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Arsenal Ready To Meet Abraham’s Wage Demands

Arsenal Ready To Meet Abraham’s Wage Demands

Arsenal have indicated they’re willing to match Tammy Abraham’s wage demands as they look to sign the out-of-favour Chelsea hitman this summer, according to the Express.

Mikel Arteta is revamping his squad after Arsenal finished eighth in the Premier League last season and the Gunners boss has already signed young duo Nuno Tavares and Albert Lokonga while a deal for Ben White is also close to completion.

The Spanish coach is expected to bring in several further additions with a right-back, central midfielder, goalkeeper and playmaker all on the agenda but it looks as though Arteta is also hoping to land himself a new striker, too.

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Abraham has emerged as a top target with The Athletic confirming last week that Arsenal are keen to sign the England international this summer with the striker understood to be open to the idea of moving across London.

The Express are now reporting that Arsenal have initiated talks with Abraham’s representatives and indicated they’re prepared to meet his £125,000-a-week wage demands – an increase on his current £80,000-a-week salary.

Chelsea are ready to offload the 23-year-old as they look to make room for a marquee signing and the Express says they’re prepared to sell if £40m is put on the table this summer.

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  • dominic 3 years ago

    This boy suffer too much for football

    1.England drop him from there squad for Euro cup 2021

    2. Chelsea dont need his service

    3. AC Millan dont like keep him

    Now Asernal……….

    i think this small boy will be regreting by now for not playing for Nigeria he suppose to be the next Africa Nations club showing of his skills which will help to advertise him for bigger club to come for him

    what a bad decision taken to playing for england

    • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

      What the hell are you saying that AC Milan did not want to keep him?? I think you are mistaking him for Tomori. He never played for AC milan. Nigerians and bad belle…. If someone refuses to play for us you guys always wish them badluck or rejoice at the slightest bad news for these players. Na wa ohh.

      • @football fanatic if you know that you won’t play for Nigeria then don’t raise their hopes by doing a photoshoot with Nigeria’s fa chairman….. Abraham used Nigeria to market himself to England inorder to get a callup from England and that’s not moral….He deserves all the bad luck and hate he gets from Nigerians…..Stop defending the undefendable…..His misery has not started because when you take someone’s love for granted or you use someone who genuinely loves you to achieve your target then misery awaits you……It’s karma and it has nothing to do with Nigeria as you just suggested……simple

        • Tico 20 3 years ago

          On point my brother.

        • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

          So you be God wey Sabi when one’s misery go start or end. My guy you be human too and you are not immortal nor are u immune from bad luck so be careful what u wish others..

          • I didn’t wish him anything my guy….I am only pointing out to that karma is real …..I didn’t create karma…..If you don’t want it to locate your door step then don’t cheat people to get success.

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          Actually Tammy Abraham used Nigeria to flash himself on England’s radar… it’s like a boomerang now… he has to become extraordinary to get noticed again by England… I will say most of them are not too wise… Saka was more fortunate.

  • Sugar Daddy 3 years ago

    I guess he would lack same on the field of play as well… is it too late for him now? The nation beckoned at him on a platter of gold, he did not only humiliated his root, he tried to convince others to follow suit… well, I still urge the other youths after him to learn from this. Another case in study is Eze. He is surely going to end up like this if he doesn’t retrace his steps soon enough. Saka got a baptism of fire recently from his actions. That is another aspect of disgrace from towing his decision. He thought his adoption by England was total. I still believe Nigerians, his biological bloodlines,wouldn’t have treated him like that if the reverse was the case. In any way you look at it, it is still the best to opt for Nigeria where your honour will be forever valued and worshipped.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Indeed, it is understandable that Nigerians are angry and upset with these English boys that are refusing to play for the SE.
    But if we check the flip side, if Abraham was your son, would it be easy for you to advise your son to play for a country that is owing the coach and the players match bonuses? I even read somewhere that the players have not been paid for the past 2 years. TWO YEARS! And we expect them to go to Qatar and win the world cup.
    Honestly, the situation is not so straightforward. We can’t condemn these foreign born guys for being unpatriotic, as they are not Nigerians by birth. Besides, patriotism will not put food on the table, especially when Nigeria is involved. So many of our past heroes are languishing in poverty today, completely ignored and abandoned. So while I feel bad seeing our English boys chose England over Nigeria, from a business perspective, it’s tough to condemn them.
    It’s a trade off. English boys need to look at the exposure they get playing for Nigeria vs the life long security they will get from playing for England. Then they estimate the net present value of both, and chose the better route. Those that fancy their chances of joining England will continue to pursue England. Those that feel England is out of reach, or who believe playing for Nigeria will open doors to better opportunities, will join Nigeria. Of course, some will join Nigeria out of love, and some will stay away out of prejudice. But for the most part, these are the decision criteria.

    • @ Pompey if you know all this as a player then why flirt with Nigeria…..If you are so good then you don’t need to flirt with Nigeria to get noticed by England…..How many times did Musiala flirt with England before Germany called him up? And why are Nigerians not angry with Musiala?….. Because he didn’t play a fast one on any country….. Even England now have gotten the trick this players are using…..Just watch before any dual national can be called up by England again it will be hard….. Abraham played a fast one on both countries especially England because Nigeria needed him as an understudy to Victor Osimhen but Pinnick took the wrong approach and Abraham obliged and took advantage thereby pushing England to pounce…..Eberechi Eze almost pulled the same trick on England but by then the trick was already getting stale…..

  • Lord AMO 3 years ago

    When you publically rejoice at another man’s misfortune, you reveal the true nature of your character!

    I wish all of these foreign borns choose Nigeria but if they don’t, I cannot bring myself to rejoice in their misfortune. They may not play for us but they are still our sons. I will always root for a Nigerian, African, or Black person from anywhere in the world. Even the prodigal son had a party thrown for him upon his return!

    • @ lord nobody is publicly rejoicing at his misfortune….Is Abraham the first dual nationality player that has chose England????He is not the first and he won’t be the last…..Right from fashanu Agbolahon Alli Ibe Tomori to saka……And Abraham is also not the first that would have chosen Nigeria…..Right from Ekoku Etuhu Sodje Moses to Iwobi…..So it’s a Tradition that goes either way regardless of their level of talent…… Abraham’s case is only different because he played a fast one on both counties…..He used Nigeria’s media hype to climb the ladder and armtwist England to calling him……But like every trick you play in life you always get found out one way or the other one day…..It’s called karma.

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    I dont think anyone above is laughing at Abraham’s predicament. I sense they are just pained at seeing such talent gradually wasting away because of wrong decision. That sort of wrong decision, many will continue to make as long as they keep thinking of self benefit instead of sacrifice, to bring joy to the less priviledged. Playing at national team level should be seen more, as sacrifice, to contribute in helping bring joy to the less opportuned of your root and not about personal gain. Moses in the Bible despite all opportunities available to him by identifying with Egypt, refused to be called an Egyptian, to the point of killing Egyptians, to protect his root, Israel. Even when all he was getting from the Israelites were insults, disrespect etc, he never regretted his choice. A MAN THAT DISREGARD HIS ROOT, IS LIKE A DEAD PLANT. All said, I suggest we, especilly CSN should just let these guys be. SE can never, I repeat can never miss anyone of them. It only hurt to see our own are being unfairly treated, reason we clamour for them to choose nigeria. The day Tammy stood his ground, demanding for higher pay, that was the day I said to a friend, that his struggles began; you are dealing with a people whose modus operandi is founded on the kkk you know. A white boy, makes such demand, no problem but you a black boy asking for pay rise? instead of showing gratitude? You must be a dreamer. Cant remember again which of the Etuhus, Kelvin or Dickson that beat up, disabling, a white boy who came along with 3 other lads to rub him of his wrist watch. A white judge found him guilty, how laughable? And so pained was the judge, that he said, Etuhu was supposed to be grateful for what britain has done to his immigrant family. IMMIGRANTS IS HOW THESE LOTS WILL FOREVER SEE A BLACKMAN, IRRESPECTIVE OF WHETHER YOU ARE BORN BRITISH OR WHATEVER.

  • Marvelous 3 years ago

    At glory you are correct

  • pompei 3 years ago

    On this subject of foreign born talents, this article makes for very interesting reading. Nneka Ogwumike and her sister Chiney, US born to Nigerian parents, were not selected for the US women’s basketball team to the Olympics. Olympic dreams shattered. If the US option was still on the table, that would have been their obvious choice. But since that didn’t happen, they tried to switch to Nigeria, and FIBA refused to approve.
    Unfortunate for the Ogwumike sisters that they were abandoned by the program they played for and won gold medals for at recent world championships, in their time of need.
    Their youngest sister Erica is currently in the Nigeria olympic squad. The girl no waste time, hehehehehe.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Talking about the trade off for Nneka and Chiney:
    1) With the US, they have limited opportunities to play, and ultimately missed out on their dream of playing in the Olympics. However, the US will take care of them in their retirement.
    2) With Naija, they would have many more playing opportunities, and their Olympic dreams would have been fulfilled. But after retirement, they would be at OYO state (ON YOUR OWN).
    This is the choice our foreign born footballers, and indeed all our foreign born sportsmen, are faced with.
    What Nigeria can do is put her house in order. If we start functioning properly, we become more attractive to our foreign born talents. As it is currently, they will chose their countries of birth 90-99% of the time, if the opportunity presents itself. And it has nothing to do with them not loving Nigeria.

  • MuYiwa 3 years ago

    We need to learn to respect other people’s choices and opinions. He chose to play for England and that is it. 90% of those rejoicing over his travail would do same, if in you were in his shoes at that time. You accuse him of using Nigeria to get England’s attention, so funny. Was he the one who posted the pic with Amaju on social media, was it not your showboating NFF oga? If he had chosen Nigeria and seen himself frozen out of the Chelsea team, same ppl would have accused Chelsea of witch hunting him for choosing Nigeria over England. This is a phase in his career and he will overcome it. It pained me that he rejected Nigeria, but that’s his choice, let’s respect it. Iwobi and a few of our players are having their own challenges too, maybe it’s karma that is also affecting them too.

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