON whom we beat in Uyo last year, or the Zambia we have beaten home and away…? Let me not even talk about Capeverde who couldnt even qualify for the last AFCON….LMAO. In the last one year We have beaten Cameroon, beaten Benin, beaten Guinea, will beat Sierraleone home and away (by Gods grace) this month, so it is cotedivoire we cannot beat…? Orisirisi

        Enemies of progress, We dont need your confidence. We the true fans of the SE have confidence in out National team any day any time. Put all these teams in one group with us and we will qualify with games to spare…and thats a FACT. CONFIRMED.

        In the last 4 years, only 3 countries, JUST 3 COUNTIRES can boast of having beaten us in competitive fixtures, SA (gamble), Madagascar(gamble) and Algeria (96th minute). So go to hell if you are not confident in the SE. We dont need you support.

        Just as you said u are entitled to your opinions without being contested….Rohr is also entitled to his opinions of who to or who not to invite to the SE and play in matches, if you like tell us Ajayi and Olayikna are better than CR& ad Messi. If it pains you, stop watching the SE till Rohr is leaves. After then, you can start inviting all you world class players and then we will now go back to the days of calculators.

  • Ayphillydegreat 7 months ago

    Dr.Drey I really appreciate you. The moment I read that Ajayi is better than Iheanacho, Dessers and Onuachu I bust into an uncontrollable laughter that my neighbors were wandering what could be so funny. Ajayi that couldn’t displace Sadiq Umar at U23 level is now better than Iheanacho who despite playing mostly as a substitute in the premier league averages 10 goals a season. Imagine Iheanacho playing in the Egyptian league for 5 seasons. Before it was Onuachu that is better than Osimhen. Then It was Rohr took bribe from Mikel Agu because he’s affiliated to his agent. Subsequently It was Olayinka and Kayode are better than all the forwards we have. Now it is Ajayi is better than Iheanacho, Onuachu and Dessers. Lmao!!! Mr JimmyBall played the game to the highest level indeed. Anyway you’re entitled to your opinions, if coach decides not invite Ajayi that’s his choice as long as those he put faith on continue to deliver for the team. Besides Ajayi is not even better than Nwakaeme talk less of Simy. Abeg make una look for another excuse. Amunike is highly respected and appreciated, but pushing a player on the coach despite the fact that Rohr gave the same Ajayi his SuperEagles debut is not a good idea. When he becomes the coach he can bring in Ajayi, Okpotu, Lokosa and all Nigerian players playing in Egypt and other North African countries to prosecute qualifiers. Wasn’t Amunike part of the coaching crew that failed to qualify for common AFCON?? Even failed to qualify the U20 for ordinary AFCON/WC. That’s why they couldn’t qualify for 3 out of 4 AFCONS. Lmao!!!! Now we’re on the verge to qualify for a third straight major tournament. Let the coach do his job.

    • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

      “…Ajayi is better than Iheanacho, Dessers and Onuachu…” LMAO. Coming from the phantom ex-footballer who played monkey post football to the highest level on the streets of his village…LMAO. Wetin we nor go see for CSN.
      Watch this space, he will come back in 2-3 months time and deny he never said so. Same way he has denied he never said KN is better than all SE midfielders including Mikel. I used to bookmark the pages a year ago and beyond, whenever the blasphem like this but i just stopped this year since these lairs never change. even when you show them their lies korokoro, they never apologize or change, they still go ahead and tell a fatter lie later. But it seems I will resume that practice now.
      Shey he has said any good striker should be able to play as a left or right winger, no problem we will start playing Osimhen and Onuachu from the wings as from now on and invite Ajayi to come and take his spot in the no 9 position….LMAO

      • GLORY 7 months ago

        @ Drey, it’s better to just ignore some posts that begs to deliver an iota of common sense. How on earth will Jimmyball come here to say Ajayi is better than Nacho? Anyway I honestly blame Nacho for sitting his arse on the bench. No one here is disputing the fact that Ajayi ala Olayinka and others are good players but big question I am putting forward to Jimmyball and all those blaming Rohr for not inviting certain players is, how we talking about building a team here or we are talking of gathering players to just look at them.
        When you have a team on ground, randomly changing the components of that team will end up disintegrating that team in every sense. And funny enough same people that suggested players will be the ones to castigate the coach. If I were to be Rohr, as I keep saying, I will ignore every town crier and go about doing my job the best way I can,, you happy, fine, you not happy, wait for when I leave and apply for the job.

        • JimmyBall 7 months ago

          @Glory. Thank you for your perspective… Very mature and appreciated. Yes we are building and must temper invitations with the serenity to be able to build a team… I just have my personal opinions about some players that I have seen. They remain my personal opinion… Talking about Iheanacho, in my player-mind I feel he is not a centre forward but what you will call supporting striker in a 4-4-2 system. Iheanacho is a sound player no doubt but I won’t rest my hopes for goals in games on him… often our players get converted in their roles… In my opinion, Iheanacho could operate effectively from an advanced attacking midfield position just like Iwobi does… So if I see a player that I feel stand a chance of getting us regular goals or helping to contribute to goals better than Iheanacho, I will naturally rate such a player higher in goal scoring needs… Iheanacho is a good midfielder with an eye for goal… A coach like Manu Garba who is versed in the Nigerian traditional playing system will naturally know how to play Iheanacho to effeciency better than how often European coaches use our players… It was Pellegrini that turned Iheanacho into a supposed centre forward…

      • JimmyBall 7 months ago

        @Ayphillydegreat… I have never liked comparing players directly because I know no two players are the same… Please when you quote, make sure to quote me rightly. I know the capabilities of Victor Osimhen… I have never on this forum said Onuachu is better than Osimhen… Before now I only have strongly said Peter Olayinka is good enough for Eagles… I also said because of the style Super Eagles play with lone striker and wingers who don’t do well to cross the ball properly and release it ontime like Chukwueze and Kalu are often guilty of… Onuachu has been struggling as a result… but that notwithstanding does not mean he is a bad player. I do not often mention Ajayi as much as Peter Olayinka even though I know so much of how well he has managed at Al-Ahly because on this forum people judge players solely on the league they play and if not in Europe it appears you will never be good enough… Ajayi was at some point in 2015 in Shooting star of Ibadan and barely two years later after moving to Egypt from CS Faxien of Tunisia was named in CAF 11 for 2017/2018 season. That alone tells a lot about how the player improved… Now the whole noise here today has been due to Emmanuel Amuneke’s honest assessment and opinion… that was all I supported there was no need for directly comparing players but in my opinion football has a lot to do with luck and good fortune. When a player is never given the chance at the right stage to show himself you will really never know so much about him. Nwaekeme is good and we all know that but I believe Rohr has decided to stop inviting him further because of age otherwise the single game he was given in 2017 or 2018 against Algeria is not enough to judge and discard him… Sometimes a coach only invites players he knows and trust and that does not mean that there may not be other deserving players being excluded too… Some of us just know that invitation to Super Eagles is not always due alone to merit because club bench role players receive invites likewise some in obscure leagues… Now today everyone has forgotten a certain Michael Babatunde who did so well in World Cup 2014 and in that short period established himself in Super Eagles… but since that world cup no one heard about him other than he went once to Raja Casablanca from Ukraine… I believed that Michael Babatunde would have had a better club career and fortune had it been he was still a part subsequently of Super Eagles after Brazil 2014. That is how some places who are national team materials suffer and get relegated to oblivion because the centre stage stopped being allowed to them… My take is that we treat all good and deserving players fairly and with equal chance… We know some enjoy better previleges than others!

    • JimmyBall 7 months ago

      @Ayphillydegreat… Ajayi was not fully fit entering Rio Olympics 2016, the choice of Sadiq Umar then ahead of him was largely due to that injury which happened in camp in the states. He was almost dropped but Siasia took him because it was his goals and Awoniyi that qualified Nigeria to that Olympic… even Awoniyi himself was placed rather strangely on standby… Go and check NFF accused Samson Siasia of hanky-panky in the aftermath of Rio Olympics as it appeared he struck shady deals with some players he took… Some of watched the Rio 2016 Olympics and Umar Sadiq was just very selfish in that semi final game against Germany as we would have been a goal up if he had squared to Mikel Obi who was open facing just open goal… That a player was started ahead of another does not always mean the one on bench is inferior… it may just be a coach personal decision. I followed the qualifiers down to camping and the games proper… NFF was really angry that Siasia dropped some players who deserved slots to go… But Ajayi nursed an injury in into the games… In 2017/2018 season including all African players based abroad even Europe and even on the continent… Junior Ajayi was the only Nigerian player named to the CAF first eleven for that season… even then, did he get any recognition from Super Eagles handlers? No!

      • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

        Hahahahaha…..NFF was angry with Siaisa because of shaddy deals, but still gave him the SE job less than 6 months after abi…..LMAO. So Siasia took an unfit player to the Olympics…? Even our last group match for which we had qualified, Ajayi was not fit to play…So Ajayi was unfit from the beginning to the end of the….LMAO.
        Pls kindly post the link to this your super story let us read it. Pls dont tell us not even 1 media outlet in the WHOLE Nigerian media space scooped this nice story that you alone knows….LMAO.

        • JimmyBall 7 months ago

          @Dr.Drey no be fight, get your facts right. Siasia did not come in on a clean slate… It was a hurried rescue mission because Sunday Oliseh abandoned the post with two head-to-head games against Egypt sensing we may not qualify and largely due to ill-treatemnt and being owed salaries as we later learnt. Nobody was accepting that rescue mission job… Only Siasia took it and ultimately did not qualify us. Eguaveon was approached but he refused… It was clear scaling Egypt was not going to be easy.

          • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

            Oga…I asked you for a simple link, you are giving us super stories….LMAO. Eguaqvoen refused rescue mission….LMAO the same Eguavoen that accepted rescue mission in 2005 and won both games massively rejected rescue mission in 2016…LMAO. Oga…give us a simple link….dont tell us not even 1 media outlet, not 1, not even a blog, in the WHOLE Nigerian media space scooped this nice moonlight tales you are telling us now that you alone knows….LMAO.

          • Kenneth 7 months ago

            Mr brother why ask for information he doesn’t have. Someone that is yet to show us the credentials that certifies there PE teacher RORH has UEFA licence. That one small, he was hearing screaming Rorh won swiss cup when he was coach, till date nothing to back it up. Then again came here to say frank bercanbaur was a player coach at cosmos, till date no link or proof. He is just a liar and loser who doesn’t see beyond his nose. have advised you to ignore this guy, he believe he knows all, i don’t sweat over someone with facts to soot his ego and see others contributions as useless.

          • Ayphillydegreat 7 months ago

            No Eguavoen was not approached, it was Amodu that was approached and refused. That’s some of the issues with local coaches. By the way if Iheanacho and Iwobi were available for the Olympics who is Ajayi to be in the team?? How can Siasia take an injured player to the Olympics if your story is true??? There was even a dwarf player in the team that raises a few highbrows. Thanks to the experience of Mikel and the likes of Imoh Ezekiel, Ekong, Etebo, Sadiq and Azubuike. The moment Etebo got injured the team collapsed. Indigenous coaches will always have some kind of deals here and there at the detriment of achieving great success. I’m sure if Rohr were to be a local the likes of Mikel Agu will continue to be invited since he’s affiliated to his agency. 

          • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

            Hahahahahah…Kenneth, Kingsley, Ade…..welcome back…LMAO.
            I gave you links to the Biography of Franz’s teammate and co player-coach Birkenmeier at cosmos, @Dr banks gave you links to ROhr’s Swiss cup FINALIST MEDAL winning feat. I gave you complete sport links to where Rohr obtained his coaching training and the UEFA mandate since the 90s that coaches in UEFA competitions must have at least A license of which Rohr coached in UEFA till the late 2000s meaning he had the requisite license…..but as you be brainless illiterate, to read book and reason logically dey always hard you, that is why you come here always with your blind arguments. he-goat don come, smell of piss don come…if you like change your name to Donald Trump, the stupidity in your posts will never leave you…LMAO

          • JimmyBall 7 months ago

            @Ayphillydegreat… Mike Idoko is my mentor when I was playing football back home, I am a family relative of renown coach Bernard Ogbe… I am very close to Bitrus Bewerang because of Coach Ogbe. I can tell you from insider news that Eguaveon was approached before Amodu shaibu to prosecute the last two games against Egypt that Sunday Oliseh abandoned… The NFF was desparate and frantic after the void left by Sunday Oliseh… Eguaveon refused because of how he was humiliated out of the position after losing to Guinea in Conakry in the first leg versus Guinea sometime in 2011 enroute to the qualifiers for Afcon 2012. Due to that incident when they contacted Eguaveon he told them he was not comfortable with handling the Eagles remaining two games in the double header versus Egypt. They then went to Coach Amodu who declined seeing the trap… even Onigbunde warned Siasia against taking those last two games versus Egypt. Of course we could win Egypt convincingly in Port-Harcourt if Super Eagles had taken their chances with Victor Moses having atleast two good chnaces from which a ball was cleared from the goal line after hitting it weakly instead of applying some more power… Some of us know some key people around Nigeria’s football corridor… I could be lying but then that is between me and my God.

          • Kenneth 7 months ago

            Why are u calling out names. Are they your love. Mr i don’t need to disguise my identity like you do. Have been active on this platform for many years, so don’t come here and think people are sleeping. And am not surprised you are here lying again about the achievements of your PE teacher. Remembered how this question was asked on several occasions on this platform and you kept deflecting it with insults. My friend am not those in your bandwagon, who just want to worship the literature you spew here. Since others opinion is meaningless to you. So is some of the fake news you present here with no proof.

  • GLORY 7 months ago

    @ Jimmyball, I do constantly read your post here, And quite frankly, the sound of your post gives a sense of one that has played football, the level irrespective. But I must admit, I am disappointed at some of your summation regarding Ajayi.
    There is something I see lots of people don’t get about @ Drey and that is failing to get the THEME of his argument. I don’t think Drey is saying Ajayi is not a good player but the point is, you all should let the gaffer do his job. You cannot tell I n I that you know better than Rohr otherwise you will not be on CSN writing a book. We all can suggest players but trying to use that to undermine the hard work Rohr is putting into building a team is very unfair and suspicious.
    I was amongst those that sounded out Ajayi at some point on this forum and Rohr eventually invited him then. Yes people may say he didn’t give him enough minute in the game he played but Rohr might have seen enough of him in training.
    Jimmyball, here is the point, Rohr seeing him in training and not inviting again does not mean Rohr sees him as not good enough but Ajayi might just not be the right fix for Rohr’s kind of player. COACHES HAVE THEIR KIND OF PLAYERS. EVEN FROM READING YOUR POST HERE, I can see you have your kind of player. So if you end up becoming SE coach, you and I will definitely be at daggers drawn over players INVITATION because my kind of players are not your kind. So, will it be fair to say you as SE manager is not good.
    The norm all around the world, whether, England, France, Brazil, Germany, Italy. Etc, is, not every quality player gets invited, for managers ideas of quality is as it translates to the system they are building. So please let us all allow this man Rohr do his job. If he fails, the position will be thrown open for everyone of you claiming to know better than him

    • kenneth 7 months ago

      Are you making a case for Dr Drey. Please don’t even go there glory, please take time and go back to is write up on ajayi, were in there did he support him. Please my brother this someone we all know doesn’t care about others opinion except those that want to glorify his comment. Yes we would like to give the gaffer the right to pick his team, but stop calling players who are not active for there clubs, some players deserve to be called to the national team and Ajayi is one.

      • GLORY 7 months ago

        @ Kenneth if you honest enough to admit to good reasoning, that statement credited to Rohr, that he is only going to invite active players, must have been made after he’s already had the core of SE team. So it won’t be out of place to accept that, that statement was in reference to any new call up or players not already in the core of the team he is building. It’s unheard of, that a coach keeps inviting every player hitting the headline after one or two games. Such will only happen with an idiotic manager that doesn’t know his onions. Building a team is like building a house. It’s sheer madness to be building a brick house, and just when you are about roofing, you see steel house and then decides to bring in steel into your brick house, then next minute, you see blocks, you are bringing blocks, you see wooden house, you are bringing wood. Etc. Anyone seeing you doing this, will quickly think of doing you a favour by tying you down while every plea to be freed will be taking as part of the madness.

        • Kenneth 7 months ago

          @ glory Well sir, sorry if your point was misconstrued. The fact still remains that some current players are under-performing, lets be objective here, how do you defend a player who has been active for the past 2months and given a call up to the current engagement next month. But yet we have several attacking minds who are ignored. Do we have to continue to stick with the same caliber of players who have been under-performing. There are currently 5 to 6 new players injected into the team. So after 5years he still doesn’t have the core players yet. For me. if he is still experimenting, then he needs to call in other players then. Am a die-hard eagles fan, but the current crop we have is just average compared to the caliber we had years back.

          • Ayphillydegreat 7 months ago

            The last time I checked the caliber of players we have in the past failed to qualify for back to back AFCONS. The caliber of players we have in the past and their African Guardiolas took us to 70th position in the world. The caliber of players we have now will be qualifying for a third straight tournament with games to spare. @Glory was right after all. Even if he will call other players it should be one way better than what we currently have. On that basis Ajayi is not better than what we have on the current list. 

          • GLORY 6 months ago

            @ Kenneth sorry for late reply, went to sleep. Now let’s be honest, do you really think Rohr will see a player better than the ones he has and not want to have that player? I personally don’t think anyone in Rohr shoes where he wants to prove a point to people like Odegbami n co will do that, except such persons have got mental issues. If ever he is not inviting such players, be rest assured, that there must have been bottle necks beyond his power, preventing him from doing such.Again you guys especially broda [email protected] Jimmyball keep saying here, club football should not be a yardstick for players invite hence his clamour all these while for Nwakali. Truly I m of this school of thought too hence I kept banging on Ademola Lookman. But then how come you guys are now the same people questioning Rohrs invitation of players sitting on the bench, or according to you inactive for 2 months. I’m honestly getting confused on what you guys want from this innocent man just striving to do his job despite the very EVIL Nigerian terrain where selfish interest is the thing of the day.

          • Kenneth 6 months ago

            @glory, the noise has been the quality of players the super eagles needs must be playing in the Top 5 league, meaning they must be playing weekly and not sitting on the bench. I listed 10 players called up for this months qualifiers who don’t deserve to be playing for the super eagles going by the conditions tabled for you to be able to play in the national team. Well i wish them the best, like i said am a die hard fan, and the coach needs to be fair in his selections.

          • JimmyBall 6 months ago

            @Glory. Nice perspective as always. I believe to date, NFF is still influencing the push for selection of some players not very popular with Super Eagles fans… I want to beleive before players are called up, ROHR each time often has to defend every squad member invited to the agreement of the Technical Committee at NFF. We often only see Rohr in full glare but I can bet bigwigs in NFF are still frustrating that man with interferance from time to time…

        • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

          @Glory, they dont have a core players…pls help me ask them who are these players

          Pls help me asked them if this line up is strange. help me ask them if these ones are not a core…..they are peripherals.

          Pls add the following to the ones above
          12. Okoye
          13. Sanusi
          14. Omeruo
          15. Awaziem
          16. Aribo
          17. Ajayi
          18. Kalu
          19. Chukwueze
          20. Osimhen
          21. Collins
          22. Akpeyi.

          Please help we ask them which team they claim we dont have after 5 years, or maybe this players are playing for the Indian national team. Maybe we should call back,
          a- Ideye
          b- Mikel
          c- Echiejile
          d- V.Moses
          e- Ighalo
          f- Onazi
          g- Ogu
          h- Ikeme
          i- Joel obi
          for the team to resemble the team we had 5 years ago. I dont know which team does not undergo a metamoprphosis after 4 years. The same people who cry that we dont have a core wants everyone to be kicked out for new players, including the even reliable captain of the team who created the only goal we scored in the last international break and well as a penalty that should have gotten us a win. The same set of people who cry that we dont have a core/stable team after 4 years are the same one who nominate a new player for call up every weekend….if its not Ajayi today, it will be Maja next week, if its not Maja it will be Awoniyi, When its not awoniyi, it will be Olayinka even Isaac Success that has gone into football coma has once been clamored for to be invited to the national team to REHABILITATE him, as if the national team is a rehab centre

          Add these new ones to the 22 above;

          23. Ejuke
          24. Dessers
          25. Akpoguma
          26. Onyeka
          27. Nwakali
          28. Azeez.
          29. Onyekuru
          30. Onuachu
          31. Dennis
          32. Maja
          33. Olayinka
          34. Agu
          35. Azubuike

          Abeg do we still dont have a team…? But no….we must keep chopping and changing like a deranged wood pecker. When Rohr maintains a stable team they will say he is rigid, he doesnt create competition….when he invites players, they will say he confused, he doesnt have a team after 4 years of building….bla bla bla……the names above must be names of players of Honk kong national team.

          Rohr should better call their bluff and face his job and concentrate on building these guys into a unit. The 35 listed above and good to do any job….there are no Nigerian eligible player anywhere in the world who are better than those 35. If there is any we would have known. He should hasten up the switch of the ones that wish to switch like Udokhai, Torunarigha, Lookman and Ojo. Passport issues are delaying the likes of Ejaria, Ehizube, Adarabioyo etc…..the NFF should liaise with Nig. immigrations in this regard….our embassies world wide are complaining they have run out of passport booklets (very ridiculous and useless country), even akpeyi had to travel back to Nigeria to use home connections to get another passport expressly in order to get a new Work permit in south Africa.
          Rohr should gather all these boys and mould them to a solid unit from now on and SHUT THE DOOR on further invitations….unless the person is another Enyeama (if hes a GK) another Balogun/Taye taiwo (if a defender) another Jay jay/Mikel (If a midfielder) or another IK Uche/Agahaowa (If a striker). He shout SHUT THE DOOR PERMANENTLY till after 2021 AFCON and stop trying to please everybody.

          • kenneth 7 months ago

            Average players as always, let them win something and then you can come up here and talk and we will be glad to give you that platform. keshi that didn’t even last the way rorh did, won the nations cup and took us to the world cup where he qualified us to the second round. Mind you with some home based players. So let your PE teacher beat that.

          • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

            Keshi did not take over the SuperEagles at 16th in Africa and 70th in the world. The same Keshi couldn’t even qualify to defend the AFCON he won. Mind you in a 16 team tournament. If Rohr’s team played in those setting he could’ve won the AFCON in 2017 and if your African Guardiolas hadn’t messed up the SuperEagles before he came. Taking one step forward and 5 steps backward all the way to 70th in the world. We’ve been able to make it to three straight tournaments and counting. They’re average players yet you’re clamoring for another average player. How smart?? Don’t worry wether he win something or anything what is clear for all to see is that we are better off than where we are 5 years ago.

          • GLORY 6 months ago

            Quality as usual. Thumbs up @ Drey.

    • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

      HAhahahahah……whether Ajayi is better than Messi or he is better the CR7, It was the same Rohr that gave him his first 2 to 3 call ups to the SE….it was the same rohr that gave him his debut and after that didnt invite him again. 2-3 camps of 4-5 days each is enough for a coach to know if a player is the type of player he wants or does not. The same Rohr that called up Aribo for the 1st time threw him in from the start in his debut game and even gave him the No 10 jersey…the old man nor know wetin in see for training before he give aribo starting shirt with the ALMIGHTY no 10 jersey…? Majority of the players in the SE today, just like the 35 others who have got their debuts in the last 5 years, got their debuts under Rohr. The same rohr that decided to call some people back is the same rohr that decided not to call others back. If he doenst need you he doesnt need you. PERIOD.

      The people who are telling us now that Ajayi deserves a spot in the SE today (as if Maja, Bazee, Awoniyi, Kayode, Umar Sadiq, Simy, Moffi and others firing in Europe, but cant get a space yet too does not) were in the technical crew of the SE when Ajayi was hot for CS Sfaxien in Tunisia, it was that hotness Al-Ahly saw that made them to buy Ajayi from Tunisia. They did not call him up then o. They focused on the Europe based lads….Iheanacho, Ighalo, Victor Moses etc. It is now after 4 years of being stuck in Alhaly with average of 10 goals in all competitions per season in egyptian league that they know he deserves a spot, where others are firing left right and centre with 15 goals and above in Europe….even the the ECL and EUL. If Ajayi was that good why has no team from Europe, even if na switzerland come to paoch him from Ahly. Nor be the same Ahly Mo’Salah dey wey Basel see in talent come buy am…? So Ajayi deserves a spot in the SE, what of others, they dont. I am sure one day another exinternatioal will tell us Kabiru Dangote who is scoring 10 goals in all competition in Kenyan league deserves a callup. Then another one will tell us one Kevin De Chibuzor who is assting 10 goals in a season in Tanzanian league deserves a spot and another one will tell us one babatunde makinwa who is playing for top scorer for Babanawa FC in the NNL (Nigerian league 2nd division) also deserves a spot.

      It is this type of baseless sentimental selections by the local coachs that always lands them in trouble eventually. When you leave players playing in top leagues and you go after the Okpotus and Ajayis of this world, that is when even when we need a win at home in our last game of the qualifiers to qualify for afcon, we still wouldn’t get that win and then miss AFCON and go back to 70th position in the world.

      Anybody who is not happy with Rohr’s selections should go and commit suicide. QED.
      The way you are entitled to your opinions is the same way Rohr too is entitle to his own opinions on who to invite and who not to invite. He is facing his job, so all of you too should go and face your damn jobs.

      • JimmyBall 7 months ago

        @Dr.Drey… I already agreed with @Glory that Rohr’s tactics, callups and Opinion needs to be respected! However if anyone is patient to read Amuneke’s comment and understand it well it was a classy simple advice and opinion from a respected ex-international still deeply involved in the game…

        • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

          Tell him we said thank you. E do well. We have heard him. He should face is academy job in Egypt and allow Rohr face is own job. Abi.
          They offered him SE job he declined, they offered him technical director job he declined, so he should let those who are there do their jobs in peace. Or is Rohr interfering with his own squad selections in Maqqassa…? The SE technical crew are not imbeciles who dont know who and who deserves a spot in the SE. If Rohr doesn’t call up Ajayi till he leaves, another coach will. When it is their turn to coach the SE they should revert to not inviting the best players to the team and invite players from Libya, Sudan and Jamaica and then we will start missing AFCONS once again.

      • JimmyBall 6 months ago

        @Dr.Drey… we did not qualify for Germany 2006 World Cup it was the era when so-called big boys Austin Okocha and Kanu Nwankwo were selecting matches to play… especially away games because of their clubs being prioritised, then they were no longer hungry and often were shunning away matches… we went to Angola and lost with Christian Chukwu turning to the likes of Obinna Nwanneri and othe average players… we went to Angola with only thirteen (13) outfield players and hadnt enough bench substitutions… for the missed Afcon of 2012… we played with all professionals including Dele Aiyenugba who was then in Israel… you will recall the drama then that the likes of Mikel and Enyeama were already strutting themselves as big-boys and rejected the team’s travel plans which was not the fault of the coach… someone the players said the plane was sub-standard and a whole lot of other spurious claims… we had our full professionals recalling that it was Ike Uche and Obinna Nsofor who scored before Ismael Bangoura equalised to make it a 2-2 draw… that game was so confusing that had NFF and Eagles coaches trading blames because of a best loser-to-qualify situation which even NFF did not fully understand if even winning 2-1 will have qualified us for the nations cup of 2012… it was in the push to make it 3-1 against Guinea and had a better chance of qualifying that Guineans qualified. It was until the game ended 2-2 that we later knew they could have qualified even with 2-1. During Keshi’s missed qualification of 2015… we had our full professionals who Keshi felt were the best at the time and we had the qualification in our hands before we drew South Africa at home… so there was never a time Super eagles were loaded with homebased as you call it the likes of Ajayi or Okpotu who made us fail at qualification… Stephen Keshi and Samson Siasia had their own demons that led to their failures…

      • Commit Suicide, why over football. Need to mind our language. Everybody’s right to opinion, no one sensibility should be insulted for expresiimg their views. If you argue that Rohr has done well with his invitation over the time, why then is the team performing averagely in the matches we are seeing in spite of the myriads of players at his disposal and why are some sections of the press calling for his sack. No avid supporter of Nigeria football would give him thump ups for his tactical input which in my own estimation are below par.
        Look at the team’s performance against Tunisia and Algeria. And look at our forward lines and their struggle against big string Northern African defenders. Why is Chukwueze and Simons including Kali not playing with Onuachu and we said we’ve a coach. Ajayi might not stand a chance with the younger crop of players in the SE yet, I believe he’s got the experience of African players and such we should have explored against the North Africans who unlike us had in attendance over 60% their squad based in Africa leagues yet our players could not secure a famous win against. You can see it’s not really about where you’re based but your quality. Given that NPPL is poor and lacking in motivation, are Nigerians based in African leagues particularly in Northern African countries bad? Were those not the same leagues John Utaka and Amuneke once plied their trade, were they not those times one of Nigeria best?
        Please we need to give room for flexible thinking. I think for me many of our players based in Europe are overrated even though Europe offers the best of quality football displays globally, on the flip side, for the interest of Nigeria football, coaches should look beyond where a player resides in the selection. A sprinkle of nlhomebased lads delivered AFCON for Nigeria in 2013 under the watch of Keshi after 19 years its been elusive.

    • Papafem 7 months ago

      *Has spoken

      • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

        Hahahahha…if e like make e spak. Whenever the SE play without Ajayi in the team, make e off in TV. Since all these years dem nor spoke na when Ajayi contract don dey go quarter to end wey e go look for another club naim them dey spoke….make dem continue their spaking. We don chop belle full finish na pin wey we go use deflate out belle we come they find. We are now used to winning, the next thing they want to indict the coach for is invitation of all types of jack and harry players….same set of people including Akpoborie will complain we dont have a stable team after 4 years.

        Make them continue their media PR job…LMAO. Ajayi na the solution to the SE problems. Na him be the IGhalosimhen wey we dey expect all these years. They are all entitled to their opinions the same way Rohr is entitled to his. When Rohr don go, make all of them wey dey spoke make dem submit CV collect the job invite even players from Burundi.

    • JimmyBall 7 months ago

      @Papafem. Nice job brotherly! They will soon insult Jonathan Akpoborie now and call him unprintable names. When Taribo gave an honest assessment that Aribo struggled against Benin Republic they taunted him as old and broke… Etim Esin has collected knocks here… Festus Odini who was Kanu Nwankwo’s mate in Eaglets got called a fool who was commenting after not watching a match despite saying he got expert opinion from a friend on the Eagles performance against Algeria recently… Amuneke’s opinion which I supported has attracted insults on me enough here in the last 24hours… Now I know for sure they will come for Jonathan Akpoborie now… Watch out!

      • Dr. Drey 7 months ago

        All these names you mentioned nor know where coaching school dey, abi dem nor sabi how to apply for coaching jobs…..let should go and apply for coaching jobs and get busy and stop wasting “expert opinions” on the pages of the internet. When Rohr leaves they should apply for the SE job and come and make use of their expert opinions. As they are entitled to their opinions so too Rohr is entitled to his own opinions too. They should face their own jobs the same way Rohr is facing his own job and getting results too.
        Do you ever hear people who have jobs like Egbo, Eguma, Ogunbote, Boboye, Ilechukwu coming to give “expert opinions” on internet pages……NO…they are busy people, they have jobs to do other than poking their noses into who and who another man is inviting or not inviting.

        • JimmyBall 7 months ago

          @Dr.Drey… you are right. It’s Rohr’s time in the sun so yes… he has the say-so!

  • Greenturf 7 months ago

    I don’t trust our local coaches with the super eagles.Though some of them,the likes of Amunike despite his enviable success during his playing days should not be trusted with the super eagles.I would hope for the use of good foreign coaches for the foreseeable future.

    One of the problem we had with our local coaches was questionable invitations.We have just got a hint from Amunike the kind of players making the list if he gets the super eagles job.We have struggled in the past with their choice of players.

    Rohr has brought standards and professionalism in a job that struggled or lacking in credibility especially with players selection.

    • JimmyBall 7 months ago

      @Greenturf… your point is not lost on truth. Some of our local coaches have not been professionals about questionable callups… even the late Keshi(May His Soul Rest-in-Peace) was guilty of this to the dismay of those who belived in him! We shall allow and respect Rohr to do his… however, some of these advices are just for future references only when it’s convenient for him and the SE team!

    • Kamalu 6 months ago

      We also need a foreign president.

  • Ayphillydegreat 7 months ago

    Papafem one stat really stood out to me. Ajayi has scored 28 goals for Al Ahly in more than 90 appearances across all competitions. Unless he mostly plays as a winger those stats are not good enough for a center forward. Iheanacho has scored more goals in a more competitive league within that span despite limited playing time. Not to even talk about Dessers and Onuachu. Even on the wings he’s not better than Ejuke and Chukwueze in my opinion. That’s probably why the gaffer didn’t invite him anymore. 

    • JimmyBall 6 months ago

      @Ayphillydegreat… Ajayi does not play as an arrowhead for Al-Ahly… they play mostly 4-3-3 and he plays often attacking midfield position but attacks the opponents 18 box often. You can watch his clips on YouTube which are mostly around 2017/2018…

      • Ayphillydegreat 6 months ago

        JimmyBall. I don’t have a problem with Ajayi as a player. He’s good in his own right. Even Amunike said only if he can take his chances when given the opportunity. What I do know is that he’s not good enough for these SuperEagles. At the age of 25 if he’s that good he should be playing in Europe by now. Even Awoniyi that is way down the pecking order of our strikers in Europe Ajayi is not better than him that’s my opinion and Rohr’s opinion not to call him is justified. He’s not benching anyone in our current midfield and he’s not displacing anyone in the attack. Let him focus on Al Ahly. Maybe if he’s scoring 30 goals a season in Egypt he might get a look in. For now no space for him in this present SuperEagles. 

  • OmoEsan 7 months ago

    @ Jimmyball, my comment isn’t meant to take sides but I strongly advice that when you see a superior arguement with facts, shun sentiments, ignore your emotions and allow reasoning to thrive.

    If you know how PR strategy works, then you will know that the moment Amuneke spoke and Akpoborie followed then you shouldn’t be surprised at the perspective that both ex-internationals spoke from.

    It is obvious that Ajayi’s camp is definitely up to something and his agents are at work. What his agents have simply done is to explore what we call third party endorsements in PR in order to achieve their objective.

    It may also interest you to know that Ajayi’s camp is well aware that Ajayi’s chances of of playing in the SE’s current set up is very slim or even non-existent and you can be sure that they aren’t trying to build castles in the air. So what does Ajayi’s camp want, you may ask?

    The probability of SE qualifying for AFCON in November is very high and if this happens we will have two dead rubber games to play next year, therefore giving Rohr the opportunity to test few more players.

    Now, if Ajayi’s contract at Al Ahly is almost over, you can be sure that his agents are already doing their homework well ahead of time and a Super Eagles invite at such a time will do his CV a lot of good, with a view to either getting good offers from Europe or Asia, or negotiating an extension and better deal at Al Ahly.

    So the 3rd party endorsements from Amuneke & Akpoborie is meant to create some pressure for Rohr to get a minimum of an invite and please don’t be surprised if another ex-international speaks in this regard in the coming days, they’re simply doing the jobs they were paid to do.

    Don’t be surprised also, if we later discover that Ajayi’s name is finally included in the list of the invitees for the upcoming dead rubber games early next year, cuz the agents will also put pressure on Rohr through their contacts in the glass house. The third party endorsements are just meant to prepare grounds for that eventuality.

    We may also cast our minds back to Joseph Yobo’s appointment as a SE’s coach without a coaching cert. Elder Odegbami spoke, Benedict Akwuegbu followed and within a couple of days, NFF unleashed the bombshell. Does this trend ring a bell? Time will surely tell.

    • JimmyBall 7 months ago

      … @OmoEsan. I often agree here with arguments that are solid and I respect their positions. What you have said is not a whole body of work that is impossible. However… I do not think Amuneke and Akpoborie are hungry individuals. So basing their calls on PR is not lost of possibility but I doubt that Amuneke and Akpoborie of all players who may be well-off in the Super Eagles group… It is Ajayi who is not the one with the most bulging pocket they will choose to do PR for. However… my opinions in support of Amuneke and now Akpoborie are just mine alone… I don’t hate Rohr nor any player. But I feel all players who should be in a position to hope for SE chance should be treaty fairly… The problem is when forumites insult your position and try to ridicule you for holding your line as they are equally entitled to theirs!

      • OmoEsan 6 months ago

        Your response is well received Jimmyball. I haven’t said that Amuneke & Akpoborie are hungry, don’t get me wrong on this. If you’re familiar with how big time agents work, then you will get the drift of my opinion.

        What spectacular performance has Ajayi showcased recently to suddenly arouse the interest of our dear Amuneke & Akpoborie? Have you given this a thought?
        You believe that both ex-internationals suddenly and coincidentally woke up to the realization of the fact that Ajayi is a Super Eagles material?

        You may bookmark that piece of mine and then we refer to it again when Ajayi finally gets his invite during the dead rubber games.

        Cheers Bro!

        • JimmyBall 6 months ago

          @OmoEsan… no wahala. We will be waiting… but I do not believe it is a PR job… Ezenwa got invited into the standby pool but has not played a game for “forever” now! We need to be fair to all…

  • Larry 6 months ago

    @Jimmy, you have made some valid points. I will advise you let go. I strongly believe that Ajayi’s time will come.

    • Fidelenny 6 months ago

      I strongly believe Ajayi has done well enough in the past to be given a llok in Rohr,but given the avalanche of players on his card including players of Nigerian parentage switching nationality to cap for Nigeria, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for Jnr Ajayi and those plying football trade in Africa.
      Ajayi is one player I so much admire with work rate and discipline. he might not be a forward with many goals yet he’s got the strong physicality and power play which is lacking in the present Eagles attack. In the Egyptian, he’s a fearsome striker cum winger who combines skillset, goal scoring and power play. It would have been interesting to see him line up against the North African sides in the last friendlies but unfortunately nobody looked in that direction. However, it’s high time he takes his stock to Europe where his stocks would be most appreciated by Nigeria football handlers. To me, he’s more than a decent forward whose worth should be recognised but sadly, like him, a lot of foreign based legions localised in Europe like Anthony Nwakaeme and Olanreqaju Kayode including Peter Olayinka have not been appreciated.

  • Papafem 6 months ago

    I love this @JimmyBall of a guy. Not because he won the argument (not sure anyone did here) but because he fought like a warrior all through. Did anyone notice how he made the discussion very interesting, forced opinions out of intelligent but usually cautious contributors, brought to the fore different perspectives to coaching and national team management? I’m also impressed by his responses to the opinions of almost everyone on the other side of the divide.
    I don’t think he’s rude; people who are analytical in nature and often develop different templates for situations often look controversial and tough.

    All of us here did really well. I’m quite impressed. I enjoyed the comments as much as I did enjoy the article that provoked it. I will only advice that we stop employing rude and pricking words while taking a stand on any issue. It seems it’s a Nigerian thing, especially among us youths, that we always insult whoever doesn’t agree with us on any issue. It’s not really cool. I noticed this on Opera News Hub too. People calling the writer names just because because he wrote something they don’t agree with. Civility should be a way of life, for our generation to create a more tolerant, violent-free society.

    Many thanks to @Dr Drey, whose comment sparked the whole debate @Ayphyllytgreat, I respect you, Sir, so much. @omoesan..hmmm your opinion brought a different perspective to the argument. And many others whose contributions to the discussion have been tremendous. Let’s keep the the platform alive. And I hope our Ogas at the Glasshouse are reading. God bless y’all. Happy new month.

    • JimmyBall 6 months ago

      @Papafem… respect! Football is what we love as Nigerians…

      • JimmyBall 6 months ago

        Ajayi may be playing in our backyard Egypt…but often foreign borns struggle to adapt to the Physicality of the motherland game… when Akgoguma came up against the African style of play recently against Algeria, despite being a good player by Europe’s standard, we saw how he almost fainted panting against Algeria. Africa game rugged with brute strength and take-ons! Even Joe Aribo had his sails strongly buffetted… he was so rattled against Benin Republic such that Taribo West was forced to bleat about his subpar showing… Lol! One love… and happy sunday to all! No one should get personal here as we all fight for the love of the game… this forum means a lot to some of us! It’s a rugged fanclub… no one is going anywhere!

  • Kingston 6 months ago

    God bless @omoEsan!
    answer this question : what has ajayi done in the past two seasons that warranted all of a sudden two ex-internationals to say he deserves a spot?
    @jimmyball sounds like someone with good reasoning and I respect him, has it not been for the insults marshalled at him, I honestly think he would have changed his opinion. let’s be respectful here.
    the fact still remains, there’s absolutely nothing ajayi could add to the current SE list. is he good? of course. but there’s no one here on the list that ajayi can dislodge even on the stand by list. even when he was selected for caf players of the year that happened when African football was at its lowest. I’m a kelechi Iheanacho fan, but I won’t delve into argument over your statement that ajayi is better than the Leicester city lad. but tell me, in what position? as a striker Ajayi should never been mentioned. 11 goals in about 40 something appearances would give you a scoring ratio that is below 1 goal per match. as an attacking midfielder would you sincerely say ajayi ever did a better job than Iheanacho during the u-17 days. iheanacho as a striker shouldn’t even be compared. the only reason he is struggling to get playing time at Leicester is because the player getting the nod is priemer league current golden boot winner.
    ajayi won’t even make super eagles standby 23 man list, which may include the likes of simy, kayode, olayinka,etc.
    what these ex-internationals have just done is to prove why super eagles dropped to 70 in world ranking. they had their chance, let them leave Rohr to do his job. the pattern is too clear, Ajayi agents are working hard by making these ex-internationals try to influence rohr decision making.

  • Kingston 6 months ago

    happy New month!

  • Hmm….Super Eagles is full of Average players with Average clubs. So the next move is to make it worse by extending invitation to Ajayi(a C Ronaldo like) to come and clear the mess. Wait o! Most of you singing average songs, is there any world class naija player that we are yet to call up?

  • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you Kingsley Sokari formerly of CS Sfaxien in Tunisia. He too deserves a spot in the super eagles. Ex-internationals nor see am since 2015


    • JimmyBall 6 months ago

      @Dr.Drey… sometimes it is down to luck. You and I know that Kingsley Sokari just like Mohammed Usman who dribbled Athletico Madrid defenders in that hybrid friendly versus Super Eagles in Uyo are very good players in their own right… Nigeria is blessed with very wonderful and skillful players… the skills are learnt on concrete and on sandy pitches… that is why most average Nigeria footballers are very technical… I will give you a scenario… ofcourse I drink and eat football back in the days… when I went to NYSC in Gombe state… Ibo boys with their gragra from ESUT, IMSU,UNIPORT UMUDIKE and UNN were cornering everything in our state NYSC football team… they were trying to organise plantoon games to select players to go for NYSC games festival at Abuja, I do not know if they still play that… I had no interest at first and when I saw how those Ibo boys mostly cultists were pushing everyone around… I decided to train with them once… hahaha. Walahi after the sesson, I played Defensive Midfield… they all wanted to know who I was… if I had played professional football before… I ended up picking a spot just after one training session… football no be mouth. Good fortune is the decider mostly about careers of footballers… if it’s not your destiny, where we come from without proper structures unlike Europe and South America to propel talents to the right stage… you could get lost amidst the crowd. When I watch players… I am keen on certain qualities… if you have battled on the pitch with equally very talented players… the first metric are players who can play for the team… next you look at players who could fight it to the end, because sometimes… a game could just be decided by a lackadaisical attitude of not putting in a quick interception to block a shot (Roberto Baggio’s shot against Nigeria at USA ’94, Ampia’s shot for Ghana vs Nigeria semi final in Senegal ’92 and Marcos Rojo’s shot and jab for Argentina vs Nigeria in Russia 2018 WC)… team players are always the first on the list… I have an eagle eye for these traits throughout my following of football… If Victor Moses had dragged himself quickly back in anticipation of that cross from the left wing against Argentina in 2018 WC… we would not have exited in that 1st round… at a certain level, every player has the basics… passing, technique, interpretation, dribbles and control. When you add the standout recipes like stamina and teamplay… you have a class player!

  • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you Anthony Okpotu, top scorer in the tunisian league. If Ajayi is better than Iheanacho, Dessers and Onuachu…, then Okpotu is better than Ajayi because he has emerged as top scorer in 3 different leagues (I satnd to be corrected), Nigeria, Libya and Tunisia….Ajayi has NEVER been top scorer in any league in his career (I also stand to be corrected). Ex-internationals nor see am too. Na ajayi wey never do anything spectacular as a striker in 5 years naim all of them suddenly wake up begin clamour for….Okpotu tooo deserves a spot in the SE.


    “They” say all the current players in the super eagles are average, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you World class players who have never crossed the Mediterranean sea in their careers, but who are the ones to turn the fortune of the SE around.

    Honestly, I cant wait for Rohr to leave so that these ex-internationals will take over the SE. Na to just go look for my calculator buy new battery put.

  • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, I intorduce to you Cyril Oriaku, former Enugu Rangers and Esperance Tunis ace midfielder who now plays in the Bangladeshi League. Trust me he is better than Kelechi Nwakali and all super eagles midfielders including Mikel. Please dont mind the league he plays in…it doesnt matter…! He deserves a spot in the super eagles.

  • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

    The heavens will not forgive me if i dont mention this guy….ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you Solomon Kwambe the Alexander-Arnold of the Keshi era. Pls dont mind that he plays in the USL (the 2nd tier of US) for FC Tusla. This guy needs no introduction, if we are looking for someone who can put crosses onto the head of Onuachu with 100% accuracy, Solomon kwambe is the man for you. In all honesty, without mincing words and based on “expert opinions” this lad deserves a spot in the super eagles.

    • OmoEsan 6 months ago

      @Dr Drey, you no go kill person with laughter ooo!

    • @Dr Drey, o boy u no go discover and introduce me too?, I no too old nah and me too Wan play for super eagles oo,.. Lol but don’t ask of my club yet cos I have to Google it ni ooo..

      • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

        My brother, as things dey go so, u nor even need club, shey dem say there are lots of talents in Agege and Ajegunle who are better than the current SE players….they too deserve a spot in the super eagles. We must invite EVERY NIGERIAN FOOTBALLER come this super eagles o. Otherwise heavens go fall.
        If go nor go, come go come. Since amuneke who now sees Ajayi at close quaters can suggest players who deserve a spot in the SE, even you wey I dey see at close qaurters so, you deserve a spot in the super eagles too.

        Make una watch out in the coming days for more names of players wey deserve a spot in the Super eagles and MUST be invited to satisfy some people. Lets us all kuku join hands together to destroy the team.

    • pompei 6 months ago

      Dr Drey, don’t forget your guy, the MIDFIELD MAESTRO Paul Onobi, the one that African Guardiola benched Mikel for. At age 27, the dude is currently displaying his wares in the Kuwaiti league. Plays for a club name Kazma.
      Abeg, make una no laugh ooo. Don’t laugh at another man’s honest hustle. Man must wack. Abi no be so?

  • JimmyBall 6 months ago

    @OmoEsan… you never know @Dr.Drey, he must have the last say in any discussion… I never see person wey get muscle and time for quarrel like that walahi. We don close this case since and people apprecaited the views minus the personal attacks… @Dr.Drey, I have taken your advice and rang Mutiu Adepoju, Emmanuel Amuneke, Etim Esin and Festus Odini to apply for the job after Rohr. No more need to fight me and my goons again! Ozugo… Inugo! But if you continue I will take you on like yesterday and fan more objective flame today based on divergent but positively strong personal opinion… I promise you! For your information… in 87 appearances for Super Eagles in total… Kanu Nwankwo only scored 13 goals… but does that diminish him as a good player? Hell No! So if we continue to rate players who are forwards on goals stats alone… it will diminish the contributions of their all-round play!

    • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

      Oga….did I mention your name in all the above recommendations…..? or Am I not entitled to my opinions again…? Or cant I also suggest names of players who deserves a spot in the SE too…? Your so-called objectivity permits you to front a player who has been stuck in obscurity for 5 years with no major performance worthy of note in the last 2 years to warrant a call up to the SE. But when I now introduce similarly obscure players, you go on the offensive. Your conscience is beginning to judge your phantom and fictitious objectivity…..LMAO.

      Abeg dey your lane make i dey my lane. Face your objectivity while I face mine. Dont worry, watch out for more names of Nigerian Footballers who DESERVE A SPOT in the SE in the coming days. Lets see even if you as a person will not eventually devise a criteria for selection. Every Jack and Harry must be invited on every match days.

      • JimmyBall 6 months ago

        @Dr.Drey… Very well. You are entitled to your opinion and I appreciate your views equally. Meanwhile happy new month… from your friend at arms! Lol…

  • Amuneke is just calling or drawing attention to the Egyptian league. The list released by the coach is OK. All we need do is to support him.

  • Dr Banks 6 months ago

    @Dr Drey & JimmyBall and other contributors on this topic, i love you guys all. The maturity with which this debate was tackled minus few harsh words is highly commendable. Lets all keep the fire burning guys 

  • Omo9ja 6 months ago

    We can not support a one way coach who loves to go in one direction. As a football nation Nigeria is, we have fantastic players every where.

    Coach Amunike doesn’t talk any how and coach Rohr followers should stop twisting what the gentleman have said.

    If Onuachu is not fit in your team as a world class coach, call another striker period. Yes, “Ajayi Deserves A Spot In Super Eagles”. We all have to Sòrósoke. Speak up Nigerians.

    How could coach Rohr fans keeps telling Nigerians to support the gaffer blindly?

    Our ex players are coming out one by one to tell the coach what to do and you are here deceiving our people?

    I still don’t get this. How could a coach that has everything under him be struggling to build us a solid team?

    All we are seeing is a decent team without achievements and you are expecting us to keep quiet? Kai, Who does that?

    The gaffer can not even be boastful of his young goalies? Chai, I don’t even know what he has been building self.

    Even, Aso rock in Abuja couldn’t take long before they completed the building while Super Eagles is taking forever and we believe we have capable coaches in charge of Super Eagles?

    The most annoying thing now is that we can not talk to our government no more and same thing applies to Oga Rohr. What is going on Nigerians?

    Upon all the qualities we have in the team now, Oga Rohr team still struggling to compete with organized and disciplined teams in Africa and in the world.

    Madagascar for example, it’s not about name but tactics. Anything can happen and any team can beat Oga Rohr’s team and Super Eagles is not reaching is potentials.

    If Super Eagles failed to qualify or under performing in this qualifiers, we should hold NFF, Oga Rohr and his fans responsible for bn biased.

    Hmmmm… I think I should stop here for now because Nigerians hate the truth but saying the truth is my daily bread. I have no choice I have to. As a Nigerian, coach Amunike has a right to talk and it is Mr. Rohr’s responsibility to work on his weaknesses. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • @Omo9ja, I am always appalled that we Nigerians never seem to stop deceiving ourselves. Where are the fantastic players you talked about or refer to. Let us be realistic with our expectations of these present boys, Biko…

  • JimmyBall 6 months ago

    Let us save the date of November 27, 2020 and watch Junior Ajayi in the Finals of CAF Champions League for this year below as follows: our own Junior Ajayi plays as a pivotal man for the most successful club in Africa for the last 100 years… Al – Ahly of Egypt. Going by the results of the Semi Finals played, it’s likely Al – Ahly could be facing eternal rivals Zamalek Fc also of Egypt, if Zamalek gets past Raja of Morocco over whom they hold a 1 – 0 advantage from the first leg played in Morocco. Two Egyptians teams still at this stage should tell us that atleast… the Egyption league is way above most others in Africa…

    Cairo, Friday October 30, 2020
    The CAF Organizing Committee for Interclub Competitions and Clubs Licensing announces that the remaining matches of this season’s Total CAF Champions League are rescheduled as follows:

    · Semi-final match: Zamalek SC vs. Raja CA on the 4th of November 2020 at 19:00 GMT in Cairo International Stadium, Egypt

    · Final match: Winner of Zamalek – Raja vs. Al Ahly SC on the 27th of November 2020 at 19:00 GMT in Borg Al Arab Stadium of Alexandria, Egypt

    Postponement made following the request of the host Member Association’s authorities and in compliance with the international protocol for COVID-19.

      • Hmm…was he playing with injury? I noticed he doesn’t have speed but he used the ball very well. All the present players have done more than this in the past. Thats why He’s a footballer nothing spectacular here even the movement of Mba at the nation’s cup was fantastic but that doesn’t make him a maradona.anyway, from what I can see, he’s a good player but @24-25, he really need to he playing in Europe. going for this kind of a player at this present of the day is backwardness truth to be told.
        Thanks for the video.

        • JimmyBall 6 months ago

          @Sean… The Super Eagles is nobody’s sitting room. Playing in Europe is dependent on so many factors… sometimes not of want of quality on the part of a player. Some who are playing in the EUROPE are mostly sitting on the bench… we have had players in the Super Eagles before who started from Egyptian league and while playing there and for the Eagles acquitted themselves well… just save the date and make sure to watch the finals… we as a country will not be embarrassing ourselves running after every Bukayo Saka, Eberechi Eze and any other flashy foreign-born on whim if we had the kind of league Egypt has…

  • @JimmyBall..thanks once again but I’m not the type that really falls for videos on YouTube. The first video was edited in 2017 that was 3 years ago before world cup and the second was 2018/19 season. If i post onuachu’s YouTube videos here, u will know there’s nothing spectacular about all these videos u are posting. I’ll advise you not to worry, I’ll watch the final live as u have said.

    • JimmyBall 6 months ago

      @Sean… Very well. Salute!

    • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

      Oga Sean…I watched both semifinals vs Wydad, (And I will still watch the final too) because of the new south african coach Alahly just hired, who happens to be the 1st black coach to be hired by the club. I really wanted to see why he was so special in terms of how he sets out his team to play and his tactical approach to games that made them to hire him without even interviewing him.

      If as a scout I am meant to recommend 5 players to top clubs from both teams in both matches, Ajayi’s name will not be in the op 7. There is nothing, absolutely nothing spectacular about him whether as a centre forward or as a support striker or as a trequartista. Nothing. He cant bench anyone in this current SE, not even those on the standby list. We have enough average players in the SE already, we dont need more. The calibre of players we need in the SE now are the ones can make things happen out of nothing….players who can do the extra-ordinary, players who are in the same bracket as Salah, Mane, Mahrez, Partey, Pepe, Zaha, Ziyech etc. who can single handedly determine the direction a match will swing. These ones are not coachable players, you don’t coach them, just put them there on the pitch and watch them conjure something out of nothing for you….those are the type of players we need going forward. Not someone who has not scored up to 50 goals in all the 5 years he has spent in Tunisia and Egypt. Mike Eneramo scored close to 80 goals in about 140 matches in north Africa, Utaka scored 30 in 42 matches in Egypt. Those are the kind of figure we expect from a player playing in an obscure league that shows your are quality….not 10 goals in 45 matches.

      • Lol! @Dr drey..lets watch the final and see what he can do even though there’s nothing we can do about it as we are not Rohr but I understand all these ex naija players, especially those that have played in the league for long before they got noticed. They always love to support home growns and @JimmyBall was once in their shoes( from his stories). But for Now, In Rohr I Trust.

      • JimmyBall 6 months ago

        Let’s be honest. How many players do we have that can play like Partey or mane or salah?

  • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

    Hahahahaha….the most boring youtube compilation of a striker I’ve ever watched….LMAO.
    In a league where John Utaka as a wing forward was scoring 30 goals in 42 appearances, Amuneke an out and out traditional left winger scoring 26 goals in 71 appearances in 3 years, a full striker is scoring 28 goals in 96 appearance in 5 years (Average of less than 6 goals per year and they want to force him down our throats as the next best Nigerian player that deserves a SPOT in the super eagles. Simy banged in 20 goals last season, Umar banged in 17 goals and crated 17 ASSITS despite being a no 9, Onuachu and Dessers are still there, even iheancho that was only coming on the pitch to ‘share the grace’ for most parts of last season still recorded 10 goals and 4 assists. But it is an 11 goals in 42 matches striker that deserves the spot in the SE….LMAO. Honestly I cant wait for the SE to return to being managed by our local coaches.

  • Dr. Drey 6 months ago


    Ladies and Gentlemen, check out the skills and goals of Tony okpotu, he deserves a spot in the super eagles.

  • Dr. Drey 6 months ago


    Rohr must be sacked if Okpotu is not invited to the SE. How can he have this kind of deadly striker and still be inviting the likes of Osimhen, Iheanacho, Onuachu, Dessers etc

  • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I introduce to you Micheal Ibeh…..he plays in the burkina faso league for Salitas FC. The boy good nor be small, infact he is the MOST TECHNICAL Nigerian footballer abroad. Pls dont mind the league where he plays his football, it doesn’t matter, its his ability that matters, he is far more technical and better than iheanacho, Onuachu and Dessers put together. It will be a crime against humanity if Rohr does not give this guy a spot in the SE. Infact He MUST be sacked if he cant invite such a talented all round striker.


    • @Dr drey, I beg no turn me to Mad man for here o. People just dey wonder why o dey laugh alone.

      • Dr. Drey 6 months ago

        Ah you never start o. U go laff taya. Shebi dem wan destroy our dear super eagles…..I go join hands with them to destroy am. ALL naija footballers aboard MUST be invited to the super eagles o. Everytime wey we get friendly or qualifier na 75 man list Rohr must dey release o. The league where dem play does not matter. I dont know how else players are rated other than the quality of the league where they play their football and the stats and figures they accumulate in such a league. If you are in a lesser league and you cant average 0.5 goals per match ratio, like some people whose average in 5 seasons in egyptian league is less then 0.25, then I wonder what quality they say you have that is better than the current players in the national team.