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Bent: Iwobi Lacks Enough Quality, Richarlison Better For Everton

Bent: Iwobi Lacks Enough Quality, Richarlison Better For Everton

Former England forward Darren Bent says Alex Iwobi lacks the quality to thrive at his new Premier League club, Everton, reports Completesports.com.

Iwobi was a mainstay under Unai Emery in his final season at the Emirates Stadium, playing 51 times across all competitions, scored six goals and provided nine assists.

The 23-year-old completed a £40m move to Everton on summer transfer deadline day.


Bent, who watched Iwobi regularly as part of the Gunners’ fanbase, says that he was not overly impressed with the winger during his time in north London and that Everton already have a better player in the shape of Richarlison.

“I’m an Arsenal fan and I’ve never been Iwobi’s biggest fan,” Bent told Football Insider.

Richarlison de Andrade

“My thing with people has always been quality on the ball. Whether it was his final cross or his shot on goal, it was always under-hit or there was never really any quality there.

“He’d do the hard stuff, go past someone, and you’d want him to make the right decision, but he never seemed to get it right. I wouldn’t say he’s better than Richarlison because he [Richarlison] gives you goals, he’s got a bit more quality.”

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  • Hmm bent kwa?,u are a fool,how did u finish,from sunderland to nowhere.Arsenal fan my foot,half Iwobi is morethan u,enemy of progress,to hell with whatever u think about iwobi,and u CSN should stop posting this type of nonsense,

  • obinna a n 3 years ago

    this English players are stupid just because the guy plays for Nigeria he lacks quality all how many English players have quality and were able to achieve must in their playing career #English good on suit bad on field of play

  • Iwobi, your switch of allegiance is the major cause of this criticism. Stay focus, I have always seen you as a great striker..

  • Jensen Josh 3 years ago

    The ex Sunderland and Tottenham man speaks truth… Iwobi shot most times is always under hit and he takes decision late most times

  • Jensen Josh 3 years ago

    But he (iwobi) is a good player

  • It would serve Iwobi well to work on those areas mentioned.

  • Glory 3 years ago

    Who d hell is bent. Only know a wandering dog that bears that name. Only CSN will bother to feed this crap to readers,not any other well respected media. Richarlison n Iwobi are different kind of players. There are loads of quality Iwobi has to help the team that Richarlison doesn’t while Richarlison has some that Iwobi doesn’t. Those Iwobi doesn’t have, he can develop but those Iwobi has n Richardlison doesn’t , are naturally gifted. You don’t develop them. They are just inherent.

    • Samchi 3 years ago

      Don’t hit on CSN the News is everywhere even on Goal.com. Iwobi should just take it in good fate and work on those areas, which is what I know he would do.

  • But does he takes those shots well during his days? Overrated fool not your fault.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    You can hate the messenger, but do not hate the message….

    “My thing with people has always been quality on the ball. Whether it was his final cross or his shot on goal, it was always under-hit or there was never really any quality there…………..He’d do the hard stuff, go past someone, and you’d want him to make the right decision, but he never seemed to get it right”.

    Does this statement typify Iwobi’s game currently….? YES
    Can he become a truly world class (Real Madrid, Barcelona) sought-after type of player if this continues….? NO
    Will be become a truly world class Real Madrid, Barcelona sought-after type of player if he starts getting 90-99% ratings in the above areas…..? YES.

    Hate the messenger, but do not hate the message.
    The Onus is left to Alex to do the needful. From Arsenal to Everton isnt a step-up……after everton, where next..? West Brom…????

    • Glory 3 years ago

      @Drey read the first four lines of that silly message. Everton is no where near Arsenal in terms of quality. If Iwobi quality got him to play for Arsenal under top managers like Arsene Wenger/ Unai Emery. And this Arsenal, never considered the so called better quality in Richardlison,then its all but confirmed, that bent’s brain is curved or skewed towards d negatives. The only excuse will be, he was quoted wrongly, for had he said, Iwobi has to improve on his finishing, then I may understand. But saying Iwobi lacks quality on d ball, man …, bent must have his brains examined. He must be suffering from shock of having gone bankrupt just after few years out of football. Won’t be surprised he has degenerated into some street junkie like most ex English players.

      • Pompei 3 years ago

        HAHAHAHAHA, Glory, I no fit laugh abeg. Let me tell you the other problem Bent (aka Bend bend man) has. All his life, he aspired to play for Arsenal, but was not good enough. So, that explains the heavy bad belle for Iwobi, a young boy who has achieved something he failed to achieve. No mind the bend bend brain of a frustrated person. Iwobi, carry go jare! Work on your game. Yes, you need to improve, but for Bent to say you lack quality, that one na bend bend yarn!

        • Glory 3 years ago

          My brother @ Pompei,the way people hate nigerians especially these Carribbeans who in their head they think they are more English than even the whites sometimes makes it hard to critisize the whites. WE ALL n even Iwobi know he has to improve certain aspects of his game which for me is his hit on the ball n tenacity, but definitely not quality on the ball. Iwobi has great touch on the ball reason Arsene Wenger played him ahead of so many other good players, Ramsey,Welbeck, Lacazede, ….Unai comes in, he did the same. That was Arsenal, a much better team with pedigree than Everton. So for Bent to say Iwobi lacks quality to play in Everton, he is invariably saying, Arsene Wenger n Unai Emery ain’t good enough to coach Everton. Picking out any slight weekness to run down someone without first looking at d broad picture is a dishonest expression of opinion n must not be tolerated. Bent is just projecting his hate/envy for Iwobi, using Iwobi’s weekness as cover up.

    • My man mr @dr drey i disagree with u dis tym man,what about the goal he scored in europa league final,it was world class,

  • I wish Iwobi could leave premiership for another league…..Spanish, German or even French league. English premiership has become very hostile to him because of his allegiance to Nigeria. It might not really get better and when the environment is hostile, morale will be killed even for an exceptional player. Iwobi, please leave English Premiership.

  • Olusegun. B 3 years ago

    Let Alex up his game. Let him take the criticism as a means to strengthen himself. I wish him the best

  • greenturf 3 years ago

    The problem with English analysts is their abilities to see where its not right with foreign players but overlook grey areas or deficiencies from there own.This is why England has very low support from fans outside their country and also some of the reasons they have struggled for so many years when you think you are the best but far from it.
    Although Alex has his shortcomings which he rightly highlighted but he went too far and i bet he wouldn’t say the same had Alex turned down Nigeria for the three lions.
    I hope Alex sees the positives from all this unfair criticism and prove him and those ungrateful Arsenal fans who really gave him hard times wrong.
    Alex is a very strong minded player it takes huge mental strength and a positive mind not to breakdown for the amount of unfair criticism he was put through since his change of allegiance.
    May God be with you Alexandra the great!

  • Pompei 3 years ago

    What else do you expect from someone whose name is BENT? Of course, his comment is going to be BENT OUTTA SHAPE! Bend bend comment. Comment wey don bend backwards. Bad belle for Iwobi simply because he is not an English international? Abeg go siddon. Agreed, Iwobi needs to improve in certain areas. But to say he doesn’t have enough quality is just UTTER RUBBISH!

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    We can discard the messenger but Iwobi should pls work harder, he needs to watch videos of iniesta and Hazard to better himself, I’m sure Bent criticism would make Iwobi a better player. Iwobi truly needs to work on his stamina, ball possessions and his final ball  delivery, if he works on this areas he would be a great baller.