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Belgian Jupiler All-Time Top Scorer: Onuachu Can Equal My 30-Goal Record

Belgian Jupiler All-Time Top Scorer: Onuachu Can Equal My 30-Goal Record

Former Belgian, Ajax and Genk striker Wesley Sonck says Paul Onuachu could go on to equal is 30-goal record in the Jupiler league.

Onuachu took his tally in the Belgian topflight to 18 after netting a hat-trick in Genk’s 4-1 win against Eupen on Wednesday.

He has now scored nine goals in his last seven league games and leads the top scorers chart.

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And when asked if Onuachu could match his 30-goal tally, Sonck, 42, who created the record in the 2001/2002 season playing for Genk, told Sporza:
“That could well be,” he said.

 “He must then be spared injuries. 

“He still has time, but it has indeed been a long time since anyone could achieve such figures.”

Sonck stated further that he has been impressed with the former Midtjylland striker.

“He is a bull’s eye. He moves reasonably well and has very good feet for his height. You knew that he would score goals. 

“He is more than 2 meters tall: if you throw a ball into the box, you know he will win a header duel.

“But so many goals, that’s impressive. I did not expect that.”

Sonck who played for the Belgian national team from 2001 to 2010 and is the country’s current U-19 coach predicted that Onuachu will not stay long at Genk.

“He will not stay with Genk long.”

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  • I hope he equals and exceeds the 30 goal mark for a single season in Belgium. If not for anything else, than for his confidence and self esteem. With that number of goals he will surely be courted by bigger teams. Whether he will perform in a bigger and tougher league remains to be seen. Like I always say, I am not a fan of his style of play, but he has worked very hard to distinguish himself in the Belgian league, so as a Nigerian I will encourage him to keep up the good work and continue to deliver for his club. As far as delivering for the Super Eagles is concerned, I have already commented on that in previous posts.

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Sportsfan… Your opinion on Onuachu is inconsequential.

      • OmoEsan 3 years ago

        @Jimmyball, you don’t need to address @Sportsfan in the manner you did. Whether his opinion is inconsequential or not, it remains his opinion and no one can take that right of expression away from him. Moreover, voicing out opinions is one of the reasons CSN created this platform and added a feedback mechanism to it.

        I want all of us to enjoy one another’s opinion in this forum, with our opinions and arguments devoid of insults and/or swear words.

        I will rather have you state your own opinion rather than address @Sportsfan in the manner you did.

        @Sportsfan, you have spoken well. Let’s hear more from you.

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          He talks about Onuachu not being a fit for Super Eagles… that to me is an intent to dampen and sabotage the effort of an evidently good football ambassador of Nigeria who is proving on a weekly basis to be the best Nigeria sports personnel export at the moment worldwide. It is easy for a Super Eagles discontent fan to invalidate the continued club success of Onuachu which should easily rub off for country but they will never criticise a coach who clearly cannot get the best out of Onuachu in comparison to how his coach in Denmark and now Belgium has manage to effortlessly do… even NFF is tired of Rohr but are stuck with him because of the implications of summarily shredding the master (Rohr) – Slave (NFF/Nigeria) contract they gave to him (Belmadi’s apprentice).

        • @Jimmyball,you took just an aspect of @sportsfan write up to criticize.He said”I am not a fan of his style of play,but he has worked hard to distinguish himself in the Belgian league ,so as a Nigerian i will encourage him to keep up the GOOD work and continue to deliver for his club”.He said GOOD WORK,haba!!.Secondly,this present coach of his was his coach back then in Midjtyland.As expected he should know Paul Onuachu better having coached him for a longer period of time.Most of your comments are based on sentiments especially “marginalized”

  • Lucas Nature 3 years ago

    P. ONUACHU is a talented and natural goal scorer, He only need to transform that feet into SUPER EAGLES TEAM,

    Mr. ROAR need to know what to do from wings and midfield to make sure P. ONUACHU get the adequate passes and Crosses he needed in order to Score the goals for SUPER EAGLES.

  • When u see ROHR keeping fate on a player don’t argue or question it….

    When u see ROHR ignoring a player don’t question it.

    We can see that those ones he ignors, when given opportunity they fail to deliver.

    But the case of this guy is different…. Rohr sees something in him that’s yet to be unearth.

    Ighalo did not just come in & started scoring goals for SE, infact he only manage 4 goals since 2015-2018.
    It was after the world cup that the goals started coming.

    Let’s stop the hype about ONUACHU/OLAYINKA…..

    It makes my heart sad…. Allow Onuachu to calm down and (adapt) or blend with the national team’s pattern of play.

    We all see how Rohr keeps inviting this young man for national team duty even when the whole fan questions the rationale behind his inclussion in SE squad.

    Let’s keep quiet and watch the brain behind his invitation to the national team…. The coach knows better….

    We get pained when pple start talking up-and -down, questioning the coach for his decision making….

    Over to u ndi OLAYINKA, ONYEKURU, AJAYI is better than all SE strikers both past and present

    • Lest i forget;
      ndi BALMEDI is better than JOGEN KLOPP and PEP QUARDIOLA, your empty and vague opinion is partially welcome….

    • Omo9ja 3 years ago

      @UBFE, your comments always making me laugh lolz.

      You are so much believe in Oga Rohr ability to the extent that you can’t see other side of the coach.

      You and other people on this forum that believe Mr. Rohr is the right coach for Super Eagles should ask yourselves this question.

      Oga Rohr went ahead to beat all the top teams in Africa during the world cup qualifiers but what went wrong during the friendlies before the world cup? and even in Afcon and in the world cup?

      He selected the best and in form players during both tournaments right?

      So, what did he achieve that warrants his re employment of the gaffer even till today?

      I appreciate his man management a lot because this is the only technique that driving our local coaches backward.

      Look gentleman, we have to be optimistic with ourselves this year. I love Oga Rohr and as I promised before, if Mr. Rohr do things differently and splendid this year and beyond, I will come out to apologize to him and his followers for not believing in his ability to continue as the manager of the Super Eagles.

      Nonetheless, Mr. UBFE, I don’t think you love Super Eagles as you claim but if you do then you will realize that his ability and vision to build a solid and winning team for Nigeria is not guaranteed.

      He over relying on Ighalo before the striker started scoring goals for Nigeria.

      He kept Osimeh on the bench because he believes the lanky striker still young and he doesn’t have experience.

      While our local coach Mr. Chukwue took Osaze to Afcon when the striker was very young and he performed tremendous in that tournament.

      Remember that Oga Chukwue sent Agali, Aiyegbeni and Babayaro out of the camp due to their misconduct. Still Super Eagles went ahead to beat Cameroon the defending champion in that tournament.

      Hmm. I’m shaking my head for you people and NFF that forcing Oga to do what is beyond him.

      Is it possible to give what you don’t have ba?

      Without Onuachu, the players that the coach have is enough for any coach to be proud of.
      Am I still communicating Oga UBFE?

      If so, my own is simple jęję. I want to see Eagles playing good football. I mean total football. At the same time, we want to win trophies. If he can achieve that then I won’t complain no more but ah, if I don’t see any improvement this year chai, I will advise NFF to let go of Oga Rohr and Mr. Amaju Pinnick period. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Igbekun Abo 3 years ago

    Onuachu, it is your time to shine. Don’t worry about the national team as the goals will come. Ighalo started slowly but ended powerfully. You will soon start scoring for the Super Eagles.

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