Best Lucky Numbers Betting Sites in South Africa 2023

Lucky Numbers have taken the South African betting market by storm with millions of players trying their luck everyday. The easy nature of betting on Lucky Numbers and the potential to win big has attracted the attention of punters. Betting sites have reacted by offering markets for Lucky Numbers from various countries around the globe. We will now be taking a closer look at which are the best sites for Lucky Numbers. 

The best betting sites for Lucky Numbers in South Africa


Yesplay is the go-to bookie for Lucky Numbers as they were the first online betting site to offer punters the chance to bet on Lotto draws from every part of the world. 


Betway is the leader for Lucky Numbers as punters can bet on Lotto draws from across the globe. 


Hollywoodbets have payouts of up to R5 million on Lucky Numbers. There is potential to win life changing jackpots with Lucky Numbers.


Gbets have joined in the Lucky Numbers craze by offering punters the opportunity to bet on local and international Lotto draws. 


10Bet may be one of the newer betting sites but they have an incredible selection of Lotto draws available for punters to bet on Lucky Numbers.

What are Lucky Numbers?

Lucky Numbers are not the same as betting on the actual Lotto draws. Instead, Lucky Numbers involves betting on the outcome of various lotteries from around the world. If your selections win, you will be paid out by the betting site rather than an official lottery board. It’s important to keep in mind that with Lucky Numbers, all of your selections must be correct in order for you to win. Unlike the actual Lotto draw, there are no partial payouts.

How to Predict Lucky Numbers Today?

Choosing the correct Lucky Numbers is more about luck than any strategy. There is no proven mathematical formula that can help you choose the winning numbers. One possible option is to choose Hot numbers. These are the most drawn numbers in the most recent Lotto draws. This is not an exact science but it is popular among punters. 

Sometimes you can try using your gut feeling or your subconscious to select numbers. If you want to let your intuition pick your lucky numbers for you, try finding a quiet place and write down the numbers that come into your head. Close your eyes, clear your mind, and take some deep breaths. Then let one number after another come to mind, and write them down without judgement. 

If you want to be even more random, write down the numbers on a piece of paper, close your eyes, and let your pen land on a number at random. Circle the ones you land on, and see if they feel lucky to you.

Lucky Number Prediction Tips

Punters can be very superstitious people and may have a set of numbers that they play all the time. It could be the birthdays of their loved ones or an anniversary date or even the number of children that they have. We will take a more detailed look at some of the most popular ways of predicting Lucky Numbers.   

Dream Guide Lucky Numbers

In South Africa a common term for a dream guide is the FAFI list of numbers. This list has its origins in China but it is highly popular among local punters. It involves a person “working out” their dreams. There is a number attached to each person/object that you dream about and from here, you will select your Lucky Numbers. Below is the comprehensive list of FAFI numbers.

FAFI Number Associated Symbols
1 King; Human blood; White man; Left eye
2 Monkey; Native; A Spirit; Chief; Copper; Money; Jockey
3 Sea Water; Accident; Frog; Sailor; Sex
4 Dead man; Turkey; Small Fortune; Bed
5 Tiger; Fight; Strong Man
6 Ox Blood; Gentleman; Milk
7 Lion; Thief; Big stick; Chickens
8 Pig; Drunken man; Loafer; Fat man; Chinese king
9 Moon; Baby; Hole; Owl; Devil; Pumpkin; Anything round
10 Eggs; Train; Boat; Grave; Anything Oval
11 Carriage; Wood; Tree; Furniture; Bicycle; Flowers
12 Dead woman; Ducks; Small fire; Chinese Queen
13 Big fish; Ghosts; Spirits
14 Old woman; Fox; Detective; Nurse; Native woman
15 Bad woman; Prostitute; Canary; White horse; Small knife
16 Small house; Coffin; Pigeon; Young woman; Paper money; Letter
17 Diamond woman; Queen; Pearls, Diamond; Stars; White woman
18 Silver money; Servant girl; Right eye; Butterfly; Hook; Rain
19 Little girl; Smoke; Bread; Big bird; Left hand
20 Cat; Sky; Handkerchief; Body; Music; Minister; Naked woman
21 Old man; Stranger; Fisherman; Elephant; Knife; Nose; Teeth
22 Rats; Motor car; Big ship; Left foot; Shoes
23 Horse; Doctor; Head; Hair; Crown
24 Mouth; Wild cat; Vixen; Lioness; Hole; Purse
25 Big house; Church; Boxer; Hospital
26 Bees; Crown; Bad man; Bush; General; Funeral; Madman
27 Dog; Policeman; Newborn baby; Medicine; Sad news
28 Sardines; Small fish; Thief; Right foot; Surprise; Small child
29 Small water; Coffin; Rain; Tears; Big knife; Right hand
30 Fowl; Graveyard; Sun; Throat; Indian; Forest
31 Big fire; Bishop; Big spirit; Feathers; Fight; Woman
32 Gold money; Dirty woman; Snake
33 Little boy; Spider
34 Meat; Human dung; Anything dirty; Cripple; Tramp
35 Clothes; Sheep; Big hole; Big grave
36 Shrimp; Stick; Admiral; Cigars; Gum
37 Arrow; Lawyer; Treasure; Cooking; Stream
38 Crocodile; Balloons; Sjambok; Fireworks; Stadium
39 Sangoma; Soccer team; Tattoos; Bloodshed; Teacher
40 Birth; Clock; Snail; Dwarf; River; Traditional healer
41 Cattle; Planets; Cave; Desert; Monster
42 Tornado; Spear; Umbrella; Camel; Door
43 Army; Thunder; Astronaut; Rabbit; Turtle
44 Shark; Stud farm; Body builder; Injury; Mud
45 Football; Computers; Jewellery; Wrestler; Storm
46 Ambulance; Beard; Sea and Scissors; Key
47 Stallion; Kite; TV; Lightening; Carnival; Hut
48 Clown; Rainbow; Nightmare; Whale; Wealth
49 Shebeen; Circus; Chocolate; Spaceship
50 Bathroom; Magic; Revolution; Trap; Wheat
51 Car; Carrot; Orange; Vulture; Wasp
52 Brush; Eagle; Salon; Shower; Trumpet

Birthday Numbers

As mentioned earlier, choosing birthdays for Lucky Number is very common for punters. This system requires the punter to always stick to this set of numbers. The limitation of this method is that numbers above 31 are going to throw your selections out. 

Random Numbers

Random numbers entails picking different numbers for each draw. You can do this by choosing numbers that you feel are lucky on that particular day or moment. The other option is to write the numbers on little pieces of paper and randomly pick them, then take the drawn numbers as your picks. 

Where to Play Lucky Numbers

These are the best betting sites for Lucky Numbers: 

Betway Lucky Numbers

betway lucky numbers

Betway has over 160 International Lotto draws that you can bet on every week. The two main types of Lucky Numbers at Betway are the: 

Regular Draws: This option gives you the chance to select your own numbers. If your selection is correct and matches the result then you win your bet.

Draw Sum: This type of bet allows you to place a bet on the total of the balls drawn eg: if the sum of the balls in the draw will be odd or equal. 


Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers

hollywoodbets lucky numbers

At Hollywoodbets, if Lucky Numbers is your game, then you will be spoilt for choice as there are over 2000 Lotto draws that you can bet on every week. There are draws happening every few hours so the winning potential is endless. 


Gbets Lucky Numbers

gbets lucky numbers

Gbets has you covered with their extensive range of Lucky Numbers. You can bet on Lotto draws throughout the day and night. They also have a handy timer feature that counts the time to the next ten draws, so you never miss any of the action. 


YesPlay Lucky Numbers

yesplay lucky numbers

Yesplay is the home of Lucky Numbers among local punters as they were the first betting site to offer extensive markets for Lotto draws from every corner of the globe. While they have diversified into sports and casino betting markets, they still remain one of the leaders with regard to Lucky Numbers.  


10Bet Lucky Numbers

10bets lucky numbers

10Bet has made giant strides since it entered the local betting scene and one of the reasons is its excellent Welcome Bonus that can be wagered on the ever-popular Lucky Numbers. They have an impressive selection of betting markets for Lucky Numbers with regular promotions for punters which is fantastic. 


Lucky Numbers Conclusion

Lucky Numbers has drastically changed the landscape of betting in South Africa. Choosing three numbers correctly with Lucky Numbers can offer odds of up to 550/1 odds while four correct numbers are available at incredible odds of 7500/1. The popularity of Lucky Numbers is also due to the fixed odds with the payout not affected by the number of winners. Join one of these great bookies today and start your Lucky Number betting journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 What are Lucky Numbers?

Lucky Numbers is a form of betting where players wager on the outcome of various lottery draws from around the world. Unlike traditional lotteries, you are paid by the betting site if you win, rather than by an official lottery board.

How Do I Bet on Lucky Numbers?

To bet on Lucky Numbers, choose a reputable betting site like YesPlay, Betway, or HollywoodBets. Register, deposit funds, navigate to the Lucky Numbers section, select a lottery, pick your numbers, choose your bet type, and place your bet.

How Do I Choose Which Numbers to Bet On

Choosing Lucky Numbers is often a matter of personal preference. Some players use strategies like selecting hot Numbers,’ birthdays, or even numbers from a FAFI list. However, there’s no guaranteed strategy for choosing winning numbers.

Where Can I Bet on Lucky Numbers?

Some of the best betting sites for Lucky Numbers according to the 2023 rankings include YesPlay, Betway, Hollywoodbets, Gbets, and 10Bet. These platforms offer various international and local lottery draws to bet on.

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