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Australia Vs Nigeria Live Blogging – 2023 #FIFAWWC Group B, Matchday 2

Australia Vs Nigeria Live Blogging – 2023 #FIFAWWC Group B, Matchday 2

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of 2023 #FIFAWWC [FIFA Women’s World Cup] Group B, Matchday 2 encounter: Australia Women vs Super Falcons of Nigeria at Brisbane Stadium, Australia

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  • To that young man who would rejoice by seeing Oshoala is benched for this match, na that “manly” Quinn for Canada give am knock so she is out. Going toe to toe with Australia is a bold one. I hope it pans out well for us. 4-3-3 formation is for the creative though

  • Google is reporting a 4-3-3 formation for Nigeria. Incidentally, sofascore also reporting the same formation.

    If true, this will be balsy from Waldrum as it shows he has no intentions of showing too much respect for tough oppositions in this tournament thus far.

    4-3-3 is a very open and porous formation. It leaves gaps in midfield to explore if the players aren’t technically savvy to plug harmful openings.

    But it is a vibrant and attack oriented formation that produced victory against African heavyweights Ivory Coast, Ghana and Cameroon.

    Will this formation and its application help the Super Falcons take a giant leap towards the second round?

    The anticipation is crippling!

  • BBC pundits are already predicting 2:0 to Australia…. In fairness, they did praise Ajibade and Alozie for their community assistant work outside football.

    I have to say that I am really anxious… Outside the games against the terrible trio of Ghana, Ivory Coast and Cameroon, this is Waldrum’s most important game as Super Falcons gaffer.

  • Wow,
    The FIFA television table also has 4-3-3 as Nigeria’s formation! Wow!

    Waldrum is brave o. Only one defensive midfielder in this arrangement against the double pivot in the previous game.

  • Should Demehin be subbed? Nerves are getting the best of her.

  • 2 crosses already from Ajibade – a true winger.

  • Typical strategy to neutralise Nigeria: Australia are doubling up on our wingers Ajibade and Kanu.

    Mr Tijani Babangida, what is your advice now?

  • Any link to watch the match

  • Ola Original 11 months ago

    Where are you guys watching pls? Any link?

  • Driven pass from Ajibade almost found Onumonu who showed gratitude.

    Kanu’s cross almost led to a goal underlying the importance of having wingers whose primary duties are to deliver crosses, cut backs and various other deliveries. Onumonu should take note when she returns to the flanks.

  • Australia is walking all over these girls.. The Lack of proper preparation is clearly Showing. Thank you Once again NFF enemies of progress.

  • Nigeria’s defence hemorrhaging pressure. So far we are staying firm.

    It’s an open game as you would expect owing to the 4-3-3 formation.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

    At least Waldrum seems to be learning or listening – lets hope it’s the former because we should not rely on him being prompted by the public to produce better for us – this should be who he is, observing, learning and improving based on lessons learnt through his observations – a sign of active intelligence.

    What I am trying to say is that this is a better line up to prosecute this match in my opinion – and even though the proof will always be in the pudding, this is the way forward -yes, take in the surroundings and look at your opponents strengths and weaknesses and never underestimate their danger to you but also focus intently on yourself and be the very best that you can and must be!

    This will stand us in good stead going forward regardless of the outcome of this game – Now on to this match!

    Oya, let’s go Super Falcons!

    Ire O!

  • Payne with a fantastic defense splitting pass which tore through Australia only for Kanu to slip and fall in the 18 yard box when trying to retrieve the pass.

    So far we are looking comfortable on the ball and menacing when we attack.

  • DeSTAR 11 months ago

    Dear All,
    Please, can you give me the link to watch the match

  • Please what happened to Osoala?

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

      What kind of question is that?? First are you not following events yourself? Secondly – it seems that you would want her in this starting 11 abi? hence your question?? Chaii! Some Nigerians! Only God can help us oh!

      • MuYiwa 11 months ago

        It’s a harmless question. If you don’t have the answer just ignore and move on.

        • MuYiwa 11 months ago

          Whatever you have been taking, you need to stop. Grow up and converse appropriately.

  • Alozie’s yellow card worries me. By default, this is formation that will lends our attackers to make last ditch tackles.

    Will be wise to consider subbing Alozie?

    • And that was a non existence yellow, the Australia player fall a ackwardly

  • Sorry but Kanu is complete Useless, no end product no balance. The only good thing is if Oshoala comes in Second half she will do so when the Australian team is tired and she may actually be able to show some of her quality which she has not done in a while in a national team shirt because she has no hunger to prove in her any more. But Kanu has no end product

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

    Payne is such a player! Great ball carrying ability but see here already? Another cracker referee has started – is that a yellow card tackle? It is also the very first tackle from a Nigerian player and she produces a card??

    The commentators – especially the man is already very very biased in his commentary as well – all very infuriating as usual but I refuse to be angry….Ire O Nigeria – we will come out on top!

  • Chima E Samuels 11 months ago

    Nigeria girls are only defensive materials but then how long can you be defensive???

  • Chima E Samuels 11 months ago

    Where will our shot come from??? I’m still dreaming!!!! 

  • Has Kanu Justified her starting 11 place? A wayward pass, being caged by defenders, overcooked cross and clumsy movements….

  • Great shielding by Plumptre.

    Demehin growing in confidence

    Kanu hasn’t justfied her inclusion.

    Payne has been compelling.

    The defence apparatus has been decent

  • Kanu needs to be substituted immediately Utter Rubbish player not up to standard of this tournament.

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago




  • Next time NFF will learn a lesson about the importance of Friendlies and Preparation. But wait o. Have they learnt?….. I still notice not 1 Friendly has been lined up for Super Eagles. NFF Masters of Greed and Failure!.

  • Australia are struggling to break Nigeria down.

    • @deo is only a matter of time until they do. this amount of sustained pressure is NOT good. The girls will tire and once they break may God Help us to avoid an embarassing defeat with huge number

  • Nnadozie not entirely convincing in punching a ball following a corner kick.

    Onumonu has been anonymous.

    I am not too convinced about this 4-3-3 offensively. It has held out so far defensively.

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

      I’m confused – I’ve given you a rating far higher than this already o but today it’s like your’e a clone of the normal Deo –

      Your’e not making a lot os sense in your view on proceedings and I am very surprised, I thought you already have this level of understanding to understand that baring the teenager who got sent off this is our very best starting 11

      What are you trying to say? That you want Oshoala?? Or why are you so insistent on singling out Onumonu who has been our best player in both games so far? Well second best after T Payne, 3rd bet during the first game after T Payne ands the teenager who got sent off? Was it Ajibade?

  • Let’s just stay calm, we are playing a better team at their backyard. At least some of you should just think about your children and be calm. Death is so easy nowadays.
    Super Falcons…keep trying jare! We are behind you girls.

    • @Sean you speak of death as though you are immortal Lol!… I see Nigerians hate the truth hence the current state of our affairs

      • Well…. With God behind us @Ugo, we can prevent it from happening so soon. 
        You the Lover of truth better follow my advice and back it with prayers. 

    • You are the man, leave them to be blaming, we playing the host nation toe to toe, plus host nation that’s way above us in ranking, yet all they see is blame, apart from Kanu who is kinda struggling, so far we doing good.

  • A poor goal to concede though.

    – I had been worried about Nnadozie’s deliveries because of her strapped knees. Her clearout was intercepted in the build up to this goal.

    – Demehin and Plumptre could have done better to anticipate and intercept the cross.

    – A poor goal for Nigeria to concede, a long way back now.



  • Chima E Samuels 11 months ago

    Our girls are ill users of the ball. I feel terrible that we’ve been reduced to a nation that can not create chances or use the ball when we have it. We have suddenly become a nation that is only good at parking the bus LMAO!!!!

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

    GET IN!!!!!!!!!!

    LET’S GO!!!


  • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago


  • Our Ladies mean business… let’s go!

  • 1:1 Waldrum’s girls respond emphatically.

    – Kanu comes alive with a neat finish from close range following an Ajibade deflected shot.

    – Both players were introduced into the starting 11 by Waldrum.

    – Game on.

  • Well done, girls. But please stop ceding possession cheaply to the Aussies. They’re battling for every ball and are always the first to the ball. Nigerians are more skilled. If they can fight more for the ball without drawing fouls and cards, we should pull through.

  • – Ajibade has been our standout player.

    – Payne has been massively impressive.

    – Kanu was toothless in the left wing which came alive after Ajibade moved there.

    – The whole team have made this formation work.

    – Demehin is having a baptism of fire at the back.

    – Plumptre has contributed massively to team effort.

    – Onumonu’s possession winning efforts have gone under the radar.

    • True, Kanu kept giving away possession on that left and putting the team under pressure. Ajibade has been massive switching to that position. The switch allowed both players to conjure up a great equalizer.

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

      Haba – now you have changed your tune and so rapidly??

      I thought Onumonu was a problem for you just now

      deo – is this the real deo??

      Nna I am really confused o!

  • Nigerians complain too much..

    For God sake we are playing against the host Nation..

    The goalkeeper did not wrong with her pull out, the ball almost got the half line before the Australian girls touched it, where was our players? It was poor organization and position that lead to their goal not the fault of the goalkeepr..

    Kanu wasn’t in the game before the coach instructed her to change her position for ajibade and did you see that cross for the goal…

    We have some great players in this team..

    Kudos to the oyibo coach.. we don’t appreciate good things till we lose it.. he got many of these players and retired a few others..

    I think he deserves to remain with the team after the world cup… If we are ready to keep sentimens aside and focus on the future of this team.

  • Ajibade has been our standout player.
    Payne has been massively impressive.
    Kanu was toothless in the left wing which came alive after Ajibade moved there.
    The whole team have made this formation work.
    Demehin is having a baptism of fire at the back.
    Plumptre has contributed massively to team effort.
    Onumonu’s possession winning efforts have gone under the radar.

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago


      Haba – now you have changed your tune and so rapidly??

      I thought Onumonu was a problem for you just now

      deo – is this the real deo??

      Nna I am really confused o!


      • Games evolve: a player’s contributions in the first 20 minutes might differ as the game progresses. You report on ‘your subjective interpretation’ of what is going on at a particular point in time.

        • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

          Okay o….I give you the benefit of the doubt because it’s you and you have credit in the bank!

  • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

    The ladies have made me proud so far. What a reply? We have no business conceding that goal though. Payne is such a player. We are holding our own so far let’s hope they can sustain this energy and keep it tighter at the back. 

  • I want to see n oshala in this game, then an oparanozie…. Some veterans that can use their experience to destroy the host country!

    Expecting a good second half

  • Greenturf 11 months ago

    Oshoala,Gift Monday or Oparanozie should come in for Kanu and Onumonu repectively.Our girls should complete there passes and stop giving away possession.
    We are equally matched,we are more likely to win only if we pass better and press them high up the pitch.

  • Onumonu now on the flanks. It will be interesting to see how she interprets that role.

  • Ajibade’s speculative shots are surreptitiously dangerous. It did lead to our goal.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

    Why oh why are people calling for Oshoala in this game for God’s game – have you ever heard the phrase ” If it aint broke dont fix it??”

    Why are you wanting to change a game that we seem to be in control of so far?? Is it for sentimental reasons or y’all want the senior woman players on? or what???? Haba!

    Mehn, I tire oh!

    Anyway what I was going to say is that if we maintain our composure and use our senses in this game, we should win – we are much the better team!!

  • Payne’s best game for Nigeria to date? I think so. Great player.

    Ayinde covered massive acres of space to bail out Plumptre earlier before being fouled in Nigeria’s 18 yard box.

    Sad seeing Payne limping off. I hope she returns.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago


    Are you seeing what I am seeing??

    So that was not a foul from the Australian girl abi??

    Ah Jesu!

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

    I’m not at all happy with this substitutions at all!!

    Let it be on record that I am saying they should never have taken Kanu off or brought Asisat on! At least not yet anyway!

  • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago


  • Australia turning the screws but Nigeria riding the wave.

    Oshoala and Okoronkwo on. Ineffective Onumonu off.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago


    LET’S GOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  • Congratulations Nigeria. We’re going through. Meanwhile Plumptre should be careful, they’re breezing through her easily.

  • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago


  • Chima E Samuels 11 months ago

    Is that not a red card offense from the Kennedy girl.Now we can park the bus!!!

  • Chima E Samuels 11 months ago

    Referee is the next problem if we must complete this miracle.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

    We are so much the better team and even a blind man can see this fact!

    No shaking joor o!

    Let’s go Super Falcons!!!!

  • Oshoala makes an instant impact as the Australians focused more on her thereby neglecting Ajibade and Ohale who provided and scored off a corner kick routine.

    Well done Nigeria!

  • Thank God for Ayinde who is having to bail out Plumptre severally.

    Plumptre’s defensive shortcomings in certain 1 v 1 situations are sadly coming to the fore

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

      @deo come on man!

      I don’t see any shortcomings at all – you are in tunnel vision mode – Her advantages far outweigh any disadvantages – Thank God for Plumptre!!

      • The magic word here is “certain”. Widen your scope of reason and don’t be too myopic.

  • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago


    • Oshoala’s critics can kiss where the sun don’t shine, that’s my big black behind.

      • Celestine 11 months ago

        Her toto you mean. Bros she is still poor. There are chances she didn’t take in this game. Why is oparanozie on the bench for christ same. Come on coach u can do better

        • Greenturf 11 months ago

          She should have passed instead of trying a chip in the closing stages of additional time,that easily could have been the fourth goal.
          She did well nonetheless.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago


    Much better!

    Oshoala – well done – these are the things we want to be seeing

    I already told y’all



  • 3:1 Nigeria.

    Oshoala’s critics, eat your hearts out!

    Go and clone yourselves.

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

      LOL – you are letting yourself down BIG TIME MAN!


      • It’s call banter Field Marshall. You are still my guy any day of the week.

        • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago


          Cool my bro – we have to speak frankly among ourselves sometimes- no fear or favour

          You are carried my friend!

    • That’s what they get when they use just a game to study a whole African best footballer. 
      I told you people to stay calm. The good result will come. 

    • Chima E Samuels 11 months ago

      @Deo I fall in this category and thank God you said critics because that’s what brings out the best and not hate.

      • Thanks Chima, I don’t know why Field Marshall is getting so worked up.

        I also have players I criticise. It’s part of the game. Let’s enjoy friendly banter.

  • Asisat! You can’t beat experience! That goal was manufactured on the Barcelona training ground.

    • Oshoala feasts on those sort of long balls from midfield or defence. I knew Australia were in trouble after they failed to clear that ball.

      Plumptre and ?? off

      Ogbonna and Echegini on

      Plumptre has struggled in 1 v Is

  • Chima E Samuels 11 months ago

    Oshoala thank you for shutting me up this is the way to go as long as Nigeria wins!!!

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

      @ Chima
      It’s not a matter of shutting up or not Mr Samuels – this is simply a function of the coach deploying the right tactics and personnel at the right time ie including substitutions to prosecute and by the looks of it win this game.

      • Chima E Samuels 11 months ago

        I criticise them to perform and when they do I salute them. I don’t care about the coach because we don’t have one, I just care about our football value been defended at all times. The coach no too sabi o if you observe the match it is just the pendulum that swing our way because our ball usage is very terrible.

        • Greenturf 11 months ago

          Are you being serious @Chima?

          • Chima E Samuels 11 months ago

            Wetin make I talk??? No come enter me o, Nigeria Win celebrate and leave thread!!!

  • Chima E Samuels 11 months ago

    11mins LMAO Thieves!!!!

  • Na WA oooh, 11 minutes added time? I can remember any that delayed this game 11minutes is too much

  • God I love these Australian fans. They have remained position and supportive of their team throughout.

  • These Europeans and FIFA only God will judge them so because Nigeria is 1-3 up they go and give 11mins extra time LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. So these people don’t want Africa to succeed abi

    • Chima E Samuels 11 months ago

      Criminals using Africa as bait always. I weep for Africa may God save us!!!

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago

      Iwunze – Is it today lol, you know this is and has always been the case now – this is why we must fight every inch of the way to defend ourselves and speak up every time they do their evil deeds – But rest assured, if we remain focused and committed and be our best at all times, we will always come out on top. It is when we fight among ourselves and some people prefer to remain silent and others still caught up in mental slavery attacking those of us who have seen the truth – that is when they win

      BTW that goal is only a consolation and we don’t need goal aggregate in this so it’s inconsequential!

      Lets go Super Falcons!!!

  • Refree blow witsle now

  • The referee is a stupid idiot working for the Australian to win the game with the officiating that is definitely baized and uncalled for. FIFA should called the referee to order. Congratulation to the ladies.

  • Under rate a Nigerian team and you have your butt kicked on all sides. A big big congratulations to these beautiful Angels and to Randy Waldrum n crew. I am soooooooooo over joyed. SE must copy this resilient spirit of our GIRLS, THAT IS WHAT WE CALL THE NIGERIAN SPIRIT.

  • Chima just shut up and leave the coach alone. He just defeated a coach that won the world cup twice with the US. At least you said the coach will not go anywhere with this team. Se una see say kanu better pass beauty pagent ordega.

    • Chima E Samuels 11 months ago

      Your father will shut up forever make God punish you there idiot with primitive mentality.

      • Celestine 11 months ago

        Her toto you mean. Bros she is still poor. There are chances she didn’t take in this game. Why is oparanozie on the bench for christ same. Come on coach u can do better

      • Chima please se dem get hot humble pie for your area make dem serve u. You no suppose dey this forum dey comment. Will not turn it dirty with you because we already know who is primitive in the 2 of us

  • Lord AMO 11 months ago

    Well done ladies

  • We might not win this world cup but this girls will destroy some big teams in this world cup..

    I expect our fifa ranking to shoot up after this tournament, two teams in the top10 fifa ranking were unable to defeat our girls.. thats massive!

    We should be retaining this coach after this world cup , if we are serious with our football and give him a contract with a compulsorily next women Afcon win.. but I know the Nigerian factor, he will be kicked out because of some boiling emotions

    • i concur we retain him… he’s done well. but we nred good reserves..we almost collapse when plumtre was sub and Ayinde
      experience Ayinde is far ahead of Deborah but….we need that girl’s energy i the team.

      • Greenturf 11 months ago

        Ogbonna struggled to get into the momentum after coming in for Plumptre who in my opinion,though not spectacular,struggled at some point,nevertheless a good shift for the British Nigerian.

    • Greenturf 11 months ago

      We can win the world cup the possibilities are there.You have to believe you can to win it.It’s the mental strength as long as the talent and energy isn’t lacking you do have a chance.

      • Let’s take it easy!

        We can win it , yes but even if we don’t, the girls have done well.

        Our men team will be struggling to get 3 points in the world cup but look at our girls topping their group.. that’s massive..

        Whatever happens after this world cup, the girls have done well. And the future is bright! We are reaping the sacrifices of the coach and all the experiment he did in the last Afcon.. many of the players doing well now like onumanu, Payne, plutynre, etc all had their first taste of major tournament at the last afcon and have matured into what they are now..

        What will happen to the coach after this world cup is what I don’t know.. he deserves to stay

  • Oh, how I wish this is super eagles….

    Anyways, kudos to our girls.

    With this WC goal against Australia, oshoala has knocked off that inter Milan striker and that other lady that plays in Spain.
    This was my greatest worries…..

    OSIMHEN please score more goals as the season get underway next month.
    I want it to be all Nigerians.


    QUEEN OF AFRICAN SOCCER….777Oh, how I wish this is super eagles….

    Anyways, kudos to our girls.

    With this WC goal against Australia, oshoala has knocked off that inter Milan striker and that other lady that plays in Spain.
    This was my greatest worries…..

    OSIMHEN please score more goals as the season get underway next month.
    I want it to be all Nigerian.






  • I said it yesterday that Nigeria would win the match. I was very sure of it.

    • Chima E Samuels 11 months ago

      How much did you stake if you were very sure una don start so so I said it!!!

  • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

    In your face yes in your face we won in front of vociferous home crowd. Thank goodness we have a foreign coach Randy well done. Let your critics go and eat humble pie and put lacacera on top of it. We will be walloped by Australia Oya where is the wallop?? Awon wailers Lmao!! 

    I didn’t see women on the pitch I saw warriors who have made Africa proud. We will top this group I just hope the ladies can keep their focus and win the lady match with gusto and panache. Ucheibe what a player? Oyedupe Payne absolutely fantastic. Ohale minister of defense. Ajibade the cheetah a timely return to stabilize the troops. Osoala class is permanent. They all did well to pull off this result 

    Congratulations SuperFalcons. I’m enjoying this moment. 

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 11 months ago


    1 Nigeria 2 1 4
    2 Canada 2 1 4
    3 Australia 2 0 3
    4 Ireland 2 -2 0


  • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

    I knew it wasn’t going to be easy in fact not in a group of death, but I did not have an iota of doubt that the SuperFalcons were winning this game or at least get a favorable result. 

    I expected Ajibade to come correct. I expected Ohale to be strong and commanding. Payne was painting everywhere with her dancing feet.

    Hajiya just came on and dropped her bomb! I am buzzing.

    This wonderful ladies must be paid. 

  • those arguing that the coach is not good enough should better think twice….

    we.still need frsh, young and visionary young ladiws in the team…some gurls from under 17 and 20 should graduate. there is a girl in the colombia tem..she played under 17 under 20 now shw is plying senior team..qe need such youthfulness in these team. it will balance things well for us

    • Caicedo of Columbia. She was already playing for the national team before the under 20 world cup last year. She survived ovarian cancer too and frankly is a delight to watch. Thankfully the coaches of our cadet teams have remained in their positions to unearth more players. We should only pray they make the correct moves

    • Greenturf 11 months ago

      Caicedo her name!

    • We also have 3 of our formal u20 girls also in our team.. demihen has silently thrown Enome to the bench and she should retire after this tournament but you are focusing on Ceicedo because she is a striker and scored a lucky goal as a result of a poor Korean goalkeeper..

      We saw Abiodun in the last game while imuran is waiting to have her chance..

      I agree more u20 should be added.. a player like Sebastian should replace ordega, while ajikaye and a few others can replace oparenozie,but Sebastian is 17 or so and should play another u20 world cup before we push her to the senior side.. we just need a good coach that wants to achieve great things..

      Next Afcon will be a good opportunity to integrate new players

  • Omo9ja 11 months ago

    Alhamdulilah. To God be the glory. If God says yes, who can say no?

    I am a proud man on earth today because nobody gave me a chance since have been backing this coach Waldrum.

    This coach is a world-class and he has proven that today.

    I hope Oga Rohr and his followers are watching ba. How market my people.

    I’m just kidding. We need to celebrate this victory now. Abi no be so ni?

    That said, God, I thank you for the gift you gave to me. I have been serving our lovely country, Nigeria, for how many decades now, but today, you have proven that you are able.

    All that I said has come to pass. I think I deserve an accolade kę. Is like coach Waldrum read what I said here on CSN.

    Please, my people, let’s be polite with our comments. Some of should please stop using bad words on this platform. At least, we can express ourselves without using bad words.

    I was advising coach Waldrum before the match on how to use his players, and he did just that. God, I thank you once again.

    I will do my part as a citizen of this country and I am a proud Nigerian and that is why I’m omo9ja. You are making be happy and Super proud of you Falcons. What Super Eagle could not, you can do it much better, ladies.

    I am very happy about this victory kę. As I promised, we can come back to the Nigeria Football Federation now. This AJĘWOMASAN the debtor are celebrating what they did not invest in. I pity you, NFF.

    That said. Dr. Drey……Dr.Drey….Dr.Drey.
    Can you now say that what baba fiju ọmọdelọ no be wa sa? When we are talking football, I think I deserve some class from you. From now on, I won’t pay much attention to you and your rants anymore. You remember this my quote “Every question has its own answer but not every question must be answered.” Do you remember your blabbing few days ago, ba? Nkan ti agba fiju ọmọdelọ, kogbọdọfi han. Now you see the result? Be humble. I love you as a person but careful and be warned once again.

    As I said before now, if coach Waldrum doesn’t make it out of the group with the caliber of players, then he has to tender his resignation letter.

    I hope my friend Pompei is seeing what is happening today? I also remember your words and whatever I remember that words, I laughed so hard. You said as long as moluę drive knows how to drive moluę bus, he can drive plan but now you can not see the difference between moluę driver and a pilot kę.

    We can’t compare coach Waldrum to Oga Rohr. Beating the host nation is not a joke ooo.

    Now, he has proven his technical skills.
    Beating the host is a big deal.

    Congratulations to our Super Falcons of Africa. This victory is for Africa and the entire black race.

    Hmmm, now I want to talk a little bit wella lol.

    There’s a lot to learn from this match.

    Why Africa is nothing to Oyinbo people and
    why don’t we deserve respect from them?
    Why 11 minutes extra time and 11 minutes turned 12 minutes.

    Against Canada, the Canadian player made a rough tackle on Ohale, but the ref did not give the player a straight red card, but she gave a Nigerian player a red card.

    Africans, be cautious whenever you are over there. May God lead you through in your journey .

    Last but not least, I have said this long time ago but many diasporans were annoyed with me but again, I will remind you all that no matter how rich you are abroad, no place like home. The way the ref has been doing to us in this tournament so far and FIFA remains quiet, and VAR is doing their thing as usual to favor their Oyinbo people, but God has done it for us. No matter how bad Africa is, look back and don’t forget home. A word is enough for the wise.

    Lastly, coach Waldrum should not change this starting 11. I hope Oparanozie and the rest will recover quickly for the Ireland match. I wish them all a speedy recovery.

    Congratulations to our Super Falcons. Congratulations, Nigerians. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Where are all those mumus shouting fire coach.  

    Dem dey always quiet

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