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Ayew: Black Stars Will Cause Major Upset At 2022 World Cup

Ayew: Black Stars Will Cause Major Upset At 2022 World Cup

Ghana captain, Andre Ayew says he’s optimistic the team will cause major upset at the 2022 Wold Cup.

Recall that the Black Stars have been pitted alongside Portugal, South Korea and Uruguay in Group H.


However, in an interview with Aljazeera, Ayew stated that the team is capable of causing a major upset at the mundial.


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“We have a chance, nobody sees us as favourites which is expected,” Aljazeera quoted Ayew as saying.

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“So we’re not going into any of the matches as favourites but we’re there to fight and make an impact .

“No doubt it will be a very difficult group for every team and all we have to do is to be ready, focused, determined, full squad and have a bit of luck.

” If we have our full squad, we can seriously disrupt a lot of teams . I am not concerned because I know what Ghana is capable of.”

The Black Stars of Ghana have qualified for the World Cup four times; in Germany 2006, South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014 and Qatar 2022.


Personal life


Ayew was born in Seclin, a commune in the arrondissement of Lille, to Ghanaian parents. His grandfather from his mother Maha’s side, Alhaji A.A. Khadir, is Lebanese. Ayew comes from a family of footballers. His father, Abedi Pele, was a professional footballer and was playing for Lille at the time of his birth.


He is the nephew of Kwame Ayew and Sola Ayew, both of whom are former international footballers. Ayew also has two brothers who are professional footballers; Ibrahim and Jordan, and a sister, Imani. Jordan currently plays for Crystal Palace and Ibrahim currently plays for Europa in Gibraltar. He is a practising Muslim.


Charity work

On 26 July 2019, Ayew made donations to the Ghana under-20 team, which he captained to victory 10 years earlier. This was a move that was made to encourage and motivate the team ahead of the Africa games slated for the following month in Rabat, Morocco.

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  • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

    This bald headed dude with his big mouth! If it wasn’t because of nepotism and favoritism, he and his brother wldve been retired long time ago from the team!

    He brings nothing to the team apuu 

    • Glory 2 months ago

      Man dem. Ayews, especially Dede has been your best player for years now and most likely still is. Most times when things are so close to our eyes we hardly appreciate its appearance cos they go blurry. With Ayew Partey and kudus, your team has got huge engine. The only problem will be who to finish.

      • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

        U haven’t been watching Ghana games lately tho!! Ghana wldnt have qualified or eliminated Nigeria if Dede ayew had played in that match!! 

        Our coach had his best spelled against Nigeria when Dede ayew was suspended against Nigeria! Had he played against Nigeria, believe me we wldnt have qualified!!

        He is old now and has reached his twilight! He can’t played 90 mins again but our coaches always played him for 90 mins and he always turns out to be our weakest link!!

        His brother is another liability to the team as he drifts out of position, unserious and even waste all our set pieces!! For a team not able to score from an opening play, Jordan wastes all our set pieces, something other teams uses to score goals! 

        Above all he is so SELFISH is not even a joke!!

        I hate nothing against Jordan or Dede but we have a serious players that can do the job for us! 

        • Glory 2 months ago

          Brodaman, I follow Ghana football just like I follow Nigeria my beloved country’s football, both local n foreign. Dede has always given his best to your NT n ever always a dangerous opponent. He always come from nowhere to score for Ghana and almost did that again against Brazil. Yes he might not be able go full throttle any more for 90mins but his value in the team cannot be overemphasized. There is the “senior” in the world cup ooo, let’s not pretend about that. Reason England will continue to look from outside the window while Italy, Germany, Brazil, Argentina are laughing,drinking different kinds of wine with the world cup. Cos every newbie gets a place. And that could well be Ghana’s hoodoo if not well managed; too many newbies though quality addition. How many of these present Ghana NT players have been to the world Cup? These are things to think about before castigating the Ayews. COME CHOP NO BE COME BELLY FULL OO. THIS IS WORLD CUP N NOT QUALIFIERS N DEDE AYEW HOLDS THE KEY FOR GHANA. IT WILL BE A FATAL MISTAKE TO DROP HIM.

        • Tristan 2 months ago

          I will say one thing about the Ayews, they’re passionate about Ghana and they believe in the Ghana national team. No one in the Nigerian team comes close to their passion.

      • I agree with you @ Tristan. Nobody prepares for an exam and still says he’s going to fail. Andre said “we have a chance, nobody sees us as favourites, which is expected”. What is wrong with this statement? There’s nothing wrong with being optimistic going into a major tournament. He may be old and a bit slow but nobody can question his patriotism and commitment to ghana. Same thing we said about Gyan when he was playing but people are clamouring for him to come back. Let’s appreciate our players when they are active and serving the nation.

      • Hassan Tia 2 months ago

        Tristan you described that no one in Nigerian team comes close to Andre Ayew and Dede passion; I ask you question where are Osimhen , Iwobi, Moffi, Ndidi, Ahmed Musa, Victor Moses , Simon Moses all those players are Super Eagles interactive and passionate.

    • Onero 2 months ago

      @Selfmade, For me a Nigerian Andre Ayew is a Patriot and have served mother Ghana well. You guys should learn to appreciate the Ayew Family and other Ghanaian would be inspired to represent Ghana

      • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

        Bro I understand u but there’s a difference between being a patriot and been effective for the team!!

        Bro these guys has reached their primes and if Ghana continues to field these two boys, we are going to be HUMILIATED in the wc it ll be a disaster for Africa! 

        I have always supported them but the wc isn’t a joke and Brazil exposed Ghana like never before before we fielded an old team in the first half against Brazil and they totally exposed us!! They were scoring within every 10 mins and it could been 6 goals honestly for them just in the first 25 mins because the inept Ghana coach didn’t listened to the fans and still went ahead and played Dede and his bro!!

        When he brought Dede out in the second half, the team dynamics changed and we were able to pressed the Brazilians a bit tho they took their feet off the pedals for us!!

        This is the problem with aficans, we can’t take bold decisions to drop certain players because they used to be our favorites once but that shouldn’t be the case!!

        If Dede isn’t in form and costing the team, drop him or play him from the bench!! 

        Nigerians also have similar problems of dropping or retiring old players and their inclusions always comes back to hurt the teams eventually!!

        Despite the fact that u qualified the team to the wc means that u should warn an automatic selection! Nope!!

        He has done his part and he is even playing in Qatar, which is a clear indication that, dude has passed his prime and he should leave the team!!

        The Ghanaian league is far better than Qatar league by miles!

        • Selfmade KING 2 months ago

          “ no editing BUTTON” here 

        • Onero 2 months ago

          @Selfmade, I agree to some extent that Jordan Ayew seems to be a lazy striker these day and shouldn’t be starting in big arena like World Cup,because he shouldn’t be missing so many begging chances which are hard to get in football. also players like Wakaso have passed their prime, but Andre still have some flare to offer a,d should start, because he has experience on his side

        • My bro Selfmade, I hope you will agree with me that you need games like the one against Brazil to expose your flaws. I believe the coach knew what he was doing by playing the old team before introducing the new players in the second half. At least it gave him a fair idea of the arsenal at his disposal and how to deploy them at the world cup proper. I also think Richard Ofori is a much better goalkeeper than Wallocot, who appears too shaky in the post. I wish Nicaragua and Switzerland will expose us even more before the world cup so that we can tighten all the loose ends. Hope you remember what happened to us in afcon 2006 before the world cup and how the team changed in 5 months to perform creditably. I believe in the technical team and the team to perform. Let’s be positive

  • Chima 2 months ago

    Story story.

    Make Ghana just play their 6 defenders like they did against Super eagles for them to not carry basketful
    Of goals

    • Top it 2 months ago

      Support Ghana at the world cup. Let’s win for Africa.

    • Badge 2 months ago

      The Nigerian team make like Anthony Joshua, so so hype,nothing dey.



    • Shut your dirty mouth! Algeria will beat your super chicken 2-0


  • erstinoh 2 months ago

    this the link to the match


    this is the first halve of the match. more of possession, few chances created, maduka okoye blunder, ekong error prone, defence lacked pace, waste of chances.
    algeria less time of the ball and no clear cut chance created except maduka blunder.

    but on a positive side, Raphel onyedika did made positive impact in the game. he distributed the ball very well both in tight spaces and in difficult situation. lookman was lively at the left wing.

    the formation the coach started with was…3.4.3

    omeruo ekon ozonwafor

    aina oyedika oyeka duru

    ejuke awoniyi lookman.

    second halve…………


    akpoguma omeru bassey

    simon oyeka iwobi zaidu

    saviour desser ihenacho

  • Formery 2 months ago

    Which world cup are u talking about? Or u mean, black-stars-will-cause-major-upset-in-kumasi ghana?

    Silly people,big mouth!