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Ancelotti Reveals Reason For Not Signing Osimhen

Ancelotti Reveals Reason For Not Signing Osimhen

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has provided an insight on why the European champions didn’t Victor Osimhen last summer.

Los Blancos were among the clubs linked with Osimhen, who enjoyed a stellar campaign with Napoli in the 2022/23 season.

The Nigeria international registered 26 goals in 32 league appearances for the Partenopei during the title winning campaign.

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The 25-year-old was last summer seen as a direct replacement for Karim Benzema, who left for Saudi club, Al Ittihad.

The Italian told Radio Serie A: “No (we didn’t sign Osimhen) because I think the club thought that Benzema’s absence could be remedied by purchasing (Jude) Bellingham.”

The forward scored 15 goals in 25 league appearances for Napoli last season.

He is expected to leave Napoli this summer.

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  • MONKEY POST 1 week ago

    If you SIGN am now any PRIVATE DISCUSSION now wey him and ANCELOTTI get now PADI MAN go come out dey shout I get EVIDENCE..I get EVIDENCE…I RECORD am…

    Which is very CHILDISH and INSENSITIVE cos most COACHES would be scared to be RUBBISH in PUBLIC like that…

    • MONKEY POST 1 week ago

      OSIMHEN just ended exposing himself to the world..no classy coach in the frame of their ANCELOTTI and mourinho would want to sign him..no coach will want to feel insecure amongst his players..they wouldn’t want to sign a player that tomorrow he will make him look stupid before the whole world rather than making them look intelligent…

      Honestly osimhen needs to go and read about the 48 laws of power(never outshine the master)…

      • Ralph 1 week ago

        Your opinion bro. and good thing, they don’t count. Since you know this much, you should rubbing shoulders with goal.com

        • MONKEY POST 1 week ago

          It is what it is bro..trust me.And for your comment,(about rubbing shoulder with whatever) It is Also your opinion too..cos you don’t know me we only meet here…

          • yabaoh M 6 days ago

            mokey pest – you is a tipycal ezample of us jaelous ghanaians. yuh is noting but a stoopid idiots mscheew. fullish man! wicked an ivel ghanaians robbish! this why our country ghana will never do well. osimen is enough to feed youre hole hungry family lolz

      • Chima E Samuels 1 week ago

        @Monkey this is exactly what an Arsenal fan at the Queens told me. Lots of coaches will not want him because of his attitude. Football wise he is good but outside football it’s too many controversy. Family controversy and now national team drama. If Nigeria was performing well nobody would hear all this leaks.

         But some of us already knows what Osigoal is doing behind football, because it’s no more a news that even a local champion Daddy freeze is the one trying to settle his family affairs after Osimhen bullied his in law out of his share of funds, or is the the one he was begged before Uzoho could leave for dinner? Tell me so these things happening in camp was as a result of who the idiot Osimhen is abi? I use to like him with soul and body but hey never knew he was one of those beast aside Camera lies. Edoman you and drey plus your idiot zero manner squad are a disgrace to our Nigerian good moral value. Una dey mad sha abi una like encourage disrespect? How my rant be? Then you’ll know why Nigerians are mad at the Village boy.

        • yabaoh M 6 days ago

          chima x daniels – drey is edoman oo. yuh are just too dumb to realised it and even after we the smart ones told yuh yuh are still confuse kai! is how biafra make yuh pipo mind dull. continue dey dull youreself and meanwhile sharap! ewu triblastics lolz. please wher is youre brother kel? the oder triblastic mugu? please helep boys ask hin say how marketuu? lolz

  • Ebubedike 1 week ago

    Osimhen will move to Manchester City soon.

    • MONKEY POST 1 week ago

      Lmao Manchester city ko new york city ni… LOL

    • yabaoh M 6 days ago

      arara de only gay in de village lolz how market nau? pipo wey cal yuh gay no lie na true dem yan lolz nau yuh dey claim ebubedicke fa? she na becuase dick dey inside? lolz yeye dey smell anyhau lolz nonsence.

  • Edoman 1 week ago

    @Monkey. Imo, you are full of hate and jealousy for our Edo son, Osimhen. Glory be to God that monkey, is a monkey and will never be capable of ever be among civilized humanity. Get lost or you could be consumed by the predators out there waiting devour monkey

    • Chima E Samuels 1 week ago

      No be only son na Midget. Talk to your village son to learn how to handle fame. There is adult education all over Europe or even online where he can learn a lot instead of roaming around with Cubana and comedians that will only increase his stupidity.

      • MONKEY POST 1 week ago

        Cubana is better na..what about that very dirty, controversial, disrespectful guy called vdm..very dark man…

        • yabaoh M 6 days ago

          mokey pest vdm nor be yer papa mate in fact no one here among us ghanaians is fit to be very dark man slave so yuh must be very stoopid to be calling his name with youre dirty mind. nor be youre fault, na those wey invent internet and de pipo wey dash yuh data come gree yuh commot outside na dem i blame. nonsence! jealoust ghanian okraman robbish! kwasia!

      • @Chima E and @MONKEY POST, Osimhen will learn the Hardway Life will humble Him if he chooses to be arrogant, Kelechi Nwakali Blocked me 6 years ago when I advised him he should stop frying garri in his Village and return to his club in Holland at the time when he was on Loan. The boy blocked me look at his Career now, Osimhen thinks this Stubborn way will stand him in good stead he is kidding!. He can see how things are panning out now, we warned him last season when he started galavanting in Lagos up and dan he did not listen instead he went back and from a stand out season proceeded to downgrade and everything unravelled I said Maybe even Cubana dem put jazz on him. If he look at players surrounding themselves with family, Instead Osimhen wants to follow in the footsteps of Emma Adebayo, Mario Ballotelli dem no worry na if he does not learn he will unfortunately have to go through what they did!. and then we will see if those VDM’s and Cubana Chief Priest dem go still dey him side!

        • MONKEY POST 1 week ago

          LMAO…@UGO you ma you no try o..you deserve the blocking..lol..why you go tell Nwakali that kind thing… hahahahahahaha..if na you, you no go block yourself?..

  • Monkey post and Chima E Samuel very soon you won’t know what hits you if you don’t back off Osimhen’s Issue…
    Look at both of you with a long history of vulgarity on this site trying so hard to lecture Osimhen on morals the both of you are more bereft of… Nonsensical Assholes…
    I remember either one of you chose to insult the whole Edo people at the beginning of this finidi/Osimhen rift and a lot of us let it slide… but since you want war bring it on… the Edolites and indeed the bendelites don’t backdoor from a fight…


    • Chima E Samuels 1 week ago

      Your fada ozuor make God punish you and your edo people fkking Prik!!!

      • @Chima your real father Ekwensu… bastard retard with no hope in life… You’re a misfit for an Igbo man… maybe your family are even Osu in igboland because you don’t possess a true igbo character…
        I will not debase myself to insulting the entire igbo nation becos of on inconsequential bigot.

        • Chima E Samuels 6 days ago

          Of course I am not village slum like your Biafra mugus.

  • We don’t backdown from a fight

  • Chima E Samuels 1 week ago

    Osigoal will sign for a big club but it doesn’t change the fact that he must stop learn to handle fame. This is the point that a lot of you idiots siding him must understand.

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