Becoming A Winner At Online Slots: Do’s And Don’ts

Becoming A Winner At Online Slots: Do’s And Don’ts

Is it possible to become a winner at online slots like Gems Odyssey? A sure fire way to do so is by winning a major progressive jackpot, otherwise it can be a real struggle and this is because there are a number of factors working against punters. Each slot spin is random and by the very nature of odds, there are more losing spins than winning spins.

Factors To Consider

The RNG or Random Number Generator is in charge of the fate of each spin. This computer microchip continuously churns out number sequences and these are translated into slot spins. Millions of these number sequences are needed to produce the spins across casino networks. Some spins are good and some are bad and it is almost like flipping a coin when it comes to what side of the RNG your luck will sit on. Slots also give the house the biggest edge when compared to other casino games and most casinos are slots focused, because these games keep them in business. Then there is the different RTP scores to negotiate. Some slots are notorious for having very low Return To Player percentage scores and this makes winning even harder to achieve.

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The Do’s

When playing online slots it is always worth demo playing the hundreds of games available. This stops you wasting your casino balance on inferior games with no potential. Demo play allows you to experience the bonus rounds and high stakes spinning, minus the financial risks.

When you finally discover those slot games that tick all the right boxes, then you have to consider creating a budget that you can afford to risk. Sticking to a budget helps prevent over spending and gambling addiction. Another way of sticking to your budget is by setting deposit limits as part of your responsible gambling regime.

If you are ready to go, then make sure the games you discovered that you want to play, whilst spinning in demo mode, actually have a decent RTP score. This is the Return To Player percentage and it is basically a score calculated over thousands of spins and it can act as a guide for punters. The final RTP score displayed on all slots is basically the percentage punters can expect back of their staking cash, over a period of thousands of spins. Games with an RTP over 96% are best and games with a score of 98% are exceptonial but quite rare.

Don’t forget to bank your winnings as often as possible, this is crucial to your budgeting and casino bankroll, failure to bank regularly, no matter how little you win, can lead to major losses.

The Don’ts

Don’t exclusively take on highly volatile low RTP score games because you want to hit those big rare payouts and don’t stake high on slots if your budget clearly cannot support such gambling. Don’t chase your losses and don’t keep going back to the same game, if it continues to eat your cash with no pay back. A change in games can lead to a change in fortune.

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